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Daniel Willmann b39b785fdf Have only one bts/bsc configured in osmo-bsc and bscnat
The way our counter reporting works is that each counter group is
reported even if the same one exists multiple times. To avoid that
change the default config (used by to only configure one
bts / bsc.

Change-Id: I57468d983580b5ed4f15961ac1eac9bed9096556
Related: OS#1700
2019-06-24 14:12:01 +00:00
Daniel Willmann ec06cc5981 osmo-nitb-master: Add default config file for osmo-bsc_nat
Change-Id: I44bb395009582f5e1399f277e15203553c2dcf78
Related: OS#1700
2019-06-19 14:04:46 +02:00