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This document contains instructions to build and install Wireshark on Windows
using GCC and MinGW-w64 with the MSYS2 distribution.
How to setup MSYS2:
1. Download and install MSYS2 from https://www.msys2.org.
2. Open the MSYS shell.
3. Update with "pacman -Syu" as many times as necessary. You also need to
have base-devel installed:
$ pacman -Syu base-devel.
How to build the Wireshark MSYS2 package:
1. Open the shell for the selected environment. If in doubt choose the UCRT64 shell.
2. Build and install Wireshark using the MSYS2 PKGBUILD:
$ cp -r $srcdir/packaging/msys2/mingw-w64-wireshark-git ./$builddir
$ cd $builddir
$ makepkg-mingw -si
The application should be launched using the same shell.
Currently the MSYS2 build has the following limitations compared to
the build using Visual Studio (MSVC):
* The Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) extcap cannot be compiled using MinGW-w64.
* Lua version is 5.1 (MSVC uses Lua 5.2) and does not have UTF-8 patches[1].
* Enhanced Kerberos dissection with decryption is not available.
* AirPcap SDK is not available. AirPcap is EOL and currently there is no plan to
add support for it with MSYS2 builds.
* TODO: Add a stand-alone distributable binary installer that can be
deployed outside the MSYS2 environment.