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7 Commits (9ffeb9756a5077dce1e9fffa705239dc290e0d98)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jan Engelhardt 9ffeb9756a build: remove unused all_includes and use AM_CPPFLAGS 8 years ago
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 45cdaa095a cygwin: Link many libraries with -no-undefined to create a dll 10 years ago
Sylvain Munaut 5689a3b744 build: Don't use the deprecated INCLUDES in the various 10 years ago
Diego Elio Pettenò c5f055f9e5 build: use LT_INIT(pic-only) instead of forcing -fPIC. 11 years ago
Sylvain Munaut 98d77bd4dc src/codec: Fix typo in Makefile 11 years ago
Harald Welte 7533705ab1 libosmocore: bump library interface version to '1' for new osmo_ names 12 years ago
Sylvain Munaut 1a4ea5b436 codec: Add bit ordering tables from specs for HR,FR,EFR & AMR 12 years ago
Holger Hans Peter Freyther e25b18aa29 vty: Link osmovty to osmocore as it is using the symbols 13 years ago
Harald Welte 544037700c add configure option '--disable-vty' to prevent building libosmovty 13 years ago
Harald Welte 3fb0b6f26e Create libosmovty as library from OpenBSC VTY functions 13 years ago