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# /etc/manuf - Ethernet vendor codes, and well-known MAC addresses
# Laurent Deniel <laurent.deniel [AT] free.fr>
# Wireshark - Network traffic analyzer
# By Gerald Combs <gerald [AT] wireshark.org>
# Copyright 1998 Gerald Combs
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
# The data below has been assembled from the following sources:
# The IEEE public OUI listings available from:
# <http://standards-oui.ieee.org/oui/oui.csv>
# <http://standards-oui.ieee.org/cid/cid.csv>
# <http://standards-oui.ieee.org/iab/iab.csv>
# <http://standards-oui.ieee.org/oui28/mam.csv>
# <http://standards-oui.ieee.org/oui36/oui36.csv>
# Michael Patton's "Ethernet Codes Master Page" available from:
# <http://www.cavebear.com/archive/cavebear/Ethernet/Ethernet.txt>
# Many people contributed to Michael's list. See the "Acknowledgements"
# section on that page for a complete list.
# This is Wireshark 'manuf' file, which started out as a subset of Michael
# Patton's list and grew from there. The Wireshark list and Michael's list
# were merged in 2016.
# In the event of data set collisions the Wireshark entries have been given
# precedence, followed by Michael Patton's, followed by the IEEE.
# This file is in the same format as ethers(4) except that vendor names
# are truncated to eight characters when used with Wireshark, and
# that well-known MAC addresses need not have a full 6 octets and may
# have a netmask following them specifying how many bits of the address
# are relevant (the other bits are wildcards). Also, either ":", "-",
# or "." can be used to separate the octets.
# You can get the latest version of this file from
# https://gitlab.com/wireshark/wireshark/-/raw/master/manuf
00:00:00 00:00:00 Officially Xerox, but 0:0:0:0:0:0 is more common
00:00:09 Powerpip powerpipes?
00:00:18 WebsterC Webster Computer Corporation # Appletalk/Ethernet Gateway
00:00:1B NovellNo Novell (now Eagle Technology)
00:00:23 AbbAutom ABB Automation AB, Dept. Q
00:00:4F Logicraf Logicraft 386-Ware P.C. Emulator
00:00:5A SkSchnei SK # (Schneider & Koch in Europe and Syskonnect outside of Europe)
00:00:6F MadgeNet Madge Networks Ltd. # Token-ring adapters
00:00:75 BellNort Bell Northern Research (BNR)
00:00:77 Interpha Interphase # [Used in other systems, e.g. MIPS, Motorola]
00:00:79 Networth Networth Incorporated # [bought by Compaq, used in Netelligent series]
00:00:7F Linotype Linotype-Hell AG # Linotronic typesetters
00:00:80 CrayComm Cray Communications (formerly Dowty Network Services) # [Also shows as "Harris (3M) (new)" and/or "Imagen(?)" elsewhere]
00:00:83 TadpoleT Tadpole Technology [had Optical Data Systems which is wrong according to both]
00:00:89 CaymanSy Cayman Systems # Gatorbox
00:00:94 AsanteMa Asante # MAC
00:00:A6 NetworkG Network General (internal assignment, not for products)
00:00:AA XeroxXer Xerox # Xerox machines
00:00:AC ConwareN Conware Netzpartner # [had Apollo, claimed incorrect]
00:00:B5 Databili Datability # Terminal Servers
00:00:B7 DoveFast Dove # Fastnet
00:00:BB Tri-Data TRI-DATA Systems Inc. # Netway products, 3274 emulators
00:00:C0 WesternD Western Digital now SMC (Std. Microsystems Corp.)
00:00:C6 HpIntell HP Intelligent Networks Operation (formerly Eon Systems)
00:00:C9 EmulexTe Emulex # Terminal Servers, Print Servers
00:00:D1 Adaptec Adaptec, Inc. # "Nodem" product
00:00:D7 Dartmout Dartmouth College (NED Router)
00:00:D8 OldNovel old Novell NE1000's (before about 1987?) (also 3Com)
00:00:EE NetworkD Network Designers Limited [also KNX Ltd, a former division]
00:00:F2 SpiderCo Spider Communications # (Montreal, not Spider Systems)
00:00:F3 GandalfD Gandalf Data Ltd. - Canada
00:00:FD HighLeve High Level Hardware (Orion, UK)
00:01:43 Ieee802 IEEE 802
00:01:63 NdcNatio NDC (National Datacomm Corporation)
00:02:16 EsiExten ESI (Extended Systems, Inc) # print servers
00:02:88 GlobalVi Global Village (PCcard in Mac portable)
00:04:00 LexmarkP Lexmark (Print Server)
00:04:AC IbmPcmci IBM # PCMCIA Ethernet adapter.
00:05:02 ApplePci Apple (PCI bus Macs)
00:06:29 IbmRisc6 IBM RISC6000 system
00:07:0D Cisco251 Cisco # 2511 Token Ring
00:10:07 CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 1900
00:10:0D CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 2924-XL
00:10:11 CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Cisco 75xx
00:10:1F CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 2901
00:10:29 CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 5000
00:10:2F CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Cisco 5000
00:10:4B 3com3c90 3Com # 3C905-TX PCI
00:10:5A 3comFast 3Com # Fast Etherlink XL in a Gateway 2000
00:10:60 Billingt Billington # Novell NE200 Compatible
00:10:79 Cisco550 Cisco # 5500 Router
00:10:7A AmbicomW Ambicom (was Tandy?)
00:10:83 Hp-UxE90 HP-UX E 9000/889
00:10:A4 XircomRe Xircom # RealPort 10/100 PC Card
00:10:D7 ArgosyEn Argosy # EN 220 Fast Ethernet PCMCIA
00:20:00 LexmarkP Lexmark (Print Server)
00:20:25 ControlT Control Technology Inc (Industrial Controls and Network Interfaces)
00:20:29 Teleproc TeleProcessing CSU/DSU (now owned by ADC/Kentrox)
00:20:2B AtmlAdva ATML (Advanced Telecommunications Modules, Ltd.)
00:20:35 IbmInter IBM (International Business Machines) # mainframes, Etherjet printers
00:20:61 Dynatech Dynatech Communications Inc
00:20:67 NodeRunn Node Runner Inc
00:20:A6 Proxim Proxim Inc
00:20:C5 EagleNe2 Eagle NE2000
00:20:D0 Versalyn Versalynx Corp. # "The One Port" terminal server
00:20:D3 OstOuetS OST (Ouet Standard Telematique)
00:20:E5 ApexData Apex Data
00:20:F6 NetTekKa Net Tek & Karlnet Inc
00:40:01 ZeroOneT Zero One Technology Co Ltd (ZyXEL?)
00:40:0D LannetDa LANNET Data Communications
00:40:10 SonicMac Sonic # Mac Ethernet interfaces
00:40:13 NttDataC NTT Data Communication Systems Corp
00:40:1C AstPenti AST # Pentium/90 PC (emulating AMD EISA card)
00:40:27 SmcMassa SMC Massachusetts # [Had:Sigma (?), maybe the "S"?]
00:40:2A Canoga-P Canoga-Perkins
00:40:2F XlntDesi Xlnt Designs Inc (XDI)
00:40:43 NokiaDat Nokia Data Communications
00:40:4D Telecomm Telecomm Techniques
00:40:54 Thinking Thinking Machines Corporation
00:40:72 AppliedI Applied Innovation
00:40:88 MobuisNu Mobuis # NuBus (Mac) combination video/EtherTalk
00:40:90 AnselCom Ansel Communications # PC NE2000 compatible twisted-pair ethernet cards
00:40:9D Digiboar DigiBoard # Ethernet-ISDN bridges
00:40:A6 CrayRese Cray Research Inc.
00:40:AA ValmetAu Valmet Automation Inc
00:40:AF DigitalP Digital Products, Inc. (DPI).
00:40:C5 MicomCom Micom Communications Corp.
00:40:C8 MilanTec Milan Technology Corp.
00:40:CC SilcomMa Silcom Manufacturing Technology Inc
00:40:EA Plaintre PlainTree Systems Inc
00:40:ED NetworkC Network Controls International Inc
00:40:F0 Micro Micro Systems Inc
00:40:FB CascadeC Cascade Communications Corp.
00:40:FF TelebitC Telebit Corporation # Personal NetBlazer
00:48:54 DigitalS Digital SemiConductor # 21143/2 based 10/100
00:4F:49 Realtek
00:4F:4B PineTech Pine Technology Ltd.
00:50:04 3com3c90 3com # 3C90X
00:55:00 Xerox Xerox Corporation
00:60:08 3com 3Com # 3Com PCI form factor 3C905 TX board
00:60:09 CiscoCat Cisco # Catalyst 5000 Ethernet switch
00:60:25 ActiveIm Active Imaging Inc.
00:60:30 Villaget VillageTronic # used on Amiga
00:60:3E Cisco100 Cisco # 100Mbps interface
00:60:4E CycleCom Cycle Computer (Sun MotherBoard Replacements)
00:60:67 AcerLan Acer Lan
00:60:70 CiscoRou Cisco # routers (2524 and 4500)
00:60:83 Cisco362 Cisco Systems, Inc. # 3620/3640 routers
00:60:8C 3com1990 3Com (1990 onwards)
00:60:94 AmdPcnet AMD PCNET PCI
00:80:04 AntlowCo Antlow Computers, Ltd.
00:80:09 JupiterO Jupiter Systems (older MX-600 series machines)
00:80:0D Vosswink Vosswinkel FU
00:80:10 Commodor Commodore
00:80:12 ImsImsFa IMS Corp. # IMS failure analysis tester
00:80:13 ThomasCo Thomas Conrad Corp.
00:80:16 WandelGo Wandel & Goltermann
00:80:19 DaynaCom Dayna Communications # "Etherprint" product
00:80:2D Xylogics Xylogics, Inc. # Annex terminal servers
00:80:35 Technolo Technology Works
00:80:37 Ericsson Ericsson Business Comm.
00:80:42 ForceCom Force Computers
00:80:48 CompexUs Compex, used by Commodore and DEC at least
00:80:51 AdcFiber ADC Fibermux
00:80:5A TulipCom Tulip Computers International BV
00:80:5C Agilis Agilis
00:80:63 RichardH Richard Hirschmann Gmbh & Co
00:80:6C CegelecP Cegelec Projects Ltd
00:80:8A Summit Summit
00:80:8C Netscout Netscout Systems (formerly Frontier Software Development)
00:80:8D Westcove Westcove Technology BV
00:80:9F AlcatelB Alcatel Business Systems
00:80:A1 Microtes Microtest
00:80:A3 Lantroni Lantronix # (see also 0800A3)
00:80:B2 NetNetwo NET (Network Equipment Technologies)
00:80:B6 Themis Themis corporation
00:80:C0 PenrilDa Penril Datability Networks
00:80:C2 Ieee8021 IEEE # 802.1 Committee
00:80:C7 Xircom Xircom, Inc.
00:80:C8 D-LinkAl D-Link # (also Solectek Pocket Adapters, and LinkSys PCMCIA)
00:80:D0 Computer Computer Products International
00:80:D3 ShivaApp Shiva # Appletalk-Ethernet interface
00:80:D4 Chase Chase Limited
00:80:D7 FantumEl Fantum Electronics
00:80:D8 NetworkP Network Peripherals
00:80:DA BruelKja Bruel & Kjaer
00:80:E3 Coral Coral
00:80:F4 Telemech Telemechanique Electrique
00:80:F7 ZenithCo Zenith Communications Products
00:90:2B CiscoEth Cisco # Ethernet Switches and Light Streams
00:90:F2 CiscoEth Cisco # Ethernet Switches and Light Streams
00:A0:0C KingmaxT Kingmax Technology Inc. # PCMCIA card
00:A0:40 ApplePci Apple (PCI Mac)
00:A0:C9 IntelPro Intel (PRO100B and PRO100+) # [used on Cisco PIX firewall among others]
00:A0:CC Lite-OnU Lite-On # (used by MacSense in Adapter for Mac, also seen in PCs)
00:A0:D2 AlliedTe Allied Telesyn
00:B0:D0 Computer Computer Products International
00:C0:05 Livingst Livingston Enterprises Inc # Portmaster (OEMed by Cayman)
00:C0:09 KtTechno KT Technology (s) Pte Inc
00:C0:0F QnxSoftw QNX Software Systems Ltd. # [also Quantum Software Systems Ltd]
00:C0:12 Netspan Netspan Corp
00:C0:14 Telemati Telematics Calabasas
00:C0:15 NewMedia New Media Corp
00:C0:18 Lanart Lanart Corp
00:C0:1B SocketCo Socket Communications
00:C0:1D GrandJun Grand Junction Networks, Inc. # (Cisco Catalyst also reported)
00:C0:2A OhkuraEl Ohkura Electric Co
00:C0:2F Okuma Okuma Corp
00:C0:33 Telebit Telebit Corporation
00:C0:45 Isolatio Isolation Systems Inc
00:C0:49 UsRoboti US Robotics Total Control (tm) NETServer Card
00:C0:4D Mitec Mitec Ltd
00:C0:60 IdScandi ID Scandinavia A/S
00:C0:63 MorningS Morning Star Technologies Inc # May be miswrite of 0003C6
00:C0:64 GeneralD General Datacomm Ind Inc
00:C0:6A Zahner-E Zahner-Elektrik Gmbh & Co KG
00:C0:74 ToyodaAu Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd
00:C0:7A PrivaBv Priva BV
00:C0:7B AscendCo Ascend Communications # ISDN bridges/routers
00:C0:85 Canon
00:C0:95 ZnyxNetw Znyx (Network Appliance); Jupiter Systems (MX-700); Apple (G3) all seen
00:C0:9B Reliance Reliance Comm/Tec, R-Tec Systems Inc
00:C0:C9 BaileyCo Bailey Controls Co
00:C0:D1 ComtreeT Comtree Technology Corporation (EFA also reported)
00:C0:D5 QuancomE Quancom Electronic Gmbh
00:C0:D9 QuinteNe Quinte Network Confidentiality Equipment Inc
00:C0:ED UsArmyEl US Army Electronic Proving Ground
00:C0:EE Kyocera Kyocera Corporation
00:C0:F0 Kingston Kingston Technology Corporation
00:C0:F2 Transiti Transition Engineering Inc
00:C0:FC Asdg ASDG Incorporated
00:DD:00 Ungerman Ungermann-Bass # IBM RT
00:E0:16 Rapid-Ci rapid-city (now a part of bay networks)
00:E0:18 AsustekI Asustek # Intel 82558-based Integrated Fast Ethernet for WIM
00:E0:29 SmcEther SMC EtherPower II 10/100
00:E0:2C Ast-Buil AST - built into 5166M PC motherboard (win95 id's as Intel)
00:E0:39 Paradyne Paradyne 7112 T1 DSU/CSU
00:E0:7D EncoreNe Encore (Netronix?) # 10/100 PCI Fast ethernet card
00:E0:81 TyanComp Tyan Computer Corp. # Onboard Intel 82558 10/100
00:E0:8F CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 2900 series
00:E0:A3 CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 1924
00:E0:B0 CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Various systems reported
00:E0:B8 AmdPcnet AMD PCNet # in a Gateway 2000
01:0E:CF PN-MC PROFINET Multicast
02:04:06 BbnInter BBN # internal usage (not registered)
02:20:48 Marconi # At least some 2810 send with locally assigned flag set
02:60:60 3com
02:60:8C 3comIbmP 3Com # IBM PC; Imagen; Valid; Cisco; Macintosh
02:A0:C9 Intel
02:CF:1F CMC
02:E0:3B Prominet Prominet Corporation # Gigabit Ethernet Switch
04:88:45 BayNetwo Bay Networks # token ring line card
08:00:05 Symbolic Symbolics # Symbolics LISP machines
08:00:06 SiemensN Siemens Nixdorf # PC clone
08:00:0B UnisysAl Unisys also Ascom-Timeplex (former Unisys subsidiary)
08:00:0D IclInter ICL (International Computers, Ltd.)
08:00:0E Ncr/At&T
08:00:10 At&T[Mis AT&T [misrepresentation of 800010?]
08:00:14 ExcelanB Excelan # BBN Butterfly, Masscomp, Silicon Graphics
08:00:17 National National Semiconductor Corp. (used to have Network System Corp., wrong NSC)
08:00:22 NbiNothi NBI (Nothing But Initials)
08:00:26 NorskDat Norsk Data (Nord)
08:00:27 PcsCompu PCS Computer Systems GmbH
08:00:28 TiExplor TI # Explorer
08:00:2F PrimeCom Prime Computer # Prime 50-Series LHC300
08:00:36 Intergra Intergraph # CAE stations
08:00:66 AgfaPrin AGFA # printers, phototypesetters etc.
08:00:75 DdeDanis DDE (Danish Data Elektronik A/S)
08:00:77 TslNowRe TSL (now Retix)
08:00:7C Vitalink Vitalink # TransLAN III
08:00:81 Crosfiel Crosfield Electronics
08:00:83 SeikoDen Seiko Denshi
08:00:86 Imagen/Q Imagen/QMS [Now Konica Minolta]
08:00:87 XyplexTe Xyplex # terminal servers
08:00:89 Kinetics Kinetics # AppleTalk-Ethernet interface
08:00:8D Xyvision XyVision # XyVision machines
08:00:8E Tandem/S Tandem / Solbourne Computer ?
09:00:6A AT&T
10:00:90 HP
10:00:D4 DEC
10:00:E0 AppleA/U Apple A/UX # (modified addresses for licensing)
2E:2E:2E LaaLocal LAA (Locally Administered Address) for Meditech Systems
3C:00:00 3Com
40:00:03 NetWare? Net Ware (?)
44:45:53 Microsoft
44:46:49 DfiDiamo DFI (Diamond Flower Industries)
47:54:43 GtcNotRe GTC (Not registered!) # (This number is a multicast!)
48:44:53 Hds??? HDS ???
48:4C:00 NetworkS Network Solutions
48:54:E8 Winbond?
4C:42:4C Informat Information Modes software modified addresses (not registered?)
52:54:00 RealtekU Realtek (UpTech? also reported)
52:54:4C Novell20 Novell 2000
52:54:AB RealtekA REALTEK (a Realtek 8029 based PCI Card)
56:58:57 AculabPl Aculab plc # audio bridges
80:00:10 At&T[Mis AT&T [misrepresented as 080010? One source claims this is correct]
80:AD:00 CnetTech CNET Technology Inc. (Probably an error, see instead 0080AD)
AA:00:00 DecObsol DEC # obsolete
AA:00:01 DecObsol DEC # obsolete
AA:00:02 DecObsol DEC # obsolete
AA:00:03 DecGloba DEC # Global physical address for some DEC machines
AA:00:04 DecLocal DEC # Local logical address for DECNET systems
C0:00:00 WesternD Western Digital (may be reversed 00 00 C0?)
DC:87:CB Perfectk Beijing Perfectek Technologies Co., Ltd.
E2:0C:0F Kingston Kingston Technologies
EC:10:00 EnanceSo Enance Source Co., Ltd. # PC clones(?)