Common library for all Osmocom projects (libosmocore, libosmogsm, libosmovty, libosmogb, libosmosim, libosmousb, ...)
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INCLUDES = $(all_includes) -I$(top_srcdir)/include -I$(top_builddir)
AM_CFLAGS=-Wall -fno-strict-aliasing $(LIBOSMOCORE_CFLAGS) \
noinst_LIBRARIES = libgb.a
libgb_a_SOURCES = gprs_ns.c gprs_ns_frgre.c gprs_ns_vty.c \
gprs_bssgp.c gprs_bssgp_util.c gprs_bssgp_vty.c \
gprs_bssgp_bss.c common_vty.c