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7 Commits (8e95373986f8991b509d85515305b50dd7bd026a)

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Oliver Smith 8e95373986 osmo-*-latest: use OSMOCOM_REPO_VERSION 2 years ago
Oliver Smith effdb1a452 debian-stretch-obs-latest: new container 2 years ago
Pau Espin 7d7a06b749 common: Introduce OSMOCOM_REPO_MIRROR param 2 years ago
Pau Espin 78ae9377a7 common: Automatize UPSTREAM_DISTRO name based on image name 2 years ago
Harald Welte 027826fdba introduce 'REGISTRY' argument to all Dockerfiles 2 years ago
Pau Espin a9877bf487 Update osmo-*/Dockerfile to log stdout+stderr of process to log file 3 years ago
Harald Welte a421358ab8 Add osmo-*-latest Dockerfiles 5 years ago
Harald Welte df5b63c5bc update debian-jessie-osmocom from nitb to post-nitb 5 years ago
Harald Welte e0e2d6e96a osmo-*: Ensure container is rebuilt if nightly repo is updated 5 years ago
Harald Welte 3c1dc34c91 apt-get: always use --no-install-recommends and apt-get clean 5 years ago
Harald Welte 171fcccffa add telnet client to osmo-stp-master and debian-jessie-osmocom 6 years ago
Harald Welte 95d26e7fc6 Dockerfile for Osmocom nightly stuff 6 years ago