ttcn3-pcu: use new Neighbor Address Resolution interface in master

Since current master, osmo-pcu and osmo-bsc support Address Neighbor
Resolution using new PCUIF over IPA multiplex, deprecating the old CTRL
interface used until now.

Since the old CTRL interface is not yet removed in order to avoid
breakage of old deployments (only marked as
deprecated and not used by default), let's keep support to run the
existing tests with the old interface to keep them being tested in
latest release, while instruction both osmo-pcu and TTCN3 PCU_Tests to
use the new interface in master.

Once we do a new osmo-pcu release, we can drop support for the old
interface in tests, and drop it completely from osmo-pcu over the
following next release.

Depends: osmo-ttcn3-hacks.git Change-Id I05f1aabc64fc5bc4740b0d8afd8990b485eacd50
Related: SYS#4971
Change-Id: I01d0604f294dc88dc32137c976f424655849d57e
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Pau Espin 2021-09-08 16:13:14 +02:00 committed by pespin
parent 4daf8dd53d
commit 14270502f2
1 changed files with 6 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -21,11 +21,17 @@ if image_suffix_is_latest; then
sed -i "s/^PCUIF_Components.mp_send_all_data_ind.*/PCUIF_Components.mp_send_all_data_ind := false;/" "$cfg"
sed -i "s/^PCU_Tests.mp_osmo_pcu_newer_than_0_9_0.*/PCU_Tests.mp_osmo_pcu_newer_than_0_9_0 := false;/" "$cfg"
sed "/PCU_Tests.mp_ctrl_neigh_ip/d" -i "$VOL_BASE_DIR/pcu-tester/PCU_Tests.cfg"
mkdir $VOL_BASE_DIR/pcu
mkdir $VOL_BASE_DIR/pcu/unix
cp osmo-pcu.cfg $VOL_BASE_DIR/pcu/
# Disable until osmo-pcu release > 0.9.0
if image_suffix_is_master; then
sed "/neighbor resolution/d" -i "$VOL_BASE_DIR/pcu/osmo-pcu.cfg"
mkdir $VOL_BASE_DIR/unix