Common library for all Osmocom projects (libosmocore, libosmogsm, libosmovty, libosmogb, libosmosim, libosmousb, ...)
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Harald Welte 9533631e53 osmo-sim-test.c: Fix rmsg check 6 years ago
.. utils: add TALLOC_CFLAGS to build 7 years ago utils/ explicitly import reduce() 6 years ago add script to generate tree structure 12 years ago
osmo-arfcn.c osmo-arfcn: Return something from the method 10 years ago
osmo-auc-gen.c osmo-auc-gen: Print hex values without intermittent spaces 7 years ago
osmo-sim-test.c osmo-sim-test.c: Fix rmsg check 6 years ago