Fix logic enabling osmo_fd fd checks

The logic testing the and setting the define was inverted, which made it
enabled by default.

Take the chance to rename the enable flag to be "ofd" instead of
"bsc-fd" (since anyway the flag was broken).

Change-Id: I81112fa1f6ce1a8e5fe85468241ad385ed8805d3
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Pau Espin 2023-03-14 12:38:13 +01:00
parent 25729cf531
commit 5ef158fbbb
1 changed files with 3 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -296,13 +296,13 @@ fi
[Instrument osmo_fd_register to check that the fd is registered]
[fd_check=$enableval], [fd_check="no"])
if test x"$fd_check" = x"no"
if test x"$fd_check" = x"yes"
AC_DEFINE([OSMO_FD_CHECK],[1],[Instrument the osmo_fd_register])
AC_DEFINE([OSMO_FD_CHECK], [1], [Instrument the osmo_fd_register])