nplab-m3ua-test: support running without jenkins

Don't use $WORKSPACE anymore, use $VOL_BASE_DIR like in every other in this repository. Make it possible to run
outside of jenkins (where $WORKSPACE is not set), because will set up $VOL_BASE_DIR to point to /tmp/logs.

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Oliver Smith 2019-04-05 08:25:56 +02:00
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@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ docker run --rm \
--network $NET_NAME --ip \
-v $VOL_BASE_DIR/m3ua-tester:/data \
--name ${BUILD_TAG}-m3ua-test \
$REPO_USER/nplab-m3ua-test > $WORKSPACE/logs/junit-xml-m3ua.log
$REPO_USER/nplab-m3ua-test > $VOL_BASE_DIR/junit-xml-m3ua.log
docker container stop -t 1 ${BUILD_TAG}-stp