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Oliver Smith 4c9d1479a6 merge_doc.xsl: move to osmo-gsm-manuals.git
Allows building the manuals without the checked out libosmocore source.

Related: OS#3385
Depends: I8e7036fae062ee783cb132b14608827a82c5e7c7 (osmo-gsm-manuals)
Change-Id: Ifb81b18422987cdf36b75993d2782abf93b5f48c
2018-11-12 14:07:05 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr a73656501a vty reference: merge_doc.xsl: do not omit description tag
vty_additions.xml files provide <description>s for <node> tags, but for unknown
reasons, merge_doc.xsl explicitly omits description tags. Do not omit
<description>s so that they show up in the merged document.

This will take effect when next building the osmo-gsm-manuals using this file.

Change-Id: I418e61705043d4df047d8038c5d61623ba64f2e0
2017-12-10 13:34:36 +00:00
ikostov 3e6d5701e6 OAP:remove design doc. osmocom-authn-protocol.txt
Osmocom Authentication Protocol design document
 is removed from libosmocore project as this
 information has been included in the User Manual.
 It is present in SGSN User Manual.

 relates to OS#1874

Change-Id: I2d4dc608622a7484e67b15f930efc76e28285045
2017-02-15 17:56:39 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 8352d31a86 GSUP, OAP, osmo-gen-vec: fix AUTS length to 14, not 16
GSUP transmits AUTS for UMTS authentication procedures, and OAP uses the same
procedures to authenticate. osmo-gen-vec is a utility program that passes AUTS
to our osmo_auth_gen_vec_auts() API.

According to 3GPP 33.102 6.3.3, AUTS = SQN^AK || MAC-S, which are 6 || 8 == 14
bytes. This is confirmed by 24.008 9.2.3a where the TLV has 16 bytes, TL = 2
and AUTS being the V = 14.

It is not harmful for milenage_gen_vec_auts() to pass two more AUTS bytes. But
writing 16 bytes to a GSUP struct is a potential problem when passing in a 14
byte long AUTS buffer to the GSUP API, which then reads past the AUTS buffer.
The API implies the length, so far to be 16, so passing in a 14 byte buffer to
GSUP would require copying to a larger buffer first.

Fix this by using a length of 14 for AUTS everywhere instead.

This constitues an ABI breakage, we may handle it as a "fix before an official
release", otherwise we need a version bump.

The OAP protocol document has also been updated, needs an update in the
osmo-gsm-manuals as well.

Change-Id: If25b173d9ec57ea4c504d860954912b7d82af455
2017-02-02 20:34:16 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 3cc757df18 doc: osmocom-authn-protocol.txt: fix numbering, mark unused sync msgs
Change-Id: Ic1ec5d00de406f9581377ef4b5547782a80f368a
2016-12-11 03:42:58 +01:00
Harald Welte c0f0007292 import oap message parsing / encoding from openbsc.git; AGPL->GPL
In the process, also:
* Change the license from AGPLv3 to GPLv2-or-later;
* correct spelling of 'sysmocom' to lowercase;
* add '2016' to the copyright;
* rename to osmo_*;
* add API docs;
* add logging category DLOAP: define id and add to internal_cat;
* redirect all oap.c logging to DLOAP.

A unit test will follow in a subsequent patch, since it needs a minor tweak for
decoding of boolean values.

The related openbsc change-id is I2f06aaa6eb54eafa860cfed8e72e41d82ff1c4cf.

Tweaked-by: Neels Hofmeyr
Change-Id: If5099e60681a215e798b6675f21813f26769c253
2016-12-11 03:42:58 +01:00
Harald Welte 1cc66f093f merge_doc.xsl: Don't copy the 'descripiton' element of commands
If a vty_additions.xml file contained a <description> element inside a
command> element, then the description was copied twice (once during the
<node> copy, and once during the <command> copy).  Let's avoid one of
the two copies.
2016-03-11 22:05:25 +07:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 317aee5878 vty: Merge from a generic section in case no specific one exists 2012-07-25 17:35:52 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther e89ad6d1dd vty: Use UTF-8 for the encoding and the ability to hide nodes
There are certain nodes one might not want to document and the
additional information can decide to hide the node.
2012-07-25 17:35:52 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 8297c819e9 vty: Add xsd and a command that can generate the documentation.
When building the doxygen documentation do not remove the other
VTY documentation files in the doc/vty folder. Create a command
that can be installed to dump all nodes and commands as XML on
the given VTY. Create a schema for the XML file and a XSL-T script
that can merge the generated file with additional information.
2012-07-25 11:58:58 +02:00
Harald Welte 21e73c2597 Integrate doxygen documentation building into autoconf/automake process 2011-08-17 19:33:06 +02:00