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1.Q: Is it possible to build the asn1c compiler on Win32?
At this point, the asn1c source code is tied to GCC-specific
extensions in several key places. The CYGWIN environment with
gcc compiler may be what are you looking for.
Please also consider using the Online ASN.1 compiler at
which generates platform-independent code.
2.Q: How to build a simplest BER (XER) encoder or decoder?
Please check the "Quick Start Guide" on ./doc/asn1c-quick.pdf
Please check the "Examples" section of ./doc/asn1c-usage.pdf
Also, try the following to build the X.509v3 parser:
cd ./examples/sample.source.PKIX1
./x509dump -h
3.Q: Your compiler supplies a der_encode() procedure. How do I encode BER?
The DER (and CER) are stricter subsets of a more generic BER encoding
method. If you encode data with DER or CER, all BER-conformant decoders
will easily understand that. Hence, to encode data in the BER format,
simply use the DER encoder, der_encode().
See also: ISO/IEC 8825-1 / X.690:
"ASN.1 encoding rules: Specification of
Basic Encoding Rules (BER),
Canonical Encoding Rules (CER) and
Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER)"
Lev Walkin