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Piotr Krysik 04933275db gr-gsm-master/Dockerfile: fix: disable GRCC compilation
Change-Id: I80b079a700caf2b87d627606ae3978a7f9d864a7
2018-10-20 20:56:24 +02:00
Harald Welte 599af3d300 add "public-inbox" Dockerfile + Makefiel
this is just for playing around with it.  It might be a good alternative
mailing list archive + access technology in parallel to pipermail (or
soon hyperkitty).

Change-Id: I5882d7637fe8d0ea15040d75709e95b170789c09
2018-10-07 16:27:31 +00:00
Harald Welte a02280fa77 redmine: Fix openid
For some reason, redmine:3.4 ships with ancient (2014) ruby-openid,
which is no longer compatible with the way how ruby handles HMAC.

Change-Id: I60f6f1ede059accf6b29891abcfe3b2529744e8a
2018-10-07 11:15:00 +02:00
Alexander Couzens 9b6bfccdd7 ttcn3-sgsn-test: save the log file to appear in the artifacts.
The sgsn does not save anywhere it's logfile.

Change-Id: Ie06d0ad6f980e5800f65a128cd33d6937c47afa9
2018-09-28 23:30:24 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 850c89ffa8 osmo-bsc.cfg: inter-bsc HO: add a neighbor identity
This mirrors osmo-ttcn3-hacks change:
"bsc: inter-BSC HO: add TC_ho_out_of_this_bsc, TC_ho_into_this_bsc"
change-id Id22852d4be7f127d827e7a8beeec55db27c07f03

(As well as removal of the 'add' keyword in change-id
I6a83a8d4ba61b87905c6fae457d4b4eb6078dce9 after osmo-bsc change

Related: OS#2283
Change-Id: I077c2ad2ede900ec43f55655bd740651d3bbe83d
2018-09-27 22:22:34 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 320cb3ba97 root Makefile: add rules for ttcn3-hlr-test
Change-Id: Idfd59c3faabeaa1af00df988513d5574c680a3bb
2018-09-26 09:29:42 +00:00
Harald Welte ff3dc6e45f ensure well-formed config files
Change-Id: Id687e63c418e2e955ccbb92f2420a80fc0704ea4
2018-09-26 09:27:38 +00:00
Harald Welte 68875a7529 debian-stretch-titan: Ensure rebuild on changes in repostory
Let's use the well-known hack of adding the "Release" file
of the repository to ensure docker will invalidate the cache if the
repository has changed since the last build.

Change-Id: I54565a4d52221be7e6ded5a339bbf005b58f5998
2018-09-26 10:25:43 +02:00
Harald Welte 2ae3487e01 debian-*-build: Ensure rebuild on changes in upstream
Let's use the well-known hack of adding the "Release" file
of the respective debian distribution/version to ensure docker
will invalidate the cache if the repository has changed since
the last build.

Change-Id: If6f75db11ef424e46c4915b761f9eca69258a9c5
2018-09-26 10:25:43 +02:00
Oliver Smith 643de5ed2e debian-repo-install-test: UNKNOWN in --version?
With this patch, the debian-repo-install-test script checks if
the Osmocom programs as installed from the Debian repository have
"UNKNOWN" in their --version output.

Relates: OS#3555
Change-Id: I46f18dc86d3e257c772a6db8539027aad26e24a8
2018-09-21 10:14:48 +02:00
Oliver Smith 8b5ad120bb debian-repo-install-test: new binary package test
Installs most packages from the Osmocom Debian repository into a plain
debian:stretch container and call the osmo-* binaries with --version
(or -h).

The list of packages is automatically generated with aptitude, so the
job does not need to be changed for every new package. There's also a
new blacklist.txt file with a list of packages, that will not be
installed in this test. Currently, this is filled with all packages
built from the legacy openbsc.git project (some of them are
conflicting with newer repositories) and the soapysdr packages (see

The feed ("latest", "nightly") can be specified with the FEED
environment variable, it gets read by (defaults to nightly).

Change-Id: I0f0a8b4f0ccd706cd1af98fe25accd6fd410e007
Relates: OS#3176
2018-09-19 16:08:51 +02:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 9a80e4f095 gr-gsm-master/Dockerfile: use 'master' branch for gr-gsm
All required changes from 'fixeria/trx' have been merged.

Change-Id: I6e228ca15577b8f2734a23ca57c436a3f7fb26fa
2018-09-06 22:43:02 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy c7ff506687 gr-gsm-master/Dockerfile: fix full system upgrade
Thanks to Piotr, it was discovered that the image building
process fails during full system upgrade:

  RUN    pacman -Syu

with the following output:

  looking for conflicting packages...
  Packages (2) ca-certificates-mozilla-*  p11-kit-*


  :: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]
  The command '/bin/sh -c pacman -Syu' returned a non-zero code: 1

Looks like the '--noconfirm' flag was missing.

Change-Id: Icb3ccb9a9531686efcebb3e277421c4c05387b09
2018-09-06 22:35:36 +07:00
Oliver Smith 7ed7a2bdd2 Fix "'laforge/debian-jessie-build' not found"
Instead of hardcoding laforge's username in all FROM statements in the
Dockerfiles, make use of the USER variable (as passed through by the
"make/Makefile" with "docker build --build-arg USER=..."). Thanks to
fixeria for proposing this fix!

This requires running docker-ce, old versions of docker (such as the
one in the official repositories of the latest Fedora) don't support
variables in the FROM line. But docker-ce can be installed after
adding docker's 3rd party repositories.

Closes: OS#3457

Change-Id: Ic5f11c8a4e247f632cb6aea6d147e94c53e0130f
2018-09-06 15:17:06 +02:00
Oliver Smith 3f80bc32ee sctp-test: fix build and pin to specific commits
* install ca-certificates, so "git clone" doesn't fail
* checkout specific commits (the most recent ones right now), so we
  will get the same code every time we build the container and the
  patches won't fail to apply in the future
* rebase patch "disable the use of scheduler priorities and mlockall"
  on top of master (I couldn't find the commit it was supposed to be
  based on)
* delete obsolete patch that fixed compilation

Change-Id: I7cd647684b983384f419b5cfbea0f8dfc7fee70e
2018-09-04 15:02:54 +02:00
Alexander Couzens 9fa09ddc2f ttcn3-sgsn-tests: synchronize module parameters with ttcn3
The module parameters changes in ttcn3 I3448fe837eaa8efab65dccc32bacaaacd73a2f09

Change-Id: I64408b2095fb2aea24c0306673aa40279ea9f75f
2018-08-28 17:17:39 +00:00
Daniel Willmann 1ec249b51c BSC_sccplite: Different network names for BSC AoIP/sccplite tests
Change-Id: I9124340817888c02574735ab1b1c6c2df3e93212
2018-08-27 20:30:08 +02:00
Harald Welte 060d47f071 use non-overlapping IP networks for bsc-sccplite and SIP tests
The osmo-sip-connector test is already using 172.18.11.x, let's migrate
sccplite to 172.18.12.x to prevent any conflicts when running both tests
on the same build slave (docker instance).

Change-Id: I96beed1f5e01bdb8e77e20f77a459aa006de10fe
2018-08-24 08:32:59 +02:00
Harald Welte 37dd6497bd cgit: Fix group membership to allow read of git repos
Change-Id: I14372fbf63429a2dc7c78c60c7a1eda10791bd0c
2018-08-18 17:28:54 +02:00
Pau Espin 113d916dc9 Remove libosmo-legacy-mgcp-dev from all Dockerfile
Only openbsc.git related programs require it.

Change-Id: Ic641e71e45c5fbd174505116fa45a74e27dad81a
2018-08-17 18:01:57 +02:00
Alexander Couzens 5479348532 SGSN_Tests: fix module parameters
ttcn commit I9128f9ad5c372779c38799269393137ba52576cd moves the
modules parameters from NS_Emulation to SGSN_Tests.

Change-Id: I8d46c37b9c932582fe94e670d9347209bb599192
2018-08-13 17:48:29 +02:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 00ffd6a231 gr-gsm-master/Makefile: enable host USB access
Privileged USB access is required for direct communication
between the image's UHD driver and a host's USRP device.

Change-Id: I8170d2c31b4e28f6a406c50b10b7626f70f36d28
2018-08-09 18:53:05 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy b642b8688d Introduce Dockerfile for the GR-GSM project
This change introduces a new sub-project - 'gr-gsm-master'.
It was decided to use Arch Linux as the base image, because it
provides the recent version of both UHD and GNU Radio without
tons of dependencies, such as Xorg.

Note: as there in no libosmocore package in Arch Linux, it will
be built from the latest source code.

Change-Id: I115b59dc9eaec5d132f3f64c4ee321173459e9ed
2018-08-09 17:36:27 +07:00
Harald Welte c2b32af8bc hlr: Update config file with USSD related bits
HLR_Tests.ttcn now wants to test USSD, we have to add the matching

Change-Id: I45047b505411a5f53a7ce5e2d203c526e27a9732
2018-08-08 09:28:26 +00:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 03c9e138d6 OsmocomBB: remove unused 'osmo-virtphy-master'
There is no need to keep an additional Docker image with the same
project, because virt_phy can be compiled as a part of the main
image ('osmocom-bb-host-master'). Moreover, virt_phy is not used
at the moment, so let's remove this.

Change-Id: Ifafb044e8350177e60b479b77c8aad78505eabbc
2018-08-08 05:13:53 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy fbb5366dee Rename 'osmocom-bb-trxcon' to 'osmocom-bb-host-master'
At the moment, this Docker image does contain not only trxcon,
but also FakeTRX, virt_phy, and other host applications, so
let's name it properly...

Change-Id: Ieba2411230efdedc13afcd62b8b3a2153fbaf0cb
2018-08-08 05:13:49 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 2d713c2883 OsmocomBB/Dockerfile: drop unneeded dependencies
Change-Id: I6804b4f6ee3b81e470d9e1514c34931a271a42bc
2018-08-08 03:47:19 +07:00
Harald Welte f2f6664ff8 osmo-msc-master: Add dependency to libosmo-gsup-client-dev
Change-Id: I9e7e64993f1416bbee48d24f3c10e5eee56cede7
2018-08-06 19:39:08 +00:00
Harald Welte 58c0e0404f git-deamon: Make sure to create the git-daemon user
Recent debian packages moved creation of the git-daemon user from
the main "git" package into the "git-daemon-run" package.  We want
the user without the latter...

Change-Id: I42f68ba31d32574a01d1372d8cc5239c420e816f
2018-07-21 09:38:52 +02:00
Pau Espin 1694453aee ttcn3-nitb-sysinfo: Remove input logfiles after merging them
All other ttcn3 projects do it.

Change-Id: Iee0e96d3832d88f2ee5958158b372243441750b3
2018-07-06 16:10:16 +02:00
Pau Espin 618505f98f ttcn3-*: Merge logfiles no matter resolution of tests
Previous to this commit, log messages were not being merged if tests
were resolved as failed ( ending with exit code != 0),
which can happen if at least one test failed.

Change-Id: If293fc2d3182ef2a7b997faa8b41129a9dd89c45
2018-07-06 14:50:47 +02:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 307106783e osmocom-bb-trxcon/Dockerfile: drop unused dependencies
Change-Id: Ib2fd0c73e50d24f11d3dd3b19bbde4d3d3e496c2
2018-06-25 14:52:40 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 3e1bd78423 osmo-bsc-master/Dockerfile: drop wrong configure option
Change-Id: I3fecd622df136a18a32a9095ede3e2629e2f7b4e
2018-06-25 14:43:51 +07:00
Harald Welte 57b8610ae1 ttcn3-bsc-test: Fix sccplite configuration
Change-Id: I79ac95df2fe973d016706be407ec21853abd7875
2018-06-03 22:54:41 +02:00
Harald Welte 4648003d0f Makefile: Fix default naming of images
This got broken in Change-Id If2e3cc7693ce5e7c1c95d2f81e302c72bb4230be

Change-Id: I97f9eb3f203301ebc2315ff38216d5b4502eb3d2
2018-06-03 17:17:58 +00:00
Harald Welte cf81610bd4 remove deprecated "dest" config option from config files
Change-Id: I1073846c04a8466f2ccf501e27cf152df09042c5
2018-06-03 17:11:22 +00:00
Harald Welte 911fbafbf7 Makefile support for our production infrastructure containers
Change-Id: I901e340d2c5c1e002ecc7efa4570d58ccb7b9229
2018-06-03 16:11:26 +00:00
Harald Welte 28a4e8e589 redmine: add .release file
Change-Id: I229fab6fa12f68e590f3bae6d5542bc4a5517f0b
2018-06-03 15:54:34 +00:00
Harald Welte c400005f38 Makefile: get rid of entire git tagging logic
Change-Id: Idaa55b636031afd214853ccfcf6c9e3b097050b1
2018-06-03 15:54:34 +00:00
Harald Welte 9e631757be Makefile: Don't use "-dirty" logic when tagging docker images
Change-Id: Ie44144f25fd5f801ceeed904f6d19521b333ed0d
2018-06-03 15:54:34 +00:00
Harald Welte 9b94c793be Makefile: Only push a tag if there is a .release file
Change-Id: I73b2ed5794c75d09b166bc65ac79b9cbe3764ad4
2018-06-03 15:54:34 +00:00
Harald Welte a2e28ef91f Makefile: Allow override of REGISTRY/USERNAME/NAME/IMAGE
Change-Id: If2e3cc7693ce5e7c1c95d2f81e302c72bb4230be
2018-06-03 15:54:34 +00:00
Harald Welte 61145cf086 bsc: Enable LCLS tests from BSC_Tests_LCLS TTCN-3 module
Change-Id: I0439c61cc49e088efef3b91c1dbf293ee9a44939
2018-06-03 15:16:41 +00:00
Harald Welte 0f0fd8c41e redmine: Migrate from 3.2 to 3.4
Change-Id: I8bfd387c71477c4dfdea2eb8520415ce129a3b32
2018-05-30 14:28:25 +00:00
Harald Welte da04310dd9 ttcn3-bsc-test: Add SCCPlite configs +
The existing dest config + test 3GPP AoIP operation,
while the new set of configs + are testing
IPA/SCCPlite operation of osmo-bsc.

Change-Id: Ief0799a8f7d378dc3831e7988c9175166c82eace
2018-05-30 14:28:25 +00:00
Harald Welte baaf308fcb osmo-bsc.cfg: remove obsolete "dest" command
Change-Id: I9c81af2e5ff1149a9fb0cb161e907eddf2270648
2018-05-30 14:28:25 +00:00
Stefan Sperling 4147adabb9 fix location area codes in BSC_Tests osmo-bsc.cfg for jenkins
The osmo-bsc configuration file used on Jenkins assigned wrong location
area codes to BTS 1 and 2. This fix should make TC_paging_imsi_nochan_lac
and TC_paging_imsi_nochan_lai pass on Jenkins.

Change-Id: Id35a85804c4a07f6c4136ef4570b4e21e250b9cd
2018-05-29 16:13:40 +02:00
Harald Welte 0434f34c36 osmo-*-master: add Dockerfile ARG for git repo branch to be built
This allows the user to build any non-master branches of the related
repositories, which is helpful for local testing before pushing changes
to git.

Change-Id: I0c3349e9a60015472c96bd24fbf29aad57501a00
2018-05-23 20:00:24 +02:00
Philipp Maier 354e8a8969 osmo-mgw-master: add Dockerfile ARG for git repo branch to be built
This allows the user to build any non-master branches of the related
repositories, which is helpful for local testing before pushing changes
to git.

Change-Id: I42054d585a5774452a13750ee1c3e6bb8013b26f
2018-05-23 20:00:24 +02:00
Philipp Maier db3fa19238 osmo-bts-master: add Dockerfile ARG for git repo branch to be built
This allows the user to build any non-master branches of the related
repositories, which is helpful for local testing before pushing changes
to git.

Change-Id: Ide8248cb508be27f2cff620d79df7eb50f309af1
2018-05-23 20:00:24 +02:00