João Valverde 9cb759b38e Enable rpathification and working relocation on Linux (take 3)
Dumpcap depends on wsutil.so. The path to the shared library
is encoded in the RPATH (or RUNPATH) property of ELF binaries.
This is currently an absolute path on most Unixy systems.

Dumpcap could not be made to work with a relative RPATH because it
uses elevated privileges and some loaders will ignore relative
RPATHs and non-standard paths under those circumstances, because of
(justified) security concerns.

To enable relocation of the program we link dumpcap statically
with wsutil instead.

This provides a fully working relocatable installation on Linux
and other platforms that support relative RPATHs.
2023-02-13 00:24:21 +00:00
wireshark.h Add ws_version.h to wireshark.h 2021-12-21 23:00:04 +00:00
ws_attributes.h MinGW: Fix -Wattributes 2023-01-13 22:41:04 +00:00
ws_codepoints.h Add a #define for REPLACEMENT CHARACTER and use it. 2022-10-16 23:36:12 +00:00
ws_diag_control.h Add Wunused-parameter to DIAG_OFF_FLEX() 2023-01-04 15:50:07 +00:00
ws_exit_codes.h Move ui/exit_codes.h to include/ 2023-02-07 10:12:08 +00:00
ws_log_defs.h Add a log domain for encoding errors and lower the log level 2022-09-28 14:57:51 +01:00
ws_posix_compat.h Add a ws_posix_compat.h header 2021-12-21 01:30:06 +00:00
ws_symbol_export.h Enable rpathification and working relocation on Linux (take 3) 2023-02-13 00:24:21 +00:00