Osmocom docker containers
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# (C) Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>
# This is a python script intended to be used as a commit-filter of
# cgit. It recognizes certain patterns (such as a gerrit Change-Id, or
# Related/Closed redmine issues.
GERRIT_URL = 'https://gerrit.osmocom.org/q/%s'
REDMINE_OS_URL = 'https://osmocom.org/issues/%s'
REDMINE_SYS_URL = 'https://projects.sysmocom.de/redmine/issues/%s'
RT_URL = 'https://rt.sysmocom.de/TicketDisplay.html?id=%s'
import re
import sys
import html
def hyperlink(txt, url):
return '<a href="%s">%s</a>' % (url, html.escape(txt))
def chgid_repl(matchobj):
chg_id = matchobj.group(1)
url = GERRIT_URL % html.escape(chg_id)
return hyperlink(chg_id, url)
def relates_repl(matchobj):
def process_item(x):
def repl_os(m):
url = REDMINE_OS_URL % html.escape(m.group(1))
return hyperlink(m.group(0), url)
def repl_sys(m):
url = REDMINE_SYS_URL % html.escape(m.group(1))
return hyperlink(m.group(0), url)
def repl_rt(m):
url = RT_URL % html.escape(m.group(1))
return hyperlink(m.group(0), url)
x = re.sub(r"OS#(\d+)", repl_os, x)
x = re.sub(r"SYS#(\d+)", repl_sys, x)
x = re.sub(r"RT#(\d+)", repl_rt, x)
return x
line = matchobj.group(3)
related_ids = [x.strip() for x in line.split(',')]
extd_ids = [process_item(x) for x in related_ids]
return '%s: %s' % (matchobj.group(1), ', '.join(extd_ids))
for line in sys.stdin:
line = re.sub(r"(I\w{40})", chgid_repl, line)
line = re.sub(r"^((Relate|Close|Fixe)[ds]): (.*)$", relates_repl, line)