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Compiling From Sources


See for the complete list of dependencies.

Configure with the default settings:

test -f configure || autoreconf -iv

Configure with non-standard settings:

asn1c-specific ./configure options include:

Option Description
--enable-ASN_DEBUG produce debug log during make check testing
--enable-code-coverage whether to enable code coverage support
--enable-Werror abort compilation after any C compiler warning
--enable-test-Werror abort compiling tests after any C compiler warning
--enable-test-32bit enable tests for 32-bit compatibility
--disable-test-ubsan disable Undefined Behavior Sanitizer for tests
--disable-test-asan disable Address Sanitizer for tests
--enable-test-fuzzer enable LLVM LibFuzzer for randomized testing

invoke ./configure --help for details.


Build the libraries and the compiler:


Ensure asn1c is still behaving well after compiling on your platform:

make check


Install the compiler into a standard location:

make install
# Use ./configure --prefix to override install location.

Display the asn1c manual page:

man asn1c

Quick Usage Guide

For a usage guide and more information please refer to:

In case of any difficulties with installing the compiler, consider using the Online ASN.1 Compiler at

-- Lev Walkin