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Pau Espin 5c9182751c ttcn3-pgw-tests: use same bootstrap for upfd as in ttcn-ggsn-tests-ogs
This approach has several benefits:
* We end up with ip/tun setup output in the same log file as
  open5gs-upfd process output.
* We configure all ip/tun *before* the open5gs-upfd process starts.

Furthermore, we have same procedure as in ttcn3-ggsn-tests-ogs, which
simplifies maintainment/use.

The IP address pool for UEs is still different in pgw-tests and
ggsn-tests-ogs. We can make them the same in subsequent patches.

Change-Id: I94219abbeb5e004ce707407b5aa5ee8ad6c3a80e
2022-04-07 20:24:18 +02:00