gits: tweak UI flow

Change-Id: I937f817245a36b14b5b2052e68155923042ddab4
Neels Hofmeyr 2020-08-26 15:24:13 +02:00
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commit bc2caa3fd9
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@ -68,6 +68,10 @@ def git_bool(git_dir, *args):
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
return False
def safe_branch_name(branch):
if '/' in branch:
return branch
return 'refs/heads/' + branch
def git_ahead_behind(git_dir, branch, branch_upstream):
''' Count revisions ahead/behind of the remote branch.
@ -77,8 +81,8 @@ def git_ahead_behind(git_dir, branch, branch_upstream):
if not branch_upstream:
return (0, 0)
behind = git_output(git_dir, 'rev-list', '--count', '%s..%s' % (branch, branch_upstream))
ahead = git_output(git_dir, 'rev-list', '--count', '%s..%s' % (branch_upstream, branch))
behind = git_output(git_dir, 'rev-list', '--count', '%s..%s' % (safe_branch_name(branch), branch_upstream))
ahead = git_output(git_dir, 'rev-list', '--count', '%s..%s' % (branch_upstream, safe_branch_name(branch)))
return (int(ahead.rstrip()), int(behind.rstrip()))
@ -240,16 +244,14 @@ def ask(git_dir, *question, valid_answers=('*',)):
def ask_reset_hard_or_push_f(git_dir, orig_branch, upstream_branch):
do_reset = ask(git_dir, 'Diverged.',
'%s: git reset --hard %s?' % (
orig_branch, upstream_branch),
'<empty> no',
'OK yes, reset to upstream (write OK in caps!)',
'P `push -f` to overwrite upstream (P in caps!)',
valid_answers=('', 'OK', 'P'))
'<empty> skip',
'RH git reset --hard %s' % upstream_branch,
'PF `push -f` to overwrite upstream',
valid_answers=('', 'RH', 'PF'))
if do_reset == 'OK':
if do_reset == 'RH':
git(git_dir, 'reset', '--hard', upstream_branch)
elif do_reset == 'P':
elif do_reset == 'PF':
git(git_dir, 'push', '-f')
@ -262,13 +264,12 @@ def rebase(git_dir):
upstream_branch = git_branch_upstream(git_dir, orig_branch)
print('Checking for rebase of %r onto %r' % (orig_branch, upstream_branch))
ahead, behind = git_ahead_behind(git_dir, orig_branch, upstream_branch)
if git_has_modifications(git_dir):
do_commit = ask(git_dir, 'Local mods.',
'c commit to this branch',
'<name> commit to new branch',
'<empty> skip')
'<empty> skip this repo')
if not do_commit:
raise SkipThisRepo()
@ -281,15 +282,32 @@ def rebase(git_dir):
git(git_dir, 'checkout', orig_branch)
if git_has_modifications(git_dir):
print('There still are local modifications')
raise SkipThisRepo()
error('There still are local modifications')
# Missing upstream branch
if not upstream_branch:
print('there is no upstream branch for %r' % orig_branch)
do_set_upstream = ask(git_dir, 'there is no upstream branch for %r' % orig_branch,
'<empty> skip',
'p create upstream branch (git push --set-upstream orgin %s)' % orig_branch,
'm checkout master',
valid_answers=('', 'p', 'm'))
if do_set_upstream == 'p':
git(git_dir, 'push', '--set-upstream', 'origin', orig_branch);
upstream_branch = git_branch_upstream(git_dir, orig_branch)
if not upstream_branch:
error('There still is no upstream branch')
elif do_set_upstream == 'm':
git(git_dir, 'checkout', 'master')
return orig_branch
print('skipping branch, because there is no upstream: %r' % orig_branch)
return orig_branch
ahead, behind = git_ahead_behind(git_dir, orig_branch, upstream_branch)
# Diverged
elif ahead and behind:
if ahead and behind:
ask_reset_hard_or_push_f(git_dir, orig_branch, upstream_branch)
# Behind
@ -300,11 +318,11 @@ def rebase(git_dir):
do_merge = ask(git_dir, 'Behind. git merge?',
"<empty> don't merge",
'ok git merge',
valid_answers=('', 'ok')
'm git merge',
valid_answers=('', 'm')
if do_merge == 'ok':
if do_merge == 'm':
git(git_dir, 'merge')
# Ahead
@ -321,7 +339,7 @@ def rebase(git_dir):
ask_reset_hard_or_push_f(git_dir, orig_branch, upstream_branch)
if git_has_modifications(git_dir):
raise SkipThisRepo()
error('There are local modifications')
# Rebase onto origin/master? Only when this isn't already the master branch
if upstream_branch != 'origin/master':
@ -330,10 +348,10 @@ def rebase(git_dir):
if ahead and behind:
do_rebase = ask(git_dir, '%r diverged from master. git rebase -i origin/master?' % orig_branch,
"<empty> don't rebase",
'ok rebase onto origin/master',
valid_answers=('', 'ok'))
'r rebase onto origin/master',
valid_answers=('', 'r'))
if do_rebase == 'ok':
if do_rebase == 'r':
git(git_dir, 'rebase', '-i', 'origin/master')
# On conflicts, we'll exit with error implicitly