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8 Commits (21e73c2597da30e6e5b0acb808cd27fb21e8bbbd)

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Harald Welte 21e73c2597 Integrate doxygen documentation building into autoconf/automake process 12 years ago
Harald Welte eeb78dde9b add new 'osmo-arfcn' program to compute frequency based on arfcn 12 years ago
Holger Hans Peter Freyther ec4f160e2d misc: Put git-version-gen into the tarball 12 years ago
Pablo Neira Ayuso fba495e5f6 This patch moves the GSM-specific functions to the new library 12 years ago
Sylvain Munaut b99b9309b2 codec: Add the missing bits for include to install and pkgconfig to work 12 years ago
Harald Welte e352c52ed8 Add pkgconfig for libosmovty 13 years ago
Harald Welte 4cd3d8a2c7 add git-version-gen magic to automatically generate package version 13 years ago
Harald Welte 3cae0398ea add missing automake / autoconf files 13 years ago