A telnet library (including ipaccess-telnet)
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.TH telnet-proxy 1 LIBTELNET "" "TELNET Library"
telnet-proxy \- create a TELNET debugging proxy
\fBtelnet-proxy\fR <\fBremote address\fR> <\fBremote port\fR> <\fBlocal port\fR>
\fBtelnet-proxy\fR creates a single-connection proxy listening on \fIlocal port\fR which forwards connections to \fIremote address\fR on port \fIremote port\fR. All TELNET commands will be logged to \fBstdout\fR for debugging purposes.
Only a single active connection is allowed at any given time. However, after a client has disconnected, another client may connect through the proxy.
\fBtelnet-proxy\fR is capable of transparently decoding and reencoding streams compressed with MCCP2. It also includes specialized decoders and debug output for NEW-ENVIRON, TTYPE, ZMP, and MSSP subnegotiation commands.
\fBtelnet-chatd\fR(1), \fBtelnet-client\fR(1), \fBtelnet\fR(1)