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2a6d74f280 Docbook: Update the release notes.
df7f3e76b5 tshark: Run GLib mainloop during capture
0816e317cb dfilter: Fix crash with FT_NONE and arithmetic expressions
32326b3a07 packaging: EPEL 8 has asciidoctor now
65e13f9d8f gitignore: Add Qt creator autosave
3f6e577dc1 TECMP: Adding CounterEvent and TimeSyncEvent
39aa6b06da gsm_a_common: Use common E212 MCC MNC function
0ccfdfbf5c Win-setup: Update bcg729 to 1.1.1.
a618fe72a2 GRPC: Fix the bug of GRPC-WEB decompression failure over HTTP1.1
1c89a14117 gsm_a_common: Fix cut and paste error
ab77d11599 Windows: Add missing license file to installer
6455fe3efd Win-setup: Update c-ares, nghttp2, and pcre2.
1b62c53f56 packaging: Add Qt5Concurrent to SUSE BuildRequires
35f3fe1b1d Qt: Enable About->License external hyperlinks
3fac6f9772 Add acknowledgement for Lua itself.
e7f439bc2f Convert capture file regex search to PCRE2.
2cc887e80d MySQL: Add dissector for binlog event HEARTBEAT_LOG_EVENT_V2
ae1c630025 QUIC: Use the stored datagram info for follow filter
1ed39fa0b5 Add vcpkg-export-20220726-1.
c4f9831412 gtpv2: adjust field size and bitmask for gtpv2.smenb
7a75c638ac ORAN: Block FP improvement, additional correction
6189eee63f Improvemnet Block FP decompression, common in case both U plane/C plane.
c41a27b96d ORAN: eAxC ID flexible bit allocations
9c2cbc842a PDCP_NR: Show direction in more sequence analysis expert output
bfe8187608 test: Add dfilter 'double' tests
f7a5efe87b doc: Update README.display_filter
3307397da1 CMake: Set the correct variables for ccache.
b093b6a992 epan: Make find_or_create_conversation create what it finds and vice versa
babb059f21 GitLab CI: Disable tests in the Debian package job.
cb8fc2874c macos: Remove no longer needed function
4be3ae9738 CMake: improve finding C-Ares library
cb3fd3b5cd quic: Handle out-of-order CRYPTO frames, aka "Chaos Protection"
081bc13eb8 rpm: Disable build terminating on double dash versions for all distros
d1bd808e84 appveyor: We no longer require Perl.
6fc9667b16 Debian: Don't override our license in the About dialog.
fa9703cb27 GitLab CI: Rocky 9 fixups.
18e08d04d1 Qt: Setup GLib mainloop when needed
5a8977acd2 Docbook: wslua_util → wslua_utility.
d1074274d1 More Perl cleanup.
6196394833 Tools: Remove Pod installation steps from rpm-setup.sh.
3bb40a586d wslua: Rename wslua_util.c to wslua_utility.c.
e68db21421 docbook: Add file comments to wsluarm.
c252852c9d [Automatic update for 2022-07-24]
73910a3319 Update Keysight/Ixia netflow fields support.
34d30922eb GitLab CI: Switch to Rocky Linux 9.
49dda8c71e Make Perl optional.
a1c83a901b docbook: Port make-wsluarm to Python3
832687cc74 UDS: Change Symbol Names as of ISO 14229-1:2020 Amd1
90ac880b8a TECMP: Fix CRC decoding on FlexRay Null Frames (Bugfix)
54b4be9015 ECATMB: Add SDO Information to CANopenType
5f85c1f8aa dfilter: Use an exact floating-point string representation
fd830dff58 wslua+lrexlib: Fixup our dependencies and paths.
74082386de DVB-S2: Store whether low roll-off values are used in conversation data
3e7ea95108 TECMP: Adding Subdissector support
d92af30f29 SOME/IP: Remove legacy datatype support
b1edbd337f TECMP: Show unparsed payload of control messages
6d0619cdd0 ciscodump: Added support for IOS XE and ASA
f2b30e70eb ciscodump: Added support for IOS XE and ASA
62e81d53ba Removed useless function
274f423401 Fixed issue in processing filters for ASA
1e53e49a54 ciscodump: Added support for IOS XE and ASA
9d284afa90 quic: Handle multiple Client Initial messages before a server initial
158becb733 MySQL: support COM_REGISTER_SLAVE
4702e3bfad WLAN: fix IEEE802.11 dissection bug
b9ee6f4563 wslua: Fix more argument definitions.
a113fd5c7b wslua: Remove unneeded empty lines from our markup.
26e1d3cdb2 cmake: copy profiles output check
9f59cae607 wslua: tapinfo - add state to debug info; update wsluarm
0ed87211da proto.h: Fix -Wdocumentation
476eb0e627 RTP player: fixed issue with no audio card available in Qt6
ea91c5785a Qt6: Audio code review
b8d85227f6 Qt: Update the RTP stream UI to support Qt6Multimedia.
d2b6b89b94 Update license file structure and GUI display
924076ed29 GitLab CI: Fix format of DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS passed to the Ubuntu build
18b0c379a3 Fix handling of DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck
5991a75d78 ReleasNotes: Add minimum version requirements
1f3f41391c addr_resolv: Add port correctly
73ecb86f4c rpm-setup.sh: Improve messages
fbadb8c785 wslua: Capitalize words in our markup.
897bc6d27c HTTP2: display the full request URI
cadcd7d261 Signal-PDU: Add Header Field for Signal PDU Name
2068ec0f95 TCP: Fix conversation overlapping when reusing ports
cab1ae7794 Locamation Interface Module dissector: simplify the Windows build fix
596c8e9095 Addr_resolv: Use int for ports
0b780341cb tls: Show reassembled in for the first fragment
3a57dd522b Use WS_ROUNDUP_4 in more dissectors
bf89153aa0 addr_resolve: Allow for port to be configured
6699b33276 Locamation Interface Module dissector for IM1: fix the Windows build
0a42b0976b Locamation Interface Module dissector for IM1
f4fb92745e Diameter: Allow diameter command code text to be added to custom column
3acd20fabe CMake+lrexlib: Another include path fix attempt.
9d96b301de CMake+lrexlib: Add another include path.
56a9666a3a wslua: Fix our argument definitions.
84f54d54e5 dfilter: Fix a crash using abs()
9e84721c1a TECMP: Updating to TECMP 1.7
dec99a5f42 UDS: Adding IDs and Names for 2020 standard
aa1c6db337 Diameter: Remove dead code for pre Internet Draft 16 protocol
953c6f73aa CMake+lrexlib: Fix our include paths.
b90fb0da55 Qt: Fix jump on packetlist
ddcb429979 Qt: remove unnecessary method from FunnelStatistics
66978182d0 epan: Fix typo in conversation_create_endpoint_by_id
c7afb52c84 MySQL: fix Auth Swith Request dissection
c2b53b7680 NSIS(logray): Remove QUICK LAUNCH too
ca178cf03a NSIS(wireshark): Remove QUICK LAUNCH
b50880f329 Qt: Update display filter expression dialog with any/all
a6b09b52b4 [Automatic update for 2022-07-17]
0749873c70 decode as: Add data dissector to all tables that support Decode As
7935734d61 ReleaseNotes: add maxminddb improvement
22f7f56151 MaxMind DB: Significantly speed up stdout reader
1323544f65 Win32: Fix child process pipe handle leaks
3a989f2e72 Debian: Add missing symbols.
496dc0fcb3 TWAMP Test Frames: Adds dissection of PTP timestamps RFC8186
b9bc750fd8 conversation: fix -Wmissing-prototypes
b448b6a591 semcheck: fix -Wmissing-prototypes
bd28c19ad6 dvfm: Fix -Wmissing-prototypes
f70546d111 radiotap-gen: Fix -Wmissing-prototypes
b68acb6bff pcre2: Fix -Wmissing-prototypes
1ca19b3c38 Fix -Wmissing-prototypes found by Clang
52ddd86929 BGP: Fix dissector bug when BGP Update packets containing BGP Flowspec updates
f15b7b0ccc proto: fix proto_tree_add_bitmask_list_ret_uint64 to always return a value.
7bea636cd4 WSUG: Add display filter arithmetic operators
97ce9845c3 WSUG: Fix a heading level
d5ec420bb5 WSUG: Add a note about the changes to "!="
4c975b770e dfilter: Improve compatibility of integer types
53dcf53ae5 EAP: Encrypted IMSI Memory Bug
f5d997fd2d PPPoE: add TLV 0x90 value 0x03 "Double-tagged Ethernet", fix typo in "Encaps 2"
61f433406f thrift: Fix -Wdocumentation
134809fd80 bpv7: fix -Wdocumentation
bf8577b88c pfcp: change to utilize proto_tree_add_bitmask_list
b97556fabf ebhscr: Fix conflict
f70e58a2eb erldp: fix conflict
204916c390 gsm_file: fix duplicate entry
19bc326f1b erldp: Fix duplicate entry
1ff01f18bb ieee802154: fix duplicate entry
a89696dc2d MySQL: support CLIENT_QUERY_ATTRIBUTES capability
edab806981 pfcp: correction of UP Function Features IE
a28a3150fd Update display filter bookmark examples
d594743e4b dfilter: Fix "private_ethernet" macro
06cd84a6e9 Qt: Recommend 5.12 and enforce 5.10
32a4a08683 lapd: Fix Clang Analyzer warning
69ea1930a7 BGP: fix typo for EVPN Router's MAC (RFC9135)
64549654db ExtcapExample: Harden and alternate mac address
4ea0e5de83 IPv6: Configurable IPv6 NAT64 prefixes
4ff209e881 Qt: Edit->Preferences resets titlebar and statusBar to defaults
51bf87a641 WSUG: Fix typo
f68f172454 dfilter: Remove a debug message
6c8a8d7960 dfilter: Fix dfvm code string
84d230d878 Tools: Add Qt5Concurrent to rpm-setup.sh.
5a3b7488d9 BACnet: Added new vendor ID's, fixed BACnet SC decodings.
3c29458a46 ieee80211: Update VHT channel width interpretation as in IEEE Std 802.11-2020
f99b056025 Qt: Supported Protocols search - increase debounce timeout
e12954a637 epan: ws_debug log for heuristic that claims frame (len != 0)
8ac995578c epan: Respect custom column resolved/unresolved status everywhere
58b29b8f74 tshark: Respect -Q option
b91079d3a6 GitLab CI: Fixup our make-version calls.
0438fca96b Qt: Concurrently fill display filter expression dialog
fc85196f61 Qt: Do not spin event loops in display filter dialog
868492fd2a Addr-Resolv: close vlans file on changing profile (BUGFIX)
0a6eae4df1 X509if: Increase MAX_RDN_STR_LEN to 128
87ca8c227a tools: Port make-version.pl to Python
b53044ea16 Get CPU type strings from the OS if possible.
d10253ebea [Automatic update for 2022-07-10]
885d6b7f73 wiretap: Fix urls in comments
75196b5103 Qt: Fix Qt 6.3 Visual Studio build
298a46446a SOME/IP: Make uats much more robust against faulty configs (BUGFIX)
cbe62539b2 TECMP: Update Control Message IDs
26b8674320 Qt: Fix unitialized TrafficTree members
fad4d7f608 SOME/IP, Signal-PDU, IPduM: Harmonize uat comments
4742e0cade Qt: Filter column information for traffic dialogs
02b00a8ee5 epan: Copy multifield custom column undecoded values correctly
79afe8e202 IEEE 802.15.4: CSL: Add dissector for RendezVousTime IE (#18182)
8ed2cb6bb5 debian: Add missing symbol
ccbc0d5fe9 pfcp: add TP IPFIX and Trace IEs
d7720667d9 pfcp: add TP packet measurement IE
70b7a42f73 pfcp: add TP Created NAT Binding
7a6ff3e5fe prefs: Remove custom column expression limit
1eeb0c9934 cli: Copy global configuration profile to personal as with the GUI
abe8798b78 nhrp: clean up extension parsing.
f296a00f09 Add a default configuration profile for Logray.
75efbb1ac4 Rename Logwolf to Logray
78ebafd708 Qt: Explicitly set our SyntaxLineEdit background color.
eab62aa768 Fix some spellings.
aa0eeb3184 debian-setup.sh: install pytest and pytest-xdist
51cb231208 CMake: Copy our DLLs to a DLL-specific directory.
dd5e2f3b3f epan: Fix return value of prooto_strlcpy when not enough room
5ef4da4d98 epan: Prevent buffer overflows in some built-in addr_to_str types
88a7bf9db2 Properly free range strings, ext strings, custom base
51315cf37c Fix AUTOSAR heuristic label
82408922fd Prevent null dereference in `rescan_file()`
6684583c7c tools: Remove more unused variables from make-version.pl
218d290110 tools: Remove unused variables from make-version.pl.
f17d39db1e CMake+tools: Clean up our build version variables.
5e3a7e9ab8 dfilter: Small optimization for "not all zero" code
dfa160832d Adding 9 zbee zcl frames
a877f2d5f3 dfilter: Allow existence check for slices
0fc81c21b2 dfilter: Cleanup scanner value setters
7b38ff3d9d tools: Remove dead/unused code from make-version.pl.
ff36056573 [Automatic update for 2022-07-03]
2fe99d640f pfcp: Update to 3GPP TS 29.244 V17.5.0
c054501335 Qt: Fix compile issue for 5.9
fed641fc27 http: Add path components to tree
1489ea8fe6 SMPP: Initialize tvb_msg to NULL
1018e39ea3 eap: add a comment asking why dissect_eap_identity_wlan() exists?
50a3ac0c18 diameter: Strengthen heuristic slightly
d5c81ba9d8 ath: Add heuristics
d065e9ac50 Diameter: Add a heuristic dissector over TCP
d1f7aa5acb Qt: Do not spin new event loop on menu show
8d93f0920a dfilter: Fix some debug strings
fe3d70e792 Qt: fix uninitialized member
c88107f632 diameter: Register the [D]TLS port
f30062b9d5 egd: Do some simple heuristics
eb8acd088e dfilter: Rename dfvm opcodes with a namespace prefix
fc5c81328e dfilter: Rename test syntax tree node
b10db887ce dfilter: Remove unparsed syntax type and RHS literal bias
190404d66b dtls: Support Connection ID when using Block Ciphers
42567a59bc Qt: Support setting columns as un/resolved via Edit Preferences
2cebafc613 Qt: Filter TrafficListTypes
54aed0aa10 Qt: Cleanup TrafficTypesList
0257b41167 iec104: dissect the control field as a 4-octet little-endian field.
a40e5f715a Qt: Check custom column syntax in Preferences properly
4149d52f4e Qt: column edit default checkbox
b250224c45 MBIM: dissect SAR commands
493e65a0d8 Tools: Remove fixhf.pl.
b165f31cd3 gtp: Fix copy-paste error
09800da792 Qt: Add resolved button to Edit Columns
774a7f0eee dcp-etsi: Strengthen heuristic, add for Decode As
4a26993ec0 SOME/IP: code cleanup to reduce memory leaks
96c4c9063f packet-gtp.c: Fix copy-paste error (Coverity 1506627)
37d3c7add2 STUN: Check the Fingerprint (CRC32)
7f5089ba40 knxip: Add a port range preference
6c16cd7cbb tplink-smarthome: Add a brief heuristic
1b586a66df register.c: Avoid potential race condition (Coverity 1477510)
ac4b9e174d Qt: Cleanup PacketListHeader
413b383224 Qt: Reduce PacketListHeader complexity
5fb2324692 Qt: Improve sort for packet list
505226d1e2 Ui: Centralize PacketList helper prototypes
94c439f603 Ui: Use only one method for exit
799a033080 ReleaseNotes: Correct some spellings and wordings
88c8bb19e5 USBLL: Dissect speed specific linktypes
d41127602a STUN: Set conversation dissector after any STUN packet
cdb83a370f tools: Port make-sminmpec.pl to make-sminmpec.py
a2272362ce conversation_dialog.h: Fix -Wdocumentation
cfbb6973d4 file: Fix documentation
1d6b547029 Qt: Fix FileClose not available and segfault
1fdbc65394 tools: Port colorfilters2js.pl to colorfilters2js.py
487165dd50 DoIP: Support UAT for User defined payload types
33031c8955 Make some variables in packet-grebonding.c static.
c3b2cec3f2 Ui: Cleanup row number and select packet
f210edeaf0 Ui: Further simplify ws_ui_util
ef8ed9dff9 Ui: Remove time column reformat callback
1d42fcdd76 Ui: Remove call to recoloring
865141e61b Ui: Remove unused prototype declaration
b6226cb136 Qt: Better handle sort restriction
4ed4678859 Qt: Make the Resolve Names buttons checkable again
7c96053f3b Version: 3.7.1 → 3.7.2
5ee0b97c96 Build: 3.7.1
eaae2d0ee7 Minor Python3 script fixups.
4153af1dc7 wslua: Port make-init-lua to Python3
ae3010cabe wslua: Port make-taps to Python3
dac75fba7f CMake: Bump the minimum Python version to 3.6.
8bdff72625 dfilter: Fix undefined dereference and add null check
7f951eda3e Qt: Increase animation speed for progress frame
d562cc3033 PTP: Improved robustness on wrong 2-step flag and 1-step
26b0a0a8d3 stun: Tighten heuristic by rejecting restricted values
1433104479 IEEE1905: fix IPv6 type TLV parsing
2c9675b759 TECMP: fix typo
dda4af1fc5 STUN: Update some comments
b5e1e63dd0 [Automatic update for 2022-06-26]
006d20db9e Qt: Only sort if there are actually lines to sort
cc52ef4d12 STUN: Fix MS-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION value string
e49a69f361 HTTP: Add chunks as items instead of calling data dissector
efbe699756 dfilter: Remove STTYPE_RANGE_NODE
aaff0d21ae dfilter: Add layer support for references
e9e6431d7b dfilter: Change boolean string representation
229dad6a75 X509IF: Fix duplicate filter name
8793650707 dftest: Print ftype of protocol fields
f1902c643e Regenerate ASN.1 dissectors
0dbd0a6903 Qt: Fix endianness for an IPv4 value
d3e2f1053b Doc: Port make-authors-short to Python3.
602e87d6c5 Make sure our Python scripts read and write UTF-8.
26f87b3250 wslua: Port epan/wslua/make-reg.py to Python3
acb8158033 Tools: Port tools/generate_authors.py to Python3.
a9bcbaf738 DNS: Note and dissect any extraneous payload bytes
e79630f1d9 Frame: Fix segmentation dump when parsing packet_verdict
95b01dc4bf GREbond: Add support for Huawei's GRE bonding (RFC8157) control protocol
181a7c7d7d Signal-PDU: Fix performance degradation on config switch
d7322e757e epan: Use host byte order with AT_NUMERIC
0079058837 openSAFETY: Define broadcast address globaly
342af4727d Cisco Mis-Cabling Protocol: Support strict mode PDUs
4c768f54a7 epan: Make AT_NUMERIC behave more safely
39fc49b792 wsdg: escape tick marks after backtick; fix typo
ff4663931c wsdg: docbook\README.adoc - filename
2e5b09f486 Qt: Fix compiler warning on macOS
1424e28c7d Qt: Fix stream id display in context menu
3b0d9194bc Docs: Update the ftype description list in wireshark-filter(4).
9c19f47394 Qt: Fix a couple of slot names.
b6ccc65a92 RTP Analysis dialog: Fix of clock drift freq drift calculation
4c22ff6bdb GTP: Several fixes and improvements to QoS IE GBR & MBR fields
24cab126fd Qt: Fix our filter edit line lengths.
3d52693eaa Qt+docs: Capitalize JSON.
d8140e92c9 Fix Debian symbols
1eafee6566 Qt: Work around a background fill issue with Qt 6.
fe25d701ba Docs: Updates to wireshark-filter manpage
354e0d7edf dfilter: Add support for unicode escape sequences
47348ae598 dfilter: Add support for literal strings with null bytes
d372ed3483 wsutil/str_util: Escape string API extensions
847795d381 Qt: Add stream number to conversations
e89784a577 Fix Debian symbols
cbd3c44776 ftypes: Add FT_UINT_STRING to IS_FT_STRING() macro
e42a4de47c ftypes: Fix an error message
0615ba6317 ftypes: Make accessor functions type safe
0cadfff04a MCPTT: Fix dissection of FC Reject Phase field
17f5e15fcc DCT2000: call dissectors for R16 RRC
992e9f93aa Revert "A small for for the Doxygen warning:"
1aa9a52a44 A small for for the Doxygen warning: capture/airpcap.h:906: warning: end of file while inside a group
e046877ad1 Qt: Fix column hiding for traffic model
0bc756c2c0 TPNCP: Simplify size tracking
058fe0dd09 [Automatic update for 2022-06-19]
2b4878d452 Qt: Hide columns for traffic tree
f75f577579 Qt: Fix TrafficTree typo
efe8dc051c Prefs: Change the default UI layout to type "2".
41cd2fed9c BSSGP: Correct BBSGP -> BSSGP in a few places
79310ebbd2 Qt: Remove our idle dissection wait period.
5db7ddb209 ui: Add Logwolf software updates.
e11c7559a8 plugins.example: Fix an installation path
b3fd206822 Qt: Sort tap list initially
9319394af1 MEGACO: Reset bracket counters after a Topology Descriptor
c5aa352ad4 docbook: Adapt releasenotes for openSafety and AT_NUMERIC
972a7950f2 openSAFETY: Adding conversation handler code
83e420913d Qt: Implement sort model for traffic type list
300befc12a epan: Numeric address type
3e012e2a87 epan: Finish converting endpoint_by_id to elements
bd6808c4a0 Qt: Fix missing includes
4d57854294 ethercat: Fix EEPROM Ctrl/Status bitmask fields
1bd24bb95d RTCP: ensure that at least two bytes are captured for heuristic checks
2efe338b2e Qt: Use a combobox for Decode As selectors if there are packet values
a159fe125e SIGNAL-PDU: Fixing memory leak in Signal List UAT
60efc1a1c0 woww: Change SMSG_AUTH_RESPONSE result field size from 4 to 1
9b08b02d8e a615a: don't parse exception timer if A1
d008708552 editcap/mergecap: swap 'v'|'V' options to match other CLI utilities
572e6b0c10 Docs: Add some protocols to the release notes.
022ebb106a GitLab CI: Fix our documentation globs
a1f36f06f6 Fix a sentence in AUTHORS file
a664d29978 ieee80211: Update reason codes as in IEEE Std 802.11-2020 and 802.11ax-2021
05074f3e96 Add two more acknowledgements for external projects we use
c5b47cb839 Qt: Remove some bogus entries from Authors list
1272b62106 Docs: Update documentation for redesigned Traffic Tabs
208cf56b75 ip: ip.flags field are 3 high bits not full byte
4f283e9ef8 Qt: Fix Qt6 compile warnings for traffic tabs
a4f25e5115 Qt: Redesign TrafficTree Dialogs UI
f1cbc6b662 epan: Remove fragment_get_reassembled()
47c418d419 tftp: Handle TFTP servers that don't switch ports
1ec1422318 MCPTT: Fix dissection of Track Info field
9d17919f2a WSUG: Typo
1dc37de740 Qt: Fix sorting for ports
be112bd44e Qt: Fix maxmind open map
16af26dcc2 gsm_sms: Display reassembled unpacked 7-bit GSM SM with that encoding
1301c033b4 SMPP: Handle decoding packed 7-bit GSM with UDH correctly
0cfe7a0d56 Qt: Better sorting for traffic dialogs
b3a102eb46 [Automatic update for 2022-06-12]
f82ddef8d2 tshark/docs: add -X read_format: example to view file internals
212abb7efe Qt: Autoset limit to display filter for expert dialog
01f9dcbb7b tftp: Fix spelling
4277d24fa1 smpp: Handle TLV and UDH parameters for text and subdissection
a807047b95 Qt: Adapt sorting for traffic tables
58ee7bf6ee AT: Implement CMGL command (binary mode)
1e8beaa245 Add support for UUID type in Thrift
1d09a9a4fb gsm_sms: Don't let header be included twice
6df11bde44 gsm_sms_ud: Use the UDH function from the GSM SMS dissector
c758e9d9c0 LLDP: Add CIP TLVs
bcb8558be2 Docs: Update release notes
d047a18e83 Docs: Update the release notes.
cbed7f8013 docbook: Add Releasenotes for traffic column
fa1d908f9e gsm_sms: Use character_set enum when decoding DCS and TP-UD
51d5cb42b2 Qt: Implement total columns for traffic tables
0640b711ea tap: Mark filtered packets instead of dropping them
2cf938cfa8 tap: Adding flags for tap_packet
8b1d140c49 smpp: Decode message_payload field as text
4fa4cad396 irda: Use correct conversation_new() options
ef581f230f fix-encoding-args: Remove a string check
eafcd7f97c fix-encoding-args: Revert a change
3e543bb0af Docs: Update README.dissector for string encodings
662957926a PortableApps: Fix a couple of variables.
5a2bd62cd3 gsm_sms: Add Language IEIs
a530d45c20 SMPP: Fix DCS decoding
7394527038 roon_discovery: Include stdlib.h
b89a195b4c Add Roon Discovery dissector
0b48a284b6 SOME/IP-SD: Make option parsing a bit more robust
bbe6ab6316 CMake: Update WiX and PortableApps target names.
de1a4c3774 CMake: Update package target names.
c253dda269 CMake+Packaging: Add a logwolf_dmg target.
8fa64a4773 Docs: Note that display filter layer numbers start at 1.
4015522162 Docs: Another display filter regex update
c03bf18db1 Qt: Remove double registered signals
3029a4a4d9 Qt: Remove unnecessary cli option
de103394fe dfilter: Make regex matches case insensitive by default
bd0f0cbbed Docs: Update display filter manual page to PCRE2
176ba718f0 Qt: Fix displayfilter always on
5d61db3ad5 CMake+NSIS: More variable cleanup.
c9396bba11 epan: Remove an unneeded null check.
c5e265f852 CMake: Deduplicate some version variables.
604cb2a7a3 t38: Use correct conversation_new() options
86fdbe2ea9 fcels: Use correct find_conversation() options
c5739dcded umts_fp: Use correct find_conversation() and conversation_new() options
e329582f1d rtp: Use correct find_conversation() options
ad7905e8da coap: Use correct conversation_new() options
4829f8c04e jxta: Use correct conversation_new() options
104cc42008 Make it easier to call tools/make-enums.py from the source dir
e21aa6c36e epan: Update instrospection enums
4b9d152767 Qt: Auto apply "Limit to display filter"
0b6bb6949e DCT2000: Fix format of string with PDCP-NR keys
218821f2c1 Packaging: Fixed a bug config.nsh not found
a3e0d93bed debian: Remove removed symbols
286f57a2c7 epan: Check for null addresses in find_conversation.
3187fbbd61 Qt: Fix segfault when some ICU codec is not available
fe4210029a Qt: Reword menu item Seconds Since Beginning of Capture
9d716d793c Follow Stream: Allow using spin boxes with no packets visible
2939c6d0dc Version info: Do not show plugin count
2ac2b0670a Git+CMake: Add support for CMake presets.
c0bd7266ad Gitlab-CI: Add tfshark to code check job
5cd591129f epan: Convert remaining conversation code to elements.
729b4d3b69 [Automatic update for 2022-06-05]
b05678b40e nvme: Fix uint32 to pointer conversion
b06c1c451c Qt: Make TrafficTable detachable
9edf06383a Qt: Move most Contextmenu stuff to TrafficTree
f72a33fc1c dot11decrypt: explicitly cast *pmk_len and msk_len
8fd9d1d274 AT: Implementing a session context
8c7e3f0d30 Packaging: Add a Logwolf NSIS config.
06f0b78ce6 NSIS: Deprecate 32-bit installs.
9e7a2b7699 NSIS: Fix our indentation.
05759d3ec5 Qt: Better handle retapping for traffic tables
056fd8a1e3 NSIS: Update some target and filenames.
709593ee91 Make distinction between conversation options for creation and search
a930a78686 Docs: We no longer require Bison / YACC.
9ec5208873 IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: reassemble fragmented iWarp RDMA Send messages
b18646baca IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: make use of wmem_new(wmem_packet_scope(), rdmap_request_t)
3aae474c49 CIP: Minor updates
fc505eed29 Qt: Fix coverity warnings for TrafficView
693820b90d lrexlib: Disable MSVC narrowing warnings
caacdae870 epan: Add a post_init() plugin routine
06871d27df wiretap: merge support for IDBs in the middle of a file
ea2ddd40f5 Qt: Fix leak in CaptureFileDialog
f725bbef5e Qt: Minor changes to TrafficTrees
335795ab16 Qt: Fix build withouth MaxMindDB
dd9e4fd3fa Qt: Fix warning for TrafficData
7306d7681a Qt: Save Trafficdata as raw
cb56345175 Qt: Move Traffic Tables to Model/View
6014d7ad2b cpuid: clean up, update. and expand some comments.
02eb128bef cpuid: don't use __cpuid on non-x86 Windows.
356a6ab0ea file: Free fname_new when rename successful.
0d2e248a25 file: Only change the file descriptors on a Save with Copy
429c7a6ce3 epan: Don't free epan-scoped memory.
66b73ddd11 Profinet plugin: Dissect writing I&M1 and I&M2, too
1438336c1d Profinet plugin: Decode more error codes
b49edf0a5b github: update macos action.
e8dc20899f epan: Remove conversation_create_endpoint options.
48ff21b573 [Automatic update for 2022-05-29]
6fd1c08a3a TCP: Don't add [TCP segment of a reassembled PDU] to the second PDU
ec12d0c530 TCP: Report reassembled in for more PDUs where we know it
717e4c47ee TCP: reset addresses and ports after each segment
95ba1151df TCP: Handle additional data requested with ooo reassembly
17322b0cc2 Make a couple of functions static.
cba61d08f8 Zigbee: Touchlink typo
7df725a119 Zigbee: Touchlink missing info field
941539b6a2 debian: add missing symbol.
083c6828f5 EOBI: Disable dissector by default
9fa0d711f6 O-RAN: Fix offset extension 10 and beam vector list
cd73921a9e lrexlib: Disable a warning [-Wshorten-64-to-32]
370c58f913 macOS: Add Logwolf packaging targets.
5373483963 Tools: Add a CMakeExecutable parameter to win-setup.ps1.
e6a8318f18 epan: Fix our conversation key lifetimes.
b8279a6ce1 lrexlib: Pacify checkAPIs
8ff24c2b6e Lua: Add lrexlib-pcre2 Lua regex bindings
e6da2cd8de Lua: Remove on-life-support GRegex bindings
7ab343e7d6 tcp: Split MSPs in out of order processing
ab33d9b809 Qt6+MSYS2: Fix windeployqt usage
ee7094d34c CMake: Fix typo
9c86d22e5b MSYS2: Fix compilation error
34d74031a9 epan+Qt: Add element tables to the ConversationHashTablesDialog.
966969e777 conversation(.h): Fix -Wdocumentation
1a60de0b76 USB: Sanitize USB 2.0 endpoint max packet size
aef4c0c60a epan: Allocate a conversation key.
19e1764ca5 epan: Lazily create conversation dissector trees.
7a59f8a22c gprscdr: Update to 3GPP TS 32.298 V17.2.0
0188c9a1da ORAN FH-CUS: Section type 5 has ef field.
485aedf4e1 tap-iostat: Make a bunch of ints unsigned
c0032f2f0d epan: Switch the conversation IDs back to guint32s.
286aec2436 Tools: Clean up win-setup.ps1's CleanupItems
f065fdbc63 Windows: Upgrade zstd to 1.5.2.
865feb2bf8 epan: Switch some _by_id conversation routines to elements.
e5fc7c1d83 Tools: Switch to a new Windows development library repository.
f3db612fa1 PDCP-NR: Fix a test (flagged by coverity)
8be21c7867 SIP: Add a filter for VIA parameter be-route
e6c4557c0b SIP: Handle short frame in dissect_sip_sec_mechanism()
20b311e7a9 PDCP-NR: Add separate UL/DL expert info ei items for missing SNs
66506483bf Minor release notes clean up
94fe2b195c Try to fix some warnings.
51de43cfd2 dfilter: Fix protocol slices with negative indexes
ce52af1a32 CMake: Disable errors with -Walloc-size-larger-than=
f6fdf53eca epan: Consolidate some duplicate conversation code.
b4376b4533 Git+docs: Ignore and document CMakeListsCustom.txt.
be929e162d epan: Allow conversations based on arbitrary element lists.
96cf14ea01 TECMP: Renaming to Device and Interface for TECMP 1.7
75f31638f2 Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)
349787051e CMake+Qt: Fix our Resource Compiler arguments.
e1a6913a2b qt: Ignore gcc 12.1 optimization bug with Qt
87d0c6f492 Some check_typed_item_calls.py warning fixes.
c8fc8de3d4 [Automatic update for 2022-05-22]
2f0b5ab2cb Tools: Remove 32-bit support from win-setup.ps1.
bc57219e46 TECMP: Update to TECMP 1.7 specification
bc7c41c820 smc: fix clang analyzer warning (Dead.Store)
f6dda3c116 couchbase: fix clang analyzer warning (Dead.Store)
406f5263c3 catapult-dct200: fix clang analyer warning (Dead.Store)
8ee1eabeee dfvm(dfilter): fix clang analyzer warning (Dead.Store)
17367e4648 check_typed_item_calls: skip mask checks if can't parse
7b53720999 Use proto_tree_add_item where possible
cc4223f537 Add PA Profile 4.02 diagnostics codes
85eb9fba4d Dissect PA Profile IO data
225e90564d Resolve PA Profile 4.02 submodule names
c552665fd3 CMake: Enable Qt6 if WIRESHARK_QT6_PREFIX_PATH is set.
aad47c8438 RLC-NR: When have NACK Range, clearly show which SNs were lost
e47ab95e46 BPv7 and TCPCL: Update references to published RFCs
6b07710188 Falco Bridge: API updates.
fd76c7ea80 Falco Bridge: Fix address field registration.
5a53e72c63 Qt: Row colors and resize
6913bff6cd Qt: Simplify traffic type selection
3e117ed788 check_spelling: Recognise epan/pci-ids.c as generated
1cde1cc1f5 Qt: Move type selection to tab
1bfa15f7de epan: Document the epan, file, and packet scopes.
3d4dfb829b Qt: Allow translation for traffic tables
f5b5d2c3c9 Qt: Cleanup Traffic Table
7079d881fa Update bpv7 and bpsec dissectors to resolve ticket 17727
148f5905af SDP: Minor Refactoring by Extract Method
44433d3c9c f5ethtrailer: Decode TLS 1.3 trailer info on some versions
cc6a749fda Docs: Document packaging/debian.
b4e041a619 Qt: Fix packet diagram cleanup
fc89ddcdcf ISUP: avoid parameter summary text duplication
4376cf1209 wsdg/lua: gui.colorized_frame.fg example is a few digits short
9ba4847a13 Qt: Fix some pathSelection warnings
6c612bf251 Tools: Don't validate file_util.c.
f238dec118 GitLab CI: Switch the Windows packages to Qt 6.2.3.
eca007e617 Qt: Speedup for Resolved Addresses Dlg
28b917a72e extcap: Close pipe on windows properly
acdda8eb6b Qt: Fix File Path editor in table
52054046c1 Tools: Unzip using CMake in win-setup.ps1.
d5f99ef126 [Automatic update for 2022-05-15]
8020aea27a epan: Fix our conversation flags
f2fb1662b2 proto: Handle BASE_SPECIAL_VALS in add_bitmask_ title
1e7a600680 proto: Fix display of BASE_UNIT_STRING for 64 bit fields in bitmask
a98391e316 proto: Fix reversed test for signed ints with unit strings
8a872d6142 proto: Add support for BASE_SPECIAL_VALS to fields with bitmasks
1f1ee198f2 merge: Don't write to stdout if tempdir is not set
bebf7afa37 dfilter: Remove unused DFVM 4th instruction argument
3bb918428e dfilter: Remove stale comment
ac901e5de8 dfilter: Fix maybe-unitialized warning
a42f8ea7f4 Docs: Add a section on automatic updates to the User's Guide.
76423db8e0 Qt: Fix clazy-incorrect-emit warnings.
909280ce82 MySQL: Initialize a variable.
609c0d3881 docs: adoc migration bolding typos; Windows pipe name syntax
2e5a78dc64 text2pcap: Switch default file format to pcapng
b602911b31 dfilter: Add support for universal quantifiers
164f3ce9a2 dfilter: Improve syntax tree display format for sets
8c9480214b Remove execute flag on source files
aa8b2b9f1c ssh: fixing warnings.
3e81d98499 ssh: fixing MAC IV derivation.
a036c4dd09 ssh: switching consistently from g_debug to ws_debug
797486fa18 ssh: Diffie-Hellman
967107fb8e ssh: Diffie-Hellman group exchange.
51087141c8 ssh: aes-ctr
e1ca35c7a6 ssh: aes-cbc
f3c61d7638 ssh: aes-gcm
4e41383aad MySQL: fix bug for mysql response message length.
f265c5869b MySQL: fix bug for mysql response message length.
dab59caf38 MySQL: fix bug for mysql response message length.
565670c1c8 Version: 3.7.0 → 3.7.1
c5b983c93a Packaging: Ignore the return value of git stash.
0bde1e795a Build: 3.7.0
eedf82cd97 SIP: Refactoring too many if-else branches by table-driven method
7b749f5e15 Qt: Fix a version check.
ad28888d2f Qt: Fix display filter read/write
c4f6914aa6 DVB-S2: Only add the rolloff value once
4977e20ab2 Qt: Prevent remote interfaces to show up
ae9e80a34d Qt: Fix proper preselection for remote interfaces
5b59a38c3b Qt: Clean up remote management interface
d5a0d390e8 btmesh: More information displayed
fdf55aaa51 eap: support tunneled TLS decoding
b09263f1a3 epan: Normalize conversation code indentation.
6739d0397b Fix the pfm-sd default case
6b4b9f614b EAP: fix stride when decoding TEAP TLVs and tree alignment
c69045c04f [Automatic update for 2022-05-08]
8f1cf0176c USBLL: create the top-level item using the regitered protocol.
8f4d38b776 MBIM: Fix the offset to RSRP and SNR buffer of MBIM_SIGNAL_STATE_INFO_V2
d9ec48a759 NAS 5GS: add a UDP framing format
81c67b3e05 packaging: Provide workaround for rpm-package from source tarball
5a48815fb4 Fuzz: Fix our elapsed times.
36e834b6b7 ETW: Extract IP packets from Windows event trace
0f5025eae4 SOME/IP: Adding string fields for easier filtering
4fa373400f Tools: Add trailing periods to our bug notes if needed.
ca5b095b38 .gitlab-ci.yml: more checks from tools/check_typed_item_calls.py
f85d4a5763 Falco Bridge: Fix a couple of bugs.
000e4ec75e PDCP-LTE: Allow updated keys to be found by frame number
7261eb0f09 CIP Safety: Fix SERCOS III attributes
a14e35a440 CIP Safety: Detect Cancel Propose/Apply TUNID
0ab1cbdb40 SMC: show translated MTU and buffer size
341e625249 SMC: support for SMC-Rv2 LLC messages
7c70af016f SMC: improve SMC-Rv2 CLC message support
b66b07a786 SMC: Add support for SMCRv2
edfef021e7 CIP Safety: Increase error detection diagnostics to PI_ERROR
e43501cf9e qcustomsplot: revert for fix Clang Warnings[core.UndefinedBinaryOperatorResult]
e8bcaad686 Tools: Show elapsed time when fuzzing.
925daf665c GitLab CI: Switch back to Clang 14.
3b6734389d tools: Show recent commits in fuzz output.
e75f6800ca EAP: fix packet leak caused by ce087027ef87679ca934f392d37b0bf4d1334860
2f31c09045 [Automatic update for 2022-05-01]
0cce93d76a Tools: Fix make-no-reassembly-profile.py.
69e956d792 conversations, endpoints: sort resolved addresses as text.
7fbfea9d68 IEEE80211: Fix a couple of filters
ce087027ef EAP: massage pinfo for EAPOL so the TLS decoder does not get lost
6843ca2463 EAP: decode TEAP Outer-TLVs
914d8bc756 EAP: add PEAP decoder
49c730cc23 EAP: use enum for pdata instead of magic numbers
b9681002c5 EAP: add MSAUTH-TLV decoder
f694e70771 EAP: improve EAP-TLS flag decoding
76660922e1 Tools: Add a timestamp to our fuzz test error header.
7bccf9e2aa GitLab CI: Revert back to Clang 12.
3336ec24ac Falco Bridge: Add typed address fields.
70bd130379 Fix "generated by" comments in configuration files.
b244db8f3c pfcp: Update to 3GPP TS 29.244 V17.4.0
482794ff2e CIP Safety: Fix TBD bytes expert info
536c685ea5 docs: Update reference to minimum versions of GLib and Qt
f595f3b6ad sshdump: Update doc for openssh key note
1e0f579952 docs: Remove references to configure
7e04ea3202 .gitlab-ci.yml: Disable security-code-scan
84515e3175 Packaging: Only preserve a tarball if the commit ID matches
52db7e88bc Falco Bridge: Fix building on Windows.
0f695875ac Falco Bridge: Switch to the sinsp capabilities API.
b104af1c7d Tools: Update our fuzz test error header.
a6dcf70f68 debian: add missing symbol.
c27d8bbedd Profinet plugin: Add severity according to PA Profile 4.02
b75b8ca72e dfilter: fix may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
7284ee091f Diameter: Decode GMLC-Number AVP
bfdb4c558e epan: refactor dissector E.164 MSISDN number name
c3249701b5 .gitlab-ci.yml: Disable semgrep
c2444370f4 GTP': correction of Release Identifier Extension
b72b4cf512 LLDP: Fix malformed packets when EndOfLLDPDU TLV missing
90cc7cadf7 Fix a documentation warning.
2141f0f03b Falco Bridge: Update to match the current libsinsp API.
4f3f507eee dfilter: Add syntax to match specific layers in the protocol stack
c0170dad42 dfilter: Rename "range" to "slice"
d517feee74 epan: Add more bookkeeping for layers
b53d349583 Tools: Only validate a file if we have a build rule for it.
74fd19fb10 NAS-5GS: correction of Configuration update command, IE 5GS registration result
095043f74b Update Wi-SUN FAN dissector to the last version of the specification
dbf3ac3701 CMake+Logwolf: Populate our Falco plugin directory.
fc2cc05dde Move some configuration and data files to resources/share.
2b24b512ca rpm: Support for building with clang on Fedora
62100da7f4 TLS: fix RSA decryption with EMS and renegotiation
b1ba667acc wslua: another fix for -Werror=clobbered
858a670d34 rpm: Specfile cleanup
35cc7f43ab Spelling script: minor improvements and more dict words
3dd5ccbe7d GitLab CI: Build the fuzz and "No Options" job without mmdbresolve.
968f40d373 Tools: Handle table rows and admonition titles in html2text.
c3d9f11b8b Docs: Remove "win32" references from the guides.
7ec3e841ba rpm: Fix SUSE 15.1 builddir issue on make
19dc602fe3 802.11: fix TWT Setup dissection
cfcfbbdd60 [Automatic update for 2022-04-24]
91987dc0ab nghttp2: Implement minimum required version 1.11.0
e5e78d5da9 CIP Safety: Update more naming/units to match spec
71b3fe0f4b couchbase: Add timestamp to DcpSnapshotMarker encoding
bd02037042 wsdg: main_window .cpp filename changes
0676ddfb4f rpm: Update glib and cmake BuildRequirements
d2064ae188 gnutls: Bump version to 3.5.8
1ee8ead845 Provide the section number for blocks, and show it.
7286e2982a Move the idl directory to epan/dissectors/corba-idl.
4cc20bb49e CMake: Fail if we're building for 32-bit Windows.
aca0c5d175 Qt: Remove unrequired setTab
2dd07bc5b9 glib: Bump required version to 2.50
b9b1494cd1 Qt: Disable sorting for if acticity on default
374c5997da Qt: Remove unnecessary signal/slot
3407992cb4 CMake: Bump minimum CMake version to 3.10
4bb16383a3 macOS: Require Sparkle 2.
a1e0c34c30 GTP: Minor reconstruction
a73fd872ad dfilter: Add a null check.
51f5bdc287 FPP: Add null pointer checks.
88f07ff5d1 epan: Add a null conversation checks.
f067e40166 fpp: check conversation pointer before use.
1278af07c3 Qt: Improve UIX for sparklines
49ec7da90e fix pipeline issue
2f41595382 CIP Safety: Fix CRC logic when timestamp rolls over to zero
d6fb90ecab proto_hier_stats: Skip non-protocols and reduce recursive calls
45da161430 libgcrypt: Remove HAVE_GCRYPT_AEAD , _CHACHA20
d87b9ca731 test: Remove libgcrypt checks for 1.8 and below
b80cdaa243 libgcrypt: Require version 1.8.0
9c115d0ed5 macos-setup: Require Qt 5.9 or later and macOS 10.10 or later
13075b4ff0 Require Qt 5.9 or later
e16b1629dc CMake: Only require C++11 once
21d8522334 Tools: Update the Sparkle version in macos-setup.sh.
7a97a1dc22 epan: Add comments about _get_parent, _set_len and faked items
c2fd505516 macOS: Even more Sparkle 2 signing fixes.
d024502c8b macOS: More Sparkle 2 signing fixes.
b491d28c42 GitLab CI+release notes: Remove 32-bit Windows.
486fd46fe9 macOS: Update our app bundle for Sparkle 2.
373280bc65 MIKEY: Register the application/mikey MIME type
b51c70ae11 LLDP: Profinet TSN TLV Dissection
7e0d0eb418 PROFINET: TSN Dissection implemented
26be00e320 ieee80211: Fix clang analyzer warning (Dead.Store)
87b0288b8d epan: Add the ability to add conversation filter protocols.
f6061c4a3c Tools: Fix our pacman arguments in arch-setup.sh.
33dca395b1 aprs: NULL-terminate a string.
6c3e4c7304 enip: init address on declaration.
7cbb6e9a76 dissectors: init memory before use.
e4c46563fb QUIC: Add IMMEDIATE_ACK from ACK Frequency Draft
69637a731d QUIC: Update to last ACK Frequency draft(-01)
27f6fd6f9a iface_lists: fix resource leak
58821b50b5 PDCP-NR: changes to make security keys work better
371b52120b ipp: Use proto_tree_get_parent
d2335dd414 XML: Adding new 3GPP Mission Critical XML media types
8d6fbafe05 gitlab-ci: Add SAST
05d33b9690 WSUG: removed extra "or".
ea62d7d6fa hierarchy stats: Don't add text only fields to the hierarchy
43828765c3 NR RRC: upgrade dissector to v16.8.0
58af12cac7 LTE RRC: upgrade dissector to v16.8.0
2d48d49524 Allow to filter interface types
5c7c723feb LPP: upgrade dissector to v16.8.0
69b9c480fd Revert "wsutil: Use a separate "extlog" directory for Logwolf extcaps."
fea6591b0c macOS: Add support for Sparkle 2.
c8d9c6fc6a Fix tools/*-setup.sh to work with no arguments
fab32ea0cb dfilter: Allow arithmetic expressions as function arguments
92c1519dfe dfilter: Add float multiplication/division
eb2a9889c3 dfilter: Add abs() function
8889d8c78b ieee80211: Implement more KDEs from ieee802.11-2016 and on.
24d65950e9 check_typed_item_calls: Count all warnings
bc29ce61d5 GitLab CI: Switch to clang 14.
6900065f2d Tools: Make the Alpine and Arch setup scripts more strict.
05c86efcf6 Tools: Set a variable in rpm-setup.sh.
bce8825df8 [Automatic update for 2022-04-17]
d66c29ab07 IEEE1905: Fix CAC Termination Request's offset calculation
f4c7bd9c75 DOCSIS: Fixed RNG-RSP Commanded Power Sub-TLVs dissection
90c784bd97 fpp: Fix mCRC calculation
83959f77e3 dfvm: Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
86bc544fd3 PROFINET: Fix count of IO data objects and IOCS
dcffa0303a PROFINET: Split number of IOCS between in and out
c2c20a6f2d Implement parsing of OpenVPN tls-crypt packets
88719f0884 CIP Safety: Minor Refactoring, Part 2
af878388fe dfilter: Fix scanning of strings
e364444b24 wslua: Update the menu group documentation.
b4a15f8be3 BER: Add the length check of dissecting BER integers, int64, and booleans
98793186b9 CQL: format timestamp as microseconds (ENC_TIME_USECS)
b51a635bce BACapp: Fix a recusion check.
4e0cd3dbd2 epan: add ENC_TIME_USECS timestamp encoding
cef02cc3a0 dfilter: Add max()/min() tests and documentation
827d143e6e dfilter: Allow function arguments to be non-existent.
cb2f085f14 dfilter: Add max() and min() functions
a372497a85 hierarchy stats: Include appendix length in byte counts
62a2fe28c2 wiretap: Try opening systemd journal files before IxVeriWave.
8528fca055 Falco Bridge: Misc cleanup.
943c38d606 CIP Safety: Minor Refactoring, Part 1
3c25b69ff6 CIP: Correct DATE, DATE_AND_TIME type handling, Part 2
234db3b48f CIP Safety: Display human readable timestamps
50ada3d65c NGAP: workaround a gcc 10.2.1 compilation issue
55f7b27b35 tshark.adoc: update -z conv/endpoints descriptions
01239eb59d whois: Assume UTF-8, add an expert info
1e352c3e7b manpage: Fix grammar errors and improve phrasing
0dba7456aa tests: Remove leftover debug print
bcc286f341 UI: Rename the qt_logwolf directory to logwolf.
ca04f4c8cb Qt: Update our dynamic menu groups.
8746eea297 dfilter: Try to resolve field reference instead of using a heuristic
8355e96858 tests: Add test for display filter field reference
04c42eace3 tshark: Add a --selected-frame option
7a3c2252f5 hierarchy stats: Only increment the total packet count once per frame
4c7865c81b whois, finger: Dissect at FIN (or after) on first pass
3aee6ce9d6 ACN/rdmnet: add protocol check to TCP heuristic
03e41d4950 ftypes: Fix a macro argument
096947337e PER:Add function to add "PER encoded lable" to the tree.
09696f1762 Try to fix a narrowing warning
2f02cd6e19 dfilter: Handle missing error location more gracefully
ceef8aa8ee fix the indent
24443fa33a tshark: Add underline to dfilter errors
fb3bdffaba Logwolf: Remove a bunch of packet-specific menu items.
3b8ea97731 Debian: Add missing symbols.
4b556d6bc6 Qt+epan: Get log conversation filters working.
58e31a2e77 Qt: Try to fix missing translations.
bd6ee4479f Tools: Make the Debian and RPM setup scripts more strict.
3890d822ba macOS Homebrew: Install PCRE2
1c9538624f [Automatic update for 2022-04-10]
4d9470e7dd dfilter: Add location tracking to scanner and use it to report errors
da19379eb5 dfilter: Create the syntax node in the scanner and pass that
d23fec2116 bluetooth: show packet status in info column
50de7dd6ca bluetooth: show SCO packet type in col_protocol
fb9a176587 dfilter: Allow grouping arithmetical expressions with { }
73770c61b4 Qt: Add a null pointer check.
b52437ba28 WSUG/tshark: protocol summary and output with "-e"
b5fef40379 Git: Fix our debian ignore.
6e9b19dcb0 Qt: only Show/Export Packet Bytes when field is selected and has_packet_bytes
b7ba126644 F1AP: upgrade dissector to v16.9.0
ab71cb51ff XnAP: id-TargetNodeID is a protocol IE
894762b654 X2AP: fix a typo
82f268789c E1AP: upgrade dissector to v16.9.0
3bf9bc6326 XnAP: upgrade dissector to v16.9.0
c9353fdece NGAP: upgrade dissector to v16.9.0
4b42dcf3c0 X2AP: upgrade dissector to v16.9.0
e101aa6e78 S1AP: upgrade dissector to v16.9.0
f0f0f05060 editcap: Document use of stdin and stdout
37ccc2b0e5 GitLab CI: Build Logwolf in the Code Checks + Clang Warnings job.
c5da4f661a Logwolf: Fix building on Windows.
545553e203 Update tools/macos-setup-brew.sh
0c316ec1a9 NSIS/Wix: missing preferences file for Bluetooth profile
54553de59d wsutil: Use a separate "extlog" directory for Logwolf extcaps.
ddbafcd9ba DRBD: Add support for dissecting DRBD on InfiniBand
aac695d62e icmpv6: Fix dissection of PREF64 option for shorter prefixes
bcb992c4fb nas_eps: Fix typo in function name
34f8420d1e ieee80211: Correct the dissection of the 802.11ax Capabilities device class.
c3c94ff4fd Bluetooth: print event code for unknown HCI events
cc5726b63f dfilter: Remove leading colon special meaning
0313cd02bc dfilter: Fix RHS bias for literal values
7429832db4 Fix a log message
8d646c1657 DHCPv6: Fix interpretation of user class data length fields
d681da2534 IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: add MPA error codes given by RFC6581
c59315c45a IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: add MPA error codes given by RFC5044
6630bee851 IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: fix error codes for RDMA layer
d4cfae1b72 IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: change Terminate header bits to set-notset
72b44d13ea IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: fix Terminate opcode tree hierarchy
63c1b032c8 IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: fix Terminate layer name mapping
c30a417528 dflter: Add test
5584aba326 dfilter: Fix slice using range [:j]
a6f37323e6 dfilter: Clean up lexical scanning
6057d1a6e2 dfilter: Add more IPv6 tests
8108e67de7 dfilter: Fix memory leak with leading colon
85be944ebe CMake: Make sure Logwolf includes dumpcap on macOS.
a0ae42e33b wiretap: Update a comment.
c2e1ee2e57 tcp: Rework out of order dissection to dissect sooner
444e3f230c tcp reassembly: Add fragment_add_out_of_order
4e184104af exceptions: Add an expert warning for FragmentBoundsError
12c8cc32f0 dfilter: Fix parsing of some IPv6 compressed addresses
411b3c1d78 Fix: Fixed issue with deadlock when same RTP dialog opened twice
0e269659ec srt: added reference to the internet draft
f5567200fa tcp: Mark unreassembled PDUs as fragmented in tcp_dissect_pdus
b4a0b30f88 Regenerate ASN.1 dissectors
798136f107 wsutil: Use the correct variable.
7ed5d5036e dfilter: restore support for identifiers using hyphen
454552c149 ieee80211: Conform to ieee802.11-2016 for the Capability Info field.
8fb28f5161 dfilter: Minor grammar cleanup
20afbd46ec dfilter: Remove existence test syntax tree nodes
fb08c4b4a8 dfilter: Replace bitwise sttype with arithmetic
c98df5eef5 dfilter: Print syntax tree using dftest + format enhancements
d91734ab6a dfilter: Fix range registers in DFVM dump
cb1b4fb966 Allow building with Qt without Xcode on macOS
498760b628 IEEE1905: Fix miscalculated offset
49c434d012 BER: breakout multi-octet length field
550434057e CMake: Make sinsp dependent on Logwolf.
57172fe4cd CMake: Finish splitting ADD_PLUGIN_LIBRARY.
4f3017c000 CMake: Add a jsoncpp include path.
23ed784ce1 Falco Bridge: Fix a function declaration.
5971fcb941 Qt: Remove some unused code.
a212b86222 Docbook: Update the Logwolf quick start.
330d408328 dfilter: Allow arithmetic expressions without spaces
34ad6bb478 dfilter: Make logical AND higher precedence than logical OR
167d44ea6d CMake+packaging: Create our macOS Frameworks directory in osx-app.sh.
211353c873 CMake+packaging: Add a logwolf_app_bundle target.
5c769757ff Docbook: Add a Logwolf quick start.
5d3ffe9b57 More Logshark to Logwolf renaming.
9ec6b50027 Rename ui/qt_logshark to ui/qt_logwolf.
b153f040fc Qt: Start renaming Logshark to Logwolf.
3086774fa6 wsutil: Add configuration namespaces.
6d2ab6900f Qt: Dynamically set our "Welcome to" banner in WelcomePage.
dceffb8e56 Qt: Remove telephony and wireless code from Logwolf.
d8008cb89e Qt: Split MainWindow into WiresharkMainWindow and LogwolfMainWindow.
80de95ca71 Qt: Split MainApplication out from WiresharkApplication.
ca426d68a9 add hide read only button
245f988e9e Logshark: Add initial UI.
2fdf85c6eb Create Wireshark and Logshark info plists.
ffba3dd487 RLC-NR: Don't overwrite SDAP config from RRC with 0.
5a81675009 colorfilters: Rewrite some expressions
70582b84f6 dfilter: Allow parsing binary number as a byte array of len 1
fbd32cf853 Replace g_log() calls with ws_log()
ac7583c065 tpkt+rdp: Add a heuristic dissector for TPKT for RDP
ea39653c8d PROFINET: Support PROFIsafe 5 byte safety trailer
381ba88152 [Automatic update for 2022-04-03]
16871f66d7 coap: Change text format used in COL_INFO
f0ca30b60b dfilter: More arithmetic fixes
df5941d467 debian: add ccache to additional_list packages
248f11dd1b Qt: Fix interface statistics update if some interfaces are hidden
6065552dd4 Skinny: revert previous change
6dfd96f6fe rdp: Register RDP as a TLS subdissector for port 3389 directly
cf629e2547 ZBNCP: Fix some filter names.
436abf4cf7 CIP: Show Attribute ID as decimal
1997a86634 EVS: Refactor dissecting compact format code
67e5e5c3ab dfilter: Fix arithmetic expressions on the LHS
856cd96bb3 http2: Use the actual maximum table size for partial header workaround
e6202cf1d9 coap: Format text used in COL_INFO
f23a774819 CIP: Correct DATE type handling
7b4ec1bd88 Docs: Add new display filter syntax to the manpage.
15cc673c8e Fix release notes
a81617fda5 Fix build on CentOS 7
8b737033b0 RTP Analysis dialog: Update statistics when data are processed
af716cdb4a Geneve: add parsing of GCP options
74d385548e Fix comment
8bc214b5bb dfilter: Add remaining arithmetic integer ops
d54e22b872 safe-math: Remove unnecessary clutter
e15658d1c0 safe-math: Fix non-existent built-ins
85aa5939f1 NNTP: fix indentation
88840f61a2 NNTP: add support for STARTTLS
45268efd0a debian: add missing symbol.
59bd93413a mpeg table: fix, shows a CRC32 field for an empty PAT
2a9cb588aa dfilter: Add binary arithmetic (add/subtract)
ae537e24f0 Skinny: Set some masks to match boolean field width
3c2c6b175f Minor release notes cleanup.
5cd0e4cc97 dfilter: Fix use after free with references
9ab2837637 dfilter: Add fvalue duplicate method
19c0e83d8b quic: add missing draft uri for quic cibir TP
eac578445c QUIC: Add cibir_encoding TP
260942e170 dfilter: Refactor macro tree references
431cb43b81 dfilter: Remove parenthesis deprecation warning
f401cdeaae asn1: fix missing dissector generation
2c5f2ac6f3 BER: Add a function to add a BER encoded boilerplate.
499a33c709 Debian: Add a symbol.
4476db5798 zigbee/isis-clv/wsdg: depreciate -> deprecate
d2907d91c0 dfilter: Add more logging for bytecode
9ee9b40b64 dfilter: Store expanded text
a1299d63d9 dfilter: Lower level of two debug messages
b55e012524 uds: Don't append parameter record if not available
b9b45a4a8f dfilter: Add ftypes pseudofields
f54bad026f Qt: Fix another qsizetype warning.
8df570294f plugins.example: Add some comments
e3765215aa plugins.example: Add package target
c451e572e5 plugins.example: Make installation relocatable
842f53c329 Revert "epan: Allow nested dependent packets"
ac0a69636b dfilter: Add support for unary arithmetic
677b68aa3b tests: Remove not implemented tests
f574f3fbe8 tests: Remove broken wslua gregex tests
13d0101c30 tests: Fix wslua regex parameters
e306c53062 tests: Fix Kerberos detection
1ff681cec6 Remove libsinsp search on Windows
3d1b2876dd QUIC: further update of the fields names used in version negotiation
c805c0c16e Qt: Fix an about box signal and use new-style connections.
b05a149acd [Automatic update for 2022-03-27]
4597cf3b08 AC DR: Fix a couple of shadow variable warnings.
e9a7f8c9e0 Qt: Fix some QCustomPlot Qt 6 warnings.
629fc46ea1 GitLab CI: Add a Windows Qt5 MR job.
f0e4a9960c ieee80211: Handle the case where a Vendor Specific response is not DPP!
4bed80187e QUIC: update the name of a field used in version negotiation (draft-06)
118e45d853 netflow: handle zero length varlen fields
7680335a5b ieee80211: Handle fragmented DPP Configuration in GAS Comebacks.
80eff54e83 Plugins.example: Fix typo and more rewording
18a2a6827f wslog: Refactor ws_log_set_fatal() for consistency
d7f3612613 proto: Fix comment on NTP Era 1 Epoch
1d65574fc8 GitLab CI: Switch the 64-bit Windows builds to Qt 6.
067b3805b7 Qt: Add float suffixes.
bcd3d05a3e Qt: Fix more Qt6-related warnings.
a3b76138f0 dfilter: Fix memory leak
f0e4cedd69 Qt: Fix most of Qt6 compile warnings and issues
f8d3ebe0e2 Qt: Handle qsizetype.
bdccea7692 CMakeLists: Fix the error reported when Wireshark code is recompiled
47f72e2366 EVS: Support decoding Primary 64.0 kbps packets
14bf5bbdf1 wslua: Lua Console - add Clear button; restore print()
2d8607e7e0 epan: fix a segfault, introduced in !6329
3ac17381a6 ftypes: Fix IPv6 bitwise_and buffer overrun
4ed32de2ee E212: update and add new MCC/MNC entries for Kazakhstan
7f2e996193 PROFINET: TimeAware Dissection and RSI FREQ block fix
2724806e50 Docbook: Update the code signing parts of the User's Guide.
78656fe00f Redis RESP: REdis Serialization Protocol v2 dissector
33e97e6130 EVS: Support decoding Primary 32.0 kbps packets
2fc8c0e36b dfilter: Handle a bitwise expr on the RHS
0335ebdc3a dfilter: ftype_is_true -> ftype_is_zero
de0db2ad0a Qt: QVariant::type() is deprecated in Qt6.
ea11891f21 Qt: QMouseEvent::globalPos() is deprecated in Qt6.
8c2fdcb80b wsug: add Packet Diagram documentation
829fb032e4 CMake: Add support for WIRESHARK_QT6_PREFIX_PATH.
0a351fb6ba Falco Bridge: Update the README.
e06864e777 Falco Bridge: Miscellaneous fixes.
34cb45c743 Falco Bridge: Remove some unused code.
110dbffbe9 Rename Sysdig Bridge to Falco Bridge.
be03aa1a4d CMake+Sysdig Bridge: Add a FindSinsp module.
90bd33e4e2 Sysdig Bridge: Make sure we fetch the correct field info.
3ae5ccbe52 Remove some debugging code.
b9946577d6 Sysdig Bridge: Remove old code.
349c067414 Sysdig Bridge: Handle info and conversation fields.
bee0393a94 Sysdig Bridge: Switch to libsinsp/libscap.
9b106b500c Sysdig Bridge: Update the Sysdig Plugin fields.
72b1e028a8 Sysdig Event: Find the sdplugin dissector once.
a075ce1be7 Sysdig bridge: Update a struct.
24aa07281a Sysdig bridge: Fix a couple of offsets.
9a889e9546 Sysdig bridge: Set our plugin API version to 0.2.0.
70aed62c86 Sysdig bridge: Fix compilation.
58e3976910 Use the plugin name as the protocol short name
0555c413d1 Sysdig Bridge: Fix a memory allocation crash.
39c8e1ac2c Use register_shutdown_routine, not cleanup_routine
5fdc4142b9 Update to use single extract_fields func
c34693bb20 Update to reflect latest plugins api changes
665a04e5e9 Update pluginevent to match falcosecurity/libs
8c3f436cc0 load the plugins from the wireshark directory
d226a7aa98 separate list of conversation filters for logshark
2d6b0e8885 conversation-like filtering and coloring for sysdig plugins
de5f59d7a4 sysdig: initial implementation of sysdig plugins support
625a042ff8 initial skeleton for sysdig plugins experiments
a3877af990 debian: add missing symbol.
67a3256bcd rpcrdma: fix build issue [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
f07c30fffe CBOR: fix build issue [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
7c1dd842ff Diameter: improve IMEI/IMEISV dissection in User-Equipment-Info AVP
16729be2c1 dfilter: Add bitwise masking of bits
3e3db6cd3e CFM: Unindent dissector code by restructuring loop conditions
1e39a66746 etwdump: Clarify "ETW".
631cf34f0c dfilter: Use a function pointer array to free registers
89a39134ff NVMeOF TCP: fix storing of QID for TCP protocol -- fix missing commit.
6a0129a0e3 dfilter: Fix EditorConfig settings
54d8627c9a dfilter: Add more comments to optimization pass
d60f2580ba dfilter: Pass around constants in instructions
94d909103e dfilter: Remove DFVM constant initialization
ae17e733ac dfilter: Use more DFVM values in gencode
769f1f10de dfilter: Add DFVM value constructor
402bd8f28d NVMeOF TCP: fix storing of QID for TCP protocol.
1b574e7466 dfilter: Cleanup dfvm_apply()
22f3d87a8f dfilter: Use singly linked list for registers
ea949ef719 dfilter: Cleanup dfilter_dump()
9253762305 Qt: Fix startCapture legacy call
5212a757a4 Qt: Remove sparkline for extcap
e6487fcdf4 tools/radiotap-gen: Fix build issue on some versions of Ubuntu.
96f3b7065f CMake: Fix our dtds dependencies.
c347b057a7 dumpcap: Count more block types as packets.
6a97b2095c [Automatic update for 2022-03-20]
50f04cb9da dfilter: Remove dead code
984dc6de78 IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: display read request tags and offsets in hex
4a80186e2b RPCoRDMA: do not reassemble if there is only one fragment
37a0054551 http: Pass data relative to the original offset to follow tap
096bc367b6 Align plugin reg function search with epan reg function search
4099137ad1 tools/radiotap-gen: Add a sample program for generation radiotap headers.
5f6d7ada57 Qt: Fix pre Qt 5.11 builds
60ba57387c data: Add data shown as text to Info column
bf21921445 Qt: Allow capture from hidden interfaces
e61fe552d0 ieee80211-radiotap: Add support for headers to be bit-based as well as TLVs.
eabf92859e test: Use integer tuple to check Gcrypt version
9d11321385 Qt: Disable Sorting for the packet List
b82ef4ad04 tls: Use TCP reassembly functions for desegmentation
9ca501ae13 tcp: Use first frame and sequence number for reassembly
588d22a82b dfilter: Allow variable number of jumps during codegen
5f13127a94 ftypes: Remove unnecessary macro
72751919b2 ftypes: Remove shared boolean from fvalue struct
32446523f6 dfilter: Fix stnode_tostr()
765d6755fb RPCoRDMA: add padding on iWarp read and write chunks
db09e81dd8 RPCoRDMA: add iWarp read chunk reassembly
327437d04d IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: add read request to struct rdmapinfo
596c4151d8 RPCoRDMA: add iWarp reply chunk reassembly
8749bbca31 RPCoRDMA: add iWarp write chunk reassembly
29b660cb92 IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: add tagged buffer items to struct rdmapinfo
746b46a16a RPCoRDMA: add iWarp send reassembly
4cc8e09213 IWARP_DDP_RDMAP: add untagged buffer items to struct rdmapinfo
2523f6781d RPCoRDMA: correctly cache Infiniband send fragments
bf9a82d244 RPCoRDMA: correctly reassemble chunks when handle is reused
52e0a5a005 TCP: Add comments about current desegmentation limitations
bd5c6b8cac Add Ixia PEN fields for cflow: UDP and QUIC connection latency
78d78eb016 QUIC: update support for QUICv2 draft-01
62d6c139b7 packet-eap: Fix memory leak
16786ce708 ITS: use custom value format for more ITS elements
bdb460ef69 Bluetooth: have BT specific global names contain bluetooth
109b92b5d7 wiretap: have wtap_dump_close() provide a "needs to be reloaded" indication.
304dae33d6 doc: Corrected an error in the Wireshark test guide
9012722f9b elastic: fix mapping with recent es versions.
23ed064ded wiretap: Fix doxygen comments
2ebf8d4bdd sshdump: fix remote-sudo parameter on restart
f9ee2c14a0 IEC-60870-5-104: apci type endianness bugfix
676ed85296 Bluetooth: Amend ID's with additional entries from registry
24420ceb47 [Automatic update for 2022-03-13]
9b49cbff29 WSUG: Fix numerous grammar issues
7747189861 couchbase: fix clang warnings
b630fdfb98 rfc7468: fix warning found by Clang analyzer
f6ce1bd5a3 rfc7468: fix warning found by Clang analyzer
2579599287 WSUG: Clarify Packet Details context menu
8575914213 epan: Make sure we always set our return values.
87ff577257 Move Freedesktop files to resources/freedesktop.
492a11a256 Move a bunch of protocol resources to resources/protocols.
e39b9a2f80 CMake: Disable fuzzshark by default.
3bfc864c72 debian: add missing symbol.
f4703d4dcf CIP: Forward Close Req: Show connection parameters
2c4165fe5a Qt: Set Packet List scrollbar page step only on macOS
80d0283341 mpeg: handle the presence of an image in the ID3v2 header.
3f9fdc373e QUIC: fix typos
1a4ef97e45 CIP Security: Update attribute values
42035b61aa quic: fix bug in decrypting draft-34 version
7ea63a134e WSUG: Add a sub-chapter about new display filter syntax
7aa5b08016 EditorConfig: Add settings for Flex
7e07f373f5 dfilter: Remove unused function
8983dda8f2 dfilter: Deprecate "~=" (any_ne)
e035fa3508 Qt: Add new operators to "display filter expression" dialog
db5aa275a0 Update radius dictionaries for ruckus again
fd22de4f3d Diameter: Update S6C AVPs
8622c92a75 extcap: new interface, wifidump, to capture Wi-Fi frames using a remote SSH host
ad48c4050d IEEE 802.11: Additional countrycode environment values
f405771abb Packaging: Fix some paths.
e482b375f2 Rename the "image" directory to "resources".
9fe01522e1 WSUG: Fix numerous grammar issues
0ebf7b6de5 iwarp: optimize the parsing of the MPA protocol
33151dc928 Qt: Fix overlay scrollbar indicator
f7e0c7028b RTPS: Filter description changes in RTI_BINDING_PING and locators.
5fc1ed369c USB HID: Initialize some variables.
dae7cb354f BACnet: update to protocol revision 24
ec8c547136 Added the OIDs and codepoints of OQS-OpenSSL supported algorithms to Wireshark
b2eb476764 Tools: add script to check help URLs vs. available User's Guide chapters
be915d7374 epan: Allow nested dependent packets
1d2a8bff3c [Automatic update for 2022-03-06]
5ea49dbffb Drop old unused topic actions
dad78d209a iWARP MPA: Resolved the problem that the iWARP Marker parses abnormally
c4f60981c1 GitLab CI: Copy our macOS dSYM .dmgs.
1b8d2bcf37 Debian: Update our symbols.
93d9b799b7 macOS: Fix our dSYM bundle name.
1677e0a8f9 Packaging: Ship macOS dSYMs in their own .dmg.
df0fc8b517 dfilter: Try to be more flexible with leading colons
bd48f947b0 dfilter: Require a field-like value on the LHS
a68b408a9f dfilter: Add RHS bias for literal values
c4f9d8abda dfilter: Rename "unparsed" to "literal"
6d520addd1 dfilter: Add special syntax for literals and names
64d95a2808 pcap: fix the handling of the reserved field.
e999b0a4d2 pcap: process the subfields of the link-layer-type-plus-stuff field.
5db8d0930a NVME: Make an array of hf items static.
f43ce70fd9 HTTP2: Don't add a proto item before seeing if we'll dissect anything
f461e33a41 column-utils: Add missing check for frame_data::has_ts
0d0c1ceead Protobuf: Support to display JSON mapping for Protobuf message
8a9cb14aec json_dumper: Adding support to dump JSON to GString
3846d35529 TLS: Don't add to the info column if the msp ends in the same frame
db85804e92 cbor: Use common fields for uint and tag
c12a41e970 cbor: Add items for header fields
fd8a1e6f4a packet-ftp: Add support for exporting objects
041b9d6ade MySQL: Fix a buffer overrun.
b32659a5bc NVMe: decode Get Features transfers.
a97fc26d9d NVMe: decode Get Features CQE.
d06781ee9b NVMe: fix decoding of bad CQE status.
6977bc18ec Couchbase: Add support for server push messages
e9aca17038 ORAN FH-CUS: Getting ready to add modulation compression
0760bfd1f5 NVMe: decode partial transfers
dc1c251310 NVMe: decode partial transfers
2126920200 NVMe: decode partial transfers
ff298c9876 NVMe: decode partial transfers
dc4c32ebda NVMe: decode partial transfers
17ddf0e247 MySQL: Add a cast.
4a3ae916d6 SOMEIP: Dissect payload by default
31c71e94aa MySQL: Allocate enough memory for our metadata.
c3dea0b98e GRPC: Add support for gRPC-Web
90ddcc44ed TCP: check the layer number of the last segment as well
636c797627 MP2T: Only call subdissectors on the last fragment
6105d652f3 MariaDB/MySQL protocol improvement
8176303d9d tshark: -G plugins - add codecs to output
6ac2123953 CFM: clean up proto_item encoding, white space and some comments.
118271631c packetlogger: clean up the dissector code a bit.
71cb58df22 packetlogger: Handle SCO data packets
1278e36152 dfilter: Add more debug code
70301ba54c dfilter: Fix dfvm dump display
b9651ba7b0 [Automatic update for 2022-02-27]
1f88507591 LI5G: Use a dissector table
257225bf1d LI5G: Actually find an Ethernet dissector
0a362d7daa LI5G: Add value strings
0bb4b44e2e TShark: Don't yell at the user.
2d06b63b14 LI5G: Fix spelling of "Format"
393c2ec9f2 tshark: -G only accepted as first option
7baded473f LI5G: Remove mixed tabs and spaces
4a478927fe mpeg descriptor: add FTA Content Management Descriptor (0x7E)
ab055c7e44 LI5G: Add support over UDP
dd7fff4bce ieee80211: Handle UTF-8 SSIDs and unspecified charsets
939972800e Strip Headers: Add separate menu dialog, tshark help
cbf76ea22f Export PDU: Allow native encapsulations / strip headers
f457caae01 EIGRP: Fix some item lengths
462d755d8c IPv6: Calipso Domain of Interpretation is 4 bytes
4fdf7eee6f amqp: Fix spelling of Queueing (issue #17943)
a059280b5d CSN.1: Fix compiler warning showing wrong copy
f5277d0186 Couchbase: Simplify PDU length detection
33f5b9e145 Proto: Return NULL for 0 or lower -1 length items
4f0354b95f Couchbase: Whitelist some commands from key decode
864c8cc857 SOMEIP: Fix length resolution for wiretype 4
fa0cd7d2f4 Couchbase: Refactor packet dissector
743ac32dca TVB composite: allow to append/prepend a NULL tvb
85cf859995 asterix: Sync with asterix-specs #4df694c69c
86c14aed44 asterix: long items fix
68edbaece1 Couchbase: Add missing hello features
13d7cd1f6f Expert info: "Ok" is not valid severity level
d1e5ae8385 Bluetooth: make dissect_bluetooth_common() public API
49566a5b0c dfilter: Add more tests
90c0862a93 Reword plugin info in About Wireshark dialog
8cd49b2da0 dumpcap: Fix a TODO for Npcap test
ac6cbbcda3 Windows: Fix build
e2fab18853 wsutil: New API to gather compile/runtime info
80cb8fbb12 LDAP: try harder to detect SASL with kerberos signing only
ec6a47f663 github: fix ubuntu action when building dpkg.
af6d86d4a7 NTLMSSP: fix dissecting the spnego mechListMIC payload
ef31431aeb dfilter: Add a true/false boolean representation
70d516368b Fix EditorConfig settings
9cc3e7e1bb dfilter: Add support for binary literal constants
1aef88df4b dfilter: Fix node debug representation
fec12018f3 CMake: Remove redundant code.
21f57f04b1 Lua: Forward display filter text info
dd2fd30ba3 Tooltips for menu items that open browser windows
1d84a092cf doc: Update text2pcap and Import from Hexdump doc
0e427ac837 Packaging: Update our macOS notarization check.
2ebefa4cc1 GitLab CI: Try to fix macOS Arm builds.
91f588ea6f GitLab CI: Remove `arch` commands.
1799627b14 DVB-S2-BB: Get correct ACM byte for L.4
a98aca3838 DVB-S2-BB: Add pref to try all Adaptation layer headers (or only one)
3eec649ddc SIGNAL PDU: Dissect payload by default
e5783d8549 Couchbase: Shorten prefixes
ced9e51c20 asterix: Sync with asterix-specs #808fb7b68c
8993d69335 asterix: python to generated C string fix
2990d624f9 Qt: Show Packet Bytes - first byte is 0 so end byte is length-1
4a1dc2e9f3 NAS-5GS: Update decoding of Route selection descriptor component (CR)
55d3a9db9e tools/check_*.py: allow multiple --file entries
581f3142bb mpeg descriptor: add TVA ID Descriptor (0x75)
70d432c357 Remove editor modelines and .editorconfig exceptions from root files
695ce22b0d [Automatic update for 2022-02-20]
c7f84156c0 pcap/pcapng: byte-swap the CAN ID field in CAN pseudo-headers for SLL2.
b5d74c69a7 dfilter: Fix error message with non printable ASCII
30b9474aaa mpeg descriptor: fix Content Identifier Descriptor (0x76)
6bbddaa9c8 mpeg descriptor: add PDC Descriptor (0x69)
0824558af1 QT Proto Tree: Fix link to wiki for protocol ref
0396c65d60 Qt: "Decode As..." tooltips misassigned
62bf6422b1 MySQL / MariaDB length encoded integer correction
f7d8dd4938 DVB-S2-BB: Fix detection of adaptation field type
fbf403de00 epan: Always set our proto_item_fill_label label.
4c90ca7ad2 file: Eliminate pointer subtraction
b3f8c10542 PFCP: Fix offset for hf_pfcp_flow_desc
c9f8a427d7 RLC-NR: some trivial edits.
8608a432ee Epan: Add some missing reserved keywords
3a620f6f87 ieee802211: Add Model and Serial Fortinet Specific Vendor
9308f760a6 file: Optimize Find Packet
4633621c3e Some spelling fixes
58adcf1e7d RTPproxy: Handle preference range change.
9ef6eaa539 RTPProxy: Make it possible to configure a range of UDP/TCP ports.
03afef0a56 TLS: Ignore GREASE values for JA3
8cb519153c Couchbase: Print VBucket as vb:<num>
bc168ca376 Couchbase: Add ifconfig command
1a83f3c43a Couchbase: Add missing status codes
8efad466c4 Tools: Fix fix-encoding-args.pl ASCII string validation
8198dd51cd pre-commit: Add an exception to duplicate filter name check
8b526c61cb Tools: Improve update-tools-help's version handling.
371f98aec4 make-manuf.py: Remove HTML double quote entities
f07ff72f90 WSDG/WSUG: add missing asciidoc admonition icons
59b5c83e4c Qt: Refactor to avoid deprecation warning on Windows
79da670bd1 Packaging+GitLab CI: Move debian to the packaging directory.
4e3b2ec007 [Automatic update for 2022-02-13]
7d171d3782 mpeg descriptor: add Short Smoothing Buffer Descriptor (0x61)
1212ec9d56 msrcp: Fix warnings about -Wmissing-prototypes
26d48b9464 ppp: Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
c115a2ae60 signal-pdu: fix DeadStore found by Clang Analyzer
3dee67b2a2 msrcp: Fix DeadStore found by Clang Analyzer
a1be626264 text2pcap: Fix DeadStore found by Clang Analyzer
6d063e0190 EAP: fix Argument with 'nonnull' attribute passed null
38d5d79d74 bt-dht: Fix Argument with 'nonnull' attribute passed null
123a5f4e13 libpcap(wiretap): Fix unreachable-code
0f86319543 follow_stream_dialog(qt): Fix Wunreachable-code
13c42f5f83 help_url(ui) Fix Wunreachable-code
f5eceb4ad0 blf: fix Wunreachable-code
d73752d228 mpeg descriptor: add XAIT Content Location Descriptor (0x7D)
c73101601e mpeg descriptor: add Time Shifted Event Descriptor (0x4F)
2406588c64 mpeg descriptor: add Service Identifier Descriptor (0x71)
dc5cb69409 Profinet plugin: Decode more r/w indexes
a17037de4b Profinet plugin: Update several enums
699c3c051a Qt: Fix ASAN heap-use-after-free
52955b9c43 Qt: highlight when search result is in the current packet.
0011bb6a4c Qt: Allow omitting secondary data sources when printing
fc3f061829 Differentiate `-c` from `-a packets:`
4b8c280d68 ssh: fix warnings found by Clang Analyzer (deadcode.DeadStores)
5ddca40727 ssh: dissecting server signature
9f2e1dbaf5 ssh: dissecting generic connection packets
54a9d92b28 ssh: dissecting specific user authentication packets
62489e0b57 ssh: dissecting generic user authentication packets
ae394cd42a ssh: dissecting generic transport packets
15046059cb ssh: displaying sequence number
41b442d9c0 ssh: checking and showing Message Authentication Code
7ea9bab84b Geneve: new option classes
e1dbf36519 Docs: Add new protocols to the release notes.
84569f3ab8 ieee80211: add support of Fortinet Vendor Specific
1e0d117eb7 Specify directory for temporary captures
f72787e86f TCP: Fix SYN and FIN retransmission vs ooo detection
26dafbae39 file: Fix memory leak in Find Packet
782e7db8c0 PER: Check length calling tvb_new_octet_aligned()
833a825c7c packet-dcerpc-netlogon: use SEC_CHAN_* values from packet-dcerpc-misc
0fd55dbf54 WSCBOR: Add checks for length and NULL
095255481a Tidy up some masks in items.
1e27fe59fd Clean up checking for invalid field definitions.
a8c8ee6908 epan: Fix our FT_UINT_BYTES and FT_UINT_STRING checks.
e93001a8dd BP: Make sure our offset advances.
8d3c217779 GDSDB: Make sure our offset advances.
1e795b3f8c Qt: Fix Packet bytes dialog view
3c4e4cc134 p_mul: Change display of missing sequence numbers
027f6a02e8 GDT: add dissector for SCTP PPID 49 protocol
2a4171fc06 WAP: Clamp our value lengths to a usable value.
6b3daa9aec ZigBee ZCL: fix the zero-length item check.
7f820c4a02 More descriptive names for some heuristic dissectors
81f220ae80 Qt: Fix open explorer
b7babe8ae7 MSRCP: fix build issues [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized]
e03a590246 json: Handle application/senml+json
0a2629f844 mpeg descriptor: add Service Availability Descriptor (0x72)
64c4f74829 RLC-NR: work out a better id/data value for adding fragments.
782671a99a Kerberos: handle etype == 0 in dissect_krb5_decrypt_CRED_data()
b3716be761 Kerberos: Cope with FAST ordering in TGS-REQ PA-DATA
ac71f9418a Kerberos: add support for new PAC buffers
835d5b3f97 Qt: Allow byteview to be hidden
6dc92a5fb2 CBOR: Handle application/senml+cbor
5b6bf0b4f3 Qt: Fix show in folder issue
bb8e3db0c6 MIH: Check length tvb_composite_append()
d6fe0b3211 [Automatic update for 2022-02-06]
8510013135 Prefs/Expert: disable Open Expert Info on Protocol Preferences context menu
fb38fe8573 doc: Document tshark -z stats
9a11d75d4d Qt: Add Show as Json in Show Packet Bytes
42106c9688 Docs: Accurately describe our minimum GLib and where to get it
044dd69725 wsutil: Just use g_utf8_validate for now
25d0c88251 epan: Add BASE_SHOW_UTF_8_PRINTABLE
ebe22f7b7b ZigBee ZCL: Make sure our offset advances.
a25347c59c GSM RLC MAC: Check length tvb_new_octet_aligned
d003ad9092 Qt: Display fieldname as tooltip in expert info dialog
00149f1454 Git: Ignore Visual Studio Code workspace definition
64f98ee13c PER: Check length calling tvb_new_octet_aligned()
1f22c7e04c Trivial: change some formatting in hf item definitions
1d8690f8ef AMP: Fix large / infinite loops.
4e11aa1829 Qt: Show Preference key in the tooltip
1136ce9610 epan: Check our FT_UINT_BYTES and FT_UINT_STRING lengths.
f2dbaa1d53 epan: Handle -1 length in tvb_ascii_isprint
3466798ed0 More mask/field-length fixes
ad356d2672 WSUG: Fix TCP keep alive description
13f5d72453 ASN.1 PER + ATN-ULCS: Add checks for nulls in sequences.
758b41a017 x509af: Call dissect_ber_bitstring() with hf_index
3c5fd8a0df q.261: Fix a couple of fields (masks/lengths)
3abd163127 Docs: Start migrating the Developer's Guide to Visual Studio 2022.
c442f180f7 TECMP: Allowing Chassis Temperature to be not available too
d848127c6e packet-smb2: use better error checking logic in do_decrypt
cfe93f8001 Fix some masks/widths.
a690119080 Fix some too-narrow field types.
a979189ab0 packet-smb2: add AES-256-* decryption
a30d6a442e GTP: Update checked messages
0582cc7a68 GTP: Add UE Registration Query messages
b7dc881571 GTP: Update more checked message contents to V16.0.0
7023907c57 GTP: Add Initiate PDP Context Activation to checked messages
185a5b3473 GTP: Update ETSI checked Tunnel Management Messages to V16.0.0
f201f23299 GTP: Use alternative GSN address decoders for Update PDP Resp
09ecc11be5 ipsec: Don't use NULL heuristic if padding length is impossible
8ef0114995 SOME/IP: Add stats information to tshark man file
9038f5a7da SOME/IP: Add name resolution to statistics
0d357951c3 pflog: byte swap UID and PID fields in the header if necessary.
5c020863c7 Qt: Go To Packet field - change from inputMask to QIntValidator
a0426314a7 packet-ntlmssp: only mark invalid target_info lists without failing the rest
c9e1c2cf4e Revert "NTLMv2 dissector: skip target info for AUTHENTICATE_MESSAGE"
0b2c35986b ZBOSS NCP renamed zbncp.data.joined
a087544ba8 Qt: Fix PacketDialog preference context menu
65b44f4621 docs: tshark: read filter -> display filter
43a0a3bc8b ONC-RPC: when a GSS context is destroyed, NULL proc Verifier must be dissected
08dc06027f TShark, Wireshark: add some more documentation of "-i TCP@<host>:<port>".
dc16d91c37 OER: Check length
b88b7ce798 SCTP: Fix relative sequence number calculation first pass
778fc283a7 dumpcap: add some more documentation of "-i TCP@<host>:<port>".
62c1f9e1a9 pflog: fix typo in URL.
84873418da macos-setup.sh: libtiff: refactor curl fail logic
d06e7bd0f6 macos-setup.sh: fix libtiff filename and URL
18edc17bf3 mpeg_descriptor: add Telephone Descriptor (0x57)
2700bd60ce pflog: more cleanups.
a02b964b5f mpeg_descriptor: add NVOD Reference Descriptor (0x4B)
37dcb3902b DCM: Check if buf_desc is not NULL
b0036e01f8 SIP: Fix SIP Statistics in GUI
4debf54dbd pflog: Various cleanups.
7884d792ef RTCP: Reject packets with unsupported version
bbed034329 [Automatic update for 2022-01-30]
1fd1853837 CSN.1: Fix some alignment issues.
a2c7564eef mpeg descriptor: add Mosaic Descriptor (0x51)
7ecc87375e mpeg descriptor: add Time Shifted Service Descriptor (0x4C)
342ad4a083 ssh: fix warnings found by Clang Analyzer (deadcode.DeadStores)
226193a18f ssh: fix unused-parameter
8cc8a0544b ssh: fix Clang warnings about Dead nested assignment
f837a2000a ssh: Fix Clang Warnings about Dead Assignment
5ecb57cb90 Add ZBOSS NCP protocol dissector
59208468b9 mpeg descriptor: add Country Availability Descriptor (0x49)
e0a11d0607 PROFINET: Fix incorrect API call, assertion
813854102b Remove our .bzrignore symlink.
19ec126687 check_typed_item_calls.py - Find all (but 3) items from calls.
ee8a4fdfd7 GTP: Fix cut and paste wrong offset MBMS PCO
451e3cc4ef DNS: Check our NSEC3 hash length.
899b07a8eb Fix some filters strings.
e406e5b826 DTLS: Only call srtp_add_address now
804b5ffdb3 ppp-packet.c: VSNP fixes for issue #17815
d4c56c2021 ppp-packet.c: VSNP fixes for issue #17815
ab8500261b Docs: wslua TreeItem class typo
6c9662eda4 GTP: Add dissection for Source RNC PDCP Context Info IE
2f6cf59ce4 CPPcheck: When we say C11 do check for C11
16ddc9ab19 RTP/RTCP: Create rtcp info when RFC 5761 multiplexing
6a99dacf54 Add Microsoft Cluster Route Control Protocol (MSRCP)
33b000148f GTPv2: MM Context handle 0 length IEs
1a512bc26d afp: fix dissection of afp.access and afp.file_bitmap fields.
f098b4ddba Prevent reuse of hf_afp_file_bitmap as a 16 and 32 bit value in dissections by introducing hf_afp_request_bitmap for the 32 bit Request Bitmap in FPCatSearchExt. Made the hf_afp_access_* FT_BOOLEANs have a width of 16 to reflect the fact that hf_afp_access_mode needs to be a FT_UINT16 as AFP spec defines access mode as a short.
5cdb661b8c afp: fix dissection of afp.access and afp.file_bitmap fields.
acd2b2a2aa TDS: add decoding of TLS messages
601a55b36d RTP: add some comments
84c89b8f6c GTP': Support Release 15 and higher CDRs
6231bdc716 Fix Linux build issue
f31881ef0b GTP: Fix wrong GGSN control plane address field
6e48f973ec Tools: Remove NPL.
36521f27b3 DTLS-SRTP: Set up SRTP and SRTCP sessions
ac164db3ac ieee80211: initialize local buffers.
5c5c109ec0 SIP: Add 3GPP TS 24.229 SIP headers.
d408ad5ba8 DNS: Base32-encode NSEC3 Next Hashed Owner Name
f7a882d3eb DTLS: comment out unused expert info
e4b26c586c realtek: add support for some Realtek protocols.
c49f63b5f5 Docs: Update markup in the text2pcap man page.
ab4d858398 RTCP: Don't always Decode As SRTCP
402e05bc37 X509ce: Use FT_ABSOLUTE_TIME for baseUpdateTime, invalidityDate
11e7240bcf LLRP: Fix check of enough bytes
89b7a1328b tools/check_typed_item_calls.py: improve detection of missing items
2235d5fd2c packet-kerberos: kerberos.patimestamp use FT_ABSOLUTE_TIME/ABSOLUTE_TIME_LOCAL
af40152a0d ieee80211: fix typo (verision => version)
fb7f1823da 5co: Fix failed assertion
5f29a00814 NSIS: Completely remove the User's Guide.
e4a33d22a8 GTP: Add MBMS UE Info IE
a202350f6f DHCPv6: Fix failed assertion tvb_bytes_to_str()
ac2389d3e4 ICMPv6: fix missing hf for SubjectKeyInfo
5ec5edec0f cdp: fix tvbuff.c:4429: failed assertion len > 0
ccdcc91e81 couchbase: fix Illegal call of proto_item_add_bitmask_tree without fields
fbeee407b4 GTP: Fix wrong value_string for PDP organization
f7fba2ad52 [Automatic update for 2022-01-23]
fb37fe8537 GTP: Support Additional Trace Info IEs
2337761e92 IPP: Fix failed assertion for tvb_bytes_to_str()
78984d855e Clean up .gitignore.
8f873bcbb7 asterix: Sync with asterix-specs #251f703483
63cbb2dd1e asterix: output format fix
99ab96555a asterix: minor cleanup in decoding subitems
b4e74af118 check_typed_item_calls.py: Don't match files with extra extensions
0efe56399c gitignore: Add ignores for clangd
f7ea4ab085 GTP: Dissect two IEs from BSSGP
7005b047a4 GTP: add dissection of IE's for some "for future use"
470b6b17ad GTP: Dissect more undecoded IEs
125f5cbd88 Fix no-ZLib builds.
d7d2994228 check_typed_item_calls.py: fix matching of calls
81b57b29ab PPP: Fix failed assertion for tvb_bytes_to_str()
f57919d6ba GTP: Dissect CSG related IEs
f37d8bad53 GTP: add dissection of various IE's
b2f78b47b4 GTP: Don't include padding in the RAC in ULI
56f1ee5c3a GTP: Support Cell Identification IE
a05d35fd4f SOCKS: Allow SOCKS over TLS
f5bb44f75f GTP: Add CAMEL Charging Information Container IE
de0fde6e46 Profinet Plugin: Improve dissecting PDPortDataReal block
74255a072f Profinet plugin: Dissect Neighbors block
c1a2cbcf05 Profinet Plugin: Dissect OwnPort block
74d522d8d3 Profinet Plugin: Decode PDPortDataRealExtended block
bb34f30d56 Profinet Plugin: Cleanup diagnosis data decoding
5b666b874a Profinet Plugin: Add 10BASET1L and APL MAU Type
6100e284cf Profinet Plugin: Update Block Type List
7efd80327d Profinet Plugin: Decode ControlBlockPlug
239d9de7ad Profinet plugin: Correctly name ModuleDiffBlock bits
6db8b0e4cc Profinet plugin: Decode QualifiedChannelDiagnosis
feebf6bc65 GTP: Add some undecoded IEs
4720967c4a tools/check_typed_item_calls.py improvements
0729f96fdd GitLab CI: Fix Commit Check gitrevision for multiple commits
73b94e7aef Improvements to check_typed_item_calls.py
3e2c79d924 dumpcap: Fix segfault when failing to create temporary file
f7b6ebcc04 tvbuff: assert the called len is > 0.
c6de71552a GSM RP: fix dissection of SMS in 5G Nf interface
1bf7904223 UDS: adding diagnostic address resolution
13b6cbb9cf TLCP:support GB/T 38636-2020 TLCP
e1f025d9f4 TVB: Don't uncompress zero sized buffers
8202125fe3 SRTCP: Warn about undecoded, not length error
91463dde4d NSIS: Use the correct Visual C++ Redistributable file name.
9a887cc909 macos-setup.sh: bump libssh version
fe09d8e7e5 version info: Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.
ae1ee2f0c0 E2AP: remove an obsolete comment
26d2cb085d NGAP: stop clearing the fence
4165159263 S1AP: stop clearing the fence
0461354906 sctp: fix indentation.
2170f8e51b PTP: Clean up code to reduce warnings
269e662442 Adding dissection for subsystem sftp.
ca61ee833a wmem_alloc() moved from libwireshark.so to libwsutil.so with 3.6.x
9db22e8439 EAP: Adding EAP-IKEv2 support
1af0178afd PTP: Analysis of Message Intervals (Sync and PDelay_Req)
3c4d2a28ea tvbuff: add robustness to tvb search related functions
7843c1fa89 GTP: Add Extended Commong Flags IE
6d5a961414 ISO15765: change addresses to 32bit
3bbcf76d30 ORAN FH-CUS: Show I/Q values in U-Plane PRBs.
46cb5d5252 BLF: Make sure a struct is completely initialized.
fad709a582 Docs: Use modern Asciidoctor section IDs.
92c8c2f7a0 rpm: RHEL 8 update macros
d6a6cc72a0 cmake: fix indentation.
ea21ffdb88 ISAKMP: Fix Typo
65e3c4fbe2 rpm: expand comment
268582b553 Frame: Parsing of PCAPNG Option Block PEN 46254
28fc042686 Kafka: Make sure a string pointer is valid.
5ee3116113 IPDC: implement proper length checks
1d0fb38d38 rpm: Fix up paths
a65abbc2bb http2: add PRIORITY_UPDATE frame dissection
0e8387747b http3: add PRIORITY_UPDATE frame dissection
1b46176849 tvbuff: add robustness to memory copy related functions
c8c7479ace libpcap: set wth->priv to the libpcap_t before returning errors.
019f8aa26e Docbook: Fix some section ID / anchor markup.
496a23a56a [Automatic update for 2022-01-16]
a9490f354c libpcap (wiretap): reorganize the file open code.
e06020e391 http3: fix QPACK blocked streams filter
1370a6186f http3: detect extended CONNECT setting
fd72d99d7f http2: detect extended CONNECT setting
9c318abef4 http2: add support for ORIGIN frame
ef43fd48b4 tshark: improve robustness for PCAPNGs not starting with IDBs
800524131f rpm packaging: Add build requirements for the guides
c9e08b7be3 Add ShowAsRustArray option
6ce15b9521 PTP: Adding Analysis Features
4107d5dd6e BLF: improved checks to avoid hangs
d2fd2eeb31 text2pcap: encap types option (instead of link type)
3f6c273e11 import_text: Check writable encap types against pcapng
816f858361 CMake+packaging: Updates for Visual Studio 2022
5f19c5b6ef GitLab CI: Migrate to Visual Studio 2022.
559df3c620 Fix some spelling errors
8e805674e0 ieee80211: fix wrong proto_tree_add_item call.
112af30dd9 erf(wiretap): Fix Clang Warning Uninitialized argument value
153f836ab3 kafka: Fix Clang Warning Uninitialized argument value
b1d7d78fed file-rfc7468: Fix Clang Warnings Uninitialized argument value
dd663c8c7f BLF: Improve handling of zlib errors
e9d650362c BLF: improve debug log output
308add2f3a Fixed a typo
c0e2a26290 extrememesh: use correct address sizes when allocating a buffer.
5da3992c8e BT Mesh: Fix build error when GCRYPT_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x010600 is false
5560f3f85b Fixed non-existent ness value because of wrong number
203820f3d0 wiretap: Register a systemd Journal Export Block
7da31cb139 libpcap: remove definition of unused structure.
3fce24fb99 netlink protocol: Add Keepalived and OpenR protocol identifiers
4b7a022a07 openflow_v5: prevent infinite loops.
445b3f7eaa openflow_v6: add one more sanity check.
c427b81aa2 tds: consider 0 as invalid token size.
a9e6f2660e wiretap: Fix description of Custom Block
6d53617f9d JSON: add 3GPP Supported Features handling
f62f8e59c6 pfcp: correction of IE Type: UE IP Address (93)
a6e24a6234 macOS: Require Sparkle 1 for now.
5074b4d717 test: Update text2pcap test to use new hexdump option
b5f89dbe2d tshark: Add new long option --hexdump <hexoption>
fdc5166234 ssh: prevent packet-driven oversize bignum.
1abf3d7000 Qt: Automatically enable new coloring rules
85e79ae1fd packet-rsl: Fix dissect of RLM Cause IE with length 0
39d5557e7d Update dictionary.ruckus
7190f34e2d proxy protocol: Fix parsing of TLV values
5c1406971d NGAP: fix variable ngap_data might be clobbered by longjmp or vfork
08f5044894 except: update some coments.
34c7a0edfd Set desktop file name for QApplication
a21f1af336 SIGNAL-PDU: Adding Aggregation Functions
18748abb5e Fix handling of dissector registration errors.
16e0ba7dd7 CFM: Add 1SL PDU dissection
f85f077b54 text_import: Allow fake IP headers with Raw IP encapsulation
a0a67a75fe SSH: Make some functions static (were local but declared extern)
9c38eda7ef mpeg descriptor: complete Registration Descriptor (0x05) ID list
7113cf15a6 MPLS ECHO: Fix FEC stack change TLV dissection
ad035ed438 text2pcap: Case insensitive match for ISO time option
db27fb777a exceptions: make the exception handler stack per-thread.
b5c51f396a text2pcap: Use RFC 3849 addresses for documentation
d047c75cd0 import_text+Qt: Don't add impossible dummy headers to wrong encaps
b7ab0fc1cd SSH: Add back a NULL check.
b3d5ace216 PTP: ITU-T OUI as define instead of constant (cleanup)
5e26c1cf8c PTP: Adding 802.1AS-2020 1-step Sync support
869b84631d dvb: unify some 'Length' fields
e71ab6dde5 [Automatic update for 2022-01-09]
9a681f88ad http2/grpc: make fake headers be used in uncompleted HPACK index table situation
a0328bdb03 qcustomsplot: Fix Clang Warnings [core.UndefinedBinaryOperatorResult]
075ee9138a qcustomsplot: fix Clang warnings [core.CallAndMessage]
6fd4188804 qcustomsplot: fix Clang Warning UndefinedBinaryOperatorResult
3afa8264cb qcustomsplot: fix Clang Warnings[core.UndefinedBinaryOperatorResult]
d4a3aabc27 SSH: Make code more robust regards NULL pointer deref
1774e373f3 imf: dissect some more headers
bb1fb0624c SOME/IP: Adding taps and statistics
479175d044 CFM: Add CSF PDU dissection
8d960aaac4 appveyor: upgrade to msvc 2019.
bf7f6c19d5 WSDG: Update some winget notes.
21833071dc mp2t: add descriptions for additional reserved PIDs
af8e134b18 Signal-PDU: Fixing description of Signal List UAT
175e24a30b text_import: Add default IPv6 addresses
7ad17154d4 Update USB ID list straight from the sources
d9023299e3 fixing heap overflow oob read 1 byte
bfd2adde4b SSH: Fix Key Exchange Init (20) is not shown anymore
c84430185b ssh: Fix CentOS 7
736441ccfa packaging: Add RPM build dependencies for ninja, asciidoctor
3706edc8ca iuup: Avoid Malformed warning if IuUP contains no payload
4b7bc50e68 iuup: Remove _U_ param attribute on used param
0e5148e9ee TECMP: Fix warning that dissector_add_uint is called too often
2287014f04 ssh: Fix with gcrypt < 1.7.0 (CentOS 7, SLES 12)
7027242c27 packaging: Let SUSE build with /usr prefix
cac5c086ed TECMP: Support signed analog values
a2f6b079f1 Displaying decrypted data.
7356889242 Adding secret management in DSB.
c187020304 Enhancing debug logs.
2874b979ad Changing format of secret key file.
947d80c477 GitLab CI: Swap the Ubuntu package and latest Clang builds.
c14d731e45 CMS: get rid of globals
06bc298fbd FAQ: point to the User's Guide section of the Npcap guide.
c65f0a5a15 Update our Npcap URLs.
acc0260c84 tcp: add syn cookie support.
95ef3a2d45 bpsec: fix warning about -Wprototypes (proto_register/reg_handoff_bpsec
22de61a063 bpsec: fix -Wdocumentation warnings
7f5f7c8285 Tools: Remove git-review from rpm-setup.
11d8520f69 Tools: Add openSUSE 15.3 requirements to rpm-setup.
bf643c2649 SABP: Update ASN.1 template
bc9e8ea5b3 MPEG PES: Update conformance file for unify PES header bit fields
e9900c38c2 usb: dissect other speed config descriptors
b587d6a266 BGP: Fix next_hop decoding
29324f9409 EAP: Fix dissection of encrypted IMSI identifiers
428f222853 Extcap: Extcaps must be fully configured before start of capture
6b8c32fa7a rfc7468: allow multiple structures per file
858402d3c7 packaging: Fix RPM -qt subpackage requires
734d8cfbee GitLab CI: Update a couple of RPM builds.
5573d3c4e8 mpeg pes: unify PES header bit fields displaying
59012e34df mpeg descriptor: add Partial Transport Stream Descriptor (0x63)
e1a8f0119e Extcap prefs: Editor remembers empty values
4d9f29150e Signal-PDU: Adding support for zero-terminated and UTF strings
b3c24758b3 macos-setup.sh: Simplify building nghttp2
adca11dd5c range_string: follow-up of 893290c
f1c31deb61 UDS: make a function static
9b43910bc2 PTP: Source Code Cleanup (formatting)
e9bc60ace4 macos-setup.sh: Update the PCRE URL.
4b5d54f5ea packaging: Bump RPM glib2 version to 2.38
2cb8f34721 packaging: Remove unnecessary Requires
7afb52c479 ws_assert: refactor assertions
1dfba751e5 wslog: Replace ws_assert()
f7b904f328 wslog: Convert to C99/POSIX types
947c617812 Remove some circular dependencies on wireshark.h
232628322c wslog: Rewrite macros
3f27a830fc wslog: Use a wider type for line
0f2cf2b331 Signal-PDU: reformatting for consistency
a68fd7b09d macos-setup: Update nghttp2 release
893290c603 Extended range_string to 64 bit
382fe23aa8 UDS: add subdissector support
27ccf26b4b BLF: Fix a coverity warning.
98378d76d0 packaging: ENABLE_RPATH_ORIGIN on Fedora RPM build
007883408f packaging: Fix git-export-release.sh when CI_COMMIT_SHA undefined
ec0aaf1811 ftype-time: check for NULL from gmtime() and localtime().
72a4210828 text_import: "localtime()" is an API, "local time" is local time.
74a9d3bb67 Docs: Fix release notes markup.
0a4f3d62e5 mpeg table: implement Selection Information Table (SIT)
39df51c46d Added missing nDPI ClassifierId
4ce03e2be2 mpeg descriptor: add multilingual ones (5B,5C,5D,5E)
99056c2d9e Signal-PDU: Fix extraneous parentheses warnings
699dc583bd mpeg descriptor: add NorDig Logical Channel Descriptor v1 and v2
10ffdcb3c0 Some (trivial) cppcheck fixes.
b7ae71a9c2 Signal-PDU: Adding support for float, string, uint_string
3efc8eb073 ldap, ros: restore a missing word in a comment
a4cbf047e4 Validate only real C files, not templates
fc2217aa39 WSDG: Add a warning about private forks.
95e28f7631 GTPv2: Handle thcase where dissect_diameter_3gpp_uli has no data.
04974e3ca9 text2pcap test: Use the -a flag
0e98eb412f nstime: "localtime()" is an API, "local time" is local time.
2aa0664e25 text2pcap: Use -F flag for tests
da6cfc4de2 text_import: nanosecond resolution by default
d0408b8b78 epan: Add p_set_proto_data.
f02d2a4793 Signal-PDU: Adding Check to Remove Compiler Warning
196e8e74f3 DLT: Call subdissectors even with empty payload
070cc0a47a Run dissector URLs check - fix up a couple of entries.
d2b5441cec F1AP: upgrade dissector to v16.8.0
6d319297ae Qt: Add a common hover color.
ce43234c5a E1AP: upgrade dissector to v16.8.0
c50512abc3 NRPPa: upgrade dissector to v16.6.0
29190ed12e RTPS: Make some functions static
4942262c18 XnAP: upgrade dissector to v16.8.0
345326697c NGAP: upgrade dissector to v16.8.0
7f9b4292c1 NR RRC: upgrade dissector to v16.7.0
21465962fd text2pcap: Use common capture type flag
8501dc48dd dfilter: Accept byte arrays without separators
119473eab3 CMake: Use more consistent naming for options
60dd63892a X2AP: upgrade dissector to v16.8.0
cc725c0f93 S1AP: upgrade dissector to v16.8.0
c243f7b4c8 LPP: upgrade dissector to v16.7.0
d6a9d00cd5 LTE RRC: upgrade dissector to v16.7.0
d4c9dbd2b7 RTPS: Added compressed samples dissection feature.
df2fef33f6 Signal-PDU: Adding support to dissect DLT payloads
ea628979b9 Signal-Pdu: Fix possible memory leak
eeb45372fa UAT: Fix Wireshark crash on missing UAT columns
1f73e8e6a1 mpeg descriptor: update Registration Descriptor (0x05)
bfffc8d490 Signal-Pdu/AUTOSAR I-PduM: CAN-IDs registered as std/ext (bugfix)
19ed057563 BLF: Adding support to read interface names
c6f328c6a9 Qt: Disable alternating table rows.
17e4032e81 [Automatic update for 2022-01-02]
40256c64e0 Add support for some additional Cisco IKEv2 VIDs
dd9ac15ff2 dfilter: Require separators with ISO 8601 time
ab347ea14e text2pcap: add regex
6cdb86fbc7 Tools: Be more clear that we're matching the BSD 1-Clause license.
b1bf0db069 mpeg table: add IDs for EIT schedule tables (0x50 - 0x6F)
12d39efdca Revert "epan: Initialize wiretap"
5ce73acf45 mpeg descriptor: update 0x50 to DVB BlueBook A038r14
ee92914e10 mpeg descriptor: update 0x48 to DVB BlueBook A038r14
b90b4e5336 ISUP/BICC: Fixes parsing issues in some protocols.
d8474fdee7 Happy New Year 2022
3cae0847fb Docs: Remove some Buildbot references.
b086e5192a extrememesh: check pinfo addresses before use.
4e417b8e7c Windows: UTF-8 harder.
67f05835ca Fix more repeated words throughout
6930a2db83 BTHCI: add Major Device Class parser for LE Audio
4d7199d14b import_text: Add fake interface name to settings
019bb06268 Docs: Add some content about different equality operators
e724a4baf6 dfilter: Use ISO8601 as the default time format
e8e6a2c6df NTLMv2 dissector: skip target info for AUTHENTICATE_MESSAGE
777aaeda62 x509af: support dissecting public keys in RFC 7468 files
a20f3649e8 arch-setup: Update requirements for user guides
24403a9a35 rtmpt: limit the number of iterations in rtmpt_get_amf_length().
156a958d3f wsutil: Fix time zone handling.
d5cccc5398 MAC-NR: Add a bi-directional lcid field to filter on.
b296db31a4 import_text: Allow setting interface name from GUI
0047ca961f dfilter: Add support for entering time in UTC
42084c2d17 text2pcap: Move SHB and IDB setup to ui/text_import
6c9cb8f3fa Prefs/Extcap: Added support for password which is never stored on the disk
6d0bd4e8e1 text_import: Fix squished address line edits on MacOS
430bf3b6a4 kafka: have dissect_kafka_string_new() return the display string.
021c25e22c text2pcap: Use standard log debug level
797c66cc4c NSIS: Complain about installing a 32-bit Wireshark on 64-bit Windows.
ae9d3d1d4f kafka: remove compiler warnings.
1abc6bd3b1 ci: run checks on all the commits in the current MR.
5e08fbef54 appveyor: drop win32 build.
044c3a594b GitLab CI: Stop building 32-bit Windows Installer (.msi) packages.
3c0198492d Kafka: Add back some code.
5800b65a81 OpenVPN: Add P_CONTROL_HARD_RESET_CLIENT_V3 opcode
60533a55ff wslog: Add WS_DEBUG_HERE() macro
15fa09e5e3 import_text: Move IPv6 header control, use QComboBox
c1d7069a83 text_import: Only popup a warning about offsets the first time
62c9f333f7 epan: More abs_time_to_str() cleanups
64572a11f9 dfilter: Use better error messages for absolute times
7e041118d8 epan: Add back ABSOLUTE_TIME_NTP_UTC representation
0d471d9fe9 sflow: Rename fields to match protocol specification
b38987573e text_import: use 4-space indentation for number_of_padding_bytes().
9a9a754378 Qt: byteview mouse hover highlights not selects
a03f43645d Kafka: Be more strict when dissecting varints.
1810ad641d github: bump msbuild version.
c3bbca8e73 github: update artifacts uploading.
44d27e975a text_import: Switch default IPv4 addresses to what text2pcap used
fb48954f26 Update model list based on libgphoto2 repo dated 27 dec 2021
445dcd3117 epan: Extend abs_time_to_str() with a flags argument
8b03ead540 EditorConfig: Fix epan/to_str.h
865e2a3754 epan: Refactor abs_time_to_str()
da790dd7bf wsutil/nstime: Fix ISO8601 parsing with tz offset separator
737a76f6c9 wsutil/nstime: Add tests for iso8601_to_nstime()
48bb9534d7 wsutil/inet_addr: Add a cast to squelch a narrowing warning
a566076839 epan: Move time display types to field_display_e
0258ef3a04 github: remove scheduled runs from repo-lockdown.
a0f1ffec71 epan: Remove obsolete header "garrayfix.h"
318bbfce60 EditorConfig: Fix proto.h
14a1dfbe10 wsutil/inet_addr: Refactor to use C99/POSIX types
6343967eef Qt: Disable Import Hex Dump IPv6 check box when unused
7dc79c9a2f text_import: Fix custom IPv6 address handling
a42723359e import text: add IPv6 option, custom IPv6 addresses
756cc28592 import_text: Save IP address settings
0d5bfd44a8 Use a wrapper function to call strptime()
b83cefd2fe import text: Custom IPv4 source and destination address from GUI
dcbd456e69 doc: fix a copy/paste error and a typo
c11ceb08ed CMake: Fix timespec_get() detection on Windows
c457c8a396 CMake: Remove duplicate definition in config.h
1339d30de3 pfcp: Update to 3GPP TS 29.244 V17.3.0
b851a9fbc6 Docs: Remove unneeded markup in the Wireshark man page.
87eca12c38 Docs: Document our diagnostic output options.
b1b1d24548 wsutil: Declare ws_inet_* with extern "C"
23355cddf6 import_text: Add ASCII identification checkbox
0dfc6414e0 text2pcap: Add Export PDU
a3df9fe13f [Automatic update for 2021-12-26]
3600de75c1 Docbook: Make our prefaces self-contained.
b3215d99ca rfc7468: don't use for (;;) for tvb_find_line_end() loops.
b9e299b1a3 text2pcap test: Add fractional seconds qualifier
9e7b5c9189 text2pcap: Use debug level
38dbb8486f text import: Remove an unneeded cast.
5f3197e8be text2pcap: Update usage for new time format options
8cafcfa5a9 text2pcap: Support OFFSET_NONE
f63571c3e8 text_import: Ignore offsets in no offset mode
126971191a text2pcap: use ws_strtou8() to process the -i flag.
37d90b7c04 text2pcap: have a Boolean flag indicating whether -i was specified.
857d518c17 text_import: Use time format directly
54c4c7b0a6 text_import: Another explicit cast for unsigned long and clang
a369a2172a text2pcap: Explicit case to keep clang happy
0d68a1364f text2pcap: Use common failure messages, exit codes
96c299c6b8 text_import: Reduce globals
6d1be225c6 MBIM: dissect the commands of MBIM extended version 4.0
0867374044 text2pcap: Call text_import
48574e3a58 text_import: Report errors and warnings
4605ad2ed7 CMake: Clean up the Qt CMakeLists.txt
bc9cfa6340 text_import: Allow ISO8601 format times
bc4b27bbe2 text_import: Report failure to write
f151e1b0c2 Refactor VARINT handling
54e9c99041 text2pcap: Finish setting up error handling
20ebe853d1 Qt: Make utils more independent.
8d421de42c text_import: port ASCII identification from text2pcap
dea3d5e5fc CMake: Update our WiX search paths.
a11f105e44 GitLab CI: Simplify our Windows paths.
50d66b6346 text_import: gracefully handle hexdump without trailing LF
334d24ec5b text_import: Fix IPv6 payload length
3b59cb018c mpeg-descriptor: Add support for official DVB 8K HEVC streams
d8b7d1f821 dfilter: Add aliases "any_eq" and "all_ne"
8b23dd3a3c dfilter: Add an "all equal" operator
69d54d6f8e Corrects repeated words throughout the code.
b5928542b7 Ignore packet-PROTOABBREV.c
6fa56bca0c Remove remnants of bygone GTK era
6a74dae750 text_import: Add interface and internals for IPv6
2d7c888a70 MySQL: Replace illegal internal proto tree API use
3ff0c753a1 text_import: Add interface and internals for dummy IPv4 addresses
2c44afbba3 Use UINT64_C() with two constants
f23296296e text2pcap: Clean up includes
d391d86c33 Debian: Fix header installation
4cfae8e378 text_import: pcap_link_type -> wtap_encap_type
c5cc836a48 text2pcap: Use wtap_dumper
9a52634c5f Add ws_version.h to wireshark.h
9b62d8ba05 Extcap prefs: Selector correctly selects default value
df537a63fb Extcap logging: Corrected incorrect selector default value syntax
55aad96738 Extcap prefs: Selector option shows tooltip
bfbf8dfa23 IEC101/104: 101 Fixed frame len depends on address length
15565c2b25 Fixup -Wshorten-64-to-32 warnings with Clang
e273006a1d Add ETI/EOBI order flow/market data dissectors
b1d7775579 Fix some wiki file attachment URLs.
5ce2ae2804 Clean up some printf() format strings
4448b6494e Add a ws_posix_compat.h header
36d5aad962 wsutil: Split ws_regex_matches() into two functions
392745c56f wsdg: chapter_libraries refresh - update URL; typos
457ce59bfa mbim: Fix warnings by Cang Analyzer
3d81fd5027 mka: Fix warnings by Cang Analyzer
4a7053e880 Documentation: simplify protocol tree function documentation intro
e56c00e12f [Automatic update for 2021-12-19]
ce1dc88173 Fix stdio.h conversions to use the scanf macros
dec5590b5b Fix errors found by fix-encoding-args.pl
80c9b56e7a ERSPAN Marker: Fix a pre-commit check
ca2a8e69a9 Fix a pre-commit check
0ccd69e530 Replace g_strdup_printf() with ws_strdup_printf()
f984def50c Add g_snprintf() to checkAPIs
92b4e3277c Fix dissector -Wrestrict warnings
22ee2764a7 Replace g_snprintf() with snprintf() (dissectors)
fe5248717f Replace g_snprintf() with snprintf()
c5a19582e4 epan: Convert to use stdio.h from GLib
737d1dc125 Add missing header, fix macOS build
3b675f0fc1 5co-legacy: fix a filter string
7160b4b177 wsutil: Use snprintf() and ws_strdup_printf()
612c0cff60 wmem: Add ws_strdup_printf() convenience macros
f75b79a59d Move wmem string utility functions to wsutil
3319d994b5 README.heuristic: minor updates
db10235d68 text_import: Handle SCTP and minimum packet lengths
8cc527cce3 wmem: Use vasprintf()
c9715e5ab5 GitLab CI: Switch the Windows MR job back to vanilla CMake.
2f572659f5 Docs: Fix a README.developer code example
64c0e166d1 Add string.h to wireshark.h
f19c18a299 Add wmem.h to wireshark.h
58c297ca81 wmem_test: Add more string performance test
9465c5c28d wmem_test: Disable performance tests by default
e0dba4854b Exclude wmem_test.c from pre-commit
f837dae4c4 Fix wmem_test.c indentation
b83f264f7d Fix wsutil/time_util.c indentation
d443197097 Prefer the portable _Noreturn attribute (C11)
2de477f499 Docs: Prefer 64-bit Windows.
4901eefaa5 README.tapping: Some minor updates
62a747bae3 file-jpeg: Fix value in vals_ifd_tags_exif[]
136b67b85e wsdg: cleanup epub3 build warnings - anchors; TOC
a8acda8fcc Docs: Add more info about transitioning to C99 fixed-width types
f4123939d1 DRBD: Tidy up choice of display base for fields
217228eece DRBD: Decode two-phase commit payloads
4a28f5704f DRBD: Use CF_FUNC with BASE_CUSTOM
583169ce06 DRBD: Add implicit data sizes as fields
34f5c2c344 DRBD: Decode barrier numbers and block IDs little-endian
e4cd4f92f8 5co-legacy: Fix dissector unique hash computing
f89d536503 text_import: Fix direction detection in Import from Hexdump
de3359fe3e IuUP: Use proto_tree_add_checksum() to show CRC Header
f81a64e2bf IuUP: Fix CRC Header checks
77f95e18ab CMake: Disable Wformat-truncation (GCC warning)
b054f9aee6 ASN1: Convert I/O from GLib to stdio.h
64e8a2817e Add wsutil/glib-compat.h to wireshark.h
689976477a Add inttypes.h to wireshark.h
271ab568b0 GitLab CI: Enable ccache in the "No options" job.
f877e26b31 GitLab CI: Add back a missing variable.
834312cb62 DCT2000: For ipprim frames, show header even when no payload dissector
b4054d3879 text_import: Time delta between packets without timestamp
5f5f03f0e8 text_import: Fix spelling and grammar
07c4059277 GitLab CI+Qt+Docs: CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH updates.
7d88f1e2b1 GitLab CI: More Windows environment updates.
476bf62494 GitLab CI: Remove a no-longer-needed build.
1f7c4eff30 ci: add no options job.
9ebeb39395 CMake: Be stricter about MSVC requirements
5bba669579 Remove some lingering uses of g_assert()
9539f4e1d6 MMDBR: Don't pretend to be a multithreaded writer
4248e5b665 5co-legacy: New FiveCo Legacy dissector
a8b4bffab5 TCPCL: Display extension names from dissectors
06e6f7d922 Docs: First pass to update README.developer to C11
606bc27777 GitLab CI: Update our Windows environments.
a74fabf73f text_import: Parse entire timestamp from hex dumps
9d97b8e361 JSON: Remove unnecessary hfindex lookup
c324696504 CMake: Update a Windows SDK version check.
81de22e81a wslog: 'struct timespec' is C11, use that
fe30cf2f8a wsutil: Add portability wrapper for clock_gettime(CLOCK_REALTIME)
e877460a9e Revert "The function timespec_get() is C17 so assume we have it"
67a4e70382 wiretap: have dummy IDBs set OPT_IDB_TSRESOL if needed
bf15343241 Fix some spelling errors
663c1655b4 CMake: Use CMAKE_C_STANDARD to require C11
5623e60375 Revert "CMake: Change our configuration to enable C17"
85a8de25a4 blf: Set OPT_IDB_TSRESOL
2b2c81a551 ieee80211-radiotap: Fix a problem with S1G 0-length PPDUS.
fa41e2244c wmem: Optimize wmem_strdup_vprintf()
b46bdd77fc JSON: add handling of 3GPP NAS-5G IEs
d4e5f72fe2 RTCP: fixed a possible sigsegv
1f91d4c9d2 RTCP: Make it possible to do decode as SRTCP
cf3cb3a695 wslog: Avoid logging any output to stdout
77b6bca387 Convert wmem I/O to use stdio.h
8b15d0e641 The function timespec_get() is C17 so assume we have it
0781007df4 CMake: Change our configuration to enable C17
b76a2b7a23 O-RAN FH CUS: add some comments around u-plane dissection
4e92b7c762 win/cmake: missing rc files to set icon and copyright
9338aec867 BER: Fix typo swap in error message
fb0e1a4907 regex: Remove requirement for ssize_t
ff7a5c87e9 macos-setup.sh: don't build libxml2 with Python.
41bfc91124 dissectors: re-generated sysdig events using provided tool.
6b1657d85d tools: updated generate-sysdig-event python script.
c22b8bcb5f dissectors: various fixes to sysdig packet dissector.
6ecc6a2ab4 epan/addr_and_mask.h: Document functions
4916bc024e ieee802-radiotap: Fix a silly issue with the S1G radiotap dissector.
f5f8d9ebb6 dfilter: Fix token associativity
2df6ab0906 ieee80211: BASE_HEX and BASE_CUSTOM are mutually exclusive
9a054d7837 IEEE80211: Remove ENC_NA from string encoding
a68be23b7e proto: Don't crash on adding 64 bit BASE_CUSTOM column
e29c6691d0 PCEP: As per RFC 8408, RP object can have optional TLVs.
a6cffab3a1 [Automatic update for 2021-12-12]
69641adfca doc: Add lbmr_* -z stats to tshark manual
f52611de89 Remove obsolete macro HFI_DECLS
b332c3dd0b Netlink netfilter: Fix a pre-commit check
47651506bf Netlink psample: Fix a pre-commit check
6ec429622c fix-encoding-args.pl: Strings ftypes don't need "ENC_NA"
04d25fb64c fix-encoding-args.pl: Remove dead code
cace66d45d The macro 'va_copy' is C99, use that
7cffcfa835 dfilter: Remove a default switch case
a027211ea2 jpeg: Implement dissection for Exif-specific IFDs
e5e2974546 jpeg: Don't create an unnecessary dummy tree item
7567432ec4 Add remaining header files to Doxygen
b62197c283 CMake+GitLab CI: Reduce verbosity.
773420bad9 Fix extcap-base.[ch] indentation
7736e69b57 GitLab CI: Simplify some checks.
f5a40ada4d Netfilter rtnetlink: Fix some names for consistency
6c5d00a746 epan: Remove obsolete function proto_register_fields_manual()
a38c4ea454 Netlink: Convert to normal proto tree API
26fb504f67 Netlink generic: Convert to normal proto tree API
ae600d3bd1 Netlink net_dm: Convert to normal proto tree API
52064a51e1 Netlink psample: Convert to normal proto tree API
aec2554d29 Netlink sock_diag: Convert to normal proto tree API
7559a718ec Netlink netfilter: Convert to normal proto tree API
4458c910a4 Netlink rtnetlink: Convert to normal proto tree API
e67ce21f81 Netlink nl80211: Convert to normal proto tree API
3230ed2dac Netlink: Change dissector API to use HF index
53cded5062 wslog: Add backward compatibility with 'console.log.level'
7d7873187e GUI: Lower log level of "up and ready" message
7699d54094 IEC101/104: Support different link address sizes
d2a9cb940a epan: Remove new proto tree API
f888074def cli: Cleanup rtspstat tap output format
61b402cbe9 doc: Update tshark documents of stat options
c0933a18da doc: Update tshark manual for undocumented -z statistics
cd752deeac Windows: upgrade Npcap to 1.60
3638ca74c4 YAMI: Convert to old proto tree API
c87f7a7141 STCSIG: Convert to old proto tree API
5896dfe6af NFLOG: Convert to old proto tree API
175d5c8660 MINT: Convert to old proto tree API
edfe072186 JSON: Convert to old proto tree API
f6fb1c387f Gadu-Gadu: Convert to old proto tree API
497d03aedd ERSPAN: Convert to old proto tree API
6faf2450ea Bitcoin: Convert to old proto tree API
a0d5bd67e6 GIF: Convert to old proto tree API
b9ed05f6b8 HPEXT: Convert to old proto tree API
165384f74f FCDNS: Convert to old proto tree API
db5071b647 daytime: Convert to old proto tree API
51134bca8d RTSP: Fix segault of cli tap with no filter set
c648a40751 RTSP: Parse the status code correctly for taps
5fd23d72b6 Qt: fix compilation without pcap.
eb66d83961 ACAP: Convert to old proto tree API
6fd4777e56 PNG: Convert to old proto tree API
4221079a57 URL Encoded: Convert to old proto tree API
2eba768440 JPEG: Convert to old proto tree API
5dec1fc8b4 PEEKREMOTE: Convert to old proto tree API
c560ff4d1a 2dparityfec: Convert to old proto tree API
baf2d67063 Data: Convert to old proto tree API
f613998690 XCSL: Convert to old proto tree API
6b9a77e298 TALI: Convert to old proto tree API
0fce83f3a0 STAT: Convert to old proto tree API
27794a81b8 Rwall: Convert to old proto tree API
5a39ec0aec Rsync: Convert to old proto tree API
0689830499 Redback: Convert to old proto tree API
be1edbfeee RIP: Fix a pre-commit check
0080335d24 RIP: Convert to old proto API
2fafa27759 SLL: Fix a pre-commit check
4cb12c84fa SLL: Convert to old proto tree API
f196595e1d Tools: Remove convert-proto-tree-new.awk
9bca9820b4 Fix some file permissions
5a440f7178 VLAN: Convert to old proto tree API
3ea1a354e7 UDP: Convert to old proto API
95b7c4fd28 UDP: Fix indentation and convert to 4-space
3d369c01cc CMake+Qt: Fix a version check.
898800fb37 rawshark: fix compile error -Wmaybe-uninitialized
08f82c7441 tfshark: Add back error message for CLI options
1f68f87807 CLI: Use a better error message for obsolete preferences
c29d3b9fa0 tests: Remove tests for non-existent functionality
91bf99405a ieee80211: Pass association_sanity_check to dissect_mgt_action
8938b83961 cli: Clean up httpstat tap output format
9b0b3c118a extcap: Use standard --log-level and --log-file CLI options
c560226f3b Qt: capture with file intervals bug; autostop duration reset
8d07014df0 Qt: Collapse/Expand context menu for StatsTreeDlg
d50c666cd7 Capture Options dialog: Added configuration icon
411df7ca34 CMake: Remove the update_tools_help target.
06c1bbb2be gsm_map: stat table formatting in cli
290234f3f5 Extcap: Improve the log handler logic
1a65cf0533 Fix Debian symbols
b6130cd970 extcap: Register log handler conditionally
25c7a1abc8 wslog: Use stdout for debug messages
2189490151 PDCP-NR: For broadcast PDU, don't dissect header and MAC
3e0506dbe9 Make wmem_print_tree public.
7cc0f7fe28 QUIC: fix visualization of some (rare) versions
18f6351cbf nvme: fix CapsuleCommand "Unknown Command" summary
7d6c7e4167 CMake: Try to fix WiX packaging
95cfdcbf3b COSE: Add parameter names to labels
be38ad12ab jpeg: refactor the parsing of Exif data
aac98e48d8 Docbook: Python installation updates.
03224385b8 Added Invalid value to BrowseDirection enum
c0b4d285a8 Extcap/ssh-base: Use password authentication before keys
c939df8f61 Docbook: Windows toolchain updates.
34f3a902f8 cli: Make CAMEL SRT stats filter work
49e1576c31 CMake+Qt: Add a version check for QT5_ADD_TRANSLATION.
62081b9a7d SRVLOC: Remove final sscanf
5e58f1b99f [Automatic update for 2021-12-05]
83eda5fcfd CMake: Fix setting default build type
7987df81ff QT: Default sort simple stat tables by first column ascending
8d8d618621 Fix some filters that appear to be copied from entry before.
8b8171d952 ANSI A I/F: Retrieve stats correctly
adbaced04c Dissectors should not include stdio.h, unless needed
cef5e81146 Define more log domains for extcaps
6ef2b48fc0 CMake+Qt: Run lrelease in silent mode.
c6825ccdf3 Fix capture with WIRESHARK_LOG_LEVEL=debug
968fe6ddba QUIC: update support to latest version negotiation draft (05)
e921b804d0 Fix logging with extcaps
5d30f77391 F1AP: dissect more RRC-Container instances
76186f16fb epan: Rewrite format_text_chr() using standard APIs
5059c15a2c Update release notes
19dcb725b6 epan: Remove STR_ASCII and STR_UNICODE
7e99bbf32b BER: Make GeneralizedTime a FT_ABSOLUTE_TIME
a0173cd7cf text2pcap: Support parsing of iso-8601 dates
76ff47152b Test: Switch name resolution clopts to a capture file.
fe9b1fb103 dfilter: Avoid dumping mangled UTF-8
60e305d1e1 dfilter: Convert grammar.lemon to 4-space indentation
aadf4efcbe epan: Add ENC_ISO_8601_DATE_TIME_BASIC
871895f95a IPsec: fix display of ESP padding, protocol and ICV when using NULL heuristic
f5dc4652fe MeshConnex (MCX): MCX packet decode logic
9878026a51 DRBD: Add support for new packets including the P_RS_DAGTAG family
91b453a70a DRBD: Correct GitHub URL
cd8096fba3 DRBD: Remove some unnecessary _U_ attributes
fcf945f747 wiretap: Fix an underflow in pcapng.
cf0ecc4fe1 nstime: Support ISO 8601 basic format
261d223a30 Packaging: Remove a macOS notarization wait.
14bb016b5b Add release build configuration to version info
ce2137c0fc TECMP: LIN Payload was cut 1 byte short (BUGFIX)
3657788cbb dfilter: Add default grammar type
647decd509 dfilter: Avoid double strdup to save token value
557cee31fc dfilter: Save lexical token value to syntax tree
ae14cedd44 MBIM: dissect low level UICC access commands
ebcba787a0 BT-DHT: Fix endless loop
a9c36dfb75 epan: Remove unused format_uri() function
1e0cc18ae8 epan: Remove duplication in format_text_wsp()
c18e44f563 epan: Fix UTF-8 bitmask for 2-byte codepoint
3e0806ca09 dfilter: Remove dfilter_fail_parse()
a6f978b4d3 dfilter: Remove two stnode replacement functions
13783fae6b Add comment with rationale for having format_text_chr().
c6e6f21685 proto.c: Increase PROTO_PRE_ALLOC_HF_FIELDS_MEM
54ef97cc01 Packaging: Specify host architectures in our macOS Extras packages.
3953ddcf57 Add UI header files to Doxygen
b081651088 Qt: Expert Info - set group summary label to ei_ field name
8a19d8d1c7 cfilters/cli: -f "predef:..." needs cfilters loaded
a523135202 epan: Add header files to Doxygen
fd5b5e3149 extcap: Add header files to Doxygen
5d4eb4bc66 btmesh: Add dissectors of sensors opcodes
e45ad9dcef wsutil: Add header files to Doxygen
40016daeb3 Add files with WS_DLL_PUBLIC to Doxygen part2
65a651d5b9 capture: Add header files to Doxygen
34454a5037 wiretap: Add header files to Doxygen
504de90a3c wsutil: Split format_size() enum
51f2a56b7c wsutil/str_util: Fix indentation
1c3a9af869 Add files with WS_DLL_PUBLIC to Doxygen
9cfce57ac0 Signal-PDU: Make some functions static
37f2a86207 Move string_or_null() to wsutil
dcbd79584d epan/str_util: Remove unused functions
8e63faff95 Fix Debian symbols
9c61142195 wsutil: Add more character escapes to ws_escape_string()
54bdc20e45 epan: Rewrite ws_escape_string() to use wmem
44121e2c3b Move escape_string() to wsutil
e11cdf2f46 Fix some spelling errors
54cf8b01a4 :q!
7990dfdf81 Add new netflow fields for Keysight/Ixia.
9afa7413f1 jpeg: implement dissection of large Exif IFD values
2b1c34b243 Fixed the ERSPAN Cisco marker packet dissector
890555b8bd Qt: Qt6.2 compatibility fixes
c8c9ef0c1c OS Version Info: Improve Windows detection
32b2018ea9 LTE RLC graph: plug possible memory leak
5e345d390b NSIS: Remove some confusing error message text.
08f56e6f72 AUTOSAR I-PduM: list of hash table keys freed (fixing memory leak)
8b907ad356 AUTOSAR I-PduM: remove unneeded dynamic key allocation
ad6b128d97 Signal-Pdu: list of hash table keys freed (fixing memory leak)
2bc77f2335 Signal-Pdu: Cleanup Functions Proto Reg Handoff
2452270c4e [Automatic update for 2021-11-28]
1785bd9799 Signal-Pdu: optimization to reduce strcmps
890b5c2182 FlexRay: Fixing tvb_bytes_to_str_punct warnings
a6c4446968 AUTOSAR I-PDU Multiplexer: remove dead code
4895f35718 Signal-Pdu: return the parsed length (bugfix)
72e74f9661 Signal-Pdu: remove unneeded dynamic key allocation
ef8125e3ae Move two functions from epan to wsutil/str_util
ede0bc5d61 Qt: Add missing QRegularExpression include
4d338d97a9 Foundation Fieldbus: handle multiple PDUs per UDP payload
f029fa6b71 http2: fix building error caused by fake header feature without nghttp2
f5d8d9e306 wmem: Use better names in the API
fbfb4959ae dfilter: Better representation for charconst
c595ecfc28 tvbuff: Use iso8601_to_nstime
352390aa97 dfilter: Need to handle a charconst on the LHS
01a95db9b7 epan: Add binary search to introspection API
f4f9bf1d9e epan: Add ipproto.h to instrospection enums
c15f2aadc1 epan: Initialize wiretap
ba85d8ef4d wustil: Fix timezone handling in iso8601_to_nstime
9413658b7c wsutil: Clarify NT epoch explanation in comment
6fab4cbeff epan: Add introspection API to export some constants
80ebcc90bc RTMPT: Fix infinite loops harder.
2af95cbe1b HTTP2/GRPC: support using fake headers if first HEADERS frame is missing
9f56c07638 RTPS: Dissect PID_DEFAULT_MULTICAST_LOCATOR for vendors other than RTI
3594a05ba7 CMakeLists.txt: Fix enabling the use of C++ 2017 with MSVC
11c6ed177f at: Fix typo in cme_error_vals
9da9c4e388 wsutil: Prevent buffer overflow in iso8601_to_nstime
a839ee1c2b wmem: Fix filename in header comment
b031a2a470 wsar: Document prefs.h
bc566318bc Websocket: do not register proto_reg_handoff_websocket() for preference change
e51a0cb4f4 Qt: Use QRegularExpression instead of QRegExp
0385e7448a Tools: Add our branch name to fuzz error reports.
4e879c5d16 QUIC: add support for QUICv2 (draft-00)
5d12847fc7 debian: libwiretap-dev headers require libwsutil-dev headers
32bb2a19ee RTMPT: Fix infinite loop
9dd770fd64 Clean up PCRE2 version info
702c7f0cc8 Remove stale comment.
5bb7e1606b Fix some of the compile errors when compiling with Qt6
fe01f0109d Readd feature to make QtXMultimedia optional again
24a364f762 Get CMake to successfully work with Qt6
35ad2e85c8 dfilter: Free a scanner string
eb8c3169e7 dfilter: Clean up charconst error message
943c282009 dfilter: Parse character constants in lexer
18d7afa711 MKA: Fixing misleading capability value-strings (Bugfix)
8d03eae346 OS Version Info: Update Windows 10/11 2016/2019
fd1c9b75ba doc: Update stats_tree README
7028646f9e dfilter: Fix invalid character constant error message
b657396d44 plugins.example: Add missing header
72c5efea1b dfilter: Reject invalid character escape sequences
bbaa144b3c dfilter: Remove reference to GRegex
8883788423 EVS: Fix bug in decoding LP-CNG SID BW value
769be50d76 Remove last remnants of Qt5MacExtras
56d100d6ea MKA: Adding Announcement TLV parsing and Cipher Suite
730a4c0b85 Docs: Update our supported macOS version information.
3c73fa5d55 Revert "tests: fix test fails on Ubuntu, fix #17730"
92045d98c0 [Automatic update for 2021-11-21]
ca71d1624c gryphon: Create pkt_info if it doesn't exist
abf9ed5f11 MKA: Adding support for Announcement TLV padding (Bugfix)
b5917d0182 wmem: Add a multimap
e2703507c2 Update a bunch of GLib documentation links.
a8643ab254 Qt: Fix column validation in columnString()
3badea1e80 btle: Improve Advertising Data reassembly
2b52d14d62 BBLog: Fix the handling of skipped blocks
389cf9d752 HICP: Use wmem_strsplit.
f1b10644a7 Release notes: Add back note about display filter syntax
4921183e33 GTPv2: fix dissection of 5GS TAC
f0b2bb7472 Docs: Clean up the release notes.
d5ba1fe2fc Test: Make sure XDG_CONFIG_HOME isn't set.
faf03149af Don't close stdin on spawn error
61e4529fe5 tests: fix the test case running warning.
263189e23d Fix some spelling errors.
8772147021 Cmake: Qt6 extends CMAKE_MODULE_PATH, work around this
d52478436d macos-setup.sh: Update some tools
78067deb89 tests: fix test fails on Ubuntu, fix #17730
a8a3a3093c USB Attached SCSI protocol dissector
660dded383 Refactor USB mass storage class dissector
f748c91bb2 Qt (ByteView): update preference on hover state change; WSUG typo
f9be0f0c8c HICP: Added dissector to support Host IP Configuration Protocol.
2172cd3e95 EBHSCR: Add dissection of LIN packets
f9398d82fb EBHSCR: Update dissection of ethernet frames
b43d4a8c28 EBHSCR: Add dissection of FlexRay packets
ffd1f1cecf VoIP calls dialog: fix generated filter
74d0c147a1 TCP Black Box Log: Fix and improve some fields
5f7806a496 c-ares: move domain from haxx.se to its own .org
4f8e7f0d1c Add direct GitLab reference in GitHub PR lockdown text
3c7894e2a0 dfilter: Add compilation result to log output
edf1e72d0c capture: Lower log level for debug output
75bb51eef9 dfilter: Clean up some debug statements, second try
c4337d0dc5 dfilter: Give more context for regex error messages
18abdc3ebc ansi_map,ansi_tcap: Fix typos, comment out unused fields
4015aa954c TCAP,CAMEL: Always enable SRT and Counter stats
5005a696e4 GitLab CI: Bump our minimum macOS Intel version.
4105d78681 GitLab CI: Switch the macOS Intel build to Qt 5.15.3.
5c8969b5d7 Windows: add PCRE2 DLL to installers
6ee1390b86 Qt: Make Lua dialogs children of the main window.
64275ff196 macOS: Update some comments in osx-app.sh.
14c52913e2 CMake: Improve a status message and add a comment
aa1515b32b CMake: Fix typo
8003096260 PDCP-LTE: add missing _lte to register function name
4403bd98d9 tools: Add MSYS2 setup script to install dependencies
df968b5342 tools: Add Arch Linux setup script to install dependencies
c92e4ff7c6 wslog: Remove (part of) a special case for the default level
b30a2112e8 regex: Prefer C99/POSIX types
e5088eea4a Tools: Fix a typo in win-setup.ps1.
e3159ae631 macOS: Add a workaround for libpcre2.
d8e33efb3c Fix maybe-uninitialized warnings
848f4f8e97 dfilter: Cleanup some debug statements
b59980bbff regex: Add a diagnostic message
9bdccce574 More workarounds for Debian
274531820a Move regex code to wsutil
b9f2e4b7fa Make PCRE2 a required dependency
9df5279af7 dfilter: Remove support for GRegex
ed8a02af17 dfilter: Add support for PCRE2
6630fd5260 wsutil: Rename ws_return_ptr_if_null() macro
6587debb3b tools: building pcre2 requires cmake.
2d7bc59fae tools: actually call install_pcre2 in macos-setup.sh
d8429d2065 Tools: Add PCRE2 to our setup scripts.
41a247287e [Automatic update for 2021-11-14]
77fa0fb23d dfilter: Fixup unexpected end of filter error message
79ebce20c0 dnp3: Fix PVS-Studio warnings
b90e5cf0c7 dfilter: Restore debug syntax tree display
01d1cc492e dfilter: Add default case to switch
a99e1b2099 Tools: Switch a bunch of macos-setup URLs to HTTPS.
6d96d8bbc2 Don't include config.h in the example plugin.
2445180fa7 Don't use HAVE_CONFIG_H in sample code in the documentation.
2f98b349df We cannot use HAVE_CONFIG_H
ca06d7e4fe Add an include sub-directory to the tree
76c4ca4059 CMake: Remove globals.h from public headers
b8f9758742 MSYS2: Use system SpeexDSP package
c3599a9616 "register_dissector()" isn't just to let you write a Lua chained dissector.
3f8f22f472 Qt: Add some notes about cleaning up after ourselves.
1f20b1cead RTPS: Fix the field name used for timestamp
f277ef5e27 RTPS: Enable dissection of PLAIN_CDR2
599d3e2c94 gvsp: Added dissector support for various 'reserved' bytes
6be988d9b2 RTPS: Fix Group GUID dissector bug.
adf48851b1 asterix: Sync with asterix-specs #dc8e48b56c
a37295204f rawshark: Move a comment to the proper place
526ccff3d0 ftypes: Remove unused function declarations
fd78f1ed02 ftypes: Clean up duplicate struct field
5503d5e131 ftypes: Optimize a memory allocation
1a32a75a62 ftypes: Internal headers need to be internal
37f1cf1a92 Tools: Let jq escape backslashes in gen-bugnote.
9f46ae74ff SHICP: Provide a valid string length.
87b84b7813 Lua is a proper name. Fix its capitalization.
139c04f40a DLEP: Desegment messages over TCP
4c75a78f26 Refactor generate_authors.pl to remove the text duplicated from AUTHORS.src
614c64b3b5 Synchronize the acknowledgements between AUTHORS.src and generate_authors.pl
b95be90d27 tools/generate_authors.pl: simplify repeated I/O code
eda588d1a6 Revert "Qt: fix memory leaks found by Visual Leak Detector"
7a30021aef Revert "Qt: Fix epan cleanup exit crash"
6f1b814e25 Fix some narrowing compiler warnings
6ad14ac4fa ftypes: Remove fvalue_string_repr_len()
b49abcb215 epan: Remove fvalue_string_repr_len() from the public API
084619088c ftypes: Bugfix missing return statement
4c800f2dba ftypes: Replace a g_snprintf()
7630577ffa ftypes: Bugfix a buffer size
4010799cb3 TCP: always return a free-able string buffer
5b54bb2e0d MKA: MACsec SAK USE body length = 0 does not decode (BUGFIX)
29d27153b2 FPP: Fix dissector preemption interface-id bug
41a6e505ee AVTP/IEEE1722: Fix offset when over UDP
b62d4b8eca dfilter: Change string node display representation again
e7ecc9b9e5 dfilter: Clean up error format and exception code
63adcf7fb5 dfilter: Clean up function parameters semantic check
d0a07881f4 dfilter: Remove unnecessary node conversion
ac431ec855 dfilter: Remove some debug statements
e965fa32a1 dfilter: Refactor some semantic check code
cd7d06faaf dfilter: Add an assertion
1a1787d959 Epan: Reset our tap globals on cleanup.
237efe7b00 README.dissector: Reinforce a style recommendation.
5680d1ae0b wsutil: Improve bytes_to_str_max() API
82fd526e96 SHICP: Added dissector to support Secure Host IP Configuration Protocol.
6ae87c7cf1 wslog: Add a NULL check.
f314b64fd0 Skinny: Fix arguments in parser
ebb2df7a06 asn2wrs: Fix Type eth_type_default_body() arguments
5f50fad289 Qt: Fix epan cleanup exit crash
d11c069786 BBLog: Fix support of TCP window scaling
e5eb17d414 UAT: Allow missing fields.
846b17ee9a UAT: Allow extra fields.
6e4e4ebd50 GSM-MAP: Dissect SM-DeliveryFailureCause variants
77da5163a6 Fix Debian symbols
4e399d6508 dfilter: Fix signature of check_relation()
2db36f8ce0 dfilter: Pass a test_op_t in check_relation()
69c850df51 ftypes: Simplify fvalue_can_*() interface
e9f2153eed README.msys2: Add more information about missing packages
a3fe5c6162 MSYS2/CMake: Fix asciidoctor invocation
09f020b3f3 ieee802.11: Start adding support for 802.11be.
93eceb1991 IPv6: List all extension headers, or why they're not treated as such
8570fb47e8 [Automatic update for 2021-11-07]
efc6ee9e85 spice: Added variables for proper protocol dissection
41b8f813c2 ipv6: dissector: ioam: improve checks
146a840ad1 dfilter: Move a constructor to the grammar file
6823073f7e dfilter: Fix corner case with matches
2d45cb0881 dfilter: Improve some error messages
fb490eb172 dfilter: Move regex creation to semcheck
c034d33ef9 omron-fins: Don't check the Gateway Count byte.
d72af75157 ieee1905: Correct RSSI fields to RCPI
a592c0d84f oampdu: Add OAM D-ONU leaves description
5a9978e7b5 GitHub: Move the lockdown workflow to the proper directory.
dd0ecf8623 Fix loop inside the IOAM Trace data dissection
1fc621e38d epan: Fix crash with upper-case protocol filter names
01f234571f epan: Optimize heuristic name validity check
826e850c00 someip: make a function static
a83c815184 Fix a duplicate author name
dc22cb1b89 RTP: Strengthen heuristics
0b13ad6d95 Qt: Debounce View -> Internals -> Supported Protocols "Search" to improve UX
734851fc72 [Thrift] Limit depth of nested types using p_set_proto_depth
c92bb35bcf ipv6: dissector for the IOAM Trace data list
8d071fde54 ipv6: dissector for the IOAM Trace option
c82123acea ipv6: dissector for the IOAM option
e5eadbe34f dtls: Add preferences for client/server CID length
1427a25cd1 asterix: update script adjusted
e84acd86eb CMake: fix macOS build without Asciidoctor
46e08f0f67 TLS: Update Code Point for Hello Extension
edf6de76ec QUIC(datagram): Fix update link
767115558f NR-RRC: Access more messages trough dissector handles.
fa687143b8 LTE-RRC: Make more ASN1 structures available trough dissector handles.
83ed035f16 ErlDP: Don't overrun a buffer.
94b28aa79a Ericsson ENB log reader: Check the whole line for the magic string.
5bb521aa52 RTP/RTCP: Update comments
85b99c18d9 Tools: make-pci-ids fixups.
51c714bfb5 Tools: Fetch IANA data over HTTPS.
070aeddf76 Lift restriction on upper case protocol display filter names
e63857aa4e CMake: Make -Wmaybe-uninitialized non-fatal
1cf1684504 README.developer: put items about Windows together.
4ff22025e8 README.developer: Add note about portability on Windows
72ad7d9cdd IPPUSB: Add a pointer check.
bb41b66192 Modbus: Add null pointer checks.
5d1345b6dc RTPS: Enable a memory allocation limit.
0b473c01ab 802.11 Radio: Add null pointer checks.
274a29f389 Tools: Fixup our fuzz test error header.
48986d34ff tls: Omit Connection ID when length is 0
a38c02ad6c tls: Fix DTLS heuristics when having connection_id
313f85d362 tls: Update DTLS 1.2 Connection ID extension
353beb6c6d dfilter: Fixup a null return value
f9d0f35363 Tools: Fix a make-manuf error and some Pylint warnings.
d635ff4933 dfilter: Remove redundant STTYPE_CHARCONST syntax node
9ca27643fa dfilter: Support more C escape sequences in string literals
82ced8965c dfilter: Free a scanner string earlier
15051c0671 dfilter: Fix expressions with bytes as a character constant
552ee4c445 [Automatic update for 2021-10-31]
cbb35809ba Skinny: Resynced Skinny xml definition with code
6ae0044ebe docs: Update documentation to use ',' as set separator
f78ebe1564 dfilter: Remove deprecated support for whitespace separator in sets
6d52bf07a7 docs: Update wireshark-filter.adoc for recent filter changes.
13377f5f67 EPL: Fix memory access error when adding new UAT NodeID row
eda95fd016 asterix: Change `wmem_packet_scope()` to `pinfo->pool`
77541af2df GitHub: Migrate Repo Lockdown to an action.
16779dc43e asterix: Dissector automatic update from spec files
278ba4157f EPL: Reject non-EPL packets at the beginning
523c4f6434 dfilter: Use lower case for a macro name
fdfb4c8951 dfilter: Avoid an unnecessary strdup()
e876d499d1 dfilter: Refactor some scanner patterns
d95935d969 dissectors: support sysdig new block type BLOCK_TYPE_SYSDIG_EVENT_V2_LARGE
c777213c63 QUIC: allow simple "tls" display filter
72be7aec15 SOME/IP-SD: Adding field of referenced options to entries
3d3a435903 Signal-PDU: Bugfix false positive truncation warning with multiplexing
0690da2456 SOME/IP: Adding resolution for Client IDs
8df628f5a0 Tools: Don't check Markdown file licenses.
24b8942a90 GitLab CI+tools: Fuzz test updates.
c6b68b3ee2 dfilter: Need to check validity of LHS of "matches" expression
9c2f3b0dc6 DHCP: Add CableLabs suboptions from CL-SP-CANN-DHCP-Reg
2183738ef2 dfilter: Add support for comma as set separator
b760c356c7 C12.22: Track our allocation sizes.
50b4944aaf BSSAP: Simplify code
31d04f9ee7 dfilter: Add synctatic sugar for "not in" test
f4ec1656cf dfilter: Fixup some scanner comments and patterns
3e7465801d RDP: workaround setting pduLen for Manaro Linux
74a89a9862 dfilter: Minor set grammar cleanup
db04d188e1 Remove some unnecessary casts.
a7c625808c dfilter: Add a helper function to create test stnodes
f5fea52982 dfilter: Remove token value from syntax tree
0e4851b025 dfilter: Use a string lval type in scanner
42101494db dfilter: Remove scanner unused macros
0839f05bf7 tests/dfilter: Move deprecated to syntax group
e880cf61d7 Flow sequence: Shows more information about various skinny messages
c87743f933 Add README for MinGW-w64 (MSYS2) build
b1222edcd2 dfilter: Parse ranges in the drange node constructor
d19bdb70ed BT LE LL: Add a NULL Check.
32ee228a76 PVFS: Make sure we have pinfo when we need it.
4dbd58f803 SKINNY: Initialize our addresses.
be9a656770 QUIC(Datagram): update to last IETF draft
a2369eafbb QUIC: Update to final RFC...
c44e14a4ba BLF: Direction is not ignored anymore (BUGFIX)
e996c4f060 docs: Add some notes about project APIs
646e3db99a EAP: Add Autority ID Data from EAP-FAST
9104a3744e PNRP: Exit our main loop.
c9abbde287 docs: Update wireshark-filter man page about "!="
10352d552e TZSP: Add support for 6GHz band
bc01dcb22c WSCBOR: Separate error from non-error expert info
1120f545d3 CBOR: Avoid infinite loop when sequence has not-well-formed data
a114a115ba ACDR: Handle timestamps as time values instead of bytes
93b3f3b575 ACDR: Fix handling of short signaling packets
31ca0069c9 GSM A-bis/RSL: dissect more fields in RSL_IE_OSMO_TOP_ACCH_CAP
4bdb4b1762 Follow Stream: Disable the Arrow button on 1st call
79a9fe1cf0 BT-DHT: Fix another loop and add NULL checks.
511ca9204f BSSAP: Split BSSAP-LE, BSAP to pinos
a281afd9fa Tools: Add a plugin check to make-no-reassembly-profile.py.
2103b4b074 Revert "debian: Report upstream and package version instead of git revision"
efdf8f7d01 proto: Fix reserved filter name check
d7ffd00504 DVB-S2: add to "decode as" for UDP
fef8082364 GitLab CI: Move the Lintian check.
9c322f5b55 Increase max packet size for all USB encapsulation formats
923ae6acca [Automatic update for 2021-10-24]
fe98151af3 Skinny: Create RTP stream based on messages (2)
b52585a0ce Signal-PDU: Make a function static.
b5989badb4 tcp: Throw exception instead of ASSERT for unknown PDU length
c79e35d45c CBOR: Show and return actual dissected length
35334a1f28 Skinny: Create RTP stream based on messages
0abe10e040 dfilter: Fix "!=" relation to be free of contradictions
d2b249a445 COSE: Fix fallback to CBOR dissection when map key is registered but disabled.
1e42357d19 BPv7: Add proper heuristic block/payload dissection.
fad8346282 exceptions: set FragmentBoundsError priority above ContainedBoundsError
33708af75f grpc: do not dissect empty grpc message body
9bedc8af1a Follow Stream: Minor update of a variable scope
62de74f6a8 ieee80211: Fix warnings found by Clang Analyzer
811a80b827 ORAN FH CUS: Avoid infinite loop on section extension
cf41fbd897 IAX2 Stream Analysis: Fix of mean jitter calculation
11298a5b2c DCERPC: Strengthen heuristic, fix PDU length
ca8e6f3db4 Qt: Add back some Q_OBJECT calls.
27990832cb dumpcap: don't tell users to bother the Npcap developers.
15536d71ef Tools: Fix some fuzzing logic.
c983a219e3 Autosar IPDU Multiplexer: make some functions static
9c294546d1 EVS: Decode Reserved bit for 48/96/128 kbps
bfafc30aee rdp: dissect fastpath packets
a0885c6e03 rdp_multitransport: fill the info column
5eec78ca28 rdp: fix dissecting of bandwidth messages
8c9019a155 wireshark.h: Remove wmem dependency.
1acae21bcd Windows: Fix warnings using flex
916b3ee06e Add wslog.h to wireshark.h
59c082c046 Add new global header wireshark.h with guideline
79b0e4999a AUTOSAR I-PduM dissector
5863a7cbeb Ensure a single Follow Stream is running only
a36e995dd3 EVS: Decode BW for 9.6/16.4/48/96/128 bps
e2586301a3 bittorrent: Do some PDU length validity checking
6c3f62362f TCP: Contiguous ACK unseen segments are not wanted
a541fcb528 docs/tshark: proper name is lopsided CamelCase (TShark)
98c0b5ad62 ieee1905: Add missing offset increment
a8f1b4f12c debian/rules: Run dh_dwz with debhelper (>= 12.6) only
63b602973d EVS: Support decoding Primary 7.2/8.0 kbps packets
f58ccfc068 TCP, UDP, SCTP: Try user specified ports first
2fa1206063 CBOR: Add support for CBOR sequence dissection
08f17a6bf7 CMake: Compile dissectors.c independently.
2c3b13834d CMake: Place all of the documentation in the "Documentation" folder.
a48645e142 tcpcl: Fix warnings found by Clang Analyzer
8da8d46de7 ieee80211: Fix warnings found by Clang Analyzer
e0e5998307 evs: Fix warning found by Clang Analyzer
cfcd060171 bt-utp: Fix warning found by Clang Analyzer
aa0eb732b1 bpv7: Fix warning found by Clang Analyzer
29fe2340bd BT-UTP: Make a function statis
c734201e70 github: update no-options workflow.
44bd3a7d79 CMake+Docs: Update our man page targets.
da1d1c30f4 EVS: Fix TCX/HQ-MDCT core values
ec36885eda http2: fix the stream mode reassembly issue
1dfb3edac1 csn1: Avoid storing existence bit as true if content was actually NULL
6ba9c7b918 csn1: Avoid failing if optional DownlinkDualCarrierCapability_r7 is missing
4d0537162b E212: Update MCC list
ffdc5622d1 gtpv2: Update to 3GPP TS 29.274 V17.3.0
54ac7b4424 Fix some spelling errors
a747639add RTP Analysis: Fix of mean_jitter calculation
d4cad23807 Added Allied Telesis Loop Detection Frames
3106386f44 EVS: Support decoding Primary 2.8 kbps packets
0818981ccb EVS: Fix bug in decoding SID frame CNG type
01b0d9e077 Docs: Move includes to the top of our man pages.
b8a45f3638 CMake+Docs: Generate man pages all at once.
cfe33625a0 wslua: Initialize Proto members on creation
763247c2b3 QUIC: fix compilation on Raspberry
a1031afbff RTPS: ixed dissection of unions in user data.
c1c5db86b6 TCPCL: Reassemble with full 64-bit transfer ID
2e65045db6 MeshConnex (MCX): MCX packet decode logic
db8e63614e BT-uTP: Hand to bittorrent dissector, dissect multiple PDUs
9a8feb8abd EVS: Fix CNG schema for SID payload
95092e6582 SOME/IP: WTLV type 5 complains about 6 bit length field (BUGFIX)
736a54a3ad CSN.1: Fix definition for DownlinkDualCarrierCapability_r7_t in MS RA cap
017eb216c1 BSSMAP LE: fix dissection of APDU in 2 messages
947d3ff819 dftest: update man page and README.display_filter
0f7217aadf Bluetooth: Update Assigned Numbers
f275ccf2ab socketcan: use ett_can_fd for CAN FD.
1bcd51e34a CMake+Docs: Try to build our man pages in parallel.
3fe96028d2 Add a comment to explain a cast done in file_fdopen().
a2e877d397 wiretap: fix a warning on Raspberry 4
d8742418aa IDMP: Initialize some variables.
f2ec793131 Revert "GitLab CI: Switch to clang 13."
e15e987468 BT SDP: Don't overrun our continuation state buffer.
3562d76d5a dfilter: Fix memory leak in stnode_tostr()
e8800ff3c4 dfilter: Add a thin encapsulation layer for REs
2e048df011 dfilter: Improve error message for "matches"
e63f8d8daa wsutil: install missing public header wsgcrypt.h
a975d478ba dfilter: Require double-quoted strings with "matches"
4e5e806604 dfilter: Do not chain matches expressions
ac31124514 btsmp: Fix endianess of debug public key
c36ce0b01b TCPCLv4: Update TCPCL dissector to include version 4 from dtn-wireshark
0e667117b4 [Automatic update for 2021-10-17]
71ccbe9f37 bencode: remove pointless recursion
9f890e1dea dfilter: Update semcheck comment to reflect latest commits
06890ea379 dfilter: Forbid protocol filter names beginning with '-'
6d4a463620 proto: use hash table to lookup reserved filter names
07023a7774 tests: Accept a partial string in checkDFilterFail()
00673e22ef tests: Fixup test names
fbeb33ee99 Websocket frame reassembly support
c484ad0e5c dfilter: Don't try to parse byte arrays as strings
144dc1e2ee dfilter: Use the same semantic rules for protocols and bytes
e46deda5cf Fix build with WS_DISABLE_DEBUG
e116110f0c jpeg: add support for dissecting inline IFD values
cc91fd51ff cli: stats_tree: Make syntax consistent with other -z options
3960474089 socketcan: support the CANFD_FDF flag for identifying CAN FD frames.
2d569e116e dfilter: Fix crash with duplicated syntax node
1ace61074e dfilter: Display token value for debugging
46f27973ca CMake: Partially revert recent docs changes.
0d3bfedfb0 dfilter: Fixup deprecated tokens initialization
e91b5beafd dfilter: Resolve field names in the parser
3e6cc8ce4a dfilter: Remove unused function definition
309388a683 dfilter: Replace node in convert_to_bytes()
119667d886 doc: fix the macOS build.
79920cbc5f dumpcap: do all packet counting in capture_loop_wrote_one_packet().
74747c4d2f CMake: Try to make our man page builds faster.
1e18f79373 captype: add options to Usage: and man page
30863e5298 GSM A-bis/RSL: dissect some more Osmocom specific IEs
278dcc83ea GSM A-bis/RSL: add a checkbox for Osmocom specific definitions
91f050cd82 GSM A-bis/RSL: fix wrong tree/length in dissect_rsl_ie_message_id()
2236009e21 Packaging: Add captype to the Windows installers.
acaaad150b BT HCI_ISO: Don't overrun our reassembly buffer.
79ed34e1c6 couchbase: Add Subdoc replace body with xattr opcode
7fa7aa8191 couchbase: Add ReviveDocument subdoc flag
0e019290ef couchbase: Add new subdoc error codes
bb0b4ad4b3 eNode-B: Fix check for eri_enb_log_magic
9cc514957f gprscdr: Update to 3GPP TS 32.298 V17.0.0
db80da2adc SIP: 200 ok put resp to method in info col
4887894a15 pfcp: Update to 3GPP TS 29.244 V17.2.0
a3625ec9f6 extcap: reword error message referencing captype
c6e44fb00c BT-uTP: Track conversations
abcadce44f BPV7: Address check_static.py issues
01e858e0a3 BP: Fix crashes on invalid fuzzed inputs
ade523d7ba docs: -z stats - bootp now dhcp; not all in man page
07143b1c47 docs: -z stats - bootp now dhcp; not all in man page
1998e7f34b capinfos: man page typos; add longopts to Usage:
fd076e6ca8 Proposed rewording of filter tooltips
fefad2e7cf dumpcap: double received count when using threads
634650f1e4 TCP: Follow: Don't treat placeholder value 0 as a real ACK number
f6b0de6b12 TCP: Port reuse ends with false Retransmissions
ed98abe208 BT-DHT: Exit a loop.
643fbe52ae Docs: Use Asciidoctor to copy ws.css.
07371d4557 dfilter: Split tostr() into debug and pretty print
5dd90e3b30 dfilter: Cache stnode_tostr()
c2b6a27e97 autosar_nm: get rid of unused protocol IDs.
9f92da75b8 wsutil: Provide static inline g_memdup2 in glib-compat.h to not export it
fdd1a82ed9 packet-btmesh: fix build without GCRYPT
5481bffa5c proto: Check for reserved keywords in filter names
11c58e78f7 Qt: More new-style signals+slot conversions.
e5bcf6b402 Qt: Use new-style signals+slots in more places.
7f9b8874b5 BPSEC, BPv7, COSE: Bugfix MacOS build
92ab6d0704 Rawshark: is not a CamelCase word
a5df18e51e Fix some spelling errors
ab34ebbc7b [Automatic update for 2021-10-10]
041aa24a37 ftypes: Rewrite FT_PROTOCOL comparison operator
13e9e7199c ftypes: Use an order function to compare ftypes
6299a66a92 Revert "GitLab CI: Add an "Update Numbers" job."
9aa87dae84 TECMP: Bugfix: TECMP should not decode NULL frames
0d276b47d1 AUTOSAR NM: Bugfix: wrong filters for user defined elements
ba4bec7d09 debian: Report upstream and package version instead of git revision
6617c7fc5d debian/rules: Don't pass --parallel to dh, it is the default now
a1d964fa1c debian/rules: Turn on BUILD_corbaidl2wrs to ship idl2wrs man page
a9c1d1ac9e debian: Bump compat level to 12 keeping backports in mind
d87bc0d74d debian/control: Drop Conflists: and Replaces: referring to very old versions
d74afba1f1 debian: Make wireshark depend on the same version of wireshark-qt
aed6c130b9 debian/copyright: Fix typo and remove patterns for removed files
51e1381b23 Tools: Quote some elements in html2text.
ce0592514c BPv7: Add Bundle Protocol version 7 and BPSec dissectors from dtn-wireshark
35d09a7854 BT-DHT, BT-uTP: Use conversation_set_dissector_from_frame_number
faf6fabfe3 rdpudp: update parsing of AckVec packets to last spec
08a8429125 TECMP: Bugfix wrong payload length for payloadtvb
a534b7aed0 ISO15765: Bugfix, LIN config influenced CAN
f9d3b9d51a Qt: Remove more Q_OBJECT macro calls.
f26ef902b2 GitLab CI: Initial macOS Intel build.
ac9e95acca BT-uTP: Strengthen heuristic
48e740f8e4 text2pcap: typo on Help -> Manual Pages
f773bb4391 GitLab CI: Add an "Update Numbers" job.
ee6d020288 OptoMMP: Added expanded memory ranges and descriptions.
2c701ddf6f dfilter: Improve grammar to parse ranges
9d87c4712e dfilter: Fix parsing of value strings
39e0b3155f RPC: Don't defragment without the entire fragment
9371f102c8 NEWS: tshark folders; WSUG and download page links
3757b69f2d lisp: convert get_addr_str to use pinfo->pool
92285e6258 dfilter: Improve grammar to parse functions
db85625af9 dfilter: Rewrite ws_assert_magic() again
541d45fc6f dfilter: Remove no-op statement
dbf5782b70 BT-DHT: Support BEP 42, DHT Security Extension
991fc16e85 Qt: Remove Q_OBJECT in a few places where it's not needed.
4d2f469212 dfilter: Use exceptions for error handling in semcheck
5fcdf25697 dfilter: Generalize special case of one byte literal
d8b28f8040 Fix some field mask widths.