Osmocom library for network/soecket abstraction and osmux audio multiplex https://osmocom.org/projects/libosmo-netif
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#ifndef _OSMUX_H_
#define _OSMUX_H_
#include <osmocom/core/endian.h>
#include <osmocom/core/timer.h>
#include <osmocom/core/msgb.h>
/*! \addtogroup osmux
* @{
/*! \file osmux.h
* Osmocom multiplex protocol helpers
/* OSmux header:
* rtp_m (1 bit): RTP M field (RFC3550, RFC4867)
* ft (2 bits): 0=signalling, 1=voice, 2=dummy
* ctr (3 bits): Number of batched AMR payloads (starting 0)
* amr_f (1 bit): AMR F field (RFC3267)
* amr_q (1 bit): AMR Q field (RFC3267)
* seq (8 bits): Combination of RTP timestamp and seq. number
* circuit_id (8 bits): Circuit ID, ie. Call identifier.
* amr_ft (4 bits): AMR FT field (RFC3267)
* amr_cmr (4 bits): AMR CMT field (RFC3267)
#define OSMUX_FT_DUMMY 2
struct osmux_hdr {
uint8_t amr_q:1,
/* auto-generated from the little endian part above (libosmocore/contrib/struct_endianess.py) */
uint8_t rtp_m:1, ft:2, ctr:3, amr_f:1, amr_q:1;
uint8_t seq;
#define OSMUX_CID_MAX 255 /* determined by circuit_id */
uint8_t circuit_id;
uint8_t amr_cmr:4,
/* auto-generated from the little endian part above (libosmocore/contrib/struct_endianess.py) */
uint8_t amr_ft:4, amr_cmr:4;
uint8_t data[0];
} __attribute__((packed));
/* one to handle all existing RTP flows */
struct osmux_in_handle {
/* Initial Osmux seqnum for each circuit, set during osmux_xfrm_input_open_circuit() */
uint8_t osmux_seq;
uint8_t batch_factor;
uint16_t batch_size;
struct {
uint32_t input_rtp_msgs;
uint32_t output_osmux_msgs;
uint64_t input_rtp_bytes;
uint64_t output_osmux_bytes;
} stats;
void (*deliver)(struct msgb *msg, void *data);
void *data;
char *internal_data; /* internal data to store batch */
typedef struct msgb *(*rtp_msgb_alloc_cb_t)(void *rtp_msgb_alloc_priv_data,
unsigned int msg_len);
/* one per OSmux circuit_id, ie. one per RTP flow. */
struct osmux_out_handle {
uint16_t rtp_seq;
uint32_t rtp_timestamp;
uint32_t rtp_ssrc;
uint8_t rtp_payload_type;
uint8_t osmux_seq_ack; /* Latest received seq num */
struct osmo_timer_list timer;
struct llist_head list;
void (*tx_cb)(struct msgb *msg, void *data); /* Used defined rtp tx callback */
void *data; /* User defined opaque data structure */
rtp_msgb_alloc_cb_t rtp_msgb_alloc_cb; /* User defined msgb alloc function for generated RTP pkts */
void *rtp_msgb_alloc_cb_data; /* Opaque data pointer set by user and passed in rtp_msgb_alloc_cb() */
static inline uint8_t *osmux_get_payload(struct osmux_hdr *osmuxh)
return (uint8_t *)osmuxh + sizeof(struct osmux_hdr);
int osmux_snprintf(char *buf, size_t size, struct msgb *msg);
/* 1500 - sizeof(iphdr) = 20 bytes - sizeof(udphdr) = 8 bytes. */
struct osmux_in_handle *osmux_xfrm_input_alloc(void *ctx);
void osmux_xfrm_input_init(struct osmux_in_handle *h) OSMO_DEPRECATED("Use osmux_xfrm_input_alloc() instead");
void osmux_xfrm_input_fini(struct osmux_in_handle *h) OSMO_DEPRECATED("Use talloc_free() instead");
void osmux_xfrm_input_set_name(struct osmux_in_handle *h, const char *name);
int osmux_xfrm_input_set_batch_factor(struct osmux_in_handle *h, uint8_t batch_factor);
void osmux_xfrm_input_set_batch_size(struct osmux_in_handle *h, uint16_t batch_size);
void osmux_xfrm_input_set_initial_seqnum(struct osmux_in_handle *h, uint8_t osmux_seqnum);
void osmux_xfrm_input_set_deliver_cb(struct osmux_in_handle *h, void (*deliver_cb)(struct msgb *msg, void *data), void *data);
void *osmux_xfrm_input_get_deliver_cb_data(struct osmux_in_handle *h);
int osmux_xfrm_input_open_circuit(struct osmux_in_handle *h, int ccid, int dummy);
void osmux_xfrm_input_close_circuit(struct osmux_in_handle *h, int ccid);
int osmux_xfrm_input(struct osmux_in_handle *h, struct msgb *msg, int ccid);
void osmux_xfrm_input_deliver(struct osmux_in_handle *h);
struct osmux_out_handle *osmux_xfrm_output_alloc(void *ctx);
void osmux_xfrm_output_init(struct osmux_out_handle *h, uint32_t rtp_ssrc) OSMO_DEPRECATED("Use osmux_xfrm_output_alloc() and osmux_xfrm_output_set_rtp_*() instead");
void osmux_xfrm_output_init2(struct osmux_out_handle *h, uint32_t rtp_ssrc, uint8_t rtp_payload_type) OSMO_DEPRECATED("Use osmux_xfrm_output_alloc() and osmux_xfrm_output_set_rtp_*() instead");
void osmux_xfrm_output_set_rtp_ssrc(struct osmux_out_handle *h, uint32_t rtp_ssrc);
void osmux_xfrm_output_set_rtp_pl_type(struct osmux_out_handle *h, uint32_t rtp_payload_type);
void osmux_xfrm_output_set_tx_cb(struct osmux_out_handle *h, void (*tx_cb)(struct msgb *msg, void *data), void *data);
void osmux_xfrm_output_set_rtp_msgb_alloc_cb(struct osmux_out_handle *h, rtp_msgb_alloc_cb_t cb, void *cb_data);
int osmux_xfrm_output_sched(struct osmux_out_handle *h, struct osmux_hdr *osmuxh);
void osmux_xfrm_output_flush(struct osmux_out_handle *h);
struct osmux_hdr *osmux_xfrm_output_pull(struct msgb *msg);
/*! @} */