fix api doc for osmo_bcd2str()

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Neels Hofmeyr 2018-12-11 02:13:57 +01:00
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@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ uint8_t osmo_char2bcd(char c)
* \param[in] dst_size sizeof() the output string buffer.
* \param[in] bcd Binary coded data buffer.
* \param[in] start_nibble Offset to start from, in nibbles, typically 1 to skip the first nibble.
* \param[in] end_nibble Offset to stop before, in nibbles, e.g. sizeof(bcd) - (bcd[0] & GSM_MI_ODD? 0:1).
* \param[in] end_nibble Offset to stop before, in nibbles, e.g. sizeof(bcd)*2 - (bcd[0] & GSM_MI_ODD? 0:1).
* \param[in] allow_hex If false, return error if there are digits other than 0-9. If true, return those as [A-F].
* \returns The strlen that would be written if the output buffer is large enough, excluding nul byte (like
* snprintf()), or -EINVAL if allow_hex is false and a digit > 9 is encountered. On -EINVAL, the conversion is