ttcn3-mgw: Set osmux bind-ip(-v6) VTY configs

Until now we forgot to properly configure the osmux socket local ip, but
that was fine because was taken as a default.
With addition of IPv6, this changed, and the socket is not bound unless
an IP address is set (to allow conditional use of IPv4, IPv6 or both).

Depends: osmo-mgw.git Change-Id I446cd7da217e9f4a74995d7784ae55dcc60a29b7
Change-Id: Ib7e9428a10238fae395a1707d6034dc5c97b9024
Pau Espin 2022-10-04 18:08:16 +02:00 committed by pespin
parent 5e9af962ba
commit e077fec684
2 changed files with 6 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -15,6 +15,10 @@ write_mp_osmo_repo "$VOL_BASE_DIR/mgw-tester/MGCP_Test.cfg"
mkdir $VOL_BASE_DIR/mgw
cp osmo-mgw.cfg $VOL_BASE_DIR/mgw/
# Can be dropped once released osmo-mgw is >1.10.0:
if image_suffix_is_latest; then
sed -i "/^ osmux bind-ip-v6 fd02:db8:4::180/d" $VOL_BASE_DIR/mgw/osmo-mgw.cfg
network_create $SUBNET

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@ -58,6 +58,8 @@ mgcp
number endpoints 31
osmux off
osmux bind-ip
osmux bind-ip-v6 fd02:db8:4::180
trunk 1
sdp audio-payload send-ptime
sdp audio-payload send-name