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Oliver Smith ba1385fe60 common/ add TEST_NAME env var
Make it possible to run only one test by setting an environment

Change-Id: I1f45a05e089b429918096fcd64f7c02033d5a9dd
2023-10-16 08:52:37 +00:00
Oliver Smith 9500c29ce6 scripts/kernel-test: add KERNEL_SKIP_SMOKE_TEST
Speed up local test cycles by not running the smoke test every time.

Change-Id: I505b74e8c9b221655a97c5464f6fe4f21204a894
2023-07-21 11:28:33 +00:00
Oliver Smith c53a630c19 scripts/kernel-test: add KERNEL_SKIP_REBUILD
Speed up local test cycles by not building the kernel again from source
if not needed.

Change-Id: Iaa401918d7c09ec92ec546071d8961e99a4cbb47
2023-07-21 11:28:33 +00:00
Oliver Smith 322b1aa564 README: add example: nightlies from different date
Change-Id: I1b21c90b13a11aa1e51ea337207775c729709676
2023-03-20 11:59:41 +01:00
Oliver Smith 30b32e574a Use Osmocom OBS
Related: OS#5557
Change-Id: I880f8134e4f7e6ae4125237e6b3983c04cea9ec6
2022-06-27 16:47:56 +02:00
Oliver Smith cdcce03966 support 2021q1 feed
Adjust docker_depends and docker_dir_from_image_name for 2021q1. Extend with examples.

Related: SYS#5370
Change-Id: Icf1e3f1928658ff3d82190c4176252cf3590a1f5
2021-05-04 12:20:05 +02:00
Oliver Smith 910dacf686 make: add OSMOCOM_REPO_PATH
Allow to change the path between OSMOCOM_REPO_MIRROR and
OSMOCOM_REPO_VERSION. While at it, tweak related comments (comment above
the variable as usually, replace "repo" wording with "feed" for the
latest/nightly variable as we usually refer to it as feed), and mention

In order to be able to use a different mirror for testsuite and systems
under test, the testsuite related Dockerfiles (osmocom-bb-host-master,
debian-stretch-titan) are not using OSMOCOM_REPO_PATH. We could add a
OSMOCOM_REPO_TESTSUITE_PATH on demand, as mentioned in the next commit.

Related: SYS#5370
Change-Id: I8010a4d49d4620a5c47c2ff4f909a9aeeaad7b73
2021-05-04 09:30:48 +02:00
Oliver Smith 58c1c19946 describe OSMO_*_BRANCH
Copy description from wiki, so the describes all environment
variables, and the wiki page can link to the

Change-Id: I23077edf153b76f7936f0b874e87bb7424766b19
2021-03-01 09:39:34 +01:00
Oliver Smith cb2a8326c1 kernel-test: don't try to use KVM if not available
Disable KVM if /dev/kvm is missing, as it is apparently the case on our
jenkins nodes. This makes the tests run a bit slower, but not much. Add
kernel_test_wait_for_vm to sleep until the VM is booted up (~5s instead
of ~1s without KVM), so the first test in the testsuite does not fail
when using KVM.

The variable is useful to test the non-KVM code path even if KVM is
available on the host.

Related: OS#3208
Change-Id: I1f337af1e2de6db05b22636bc31a535404235559
2021-02-26 16:18:26 +00:00
Oliver Smith 79e48fd3ae ttcn3-ggsn-test: add kernel test
Make it possible to run ttcn3-ggsn-test against osmo-ggsn with the GTP
kernel module. This feature is enabled by environment variables
explained in ttcn3-ggsn-test/, and can either use the
pre-built kernel from Debian, or build a kernel from source.

The kernel runs inside QEMU inside the usual osmo-ggsn-master docker

Thanks to Pau for providing the kernel config and kernel-test scripts
that this patch is based on! I ended up modifying them quite a bit to
fit the docker use case, and to build the initrd (so we can use the
stock debian kernel).

Related: OS#3208
Change-Id: I54e752048eed2a170a1cf4e0fd410de255b9de5d
2021-02-26 09:32:39 +01:00
Oliver Smith 5505b95a15 ttcn3-*-test: remove implicit dependencies
Don't list debian-stretch-build and debian-stretch-titan as dependencies
anymore, now that docker_images_require finds them automatically.

Related: OS#4564
Change-Id: I3cb6b693f3dd9df84fb29c0217bb3dae454cc18f
2020-05-30 09:14:06 +02:00
Pau Espin fd77c845df Document how to get gdb backtrace from process crash
Change-Id: I507707a3ed0e7f88bcc9006612df531c848b949e
2020-01-16 14:50:15 +01:00
Harald Welte 7c53c9e60d Switch all osmo-*-master and ttcn3-*-test from jessie to stretch
Jessie will be EOL in June 2019, let's make the switch to stretch
before that.

Change-Id: I37a534d07081f3d321869c86d49d03171c8da0c6
2019-03-30 09:56:36 +00:00
Oliver Smith ee386a6731 make/Makefile: allow overriding OSMO_TTCN3_BRANCH
Set the OSMO_TTCN3_BRANCH build argument from ttcn3-*/Dockerfile from
the environment variable of the same name, so it can be changed when
building the images with 'make' or './'.

Dockerfiles that do not have a OSMO_TCCN3_BRANCH build arg produce a
warning. But this is also the case with Dockerfiles that don't have an
USER build arg, and avoiding the warning would only be possible with a
much more complex patch.

Change-Id: If2c312ff9206d1613fc19f41bd088c9aad523684
2019-03-04 13:13:37 +01:00
Oliver Smith fb87e1b19b Remove top-level Makefile, explain why in README
Obsoleted by docker_images_require(). The top-level Makefile had the
following drawbacks:
* it was not maintained: many targets were missing, and some of the
  existing ones did not build anymore
* make targets have the same names as the folders, so if they are not
  listed in the Makefile, it will assume that the target has been built
  already (prone to making mistakes)

Extend to describe how to run tests, container caching, how
container dependencies are resolved now and the reasoning for doing
it that way instead of using a top-level Makefile.

Related: OS#3268
Change-Id: Id18a9a7a70f85127e6f6c9447d71764018bdb4ff
2018-10-26 12:11:08 +02:00
Harald Welte 06b09a1aa5 add README file 2017-05-03 20:46:21 +02:00