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DECT pcap files can be obtained by using tools included with the linux
kernel driver for the Dosch-and-Amand COM-ON-AIR cards. The driver is
called com-on-air_cs.
Wireshark cannot directly record from the DECT HW, as the driver
currently lacks a virtual network interface.
There is ongoing work to change this (see this work by Patrick McHardy):
git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://
Also needed are a proper linktype value assigned by the libpcap team and
the proper patches for libpcap to support this (the value used in the
patch below is not officially assigned!):
To nicely view DECT pcap files in wireshark, set up a custom layout:
User Interface
No. | Number
Protocol | Protocol
Frame | Custom Column: dect.framenumber
TA | Custom Column:
A-Field | Custom Column:
B-Field | Custom Column:
Edit->Configuration Profiles...
Profile Name = dect