fpga-build: Create 'build' user like in 'debian-stretch-jenkins'

Change-Id: Id99167568751b19f3454831e69eacdbadaf8aee4
Harald Welte 2020-12-17 14:36:24 +00:00 committed by Harald Welte
parent 7500aebce7
commit bd4e9c2d9d
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@ -29,8 +29,9 @@ RUN wget --quiet https://github.com/xpack-dev-tools/riscv-none-embed-gcc-xpack/r
RUN tar -C /opt -xf /xpack-riscv-none-embed-gcc-${RISCV_TOOLCHAIN_VER}-linux-x64.tar.gz && \
rm xpack-riscv-none-embed-gcc-${RISCV_TOOLCHAIN_VER}-linux-x64.tar.gz
RUN useradd -m osmocom
USER osmocom
WORKDIR /home/osmocom
# match the outside user
RUN useradd --uid=1000 build
RUN mkdir /build
RUN chown build:build /build
ENV PATH=/opt/fpga-toolchain/bin:/opt/xpack-riscv-none-embed-gcc-${RISCV_TOOLCHAIN_VER}/bin:${PATH}