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To compile asn1c compiler itself

A 64-bit build system is strongly recommended for asn1c operation.

A working C99 compiler is required to compile asn1c itself, such as gcc-4.x or clang-3.4. The asn1c compiler produces C90-compatible code, which is also upward compatible with C++.


This notation specifies a minimum required package version (-ver) or an exact version (=ver). For example, bison=2.x requires the 2.x branch of bison, not 3.x.

  • automake-1.15
  • libtool
  • bison=2.x
  • flex

To compile asn1c-generated code

C: As a minimum, a compiler supporting the C90. Pretty much any modern C compiler will do, but gcc or clang is recommended. Note that MSVC++ is not a C compiler.

C++: A C++11 compliant compiler is recommended.