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Q: How to build a simplest BER (XER) encoder or decoder?
Please see "Examples" section of ./doc/asn1c-usage.pdf
Also, try the following to build the X.509v3 parser:
cd ./examples/sample.source.PKIX1
./x509dump -h
Q: Your compiler supplies a der_encode() procedure. How do I encode BER?
The DER (and CER) are stricter subsets of a more generic BER encoding
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Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER)"
Q: I've tried doing ./asn1c/asn1c -P examples/*PKIX*93*, but compiler spits
several fatal failures and exits.
The old (RFC2459) PKIX1 specifications used ASN.1 Information Object
Classes, which is arguably one of the most complex ASN.1 concepts.
The asn1c parser and fixer subsystems currently understand most of
IOC syntax, but the compiler can cope with only the very basic
IOC semantics.
The goal of asn1c is to adequately support the practically necessary
subset of IOCs to compile PKIX1 and other real-world specs,
but this milestone isn't yet reached. Please contact me in case
you have special requirements, we can work it out.
However, the asn1c compiler is able to understand the newer PKIX1
ASN.1 specs, contained in RFC3280, which obsoletes RFC2459.
To compile the sample X.509 certificate dump utility, try this out:
cd ./examples/sample.source.PKIX1
./x509dump -h
Lev Walkin