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Vadim Yanitskiy 4d7e20193c VTY: rename 'sctp-role' to 'transport-role', add an alias
Now that we're adding support for M3UA-over-TCP, the transport layer
role is no longer an SCTP specific paremeter, but rather a generic one.
This is also the case for the OSMO_SS7_ASP_PROT_IPA, which employs TCP,
and for which we can also choose between the client and server role.

The 'sctp-role' now becomes an alias to 'transport-role', so that
we keep backwards compatibility with old config files.

Change-Id: Iab6c898181d79a5ed2bea767ee90e55bc3af16a5
Related: SYS#5424
2024-02-27 00:45:56 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 22929b1c04 Implement M3UA-over-TCP (in addition to SCTP)
RFC 4666 section 1.3.1 states that "TCP MAY be used as the underlying
common transport protocol" under certain scenarios.  There is even
IANA-allocated TCP port 2905 for that purpose (see section 1.4.8).

Since TCP is a stream oriented protocol, so we need to handle message
boundaries ourselves by reading the M3UA header to know the PDU length.

Change-Id: I8c76d271472befacbeb998a93bbdc9e8660d9b5d
Related: SYS#5424
2024-02-27 00:45:31 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 85055b5ca2 osmo_ss7_asp_find_by_name(): improve docs and coding style
Change-Id: Ia90776c9c3efc3402d59c4f10e5f2cf26274b3f8
Related: SYS#5424
2024-02-27 00:33:45 +07:00
Pau Espin 08001775c6 xua_server: asp: Support removing local addresses
The socket is reconfigured (and hence reopened) upon VTY node exit if
changes were stored in the address list of the xua_server

Related: OS#4607
Change-Id: I942edff7695efeea7753f22e31c2098c201290ff
2023-10-04 11:21:05 +00:00
Pau Espin c5a4b772b1 asp: Support removing local & remote addresses
The local address is removed dynamically from the socket if it is
already created. For remote addresses, it doesn't make any sense (and
there's no API to do so) because the remote address list passed to it is
only used at connect() time, when the socket is created. During the
initial hanshake, the remote provides its own list of remote addresses.

Related: OS#6077
Related: OS#4607
Depends: libosmocore.git Change-Id Ifc6e7d643c2a0c53f479bfd0d5c36d08c0c01953

Change-Id: I554aee92285bd72eb90c6daf47b37055cb3067aa
2023-10-04 11:21:05 +00:00
Harald Welte 743deba334 sccp: Introduce initial support for SCCP LUDT + LUDTS messages
* LUDT/LUDTS is now properly received and passed along to the app.
* LUDT/LUDTS is now used if the data to transmit spans more than 255

Related: SYS#6566
Change-Id: Ic91abfc921f5e4f36045bfa325333112cddd9fa6
2023-09-21 16:35:40 +02:00
Pau Espin 033072fc2d cosmetic: sccp_types.h: Fix typo in comment
Change-Id: Ia75502874e3a07dbd6b685a6721adaedb429e904
2023-09-21 12:59:12 +02:00
Pau Espin abf26ce1ad Allow configuring per-ASP SCTP INIT parameters
Related: SYS#6558
Depends: libosmo-netif.git Change-Id I5343c7659881b29e0201e72badbc2d07e1ef2dca
Change-Id: I4c104f0313b549efab7fae2e81a163474e9bcd4b
2023-09-08 18:14:52 +02:00
Pau Espin 8b8458d153 asp: Allow setting IP address as SCTP primary upon conn establishment
This is an initial implementation to set the local SCTP Primary address
as well as the peer's Primary Address (through SCTP ASCONF messages).
The Primary address is only set upon conn establishment (after connect()
 for clients, or accept() for severs), which means no logic is
introduced to make sure that primary address is kept during the entire
operation of the SCTP association (for instance if the Primary address
becomes unavailable and the stack changes the primary, and later on that
address becomes available again, the primary addres won't be set back to
the initially configured one).

Related: OS#6076
Change-Id: I4a9fc1a4ad82ed20ece328bc53fca58299d744ca
2023-08-21 12:23:52 +02:00
Pau Espin a18f907aaf cosmetic: Fix pointer location format
Caught by linter:
ERROR:POINTER_LOCATION: "foo* const* bar" should be "foo * const*bar"

Change-Id: Icb3adff115e77fca273fdbfda6c7de1ddf1b61cd
2023-08-03 17:14:08 +02:00
Pau Espin 4ddaee9362 asp: Make ASP default LM timers VTY configurable
Related: SYS#6511
Change-Id: Ib62e19f2e528e8b2792cbb51a5900dc3463ebd06
2023-07-11 14:56:26 +02:00
Pau Espin af768c716a Add osmo_ss7_asp getters for name and proto
Some apps such as osmo-bsc are accessing some of those fields, so better
add a getter API to make it easier to update the struct contents.

Change-Id: If9acfca1abc9ab7eb6d2388f548d7ee577b9c5ac
2023-06-20 14:11:46 +02:00
Pau Espin 5d30f648f4 Forbid partial VTY configurations of ASPs with name asp-clnt-*
A recent commit (83db938859) changed the
behavior of default "sctp-role" and "role" values of ASPs named
asp-clnt-* which are used by osmo_sccp_simple_client_on_ss7_id(), in
order to avoid having different default values when than function is
used, which is totally confusing for end users.

As it was already informed when submitting the mentioned commit, it
changes the behavior on that specific case, and that made some users
start having problems without a proper "your config is wrong!" error.

This commit addresses it by basically forbiding that exact use case,
that is, partially defining an asp-clnt-* ASP through VTY without
explicitly configuring a "role" and "sctp-role". With this patch,
function osmo_sccp_simple_client_on_ss7_id() will print a proper error
informing the user and will return NULL, potentially triggering an early
program exit which can then easily be fixed by using proper

Related: SYS#6486
Change-Id: I65b5fad2ec06a9d9c521f1e3ce8aab633da95a47
2023-06-16 18:18:35 +02:00
Pau Espin 83db938859 osmo_sccp_simple_client_on_ss7_id(): Always follow VTY config of ASP if it was explicitly defined in VTY
The VTY config defaults are "role sg" and  "sctp-role server".
However, if not set explicitly in VTY,
osmo_sccp_simple_client_on_ss7_id() was replacing them to "role asp" and
"sctp-role client".
This is fine if the ASP is not defined/created at the VTY (aka
dynamically created with no config), but if the ASP is defined in the
VTY it becomes really confusing, since it's picking different defaults
than the usual ones.

Hence, follow always the same VTY defaults in

As a result of this change:
- Programs not defining the ASP over VTY keep the same behavior (ASP is
  created with role=asp and sctp-role=client)
- Programs defining ASP over VTY (eg. "asp asp-clnt-msc-0 5000 0 m3ua")
  explicitly setting "role" and "sctp-role": keep the same behavior
- Programs defining ASP over VTY but not explicitly setting "role" or
  "sctp-role", will get now the usual defaults instead.

So in summary, strange cases where osmo_sccp_simple_client_on_ss7_id()
is used (osmo-bsc, osmo-hnbgw, osmo-msc) and the dynamically created
ASP is created through VTY, then the config file must also explicitly
define the following lines:
role asp
sctp-role client

This patch also changes the "show running-config" VTY cmd to also always
show the configured role and sctp-role values, which are of vital
importance to understand a given setup.

Change-Id: Ie81987265118e48173211f88b27a006115dc62d4
2023-06-13 20:07:18 +02:00
Pau Espin 0aff5d101d osmo_sccp_simple_client_on_ss7_id(): Support ASP explicitly configured as sctp server
Right now, if a user configures an cs7 instance, as and asp (with
sctp-role server) in the VTY, then the function
osmo_sccp_simple_client_on_ss7_id() (used by osmo-bsc, osmo-msc,
osmo-hnbgw, etc.) will silently change the config to be SCTP client.
This is really confusing, since the user configured explicitly the ASP
as server but ends up running as client.
Instead, if the user explicitly configured the ASP as SCTP server,
allow it (after validating the user also properly configured a xUA
server through VTY).

Change-Id: I20de33edb8751a515d6719c49efadfc387dd85f8
2023-06-13 20:05:58 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 083ea4b1fc add public API: osmo_sccp_instance_next_conn_id()
In struct osmo_sccp_instance, we have a next_id, to find an unused SCCP
connection ID. This is used for inbound SCCP connections.

At the same time, in each of our SCCP client programs, we have a
separate mechanism to find a connection ID for outbound connections.

See for example bsc_sccp.c: bsc_sccp_inst_next_conn_id()

It makes much more sense for callers to use the same
osmo_sccp_instance->next_id counter:

- Currently the inbound and outbound counters go out of sync: For
  example, in osmo-bsc, if we have three MS doing a usual Complete Layer
  3, osmo-bsc's counter increments by three. If we then have one
  Handover Required coming back from the MSC, i.e. inbound SCCP
  connection, the sccp_inst->next_id is behind by three, and will
  iterate SCCP connections three times before finding an unused id.

- Each implementation has to take care to properly wrap the ID in its
  valid range, e.g. in osmo-bsc:

                test_id = (test_id + 1) & 0x00FFFFFF;
                if (OSMO_UNLIKELY(test_id == 0x00FFFFFF))
                        test_id = 0;

Add public API so that callers can benefit from the internal
osmo_sccp_instance->next_id and do not need to duplicate the code for
staying within the proper range.

Change-Id: If59d524fbe1088a59ae1b69908e2d4bf67113439
2023-05-10 02:17:07 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr d5139548f2 add osmo_sccp_set_max_optional_data()
So far, the optional data limit can only be modified via cs7 VTY,
because struct osmo_sccp_instance is private. Provide public API to set
this limit from C.

Change-Id: If3d22a0f65a7ed0be043027652402b32c356e322
2023-05-10 02:00:25 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr c3604fe9a9 comment: fix typo 'OSMO_ASCU_'
Change-Id: I1c0f501a7f828499c6112cab8aece20f7c34c118
2023-04-05 02:30:59 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 078622128a add two value_string[]s related to N-PCSTATE
Related: SYS#6319
Change-Id: I873ea30e8f64280487769668c748c67ce4ff4023
2023-04-05 02:30:59 +02:00
Pau Espin 1e288b9614 sccp: Introduce APIs to get/set osmo_sccp_instance priv data pointer
The field already exists in the struct, but it's not really used
anywhere internally yet (and was not available externally).
Let's make it available to users of the API, similar to osmo_sccp_user_{get,set}_priv().
This way apps can easily store per-sccp-instance state.

Change-Id: I5643e6b14590b1478b3c8dabc8a7a619f5505409
2023-03-13 11:20:31 +01:00
Pau Espin a19cf68c65 cosmetic: sccp.h: Fix trailing whitespace
Change-Id: I6b9cb5acffdf690f65e14dbdda7213b2e75c7ee1
2023-03-10 17:33:39 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr f9b0746d7d fixup for: add osmo_scu_prim_name_c() / _buf()
I would like to tweak the names for the recently added functions, so
that they are more clear -- quickly before we release it or anyone uses

Depends: libosmocore I9f43428af654a5674ac3035fe4db1394aac7a7af
Related: I4c1998fd7fee7282d107846dae2cff4b5ceb3a7b
Change-Id: If381f537ab91af1feef7f0e51921217f27e18e6a
2023-02-22 16:02:51 +01:00
Max 6e8241356b SS7: do not attempt transfer if AS is down
The attempt to route message via AS which is down will fail anyway:
let's make it explicit.

Add osmo_ss7_as_down() and use it to check AS state before transferring the message.

Change-Id: I0d5f3b6265e7fdaa79e32fbc30f829ef79e7dad1
2023-02-21 08:51:22 +00:00
Oliver Smith e753f21047 Run
Ensure there is no diff to prepare to run this in CI.

Related: OS#5884
Change-Id: I3909fd5a406e21f348ad8c1d5adc267551bfe2b2
2023-02-20 09:50:38 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 4c761ba304 add osmo_scu_prim_name_c() / _buf()
Add non-legacy string functions for osmo_scu_prim_name in the form of
_buf() and _c() signatures.

So far there is only osmo_scu_prim_name() using a static buffer.
Implement that using osmo_scu_prim_name_buf().

Change-Id: I4c1998fd7fee7282d107846dae2cff4b5ceb3a7b
2023-02-18 02:45:14 +01:00
Max bb760c5915 SIGTRAN: add osmo_sccp_tx_disconn_data() helper
SCCP RLSD message might have up to 130 bytes of optional data according to ITU-T Rec Q.713 §4.5 - add helper which
allows sending it and use it in example code.

Related: OS#5579
Change-Id: I92ae22d2cab5863245fba3d904a300055fda34fe
2022-08-22 20:33:12 +07:00
Max 768f36440f SIGTRAN: error if attempting to send exceedingly big data
Previously DT1 message sent via osmo_sccp_tx_data() was silently truncating data if it was over 256 bytes. Let's fail
explicitly and let caller handle this.

Related: OS#5579
Change-Id: I8a67bc40080eb1405ab3b0df874e3ea20941a850
2022-08-22 18:36:51 +07:00
Max 196ddcbb05 SIGTRAN: add function to check connection existence
Add convenience helper to check if particular connection ID exists and use it to
properly report errors when attempting to send messages over non-existent connections.

Change-Id: Iffedf55b4c292ee6b2f97bcdeef6dc13c050ce01
2022-08-22 18:36:51 +07:00
Max f4301b7f45 [cosmetic] sccp_scoc.c: constify function parameters
Related: OS#5579
Change-Id: I398e3efa3e097de8907617cfdf363e1d3b96f666
2022-08-21 21:52:45 +07:00
Max 4f9c66dc0f SCCP: enforce optional data length limits
Limit length of optional Data parameter to 130 bytes to conform with ITU-T Rec Q.713 §4.2..§4.5 while receiving SCCP messages.

Related: OS#5579
Change-Id: Icc3bd0a71b29cf61a259c5d97e7dd85beb4397bd
2022-08-17 11:36:04 +07:00
Oliver Smith ebccb824a0 osmo_ss7_vty: add osmo_sccp_addr_by_name_local
Add a new function similar to osmo_sccp_addr_by_name, but search in a
specific ss7 instance's addressbook instead of searching in the global
address book. This is needed for osmo-bsc-nat, which uses two separate
instances at the same time.

Related: SYS#5560
Change-Id: I0f38b0d038b0dd8cd355e7284e5b56d438811bd9
2022-02-01 11:08:34 +00:00
Oliver Smith e3e79e2806 include/osmocom/sigtran/sccp_sap.h: cosmetic fixes
Move return type to the same line as the name of the function to follow
coding guidelines.

Change-Id: I10475aa395a1cfd49ff62c758f99f9689a0038d0
2022-02-01 11:08:34 +00:00
Oliver Smith 043275129c treewide: remove FSF address
Remove the paragraph about writing to the Free Software Foundation's
mailing address. The FSF has changed addresses in the past, and may do
so again. In 2021 this is not useful, let's rather have a bit less
boilerplate at the start of source files.

Change-Id: Ia450b630e0b60b38835f599c93985bbe97c50d2f
2021-12-14 12:54:05 +00:00
Harald Welte ff7404c742 stp: Add basic RX/TX rate counters on AS and ASP level
This adds some very basic rx/px rate counters to the SS7 AS and ASP

OsmoSTP> show rate-counters
SIGTRAN Application Server 0 (as-rkm-1):
             rx:msu:total:      86078 (1888/s 86078/m 0/h 0/d)
             tx:msu:total:          0 (0/s 0/m 0/h 0/d)
SIGTRAN Application Server Process 0 (asp-dyn-0):
         rx:packets:total:      86081 (1888/s 86081/m 0/h 0/d)
         tx:packets:total:          5 (0/s 5/m 0/h 0/d)

Change-Id: Idb811ca81adfe47152d484f6b981e661dc569e15
2021-11-15 18:05:01 +01:00
Harald Welte 8aa64eb92a sccp: Add minimalistic support for XUDT / XUDTS
XUDT and XUDTS can be used in two situations:

a) because the sender wants to use segmentation
b) because the sender wants to include a hop counter

In this patch, we implement support for case "b" only.

Change-Id: Ic5b9486f1aeb4bb90cfe702a7ce996f5d82ded2c
Related: OS#5281, SYS#5674
2021-10-26 16:27:14 +02:00
Harald Welte 3639af549c m3ua/sua: Add new snm_inactive quirk
This quirk allows the M3UA + SUA code to accept SSNM/SNM traffic despite
being in AS-INACTIVE state.  This is forbidden by the RFCs but there
are some implementations that apparently just don't care what is

Change-Id: I193dd546b3e3c00e29f192d0d1bf7819b3e194be
Closes: OS#5148
2021-05-13 18:11:53 +02:00
Harald Welte 0f769392a5 m3ua/sua: Add quirk for allowing inbound DAUD from SG in ASP role.
The M3UA RFC talks about this message being used in ASP->SG direction,
not the other way around.

Closes: OS#5147
Change-Id: I36ff172b47142a877b37bbd149073bef35b36a74
2021-05-13 18:11:53 +02:00
Harald Welte e9b21ff256 osmo_ss7: introduce notion of configurable 'quirks'
A quirk is an implementation work-around in order to establish
interoperability with another implementation, either a buggy one or
one that follows a different interpretation of a given spec.

For now, we introduce a first quirk affecting when we (in ASP role)
send an ASP-ACTIVE message to the SG.

Closes: OS#5145
Change-Id: Idd947ea39d743eb1bc9342ad9d098036821da45b
2021-05-13 18:11:51 +02:00
Harald Welte 40c4461c3a osmo_ss7: Truncate route 'mask' to point code bit length
Otherwise we run into the problem that a route with mask 0xffffff
differs from one with a mask of 0x3fff despite having only 14 bit
point code length and them being logically equal.

Change-Id: I5d5c828de45724d93a0461bb0dd7858fd8378acd
Related: SYS#5422
2021-04-29 20:07:34 +02:00
Harald Welte 7eedb6b03c Add osmo_ss7_pointcode_print_buf() to API
Like osmo_ss7_pointcode_print(), but prints into an user-supplied

Change-Id: I5fc7d7746eb90a9d404b6b50bf9ded6789a1c33c
2021-02-23 17:20:08 +01:00
Harald Welte afbcc5d532 xua_snm: Implement handling of DUPU messages
A DUPU message in SUA and M3UA indicates the unavailability of
a (MTP-level) user, i.e. the entire SCCP, ISUP, ... is not available.

If we receive a DUPU (destination user part unavailable) message in ASP
role, then we must
 * distribute it to any other ASPs for which we operate in SG mode
 * pass it as MTP-STATUS.ind to SCCP, which can then generates
   N-PCSTATE.ind to the SCCP User

Change-Id: I1559ed0f761a8495b222df48c6bd43798e220471
2021-02-10 19:58:38 +01:00
Harald Welte bf85d6f433 xua: introduce xua_msg_get_u32p() helper
Change-Id: Id7780074b82bc668ae148456750b1a01799decd1
2021-02-08 18:11:12 +01:00
Harald Welte d2dc5ed987 sccp: Add minimalistic SCMG implementation
SCMG (SCCP Management) is a special sub-system that normally resides
at SSN=1.  In Osmocom we so far ignored its existence.  However,
in terms of interop with other implementation, we should implement
at least some basic features.

The only procedure implemented in this initial commit is the response
to an incoming SST (Subsystem Test) message.  If we don't respond to
this message, a remote SCCP entity could assume the SSN is dead on
our side, rendering communication impossible.

Change-Id: I04b162476f7652ef0540b5ea7299e9447efd1d09
2021-02-08 18:11:08 +01:00
Harald Welte 943affdd48 sccp: Notify users of point code available/unavailable
* add N-PCSTATE.ind and N-STATE.ind definitions to SCCP user SAP
* add minimal SCMG (SCCP Management) and LBCS (Local Broadcast)
* generate MTP-PAUSE.ind/MTP-RESUME.ind based on received xUA DUNA/DAVA
* generate N-PCSTATE.ind towards the local SCCP users

Change-Id: Idb799f7d7ab329ad12f07b7cbe6336da0891ae92
Related: OS#2623, OS#3403, OS#4701
2021-02-08 18:00:56 +01:00
Harald Welte bdf5ae5f02 Introduce osmo_ss7_asp_get_log_subsys()
This will allow us to write generic code that uses DLM3UA/DSUA depending
on the ASP protocol.

Change-Id: I7c015b3a2727deff4fc4e6f3bc7bdeeb57e86166
2021-02-08 10:40:46 +00:00
Harald Welte 1153675012 xua_msg: Add xua_msg*_get_str() to obtain string IE
We copy the contents to a static thread-local buffer to ensure
zero termination of the string received by a remote entity.

Change-Id: I8cbb7aeaf0cb64db0ce01c21e5fca9ab3cd932b6
2021-02-08 10:40:46 +00:00
Harald Welte 3bd913398a osmo_ss7: const-ify input arguments to osmo_ss7_as_has_asp()
Change-Id: Id23d90ffea855680cd7d4a16b89e652eed0cf39f
2021-02-07 12:43:47 +01:00
Harald Welte 30c2edb099 xua_msg: const-ify input arguments to xua_*_get_u32()
Change-Id: I517943bd11d73195de9418fb1c5d4151dab77873
2021-02-07 12:43:47 +01:00
Harald Welte c584d87d0c xua_msg_add_data() Mark input argument as 'const'
We only read from it.

Change-Id: I12c17273b9d64a084f59d91fc06ae1512d70855b
2021-02-06 17:45:33 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 7a4f614ba9 add osmo_sccp_addr_to_id_c()
Change-Id: Iadd34a167a7712796b2501f6a75b5a8d26a828eb
2020-09-23 21:13:18 +02:00