hnbgw: fixup: with-pfcp cfg: set missing x26 timer

Change-Id: Id9af3f99dedcc04424793560b171e595b88af0d7
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Neels Hofmeyr 2023-08-08 06:29:57 +02:00
parent c91b55e630
commit db7b490c05
1 changed files with 2 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -73,6 +73,8 @@ hnbgw
mgw remote-ip
# don't spam RANAP RESET messages for up to eight CN links across all tests
timer hnbgw T4 60
# send PFCP Assoc Setup Req more often
timer pfcp x26 5
msc 0
remote-addr msc-naught