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Harald Welte a052c13c12 Revert "jobs: tweak build-discarder values"
This reverts commit 719ff97608.

The disk consumption of jenkins has grown by almost 500GB
since we merged this patch.  Clearly this is not expected, and we'd
have ran out of disk space in a few weeks.

I personally think the current allocation of 1.5TB of disk space to
jenkins should be more than sufficient; we just need to manage it

Closes: OS#5980
Change-Id: I6b744a8b84a3e1255a8d51f73d1721ccfd028ac1
2023-03-28 13:35:33 +02:00
ansible ansible.cfg: set default remote_user = root 2023-03-25 08:07:42 +00:00
contrib contrib/obs-upgrade-eclipse-titan.sh: new script 2023-03-02 10:18:25 +01:00
coverity coverity: build osmo-ggsn with --enable-gtp-linux 2023-02-01 12:06:16 +01:00
jobs Revert "jobs: tweak build-discarder values" 2023-03-28 13:35:33 +02:00
lint lint: ignore SYMBOLIC_PERMS 2023-01-20 09:25:16 +01:00
qemu-kvm/ggsn-kernel-gtp ggsn-kernel-gtp: Use my current SSH public key 2022-11-04 15:07:35 +00:00
scripts scripts/manuals: fix missing UserKnownHostsFile 2023-03-24 10:43:17 +01:00
.editorconfig editorconfig: new file 2022-02-11 15:44:16 +01:00
.gitignore jobs/osmocom-release-manuals: add new job 2023-03-23 10:48:30 +00:00
.gitreview Add .gitreview 2017-06-12 18:33:33 +02:00
README.adoc update git URLs (git -> https; gitea/gerrit) 2022-08-13 04:02:51 +07:00


Scripts used for the CI handling and coverity uploads

coverity: scripts used to submit the osmocom sources for coverity scan.
This depends on these, which are not included in osmo-ci:
- a tokens.txt file in coverity/ -- see coverity/get_token.sh
- a cov-analysis-linux64-8.5.0 in coverity/
  (or the like, may need to adjust some scripts to match)

jobs: Jenkins Job Builder YAML files defining jenkins jobs. Read jobs/README.adoc
for more information about deployment.

scripts: used by jenkins jobs. Various osmo*/contrib/jenkins.sh scripts assume
osmo-ci to be checked out in the build slave user's home, i.e. using a PATH of

obs-patches: patches to build projects for various debian distributions, e.g.
a patch for limesuite that fixes the libwxgtk3.0-dev => libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-dev
rename in control/debian for debian10. Used by osmo_obs_distro_specific_patch()
in scripts/common-obs.sh.

_docker_playground: Clone of docker-playground.git, so the scripts can build
required docker images. This dir gets created on demand by scripts/common.sh,
and automatically fetched and reset to "origin/master" (override with
$OSMO_BRANCH_DOCKER_PLAYGROUND). The fetch and reset gets skipped if
_docker_playground is a symlink. For development, set it up as follows:

 $ git clone https://gitea.osmocom.org/osmocom/docker-playground
 $ git clone https://gitea.osmocom.org/osmocom/osmo-ci
 $ cd osmo-ci
 $ ln -s ../docker-playground _docker_playground