Osmocom library for A-bis (E1/IP) interface
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Vadim Yanitskiy 5277965190 e1line_dump_vty(): dump keepalive state and params
There is currently no obvious way to know if the keepalive is enabled
and which parameters are in use.  Executing 'show running-config'
command in the VTY would not always reveal the current configuration,
because it tends to omit parameters with default values.

Let's print the keepalive state and params in the output of the
'show e1_line' command.  Below is a few examples:

! keepalive is disabled
OsmoBSC# show e1_line
E1 Line Number 0, Name , Driver ipa
Keepalive: disabled
IPA Keepalive: disabled

! TCP Keepalive is enabled (default)
OsmoBSC# show e1_line
E1 Line Number 0, Name , Driver ipa
Keepalive: enabled
  Number of probes: (driver's default)
  Idle timeout: (driver's default)
  Probe interval: (driver's default)
IPA Keepalive: disabled

! TCP and IPA keepalive enabled (custom params)
OsmoBSC# show e1_line
E1 Line Number 0, Name , Driver ipa
Keepalive: enabled
  Number of probes: 2
  Idle timeout: 1s
  Probe interval: 3s
IPA Keepalive: enabled
  Interval: 2s
  Timeout: 10s

Note that in the case of TCP keepalive with default parameters
we cannot retrieve the actual defaults because that would be a
layering violation.  Thus we say "(driver's default)".

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Related: OS#6375, SYS#6801
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libosmo-abis - Osmocom Abis interface library

This repository contains a set of C-language libraries that form the A-bis interface library of Osmocom Open Source Mobile Communications projects such as OpenBSC / OsmoBSC.

Historically, a lot of this code was developed as part of the OpenBSC project, but which are of a more generic nature and thus useful to (at least) other programs that we develop in the sphere of Free Software / Open Source mobile communications.

The libosmo-abis.git repository build multiple libraries:

  • libosmoabis contains some abstraction layer over E1/T1 and IP based ETSI/3GPP A-bis interface. It can use mISDN and DAHDI as underlying driver/hardware.
  • libosmotrau contains routines related to A-bis TRAU frame handling


The official homepage of the project is https://osmocom.org/projects/libosmo-abis

GIT Repository

You can clone from the official libosmo-abis.git repository using

git clone https://gitea.osmocom.org/osmocom/libosmo-abis

There is a web interface at https://gitea.osmocom.org/osmocom/libosmo-abis


There is no Doxygen-generated API documentation yet for this library. It would be great to some day have it, comparable to libosmocore.

Mailing List

Discussions related to libosmo-abis are happening on the openbsc@lists.osmocom.org mailing list, please see https://lists.osmocom.org/mailman/listinfo/openbsc for subscription options and the list archive.

Please observe the Osmocom Mailing List Rules when posting.


Our coding standards are described at https://osmocom.org/projects/cellular-infrastructure/wiki/Coding_standards

We us a gerrit based patch submission/review process for managing contributions. Please see https://osmocom.org/projects/cellular-infrastructure/wiki/Gerrit for more details

The current patch queue for libosmo-abis can be seen at https://gerrit.osmocom.org/#/q/project:libosmo-abis+status:open