Oliver Smith 4f459b779e docker kill: wait until containers are stopped
As "docker kill" / "docker container kill" (alias) doesn't block until
the given container stops, make sure to always run "docker wait"

Closes: OS#5928
Change-Id: I0242ece96541d8036ebbf8b0f498ebf231db26b5
2023-03-07 09:02:02 +00:00
osmocom ttcn3-bsc: Update osmo-bsc cfg files to use mgw pooling VTY commands 2022-10-19 13:50:13 +02:00
split docker kill: wait until containers are stopped 2023-03-07 09:02:02 +00:00
Dockerfile Use Osmocom OBS 2022-06-27 16:47:56 +02:00
Makefile make/Makefile: always use docker run --rm 2022-02-14 07:46:23 +00:00 Introduce osmo-ran docker image set up 2020-12-18 11:45:33 +00:00 Introduce osmo-ran docker image set up 2020-12-18 11:45:33 +00:00

This directory provides an environment to set up and run an Osmocom RAN (osmo-bts, osmo-pcu, osmo-bsc, osmo-mgw) managed by systemd, all run inside a docker container.

Easiest way to build + run the setup is to execute in this same directory.

This script will build the Dockerfile image, then set up a bridge network on subnet 172.18.$SUBNET.0/24, where the IP address 172.18.$SUBNET.200 is assigned to the internal network interface inside the docker container (and which RAN processes will be using), and 172.18.$SUBNET.1 is assigned to the bridge network interface outside the docker container. All The VTY and CTRL ports are available on both 172.18.$SUBNET.200 and also on 172.18.$SUBNET.1 (through docker port mapping).

Shared directories between docker container and the host are mounted in /tmp/logs/ran-$SUBNET/ on the host, with osmocom subdirectory mapping to container's /etc/osmocom, and data to /data:.

The script has the following parameters (environment variables):

  • SUBNET: The IPv4 subnet to configure and use (172.18.$SUBNET.0/24) when running the container (defaults to 25)
  • SGSN_IP: The IP address where the SGSN outside the docker container listens to (Gb interface)
  • STP_IP: The IP address where the STP outside the docker container listens to (A interface)
  • TRX_IP: The IP address where the OsmoTRX outside the docker container listens to (TRXC/TRXD interface)
  • IMAGE_SUFFIX: Type of base image to use: Leave unset to build on top of Debian (default), set to centos8 to run on top of CentOS8 distribution
  • OSMOCOM_REPO_VERSION: Osmocom OBS repository version to use: nightly or latest (default).

The above IP addresses will be replaced by from tokens of the same name in the provided configuration files, available in osmocom/ directory, which will be then placer inside docker image's /etc/osmocom/ directory, where the osmocom projects will read the configuration by default (see systemd services).

Example: Run Osmocom RAN on a Centos8 distro with osmocom's nightly repository on subnet 26:


If several independent RANs are to be set up by the user, it's up to them to configure iptables rules to forbid access from one docker container to another. It should be doable pretty easily by rejecting connections between 172.18.$subnetA.0/24 and 172.18.$subnetB.0/24.

The docker container started by is running systemd and hence is expected to run forever (until the container instance is killed through docker or by killing the process, eg. pressing CTRL+C on the terminal).

While the container is running, shell access to to it in order inspect the RAN processes managed by systemd can be obtained by using:

docker exec -it nonjenkins-ran-subnet$SUBNET bash