BSSAP: HO Request Ack: add missing Codec List (BSS Supported)

Related: SYS#5839
Related: I3c0576505a3ceb3cd5cc31dc69c5bc4a86a4ea08 (osmo-bsc)
Change-Id: Iab0a7b4d81592157fc111d1adb9e9f4cb53a94e9
Neels Hofmeyr 9 months ago committed by neels
parent a6d1ef0d60
commit a25a6dca25
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@ -8,3 +8,4 @@
# If any interfaces have been removed or changed since the last public release: c:r:0.
#library what description / commit summary line
libosmogsm ABI BREAKAGE CELL_IDENT_WHOLE_GLOBAL_PS changed enum number
libosmogsm add struct member Add codec_list_bss_supported to gsm0808_handover_request_ack (more_items flag ensures ABI compat)

@ -246,8 +246,12 @@ struct gsm0808_handover_request_ack {
const struct sockaddr_storage *aoip_transport_layer;
bool more_items; /*!< set this to true iff any fields below are used */
struct gsm0808_speech_codec_list codec_list_bss_supported; /*< omit when .len == 0 */
/* more items are defined in the spec and may be added later */
bool more_items; /*!< always set this to false */
bool more_items2; /*!< always set this to false */
struct msgb *gsm0808_create_handover_request_ack2(const struct gsm0808_handover_request_ack *params);

@ -1045,6 +1045,12 @@ struct msgb *gsm0808_create_handover_request_ack2(const struct gsm0808_handover_
if (params->aoip_transport_layer)
gsm0808_enc_aoip_trasp_addr(msg, params->aoip_transport_layer);
/* AoIP: add Codec List (BSS Supported)
* (codec_list_bss_supported was added to struct gsm0808_handover_request_ack later than speech_codec_chosen
* below, but it needs to come before it in the message coding). */
if (params->more_items && params->codec_list_bss_supported.len)
gsm0808_enc_speech_codec_list(msg, &params->codec_list_bss_supported);
/* AoIP: Speech Codec (Chosen) */
if (params->speech_codec_chosen_present)
gsm0808_enc_speech_codec(msg, &params->speech_codec_chosen);