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! OpenBSC ( configuration saved from vty
password foo
log stderr
logging filter all 1
logging color 1
logging print category 0
logging timestamp 0
logging level rll notice
logging level cc notice
logging level mm debug
logging level rr notice
logging level rsl notice
logging level nm info
logging level mncc notice
logging level pag notice
logging level meas notice
logging level sccp notice
logging level msc notice
logging level mgcp notice
logging level ho notice
logging level db notice
logging level ref notice
logging level gprs debug
logging level ns info
logging level bssgp debug
logging level llc debug
logging level sndcp debug
logging level nat notice
logging level ctrl notice
logging level smpp debug
logging level filter debug
logging level ranap debug
logging level sua debug
logging level pcu debug
logging level lglobal notice
logging level llapd notice
logging level linp notice
logging level lmux notice
logging level lmi notice
logging level lmib notice
logging level lsms notice
logging level lctrl notice
logging level lgtp notice
logging level lstats notice
logging level lgsup notice
logging level loap notice
logging level lss7 notice
logging level lsccp notice
logging level lsua notice
logging level lm3ua notice
stats interval 5
line vty
no login
e1_line 0 driver ipa
e1_line 0 port 0
no e1_line 0 keepalive
network country code 262
mobile network code 42
short name Osmocom
long name Osmocom
auth policy closed
authorized-regexp .*
location updating reject cause 13
encryption a5 0
neci 0
paging any use tch 0
rrlp mode none
mm info 1
handover 0
handover window rxlev averaging 10
handover window rxqual averaging 1
handover window rxlev neighbor averaging 10
handover power budget interval 6
handover power budget hysteresis 3
handover maximum distance 9999
timer t3103 4
timer t3105 4
timer t3107 4
timer t3109 4
timer t3111 4
timer t3115 4
timer t3117 4
timer t3119 4
timer t3122 4
timer t3141 4
dyn_ts_allow_tch_f 0
subscriber-keep-in-ram 0
bts 0
type sysmobts
band DCS1800
cell_identity 20960
location_area_code 13135
dtx uplink force
base_station_id_code 63
ms max power 40
cell reselection hysteresis 2
rxlev access min 45
periodic location update 6
radio-link-timeout 4
channel allocator ascending
rach tx integer 7
rach max transmission 4
channel-descrption attach 0
channel-descrption bs-pa-mfrms 3
channel-descrption bs-ag-blks-res 2
early-classmark-sending allowed
ip.access unit_id 1234 0
oml ip.access stream_id 255 line 0
neighbor-list mode automatic
codec-support fr hr efr amr
amr tch-f modes 7
amr tch-f start-mode auto
gprs mode gprs
gprs 11bit_rach_support_for_egprs 0
gprs routing area 0
gprs network-control-order nc0
gprs cell bvci 196
gprs cell timer blocking-timer 3
gprs cell timer blocking-retries 3
gprs cell timer unblocking-retries 3
gprs cell timer reset-timer 3
gprs cell timer reset-retries 3
gprs cell timer suspend-timer 10
gprs cell timer suspend-retries 3
gprs cell timer resume-timer 10
gprs cell timer resume-retries 3
gprs cell timer capability-update-timer 10
gprs cell timer capability-update-retries 3
gprs nsei 96
gprs ns timer tns-block 3
gprs ns timer tns-block-retries 3
gprs ns timer tns-reset 3
gprs ns timer tns-reset-retries 3
gprs ns timer tns-test 30
gprs ns timer tns-alive 3
gprs ns timer tns-alive-retries 10
gprs nsvc 0 nsvci 0
gprs nsvc 0 local udp port 21000
gprs nsvc 0 remote udp port 23000
gprs nsvc 0 remote ip
gprs nsvc 1 nsvci 0
gprs nsvc 1 local udp port 0
gprs nsvc 1 remote udp port 0
gprs nsvc 1 remote ip
no force-combined-si
trx 0
rf_locked 0
arfcn 871
nominal power 23
max_power_red 20
rsl e1 tei 0
timeslot 0
phys_chan_config CCCH+SDCCH4
hopping enabled 0
timeslot 1
phys_chan_config TCH/H
hopping enabled 0
timeslot 2
phys_chan_config TCH/H
hopping enabled 0
timeslot 3
phys_chan_config TCH/H
hopping enabled 0
timeslot 4
phys_chan_config TCH/H
hopping enabled 0
timeslot 5
phys_chan_config TCH/H
hopping enabled 0
timeslot 6
phys_chan_config TCH/H
hopping enabled 0
timeslot 7
phys_chan_config PDCH
hopping enabled 0
default-codec tch-f efr
default-codec tch-h hr
local-tcp-port 2775
policy closed
no smpp-first