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* Copyright (c) 2004 Lev Walkin <>. All rights reserved.
* Redistribution and modifications are permitted subject to BSD license.
#ifndef ASN_TYPE_ANY_H
#define ASN_TYPE_ANY_H
#include <OCTET_STRING.h> /* Implemented via OCTET STRING type */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
typedef struct ANY {
uint8_t *buf; /* BER-encoded ANY contents */
int size; /* Size of the above buffer */
asn_struct_ctx_t _asn_ctx; /* Parsing across buffer boundaries */
} ANY_t;
extern asn_TYPE_descriptor_t asn_DEF_ANY;
asn_struct_free_f ANY_free;
asn_struct_print_f ANY_print;
ber_type_decoder_f ANY_decode_ber;
der_type_encoder_f ANY_encode_der;
xer_type_encoder_f ANY_encode_xer;
* Handy conversion routines. *
/* Convert another ASN.1 type into the ANY. This implies DER encoding. */
int ANY_fromType(ANY_t *, asn_TYPE_descriptor_t *td, void *struct_ptr);
ANY_t *ANY_new_fromType(asn_TYPE_descriptor_t *td, void *struct_ptr);
/* Convert the contents of the ANY type into the specified type. */
int ANY_to_type(ANY_t *, asn_TYPE_descriptor_t *td, void **struct_ptr);
#define ANY_fromBuf(s, buf, size) OCTET_STRING_fromBuf((s), (buf), (size))
#define ANY_new_fromBuf(buf, size) OCTET_STRING_new_fromBuf( \
&asn_DEF_ANY, (buf), (size))
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* ASN_TYPE_ANY_H */