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Harald Welte 609001d089 libosmo{gb,vty} Add talloc to 'Requires'
Both libraries use talloc symbols so they should require it,

In subsequent patches, we should move all of those to Requires.private,
but I wanted to fix it step by step.

Change-Id: I755275ce4f4148b5beffaa28a6a0ce2dd0e2d6b4
2022-03-25 09:45:42 +00:00
Harald Welte 12eed19066 clean-up pkg-config files: Make use of "Requires" as documented
According to the pkg-config manual, "Libs" should not contain flags
for _required_ packages.  Instead, they should be expressed via
"Requires".  Let's do that

Change-Id: I2ab1fe8e4bbfc120b471d6c9f2312a89dbc7d42b
2022-03-24 14:57:22 +00:00
Harald Welte 5d797c4264 Revert "pkgconfig: link to mnl if available"
This reverts commit 2253224b33.

Reason for revert: Causes massive build failure for osmo-pcu and osmo-sgsn on all the distributions/architectures we build for

Change-Id: I6dbe4507701bee013b29dcc26f32c4e1a3c23613
Closes: OS#4936
2021-01-08 10:14:02 +00:00
Eric Wild 2253224b33 pkgconfig: link to mnl if available
The dependency on mnl breaks builds of osmo-pcu et al if mnl is used for
libosmogb, but not linked in for lib users

Change-Id: Ib4df95d5c922f8edfa33e68645652fd30d321ff8
2021-01-07 14:28:42 +00:00
Harald Welte 90e614f7cc remove our internal copy of talloc, use system libtalloc
Shipping our own private copy of talloc was a good idea in 2008,
when it was not readily available on most target platforms.  Today,
the situation is quite different, as it is a standard library on
major Linux distributions.
2015-12-05 23:38:18 +01:00
Harald Welte ca0af8a3a8 libosmogb: build without strict aliasing rules
This allows us to reliably do the trick with casting structures like
libgb_msgb_cb to the msgb->cb[] array.  Shamelessly stolen from the
Linux kernel.
2012-09-07 12:01:28 +02:00
Harald Welte 667e39a2ee libosmogb: make sure to link with libosmovty 2012-06-18 12:19:42 +08:00
Harald Welte 641f7cee5d libosmogb: move files to proper location and fix build 2012-06-17 23:05:26 +08:00