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@ -48,12 +48,13 @@ asn_codecs.h
asn_system.h # Platform-dependent types
OCTET_STRING.h OCTET_STRING.c # This one is used too widely
BIT_STRING.h BIT_STRING.c # This one is necessary for the above one
ber_decoder.h ber_decoder.c
ber_codec_prim.c ber_codec_prim.h
ber_tlv_length.h ber_tlv_length.c
ber_tlv_tag.h ber_tlv_tag.c
constr_TYPE.h constr_TYPE.c
constraints.h constraints.c
der_encoder.h der_encoder.c
xer_decoder.h xer_decoder.c xer_support.h xer_support.c # XER/XML decoding
xer_encoder.h xer_encoder.c
asn_codecs_prim.c asn_codecs_prim.h # enc/decoders for primitive types
ber_tlv_length.h ber_tlv_length.c # BER TLV L (length)
ber_tlv_tag.h ber_tlv_tag.c # BER TLV T (tag)
ber_decoder.h ber_decoder.c # BER decoder support code
der_encoder.h der_encoder.c # DER encoder support code
constr_TYPE.h constr_TYPE.c # Description of a type
constraints.h constraints.c # Subtype constraints support
xer_support.h xer_support.c # XML parsing
xer_decoder.h xer_decoder.c # XER decoding support
xer_encoder.h xer_encoder.c # XER encoding support