ttcn3-bts-test: fix: sleep 1 second before respawning the IUT

There has been a lot of changes merged to both osmo-{bsc,bts}, so
now the later seems to be respawning faster then before.  Because
of that, osmo-bts-trx is now reaching the limit of 500 runs on
Jenkins right in the middle of ttcn3-bts-test execution: exiting after 500 runs

causing the remaining test cases to fail due to:

  "BTS_Tests.ttcn:253 : Timeout waiting for RSL bring up"

Most likely, the IUT respawns several times in the windows between
the test cases, i.e. after TITAN finishes one test case and before
it starts another.  Let's instruct to sleep 1 second
before starting the process again.

Change-Id: I09e5a8e7c4d28424cd0d004a8bae3cf0ade2d838
Vadim Yanitskiy 3 years ago committed by fixeria
parent e05b032db9
commit c52dbbe7f0

@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ mkdir $VOL_BASE_DIR/virtphy
# 1) classic test suite with BSC for OML and trxcon+fake_trx
start_bts trx 0
start_bts trx 1
start_testsuite generic
@ -178,7 +178,7 @@ cp osmo-bts.cfg $VOL_BASE_DIR/bts/
# restart the BSC/BTS and run the testsuite again
docker container kill ${BUILD_TAG}-bts
start_bts trx 0
start_bts trx 1
start_testsuite hopping
# append ':hopping' to the classnames,
# e.g. "classname='BTS_Tests'" => "classname='BTS_Tests:hopping'"