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Oliver Smith 11f9724c39 OBS: add jenkins job to check for new distros
Add a new jenkins job to notify us about new versions of Debian,
Raspbian and Ubuntu becoming available in the openSUSE OBS. This allows
us to consistently follow along and make the repositories available in
the Osmocom OBS. I've decided to check the openSUSE OBS instead of
checking somewhere upstream, because it takes time between a new
release of a distribution and the version becoming available in
openSUSE OBS, and we have another job that syncs the configuration with
that OBS instance.

Related: OS#6163
Change-Id: I0abc49a95197da55f7d83ed4fd1c4ebb6bd14b1e
2023-12-06 06:10:46 +00:00
Oliver Smith 5db0807a64 jobs/gerrit: osmo-upf: don't for build debian 10
osmo-upf currently can't build against debian 10, as the required
libnftables-dev version there is too low and we don't provide a backport
for it. As discussed, disable it for debian 10.

Adjust CI to build against debian 11 instead (in addition to the usual
almalinux 8, debian 12).

Change-Id: I63798d451b66bf728b58b02414c1a44f6156b356
2023-12-05 16:03:28 +01:00
Oliver Smith 046a284e83 jobs/osmocom-obs-sync: add newest Ubuntu, Raspbian
Related: OS#6163
Change-Id: I459bd48b50d80fcd07837377e19e89df21d6c328
2023-12-05 13:58:09 +01:00
Oliver Smith c4ee740d57 jobs: fix undefined parameter log warnings
Adjust all jobs in the gerrit verifications pipeline to use the same
parameters from a new include file, to prevent undefined parameter
warnings in the log.

Fixes: OS#6261
Change-Id: Iadc5cd8996eb4ed86634ceb35829a3e9239e598d
2023-12-04 08:55:28 +01:00
Oliver Smith 6d4b0effa6 jobs/update-osmo-*: add build4-deb12build-ansible
Related: OS#6186
Change-Id: I1f732718df87ed3b850332dbf1a7f6b2f854f280
2023-10-19 07:30:20 +00:00
Pau Espin 7be78df106 jobs/ttcn3-testsuites.yml: Add ttcn3-epdg-test
Related: OS#6204
Change-Id: I4b566c1e767c7a6d6cb474a257b0a2632a2afe92
2023-10-18 12:29:16 +02:00
Pau Espin 35a1155a42 jobs/ttcn3-testsuites.yml: Add ttcn3-hss-test-ogs
Related: SYS#6588
Change-Id: Ic98a5a22b2c10b32052e613d0a46fbc7640c60d9
2023-10-10 19:26:08 +02:00
Oliver Smith 2e809f4637 jobs/master-builds: add erlang projects
Add the erlang projects found in gerrit-verifications to master-builds
too, as we have it with most other Osmocom projects.

Change-Id: I6cf5a3c1e52ee73ad63eb2d7d5b1af19a9809026
2023-10-06 08:21:48 +00:00
Oliver Smith 193e2a4ce6 jobs/master: use same url scheme as gerrit jobs
Make it easier to copy entries from gerrit-verifications.yml to
master-builds.yml by using the same url schema in both.

Change-Id: Ibe992dd8027a8b8df8623abc57a590972443449f
2023-10-06 08:21:48 +00:00
Pau Espin 9b9b2a2780 jobs/gerrit-verifications: Add osmo-epdg
Change-Id: I84accfc5065ed2e780c4ecb77885af61bc6fb72f
2023-10-05 16:22:49 +02:00
Oliver Smith 774347c25b jobs/master-builds: add osmo-python-tests
Run contrib/ of osmo-python-tests once a day from master too,
not only from gerrit verifications.

Change-Id: I164553d0948549d60c45b8840716c608463dc486
2023-09-13 16:11:29 +00:00
Oliver Smith 03cb833746 jobs: update trigger timers
Ensure we trigger building new OBS packages first, then wait plenty of
time until the binary packages are available (and run jobs in the
meantime that don't need them), and only after that we run the jobs
that need the binary packages.

Otherwise TTCN3 jobs may test the packages from the previous day, and
some jobs may fail completely due to packages not being completely built
yet. For example, yesterday the new Osmocom CNI releases were tagged,
which means the :latest packages also need to be rebuilt (-> building
all OBS packages takes longer). The osmocom-release-manuals and
-tarballs jobs failed, because the new binary packages were not
available yet when they ran.

Change all timers to the format "H 20 * * *" to have a deterministic
hour and semi-random minute based on the job name.

Change-Id: Ib68f9a78bae27a63706a8c95715bf6a244b7bf1d
2023-09-13 16:11:29 +00:00
Oliver Smith 1b66903ddb jobs/osmocom-obs-sync: new job
Related: OS#6165
Change-Id: Ibcf02eb5feee2b314ff28861835040c21aea4294
2023-09-08 09:06:57 +00:00
Oliver Smith eac517c1af jobs/master-builds: xgoldmon: remove osmo-ci dir
Fix running the job multiple times in a row. As the master jobs don't
wipe the git repositories, we need to remove the osmo-ci dir first
before attempting another shallow clone.

Fixes: 451cbe7d ("jobs/master-builds: add xgoldmon")
Change-Id: I877944dbca9d1c3ca57b05e947ba9b3506971bdc
2023-08-30 12:25:52 +02:00
Oliver Smith 9ba26aa8fb jobs/master-builds: add osmo-ir77
Replace the legacy osmo-ir77 job (not done with jenkins-job-builder)
with a new master-osmo-ir77 job that works just like the other master
- build in docker
- have build commands in contrib/

Depends: satellite/osmo-ir77#1
Change-Id: I45034e4ed9ed8ad5683ac2de24521649f138b41c
2023-08-29 13:02:33 +02:00
Oliver Smith 1b6970edac jobs/master-builds: add simtrace
Replace the legacy SIMtrace job (not done with jenkins-job-builder) with
a new master-simtrace job that works just like the other master jobs:
- build in docker
- have build commands in contrib/

Set the same notification mails as for simtrace2.

Depends: sim-card/simtrace#1
Change-Id: I0980ceafa4d1187630b75b45b01b538c750021bb
2023-08-29 13:00:33 +02:00
Oliver Smith 451cbe7d86 jobs/master-builds: add xgoldmon
Replace the legacy xgoldmon job (not done with jenkins-job-builder) with
a new master-xgoldmon job that works more similar to other master jobs:
- build in docker
- have build commands in a script

Put the script into osmo-ci, as the upstream repository is
outside of Osmocom infrastructure.

The motivation for this change is, that the current xgoldmon job is
failing since libosmocore depends on liburing by default. This uncovered
that the job is still running outside of docker, where the dependency
has already been added. The following patches will modernize other jobs
which have the same problem.

Change-Id: Ice5704eb12f3c3a777961bc18a55fac63df80fd6
2023-08-29 12:56:34 +02:00
Pau Espin 896bb61d1b jobs: Add nightly job for ttcn3-dia2gsup-test
Related: OS#5757
Change-Id: Icb1a18da0daea1b481b4633eed2de817bfd5a15a
2023-08-28 12:34:07 +00:00
Oliver Smith baa1c11915 jobs/coverity: fix path to home dir
Fix for:
./ line 35: /home/build/osmo-ci/coverity/ No such file or directory

Fixes: 56bc906e ("coverity: run inside docker")
Change-Id: I87fadd2dffcfaa04eaa942dfb8a496334cb722d5
2023-08-28 12:39:20 +02:00
Oliver Smith 56bc906eed coverity: run inside docker
Run the coverity job inside docker, so all depends are available (fixes
that it currently fails because liburing isn't available for

Depends: docker-playground I25862a7e3c8a73e13fd4a9237ab57500d8dfc95c
Change-Id: I5cfdb6b2e12e176ff6d6ed6c1b8505d7694993f9
2023-08-25 13:32:59 +02:00
Oliver Smith e9f537dd76 jobs/osmocom-build-tags: run inside docker
Run this job inside docker, so all depends are available (fixes that
it currently fails because liburing isn't available for libosmocore).

Change-Id: I5a8243b3096dba8f94f715413c84683c7495777c
2023-08-25 13:32:59 +02:00
Oliver Smith 53bd6b8ade jobs/osmocom-api: run inside docker
Run the osmocom-api job inside docker, so all depends are available
(fixes that it currently fails because liburing isn't available for

Use the contrib/known_hosts file, instead of writing an own copy during
the job.

Change-Id: I6e831c71c4c88772c3e4232fcb1a9e2c1c73d997
2023-08-25 13:31:24 +02:00
Oliver Smith e4ac3ae199 jobs/gerrit: osmo-dia2gsup: test debian 11 and 12
Don't try to build the debian package for debian 10. It fails as rebar3
is not in debian 10. Test the build for debian 11 and 12, which is what
we build the package for on

Change-Id: Id01b466f1bacc9cbb8e835f69da765f5fdccfdc2
2023-08-23 16:59:28 +02:00
Oliver Smith 8920d73730 jobs/osmocom-release-tarballs: modernize
Rewrite the osmocom-release-manuals script (previous version is in
docker-playground Ic35a28a386170b85d32aab8f2bd33e48e6d45392):

* Instead of using a separate docker container for this, that also lists
  all dependencies for all packages (as needed to pass ./configure), use
  debian-bookworm-build and install missing packages at time of
  generating the tarballs with "apt-get build-dep". Missing dependencies
  are typically other Osmocom libraries.

* This allows removing the debian 11 based release-tarball-build-dist
  container. As the script doesn't depend on a separate docker container
  anymore, move it to osmo-ci.git.

* Make it similar to scripts/manuals/, so it
  is easier to maintain both.

Related: OS#6057
Change-Id: I9f8b671b9780da500637a64fc4dbc72b450f9d11
2023-08-17 14:01:32 +02:00
Oliver Smith 688dcc1f6a jobs/registry-update-base-images: add bookworm
Related: OS#6057
Change-Id: I55ff43f1764dd5f7de46360264e0afbb4659910f
2023-08-14 09:28:40 +00:00
Oliver Smith bec3289f8e jobs/gerrit-verifications: use debian-bookworm-titan
Related: OS#6057
Change-Id: Ifd7fc7a2360fc64be78c6a06f42d0f4d46af01a0
2023-08-14 09:28:40 +00:00
Oliver Smith a5be55376b jobs/registry-rebuild-upload-titan: use bookworm
Related: OS#6057
Depends: docker-playground I4415fcde6518bd26d1e2cb5785ddaf84ac2116b3
Change-Id: Ibc25a62c2d3a2f6cd3e8136311ce2b37688c71a7
2023-08-14 09:28:40 +00:00
Oliver Smith 82ff45e7f7 repo-install-test: add debian12
Related: OS#6057
Change-Id: I51fa3c5212b5e29f4c2804384781693e8de2c097
2023-08-03 11:03:58 +02:00
Oliver Smith 2f5fa9edf8 jobs: remove endianness check
Related: OS#6122
Change-Id: I2358e6bc8189f9c5bdca10aac28032cb7a4667fa
2023-08-02 12:25:25 +00:00
Oliver Smith 2a506ccad1 jobs/osmo-gsm-tester-runner: build debian-buster-jenkins
Fix the failing osmo-gsm-tester_virtual job by building the docker image
it depends on first, debian-buster-jenkins.

We are migrating most of the CI infrastructure away from old debian
versions to debian 12, but this is not possible here as explained in

Related: OS#6126
Change-Id: I5f7468a402d82e3b6ee03b4f792ae7e3aae3942b
2023-08-01 11:35:00 +02:00
Oliver Smith 30d42ea961 jobs/osmocom-release-{manuals,tarballs}: set node
Set node to osmocom-master, so these jobs don't run on any node.

Change-Id: I3142b0463f7c61d47991822bf592f49ab4a421f7
2023-07-31 11:12:25 +02:00
Oliver Smith 7c15e261a9 jobs/master,gerrit: don't use bullseye for python2
openbsc, osmo-e1-recorder, osmo-smlc have been adjusted to not require
python2 anymore. Let them use debian 12 for building.

Closes: OS#5950
Change-Id: I1d9204b5b59866fa79839221bb47ec4f7206a982
2023-07-31 08:22:09 +00:00
Oliver Smith 7277e4399f jobs/gerrit-verifications: build for debian 10, 12
Build packages in CI for the oldest and newest debian release, for which
we provide binary packages in the Osmocom OBS repositories.

See "jobs: master/gerrit: use debian bookworm (12)" for reasoning:

Related: OS#6057
Change-Id: I959b466865bd327cc72cde4a1763ac13c2c2d797
2023-07-31 08:22:09 +00:00
Oliver Smith 6d9f0843a9 jobs/gerrit-verifications: fix binpkgs for libusrp
Don't build libusrp for centos8/almalinux. libusrp does have a
file, but it needs SDCC for the build and SDCC is not available there.

In theory we could build the rpm in CI for opensuse tumbleweed, but it
requires adding support for building for opensuse in
scripts/obs/data/build_binpkg.Dockerfile and
scripts/obs/data/ first, and since it works quite
differently than centos8 and libusrp changes rarely (last code change in
2021) I've decided to not do that now.

Fixes: OS#5898
Change-Id: If61765fe628321cae004307f4845d8927a1c7019
2023-07-31 08:22:09 +00:00
Oliver Smith 1dcb49a811 jobs/gerrit-binpkgs: don't hardcode distros
Make it possible to set a list of distributions to check in
gerrit-verifications.yml instead of only having one boolean for testing
two hardcoded rpm and deb distributions.

Change-Id: I59487e3dc2f55057de1b6a322f088fff0d18654c
2023-07-31 08:22:09 +00:00
Oliver Smith bd763747ad jobs/gerrit: refactor pipeline script
* Deduplicate the code to run a job by moving it to a function.
* Print the status of jobs right after they finished, instead of waiting
  until all jobs are done
* Make the status print messages more readable

Change-Id: I641a5b483721ce2bbf21bd61d8f4e83faf94ac24
2023-07-31 08:22:09 +00:00
Oliver Smith a4d780c6d5 Cosmetic: jobs/gerrit: update pipeline comment
Change-Id: If06af0e955240e1b9d678f1020767bbfb70b1d96
2023-07-31 08:22:09 +00:00
Oliver Smith 36df36fa74 jobs/gerrit-verifications: disable lint for asn1c
The asn1c code does not follow our coding guidelines, and in the
interest of keeping it closer to upstream it does not make sense to
reformat it.

Change-Id: Iae97d8997b576e43c9a73dfcc61a9260f875310f
2023-07-17 11:58:44 +02:00
Oliver Smith 8ec747db10 jobs/update-osmo-ci: add ansicolor wrapper
Change-Id: Ic94f2cc14b2af3a3711ac3eadec8c92b62006587
2023-07-13 14:57:16 +02:00
Oliver Smith 127e79f171 jobs/update-osmo-ci: add branch parameters
Add parameters to set the osmo-ci and docker-playground branch. I'm
using this to test the debian 12 based containers before merging the
changes to master.

Related: OS#6057
Change-Id: I62265300048031cbb65e997b921373894500233f
2023-07-13 14:57:16 +02:00
Oliver Smith f71fceff65 jobs: master/gerrit: use debian bookworm (12)
Upgrade from debian 11 for master and debian 10 for gerrit
verifications to using debian 12 for both.

Previously we intentionally built against the older debian 10 version
to ensure that our programs still build there. However it is easier to
maintain the docker containers if we just use the most recent debian
version for both and it makes the build environment more consistent - if
a patch passes in gerrit verifications, we expect it to pass in master
builds as well. And the other way around, I can just run CI of all
master jobs when developing a change and assume that if they pass,
gerrit verifications will run as well.

As long as we provide binary packages in OBS for debian 11, 10, ... we
will still notice if a build breaks on an older debian release. I think
this is good enough given that it will probably not happen that often,
but if we decide that we really want to ensure it still builds on older
distros at gerrit-verification time then the more suitable place to add
this would be in the deb-build verification test. It is more
maintainable there, because the dependencies just get installed from the
debian/control file, no need to add all of them to a docker container

The new container is debian-bookworm-build, see the docker-playground
commit for reasoning why it is not debian-bookworm-jenkins.

Related: OS#6057
Depends: docker-playground I49aaf62b5b97775f923453611df3b91354a640a0
Change-Id: I079e55a1325083714c8d39f922b2563e843fc0bc
2023-07-13 14:55:23 +02:00
Oliver Smith 5cc2db19a7 jobs/ttcn3: add ttcn3-mme-test-ogs
Related: OS#5760
Change-Id: I503815ce4e244a0db0106b9c651f06ab2406c331
2023-07-11 17:06:09 +02:00
Harald Welte 910a04d39c DAHDI gerrit verification job diversification
* we never really wanted to build against fixed tags but branches, i.e.
  "the latest tag within a given stable series", so switch from a fixed
  tag like "v5.10" in torvalds/linux.git to "linux-5.10.y" in stable/linux.git

* we also want to build against 6.1.y, as that is what upcoming Debian
  bookworm will ship

Change-Id: I60aa61cb5020c9ce50126b048a0fa546a535236f
2023-06-06 16:29:40 +02:00
Harald Welte 79c5c2d7f7 DAHDI master build diversification
* we never really wanted to build against fixed tags but branches, i.e.
  "the latest tag within a given stable series", so switch from a fixed
  tag like "v5.10" in torvalds/linux.git to "linux-5.10.y" in stable/linux.git

* we also want to build against 6.1.y, as that is what upcoming Debian
  bookworm will ship

Change-Id: Ibc0527a6f7d11c4f99c19e73c948b9baacd4e5a2
2023-06-06 16:29:31 +02:00
Oliver Smith 818d29d9e8 jobs/master: add workspace.tar.xz to artifacts
Upload workspace.tar.xz if it was created by osmo-bsc or osmo-msc, after
the testsuite failed. This should help with figuring out why sometimes
we get a coredump.

Related: OS#5665
Change-Id: I40b738558b83efc9256e5d5c48ffce42ddce9a8a
2023-05-23 16:15:25 +02:00
Oliver Smith 295ed1f7d3 jobs/master-builds: add IS_MASTER_BUILD=1
Related: OS#5665
Change-Id: I6cd5f0383fcceaf77e5fa2f7441f9ae9aa8e8734
2023-05-23 16:14:05 +02:00
Oliver Smith f1b3c65f8f jobs/gerrit: disable endianness check for osmo-ci
Do not run from libosmocore.git on osmo-ci.git, as
it doesn't contain C code.

Change-Id: Ib9a2ed2ce02a171f0bdca56728f8cdabf8f4cd1f
2023-04-27 14:41:11 +02:00
Oliver Smith 684a8f2f9c jobs/master,gerrit: build manuals with IU
Build the manuals with --enable-iu for osmo-msc and osmo-sgsn, so we
don't miss IU-related VTY commands in the manuals.

As of writing, osmo-sgsn includes cs7-instance-iu only if building with
--enable-iu. osmo-msc includes it regardless of the build flag (and
returns an error if trying to use the command if built without IU
support). Build the manuals with --enable-iu for both for consistency,
and just in case we decide to change this behavior / add more commands.

Related: OS#6013
Change-Id: Ib9c47796b582add90ef72376b4c0368a29d89b15
2023-04-26 10:13:10 +02:00
Oliver Smith ddb8f3b05d jobs/master,gerrit: use PFCP var for osmo-hnbgw
Build osmo-hnbgw with and without PFCP. Build the manuals with PFCP, so
it includes the additional VTY commands.

Related: OS#6013
Change-Id: I4a4e25e0c179c0d408c3728a28eb75bbfa086f48
2023-04-26 10:13:07 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr acf8c3cab5 osmocom-obs-nhofmeyr.yml: edit to create initial version
Change-Id: I662b215535eae96cc53af1a4bb2fb818e455da2f
2023-04-17 01:45:13 +02:00