A telnet library (including ipaccess-telnet)
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.TH telnet_begin_sb 3 LIBTELNET "" "TELNET Library"
\fBtelnet_begin_sb\fP - begin a TELNET sub-negotiation command
\fB#include <libtelnet.h>\fP
.B "void telnet_begin_sb(telnet_t *\fBtelnet\fR, unsigned char \fBopt\fR);"
The \fBtelnet_begin_sb\fR function sends the initial TELNET byte sequence to begin a TELNET sub-negotiation command. All data sent over the connecton following this call will be part of the sub-negotiation comman data. A call to \fBtelnet_finish_sb\fR MUST be made to complete the sub-negotiation.
The parameter \fItelnet\fP is a state tracker instance created by a prior call to \fBtelnet_init\fP.
The parameter \fIopt\fP is the TELNET option code for the sub-negotiation option being started.
\fBlibtelnet\fR(3), \fBtelnet_send\fR(3), \fBtelnet_finish_sb\fR(3)