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= Original Author =
Gerald Combs <gerald[AT]wireshark.org>
= Contributors =
Gilbert Ramirez <gram[AT]alumni.rice.edu> {
Token-Ring, TR MAC
802.2 LLC
Win32 support
Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
Thomas Bottom <tom.bottom[AT]labxtechnologies.com> {
IEEE 1722.1 support
Chris Pane <chris.pane[AT]labxtechnologies.com> {
IEEE 1722.1 support
Hannes R. Boehm <hannes[AT]boehm.org> {
RIPv1, RIPv2
CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol Version 1)
Mike Hall <mike[AT]hallzone.net> {
Follow TCP Stream
Bobo Rajec <bobo[AT]bsp-consulting.sk> {
DNS protocol support
Laurent Deniel <laurent.deniel[AT]free.fr> {
Name resolution
Ethernet/Manufacturer files support
FDDI support
Real time capture and display enhancement
Many display filters added
GUI enhancements (about & help windows)
Follow TCP stream for IPv6
Protocol activation/deactivation (Edit:protocols)
Ability to mark the frames and associated features
"Protocol Properties..." menu item
Ring buffer rework
X11 decoding enhancements and fixes
Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
Don Lafontaine <lafont02[AT]cn.ca> {
Banyan Vines support
IGRP support
Guy Harris <guy[AT]alum.mit.edu> {
DNS and NetBIOS Name Service enhancements
Bitfield decoding
IP and TCP option decoding
HTTP support
NNTP support
ATM and LANE decoding
Q.931 decoding
Changes to the popup packet windows
Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
Simon Wilkinson <sxw[AT]dcs.ed.ac.uk> {
AppleTalk support
Jörg Mayer <jmayer[AT]loplof.de> {
Banyan Vines support
NTP fixes
DHCP support for Intel PXEclient DHCP requests
Support for "-N" flag enabling selected forms of name resolution
Changes to structure initializations to initialize all members
Define __USE_XOPEN in files that use "strptime()"
Various signed vs. unsigned fixes
Crank up the warning level in GCC
Skinny (Official Name: SCCP)
Remove trailing blanks from hex dump in print/Tethereal
Remove unused variables and declarations of non-existent
In configure scripts, if the compiler is GCC, add to CFLAGS a -D
flag to define _U_ as something that marks an argument
unused in GCC, and as nothing for other compilers
Add _U_ to unused arguments, and turn off "-Wno-unused"
.cvsignore fixes
Make a pile of stuff not used outside one source file static
Clean up #includes
Mark last packet of TFTP transfer as such in the Info column
Dissect both the BOOTP server and client ports as bootp/DHCP
Fix some small memleaks found by valgrind
Some Extreme protocols
Some 3com management protocol
Martin Maciaszek <fastjack[AT]i-s-o.net> {
RPM .spec file
Didier Jorand <Didier.Jorand[AT]alcatel.fr> {
SNMP support
TCP SEQ/ACK analysis bugfix for sequence number wrapping.
FIX 4.0 to 4.4 fields
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <itojun[AT]itojun.org> {
IPv6 support
RIPng support
IPsec support
PIM (Prototocol-Independent Multicast) support
IPComp (IP Payload Compression) support
BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) support
Richard Sharpe <realrichardsharpe[AT]gmail.com> {
TFTP, FTP, POP, Telnet support
Infrastructure changes for the benefit of TFTP
SMB support
MS RPC WKSSVC dissector
John McDermott <jjm[AT]jkintl.com> {
Packet coloring support
Pseudo-real-time capture
Jeff Jahr <jjahr[AT]shastanets.com> {
PPP over Ethernet (PPPoe)
Brad Robel-Forrest <bradr[AT]watchguard.com> {
Ashok Narayanan <ashokn[AT]cisco.com> {
Match Selected functionality
Support for reading compressed capture files
Link Management Protocol
IEEE 802.1ad and 802.1ah
Aaron Hillegass <aaron[AT]classmax.com> {
Summary dialogue
Jason Lango <jal[AT]netapp.com> {
RTCP fixes
Johan Feyaerts <Johan.Feyaerts[AT]siemens.com> {
Olivier Abad <oabad[AT]noos.fr> {
X.25 support in iptrace files and Sniffer files
Support for files from RADCOM WAN/LAN analyzers
and HP-UX nettl traces
LAPB, X.25
Plugins support
Support for capturing packet data from pipes
Support for writing NetXRay 2.x (Windows Sniffer) format captures
Thierry Andry <Thierry.Andry[AT]advalvas.be> {
Linux ATM Classical IP support
More filterable fields in SNMP
Jeff Foster <jfoste[AT]woodward.com> {
NetBEUI/NBF support (NetBIOS atop 802.2 LLC, the
original NetBIOS encapsulation)
SMB Mailslot and Netlogin protocol support
Popup packet windows
Support for protocols registering themselves with dissectors for
protocols on top of which they run
Rlogin support
Support for associating a dissector with a conversation, and for
use of that dissector by TCP and UDP
SOCKS support
Microsoft Proxy protocol support
Support for conversations with "wildcard" destination addresses
and/or ports
Initial support for constructing filter expressions
Support for reading Sniffer Frame Relay captures
Partial support for determining the type of "Internetwork
analyzer" Sniffer captures (we don't yet have enough captures
to do it all)
Peter Torvals <petertv[AT]xoommail.com> {
Internet Cache Protocol support
Christophe Tronche <ch.tronche[AT]computer.org> {
BPDU (spanning tree protocol) support
X11 requests support
Nathan Neulinger <nneul[AT]umr.edu> {
Yahoo Messenger YHOO protocol, and Yahoo Pager (YPNS?) protocol
NTP (Network Time Protocol) support
RX protocol support
Andrew File System protocol support
802.1q VLAN support
Misc. RPC program dissectors
TNS/Oracle dissector
Tacacs+/XTacacs dissector
IRC dissector
AppleTalk NBP dissector
AppleTalk RTMP response dissector
Automake and autoconf updates to handle the current CVS versions
of automake (which will probably eventually become the next
releases of automake and autoconf)
Additional cipher suite names for SSL
SEBEK - Kernel read() data capture protocol support
Linux IPVS Synchronization Daemon support
Tomislav Vujec <tvujec[AT]carnet.hr> {
Additional NTP support
Kojak <kojak[AT]bigwig.net> {
ICQ support
Uwe Girlich <Uwe.Girlich[AT]philosys.de> {
ONC RPC support
NFS support
Mount Protocol support started
NLM support started
PCNFSD support started
TSP support
Quake dissector
QuakeWorld dissector
Quake II dissector
Quake 3 Arena dissector
DTPT dissector
INTERLINK dissector
Warren Young <tangent[AT]mail.com> {
"Print" button support in "Tools:Follow TCP Stream" window
Heikki Vatiainen <hessu[AT]cs.tut.fi> {
Cisco Auto-RP protocol support
SAP (Session Announcement Protocol) support
VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy)
HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol)
option to control whether to interpret the IPv4 TOS field as
such or as the DiffServ field
SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
BGP tvbuffification
IPv6 and ICMPv6 tvbuffification
PIM enhancements and fixes
Support for Enter/Return toggling expansion of selected protocol
tree item
IGMP fixes and multicast traceroute support
MSDP support
IPv6 name resolution support on Solaris 8
Enhancements to the "bad sed" tests
Make "get_host_ipaddr()" require dotted-quad IP addresses to
really be quads
CGMP-over-Ethernet II support
Fix the test for IS-IS virtual links
Documentation improvements
Greg Hankins <gregh[AT]twoguys.org> {
updates to BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) support
Jerry Talkington <jtalkington[AT]users.sourceforge.net> {
tvb_uncompress()/HTTP Content-Encoding decompression
HTTP chunked encoding dissection
updates to HTTP support
Filter selection/editing GUI improvements
WCCP 1.0 support
Right-mouse-button menu support
Dave Chapeskie <dchapes[AT]ddm.on.ca> {
updates to ISAKMP support
James Coe <jammer[AT]cin.net> {
SRVLOC (Service Location Protocol) support
NCP over IP support
Bert Driehuis <driehuis[AT]playbeing.org> {
I4B (ISDN for BSD) wiretap module
Stuart Stanley <stuarts[AT]mxmail.net> {
ISIS on CLNP support
John Thomes <john[AT]ensemblecom.com> {
L2TP support
Laurent Cazalet <laurent.cazalet[AT]mailclub.net> {
updates to L2TP support
Thomas Parvais <thomas.parvais[AT]advalvas.be> {
updates to L2TP support
Gerrit Gehnen <G.Gehnen[AT]atrie.de> {
support for "Inactive Subset" of ISO CLNP
Decoding of OSI COTP TSAPs as text when they're plain text
Sinec H1 protocol support
Craig Newell <craign[AT]cheque.uq.edu.au> {
TFTP options (RFC 2347) support
Ed Meaney <emeaney[AT]cisco.com> {
Win32 support
Dietmar Petras <DPetras[AT]ELSA.de> {
Time protocol support
Fix to handling of SNMPv2 TRAP PDUs
Fred Reimer <fwr[AT]ga.prestige.net> {
TCP segment length in TCP packet summary
Florian Lohoff <flo[AT]rfc822.org> {
Various enhancements to RADIUS support
Fixes to L2TP result and error code dissection
Redback SmartEdge SE400/800 tcpdump disassembly
Redback Lawful Intercept dissection
Jochen Friedrich <jochen+ethereal[AT]scram.de> {
SNA improvements
Fix to IPv6 fragment handling
SMUX and SNMPv3 support
Zebra support
HPR/UDP (RFC 2353, Enterprise Extender)
RPL support
HP extended 802.2 LLC support
HP remote management protocol support
SNMP over HP extended 802.2 LLC support
Paul Welchinski <paul.welchinski[AT]telusplanet.net> {
Fixes to Win32 packet capture code
Doug Nazar <nazard[AT]dragoninc.on.ca> {
LDAP support
Andreas Sikkema <h323[AT]ramdyne.nl> {
Fixes to SMB dissector
Fixes to capture file handling on Win32
RTCP, RTP, TPKT (RFC 1006), H.261
Q.931 enhancements
Mark Muhlestein <mmm[AT]netapp.com> {
CIFS-over-TCP support
Graham Bloice <graham.bloice[AT]trihedral.com> {
Win32 icon for Wireshark, and Win32 resource-compiler files to
add version/copyright/etc. information to Win32 executables
Support for sorting columns in the summary by clicking on them
Win32 Makefile improvements
Support for "Update list of packets in real time" during capture
on Win32
Support for inverse video rather than boldface highlighting of
the bytes, in the hex dump window, corresponding to a selected
Support for DNP
Ralf Schneider <ralf.schneider[AT]alcatel.se> {
Enhancements to OSI CLNP, CLTP, and ISIS support
OSI ESIS support
Yaniv Kaul <mykaul[AT]gmail.com> {
Enhancements to ISAKMP
CPHA support
DCERPC OXID operation #5 dissection
TDS enhancements
DCERPC: Resolve UUID to interface names on win32 platforms
PCT support
X509 Certificates over HTTP support
VNC heuristic dissection
TightVNC dissection
More tags in the DAAP dissector
SPICE dissector
Paul Ionescu <paul[AT]acorp.ro> {
IPX-over-GRE support
EIGRP support
Cisco IGRP support
X.25-over-TCP support
DEC LANBridge Spanning Tree Protocol support
X.25-over-LLC support
IP Prefix field support in CDP
Frame Relay support
Frame-Relay-over-GRE support
IPX SAP over IPX EIGRP support
Fleshed out TACACS/XTACACS/TACACS+ dissector
DLSw support
Mark Burton <markb[AT]ordern.com> {
Assorted SMB fixes and enhancements
iSCSI support
Stefan Raab <sraab[AT]cisco.com> {
Mobile IP
Mark Clayton <clayton[AT]shore.net> {
Support for capturing on ATM interfaces on Linux
Michael Rozhavsky <mike[AT]tochna.technion.ac.il> {
OSPF enhancements
CRLDP support
Dug Song <dugsong[AT]monkey.org> {
RPCSEC_GSS credential/verifier dissection for ONC RPC
Michael Tüxen <tuexen[AT]wireshark.org> {
SCTP support
M3UA support
ISDN Q.921-User Adaptation Layer (IUA) support
SUA and SUA Light support
MTP3 support
MacOS X support
Update of M2PA support for later Internet drafts
MTP2 support
SCTP support in text2pcap
SCCP-atop-M3UA support
M2UA support
ASAP support
ENRP support
Fix SCTP port number for M2PA
Bruce Korb <bkorb[AT]sco.com> {
Improved autogen.sh script
Jose Pedro Oliveira <jpo[AT]di.uminho.pt> {
DHCP enhancements
David Frascone <dave[AT]frascone.com> {
DIAMETER support
Bug fixes and enhancements to Mobile IP
Support for Mobile IP's use of ICMP Router Advertisements
Removal of unused variables and functions
LWAPP support
Peter Kjellerstedt <pkj[AT]axis.com> {
SRVLOC fixes
ICQ enhancements
autogen.sh fixes
Phil Techau <phil_t[AT]altavista.net> {
Added "col_append_str()"
Signed integer support in display filters and in the protocol tree
BOOTP fixes
Additional NTP reference clock identifiers
Wes Hardaker <hardaker[AT]users.sourceforge.net> {
Kerberos 5 support
occasional ucd-snmp/net-snmp help.
Robert Tsai <rtsai[AT]netapp.com> {
Rsh support
Support for embedded newlines in SDP fields
Support for leading LWS in RTSP headers
Craig Metz <cmetz[AT]inner.net> {
OSPF type 7 LSA dissection
Per Flock <per.flock[AT]axis.com> {
A6 and DNAME resource record support
RFC 2673 bitstring label support
Jack Keane <jkeane[AT]OpenReach.com> {
ISAKMP fixes to handle malformed packets
Brian Wellington <bwelling[AT]xbill.org> {
Support for DNS CERT, KX, TSIG, and TKEY records
Support for NOTIFY and UPDATE DNS opcodes
TSIG/TKEY error DNS reply codes
Partial support for DNS-over-TCP
Santeri Paavolainen <santtu[AT]ssh.com> {
"Capture->Stop" menu bar item
Improved capture statistics box
Make doc/Makefile.am work in POSIXLY_CORRECT environment
Mobile IPv6 fixes
Ulrich Kiermayr <uk[AT]ap.univie.ac.at> {
ECN Extension support
Neil Hunter <neil.hunter[AT]energis-squared.com> {
WAP support
Ralf Holzer <ralf[AT]well.com> {
AIM/OSCAR support
Craig Rodrigues <rodrigc[AT]attbi.com> {
GIOP 1.2 support and other GIOP enhancements
Handle current versions of RPM, which compress man pages
Real-time CORBA priority value support
Ed Warnicke <hagbard[AT]physics.rutgers.edu> {
MGCP dissector
PCLI ( Packet Cable Lawful Intercept ) dissector
Johan Jorgensen <johan.jorgensen[AT]axis.com> {
IEEE 802.11 support
Frank Singleton <frank.singleton[AT]ericsson.com> {
Short integer CDR support for GIOP
Support for protocols running atop GIOP
GIOP CosNaming support
Kevin Shi <techishi[AT]ms22.hinet.net> {
GVRP support
Mike Frisch <mfrisch[AT]isurfer.ca> {
NFSv4 support
HCLNFSD support
rquota support
AUTH_DES support
Tvbuffified NFS dissector
PCNFSD updates
NFS_ACL support
PVFS2 support
Burke Lau <burke_lau[AT]agilent.com> {
PPP FCS checking
Cisco HDLC support in PPP dissector
MPLS-over-PPP support
Martti Kuparinen <martti.kuparinen[AT]iki.fi> {
Mobile IPv6 support
HMIPv6 support
David Hampton <dhampton[AT]mac.com> {
Support for HTTP methods added by GENA (the uPnP protocol)
Support for the HTTP-based SSDP protocol
"Decode As" dialog
Kent Engström <kent[AT]unit.liu.se> {
CDP VTP Management Domain item support
Ronnie Sahlberg <ronniesahlberg[AT]gmail.com> {
NLM dissector enhancements
Mount dissector enhancements
Support for status monitor protocol and status monitor callback
YPSERV dissector enhancements
BOOTPARAM dissector enhancements
RWALL support
HCLNFSD dissector enhancements
IP fragment reassembly
YPPASSWD support
KLM support
SPRAY support
rquota support completed
XDR array support
NIS+ support
Rewritten IGMP dissector
Tvbuffified and bug-fixed RX and AFS dissectors
Support for filtering on absolute and relative time fields
DVMRP support
MRDISC support
MSNIP support
Tvbuffified ISIS dissector
Tvbuffified SMB NETLOGON dissector
Tvbuffified SMB BROWSER dissector
TCP segment reassembly and support for it in ONC RPC and NBSS
Filterable fields for XoT and RIP
FT_UINT64 support, code to handle 64-bit integers without
requiring compiler support for them, and updates to the
Diameter, L2TP, NFS, and NLM dissectors to use it and to the
ONC RPC dissector to allow ONC RPC subdissectors to use it
SMB tvbuffication and enhancement
NDMPv3 support
Add time between request and reply as a field to ONC RPC replies
File handle to file name resolution in NFS and related protocols
DCE RPC enhancements
SAMR updates
NETLOGON implementation
LSA updates
NFS AUTH stub implementation
MAPI skeleton dissector
DCE/RPC fragment reassembly
TCP ACK/SEQ number analysis and relative sequence numbers
TAP system and ONC RPC and DCE RPC examples
DISTCC updates
H225 and H245 dissectors and PER dissector helpers
Kerberos decryption
PacketCable protocol
Borosa Tomislav <tomislav.borosa[AT]SIEMENS.HR> {
Updates to mobile IPv6
Alexandre P. Ferreira <alexandref[AT]tcoip.com.br> {
WTLS support
WSP fixes and enhancements
Simharajan Srishylam <Simharajan.Srishylam[AT]netapp.com> {
Assorted WCCP2 enhancements
ICAP support
Greg Kilfoyle <gregk[AT]redback.com> {
BOOTP option 82 (Relay Agent Information option) support
James E. Flemer <jflemer[AT]acm.jhu.edu> {
Hidden Boolean fields set if the IP or ICMP checksums are bad
Peter Lei <peterlei[AT]cisco.com> {
RFC 3024 reverse tunneling support for the Mobile IP dissector
Thomas Gimpel <thomas.gimpel[AT]ferrari.de> {
Fixes to the Q.931 dissector
Albert Chin <china[AT]thewrittenword.com> {
Fixes to Lemon to get it to compile on platforms (such as some
versions of Tru64 UNIX) that define TRUE and FALSE
Fixes for various non-GCC compiler warnings
Fix to TCP graph code to eliminate a GCCism
Simplify some autoconf code
Assorted cleanups
Autoconf/automake cleanups
Charles Levert <charles[AT]comm.polymtl.ca> {
CUPS browsing protocol support
Todd Sabin <tas[AT]webspan.net> {
DCE RPC support
Cleaned up "get_column_format_matches()"
Skeleton NSPI dissector
Eduardo Pérez Ureta <eperez[AT]dei.inf.uc3m.es> {
GUI fixes
Martin Thomas <martin_a_thomas[AT]yahoo.com> {
Support for TPKT being used for its original purpose (TCP port
102, containing OSI transport layer PDUs)
Handle address lengths based on TOA bit in X.25
Hartmut Mueller <hartmut[AT]wendolene.ping.de> {
BACNET support
Michal Melerowicz <Michal.Melerowicz[AT]nokia.com> {
GTP support
GTPv1 support and GTPv0 improvements
Hannes Gredler <hannes[AT]juniper.net> {
OSI network layer over PPP support
Many IS-IS enhancements
Juniper Networks vendor ID in RADIUS dissector
HELLO message support in RSVP
Many BGP enhancements and bug fixes
Fix display of OSI system IDs to use a dot rather than a dash
before the PSN byte
Decode the sample rate factor in cflowd5 headers
Support OSI over CHDLC
Show the type value for OSI protocols symbolically in GRE
Support MPLS over CHDLC
Bi-directional Fault Detection (BFD) support
Support for Juniper's DLT_JUNIPER_ATM1, DLT_JUNIPER_ATM2 values
Support for Juniper's PPPOE encapsulation
Inoue <inoue[AT]ainet.or.jp> {
Preference dialog crash fix
Olivier Biot <obiot.ethereal[AT]gmail.com> {
Various WTP fixes and enhancements
Rewrite of much of WSP
WBXML/WMLC support
README.win32 updates for Cygwin
UDH dissection in SMPP
WTP-over-SMPP and WSP-over-SMPP
GSM SMS, CBS and DCS support for the SMPP dissector
Display filter operator: matches (PCRE syntax)
Compuserve GIF image dissector
JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF) dissector
Dissector for message/http media type
Generic line-based textual data dissector
Multipart media dissector
Display filter operator: bitwise_and
Generic media dissector (in analogy to the data dissector)
Patrick Wolfe <pjw[AT]zocalo.cellular.ameritech.com> {
WTLS client and trusted key ID handling enhancements
Martin Held <Martin.Held[AT]icn.siemens.de> {
RANAP support
Riaan Swart <rswart[AT]cs.sun.ac.za> {
Modbus/TCP support
Christian Lacunza <celacunza[AT]gmx.net> {
Command-line option to control automatic scrolling in "Update
list of packets in real time" captures
Scott Renfro <scott[AT]renfro.org> {
LDAP checks for invalid packets
"-t" flag for editcap, to adjust timestamps in frames
SSL/TLS support
Mergecap utility for merging capture files
Fixes for some calls to "localtime()" that didn't check whether
the call succeeded (it doesn't always do so on Windows, for
Juan Toledo <toledo[AT]users.sourceforge.net> {
Passive FTP support
Jean-Christian Pennetier <jeanchristian.pennetier[AT]rd.francetelecom.fr> {
ISIS IPv6 routing TLV dissection
ISIS traffic engineering TLV dissection
IS neighbor and IP reachability TLVs given their own subtree
Assorted other ISIS fixes
Jian Yu <bgp4news[AT]yahoo.com> {
BGP enhancements
Eran Mann <emann[AT]opticalaccess.com> {
Fix to LDP prefix FEC dissection for IPv4
Andy Hood <ajhood[AT]fl.net.au> {
"--with-ssl" configuration option, to use if UCD SNMP is
compiled with crypto support and needs -lcrypto
On Solaris, with GCC, add flags to reduce warnings from
inadequacies of function declarations in X11 headers
Translate enterprise OIDs in SNMP traps to strings if possible
AODV6 dissector compile fixes for AIX
Randy McEoin <rmceoin[AT]ahbelo.com> {
Appletalk Data Stream Interface (used by AFP-over-TCP) support
Xyplex protocol support
Avaya IPSI Control
Edgar Iglesias <edgar.iglesias[AT]axis.com> {
Fix to TCP reassembly code for retransmitted data
Martina Obermeier <Martina.Obermeier[AT]icn.siemens.de> {
ISUP (ISDN User Part, ITU-T recommendation Q.763) support
Javier Achirica <achirica[AT]ttd.net> {
IEEE 802.11 bug fixes and WEP support
B. Johannessen <bob[AT]havoq.com> {
Gnutella support
Thierry Pelle <thierry.pelle[AT]laposte.net> {
MP-BGP message support
Redback vendor-specific items for RADIUS and L2TP
IPv6CP support
Francisco Javier Cabello <fjcabello[AT]vtools.es> {
RFC 2250 MPEG1 support
Laurent Rabret <laurent.rabret[AT]rd.francetelecom.fr> {
LCP-over Ethernet and IPCP-over-Ethernet support (to handle
captures on Windows; PPP packets show up as Ethernet
packets, courtesy of NDISWAN, and apparently internal-to-PPP
protocols get passed through, with PPP protocol types
appearing in the Ethernet protocol type field)
PAP support
BGP bug fix
ISIS fixes and enhancements
OPSI support
nuf si <gnippiks[AT]yahoo.com> {
RTSP fixes
Jeff Morriss <jeff.morriss.ws[AT]gmail.com> {
M2PA support
Support for ANSI flavor of MTP3
SCCP support
SCCP Management support
MTP3 Management support
Support for China and Japan ITU SS7 variants
SSCOP over UDP and SSCF-NNI support
Various bug fixes and enhancements
Aamer Akhter <aakhter[AT]cisco.com> {
Support for draft-rosen-vpn-ospf-bgp-mpls
Support for additional BGP extended communities
LDP support for draft-martini-l2circuit-trans-mpls, LDP status
code updates, and small LDP cleanups
LDP support for draft-martini-l2circuit-encap-mpls for
Fix initialization of ett_slarp in CHDLC dissector
LDP PWE updates
Pekka Savola <pekkas[AT]netcore.fi> {
Autoconf support for glibc IPv6 support
David Eisner <deisner[AT]gmail.com> {
NCP-over-IP bug fix
Steve Dickson <steved[AT]talarian.com> {
PGM (Pragmatic General Multicast) support
Markus Seehofer <Markus.Seehofer[AT]hirschmann.de> {
GMRP support
IEEE 1588 / PTP version 2 support
Lee Berger <lberger[AT]roy.org> {
Fix to FT_UINT_STRING handling
Motonori Shindo <motonori[AT]shin.do> {
Shiva PAP, EAP, and CBCP negotiation in LCP Callback Operation
support in PPP dissector
Support for decoding additional data, for CHAP, in LCP
Authentication Protocol option
Additional vendor (CoSine) for Radius
CoSine VSA support for Radius
Patches to PPP for CHAP support
Patches to packet-x11-keysym.h to clean up 8-bit chars
Fixes to take the Vendor-Specific attribute into consideration
when dissecting L2TP
L2TP Dissconnect Cause Information AVP support
PPP CCP support
PPP compressed packet support
Assorted BGP improvements
CBCP support in PPP
Fix Ascend/Lucent trace reading code to handle later trace
formats that have an ASCII dump at the end of the line
Get rid of "send output to /dev/null" hack in Ascend/Lucent
trace reading code's Flex scanner
BACP and BAP support in PPP dissector
Add necessary cast in TCP graph code
Fix up the generation of PDB files, clean them up on a "nmake -f
makefile.nmake clean", and put all the PDB files into the
Windows binary distribution
Delete installed data files on a Windows uninstallation
OSPF fixes
Support for reading CoSine L2 debug output
Assorted LDP enhancements and fixes
Key Information dissection in EAPOL-Key messages
sFlow/NetFlow/IPFIX dissector enhancement
Terje Krogdahl <tekr[AT]nextra.com> {
Additional AVPs, and Event-Timestamp support, in RADIUS
Jean-Francois Mule <jfm[AT]cablelabs.com> {
Additional SIP methods
Thomas Wittwer <thomas.wittwer[AT]iclip.ch> {
HTTP dissector registered by name
"prefs_register_string_preference()" made available to plugins
Remove unnecessary calls to "prefs_module_foreach()"
Support for stopping capture at specified capture file size or
capture duration
Matthias Nyffenegger <matthias.nyffenegger[AT]iclip.ch> {
Support for stopping capture at specified capture file size or
capture duration
Palle Lyckegaard <Palle[AT]lyckegaard.dk> {
OSPFv3 support
Nicolas Balkota <balkota[AT]mac.com> {
GTPv1 support and GTPv0 improvements
Tom Uijldert <Tom.Uijldert[AT]cmg.nl> {
WTP fixes
MMSE support
Push-traffic dissecting for WSP/WTLS
UCP support
SMPP support
multipart-content support in WSP/MMSE
WTP reassembly
WTP TPI dissection
Akira Endoh <endoh[AT]netmarks.co.jp> {
Support for dissecting multiple BGP capabilities
Sync PPP protocol names with the IANA database
MPLSCP, CDPCP, and CDP over PPP support
BGP support for draft-ietf-idr-as4bytes-06.txt and
Wellfleet Breath of Life support
RSVP support for draft-ietf-mpls-nodeid-subobject-00.txt, and
other bug fixes and enhancements
Diffserv MPLS signaling protocol support
IGAP support
Graeme Hewson <ghewson[AT]wormhole.me.uk> {
Additional Ascend codes, and IETF codes, for Radius
Fix various capture problems
Add some sanity checks to DNS dissector to avoid loops
Command-line interface cleanups
Varargs code cleanup in "simple_dialog.c"
Make dialog box pop up only after a minimum period of time
Pasi Eronen <pe[AT]iki.fi> {
Patches to the dcerpc dissector for data representation decoding
XDMCP support
Support for PCT cipher suites and record layer in SSL
Dissect the packet inside an LCP Protocol-Reject message
Georg von Zezschwitz <gvz[AT]2scale.net> {
WSP fixes
Support for concatenated PDUs
Put URL of WSP GET/POST in the Info column
Fix a bug with WSP Connect requests with headers > 256 bytes
Implement attributes of WSP Suspend/Resume
Steffen Weinreich <steve[AT]weinreich.org> {
UCP fixes
Marc Milgram <ethereal[AT]mmilgram.NOSPAMmail.net> {
VMS TCPIPtrace wiretap module
DBS Etherwatch wiretap module
Gordon McKinney <gordon[AT]night-ray.com> {
Enhanced Ethereal icon for Windows
Support for time stamping packets in text2pcap
Fix to text2pcap to handle colons after offset field
Make IP-over-PPP work with the TCP graph code
Pavel Novotny <Pavel.Novotny[AT]icn.siemens.de> {
Additional items for RADIUS tunnels
Shinsuke Suzuki <suz[AT]kame.net> {
DHCPv6 and PIM enhancements
IPv6 payload for GRE
MLDv2 enhancements
Andrew C. Feren <acferen[AT]yahoo.com> {
Makefile fix
Solaris packaging fixes
Add ifdefs to the top-level Makefile.nmake to avoid using
Python if PYTHON isn't defined
make-manuf fix
Put all of Cisco's OUIs into manuf.tmpl
Put human-readable descriptions in the combo box entries for
"Interface:" on Windows
ntop nProbe and Plixer Mailinizer extensions for the Netflow dissector
Tomas Kukosa <tomas.kukosa[AT]siemens.com> {
Additional routines made available to plugins
Support for registering subdissectors for Q.931 IEs and codesets
Reassembly of segmented Q.931 messages
ASN2WRS compiler to convert ASN.1 definitions to PER/DER dissectors
H.323 family dissectors (H.225.0, H.245, H.235, H.450, H.460)
Plugin API for codecs (for RTP player)
Andreas Stockmeier <a.stockmeier[AT]avm.de> {
IPCOMP transformation and ID_IPV4_ADDR_SUBNET for ISAKMP
Fix the file dialog box code to use "g_strdup()", not "strdup()"
to copy strings
Pekka Nikander <pekka.nikander[AT]nomadiclab.com> {
IEEE 802.1x, a/k/a EAPOL
Hamish Moffatt <hamish[AT]cloud.net.au> {
MPLS support for handling either IPv4 or IPv6 as the payload
protocol type
Win32 Makefile fixes
Use pod2html rather than man2html to build HTML man pages
Fix ethereal.nsi.in for recent versions of NSIS
Kazushi Sugyo <k-sugyou[AT]nwsl.mesh.ad.jp> {
Fix to display of AH length field
Fix to code to scan the SIOCGIFCONF list
Tim Potter <tpot[AT]samba.org> {
Support for DCE RPC atop SMB
Support for several Microsoft DCE RPC services used with SMB
Added code to call request and reply subdissectors in DCE RPC
Display the FID in the Info column of NT Create and X replies
Display the setup words in some SMB Transaction messages and
extract the FID from them
Use the FID, for DCE RPC-over-SMB, as part of the conversation
Assorted SMB fixes
NT SID dissection
Raghu Angadi <rangadi[AT]inktomi.com> {
WCCP capability info dissection bug fix
Taisuke Sasaki <sasaki[AT]soft.net.fujitsu.co.jp> {
OSPF fixes
Tim Newsham <newsham[AT]lava.net> {
Support for 802.11+Prism II monitor-mode link-layer headers
Tom Nisbet <Tnisbet[AT]VisualNetworks.com> {
Support for reading Visual Networks traffic capture files
SLIMP3 protocol version 2 support
Darren New <dnew[AT]san.rr.com> {
BXXP dissector modified to be a BEEP dissector
Pavel Mores <pvl[AT]uh.cz> {
TCP time-sequence, round-trip time, and throughput graphs
Bernd Becker <bb[AT]bernd-becker.de> {
ethereal_gen.py cleanups
Reset the Protocol column to GIOP if no heuristic dissectors
Enhancements to TNS dissector, including desegmentation
GIOP fixes
Heinz Prantner <Heinz.Prantner[AT]radisys.com> {
M2TP support
Irfan Khan <ikhan[AT]qualcomm.com> {
pppdump reader fixes
Van Jacobson decompression support for PPP
Jayaram V.R <vjayar[AT]cisco.com> {
PPP multiplexing support
Dinesh Dutt <ddutt[AT]cisco.com> {
SCSI dissector, for use by iSCSI and other protocols that
transport SCSI operations
Fibre Channel (over IP) support, and support for various
protocols running atop FC
Cisco MDS switch Debug Port Adapter (Boardwalk)
FC-inside-Ethernet dissector
Cisco MDS switch internal FC-inside-Ethernet dissector
Nagarjuna Venna <nvenna[AT]Brixnet.com> {
Only display the reason in BYE RTCP packets if it's present
Support for RTCP-XR support as in RFC 3611
Jirka Novak <j.novak[AT]netsystem.cz> {
Support for generating filter expressions based on packet list
column values
Support for adding filter expressions generated from column or
protocol tree field values to the current expression rather
than replacing the current expression
Support for hex dump mode in "Follow TCP Stream" window showing
hex and ASCII data
Ricardo Barroetaveña <rbarroetavena[AT]veufort.com> {
Enhanced LDP support
Support TCP reassembly requiring multiple steps (e.g.,
reassemble the PDU header to get the length of the PDU, then
reassemble the PDU based on that length)
Alan Harrison <alanharrison[AT]mail.com> {
Fixes to EtherPeek file reader code
Mike Frantzen <frantzen[AT]w4g.org> {
Support for capturing on, and reading captures from, OpenBSD
firewall logging virtual interface
Charlie Duke <cduke[AT]fvc.com> {
Added routines to the plugin table
Alfred Arnold <Alfred.Arnold[AT]elsa.de> {
IAPP support
Dermot Bradley <dermot.bradley[AT]openwave.com> {
Support for Openwave-specific WSP headers
Support for Openwave-specific WSP field names
Support for additional WSP content types from Openwave
Support for additional WSP language values
Adam Sulmicki <adam[AT]cfar.umd.edu> {
Add more type values for EAP.
Fix off-by-one bug when displaying Code of EAP message.
Additional AVPs for RADIUS, and making RD_TP_CONNECT_INFO a
Dissect EAP messages inside RADIUS
Dissect SSL-encoded stuff inside EAP
Cisco LEAP support
EAP-TLS reassembly
Other EAP enhancements
Kari Tiirikainen <kari.tiirikainen[AT]nokia.com> {
COPS-PR extension support
Support for reading MIBs containing converted PIBs in COPS
John Mackenzie <John.A.Mackenzie[AT]t-online.de> {
Put missing initializations of table entries in "plugins.c"
Register GIOP dissector as a UDP heuristic dissector
Peter Valchev <pvalchev[AT]openbsd.org> {
Fix editcap to assign the result of "getopt()" to an "int" and
to check "getopt()"s return value with -1 rather than EOF
Alex Rozin <Arozin[AT]mrv.com> {
Support for IEEE 802.1w RST BPDUs
Jouni Malinen <jkmaline[AT]cc.hut.fi> {
802.11 authentication frame dissection bug fix
Fix offset of challenge element in 802.11 dissector
Show fragmented 802.11 frames as fragments
EAP bug fix for NAK packets
802.11g element support
802.11i enhancements
New WSC 2.0 attributes and values support
Wi-Fi Alliance P2P dissector
Paul E. Erkkila <pee[AT]erkkila.org> {
Skinny Client Control Protocol enhancements
Hazelcast Dissector
Jakob Schlyter <jakob[AT]openbsd.org> {
SIP method additions
Jim Sienicki <sienicki[AT]issanni.com> {
Additional vendor (Issani) for Radius
Issani VSA support for Radius
Steven French <sfrench[AT]us.ibm.com> {
Add names for some additional spool service RPCs
Decode NT Rename SMB
Diana Eichert <deicher[AT]sandia.gov> {
"-q" flag to Tethereal to suppress packet count display
Blair Cooper <blair[AT]teamon.com> {
WebDAV support
Kikuchi Ayamura <ayamura[AT]ayamura.org> {
Include <ucd-snmp/ucd-snmp-config.h> to fix IRIX compilation
Didier Gautheron <dgautheron[AT]magic.fr> {
X11 bug fix
AppleTalk Transaction Protocol, AppleTalk Stream Protocol, and
AppleTalk Filing Protocol support
DSI updates
"frame.marked" field set on marked frames
Don't show progress bar for quick "Find Frame" searches
Add "Find Next" and "Find Previous" to repeat searches
Move port number from AppleTalk addresses to separate column
Put in hidden fields for AppleTalk source and destination
AppleTalk Zone Information Protocol support
Fix to work with automake 1.7
Fix gtk Makefile entry to rebuild "ethereal-tap-register.c"
Fix handling of cross in TCP graph code
Fix sequence number overflow problems in TCP graph code and
desegmentation code
Don't update the progress bar too often (only every 100ms)
Phil Williams <csypbw[AT]comp.leeds.ac.uk> {
Support for looking up fields by name
Kevin Humphries <khumphries[AT]networld.com> {
Additional PIM hello options support
Erik Nordström <erik.nordstrom[AT]it.uu.se> {
AODV dissection support
Devin Heitmueller <dheitmueller[AT]netilla.com> {
Additional RAP error code
Give the user a warning if they click "New" in the filter list
editing code without having specified a filter name and string
Fix to treat the "send buffer length" in SMB RAP messages as
being present in the packet
Dissection of NTLMSSP authentication for DCERPC
Show proper field names for SAMR UnicodeChangePassword2
Add MD4 and RC4 crypto support
Decrypt the NT password encryption block in
Supply offset to dissectors for connection-oriented DCERPC PDU
Support for decrypting DCERPC conversations using NTLMSSP
version 1
AIM enhancements
Follow TCP Stream support for showing stream data as C byte
YMSG desegmentation
Chenjiang Hu <chu[AT]chiaro.com> {
ISIS bug fix for dissecting unreserved bandwidths
Kan Sasaki <sasaki[AT]fcc.ad.jp> {
VSA decoding and other changes to RADIUS
Stefan Wenk <stefan.wenk[AT]gmx.at> {
SIP heuristic dissector
Filterable header fields in SIP dissector
Ruud Linders <ruud[AT]lucent.com> {
Report errors from "g_module_open()"
Heuristic version of the RTP dissector
Andrew Esh <Andrew.Esh[AT]tricord.com> {
Support for additional interest levels in
TRANS2_QUERY_FS_INFORMATION, and fix handling of level 1022
to treat the file name as always being in Unicode
Fix a compiler warning
Typo fix in iSCSI dissector
Greg Morris <GMORRIS[AT]novell.com> {
NCP - NetWare Core Protocol
NDPS - Novell Distributed Print System
"Find Frame" code to search for text or binary data
SRVLOC-over-TCP support
Dirk Steinberg <dws[AT]dirksteinberg.de> {
Fixes to BGP problems
Kari Heikkila <kari.o.heikkila[AT]nokia.com> {
Fix for WTP PDUs not containing user data
Olivier Dreux <Olivier.Dreux[AT]alcatel.fr> {
Add PPP support to GTP
Michael Stiller <ms[AT]2scale.net> {
Java RMI protocol support
Antti Tuominen <ajtuomin[AT]tml.hut.fi> {
AODV6 support
Martin Gignac <lmcgign[AT]mobilitylab.net> {
Various MMSE fixes
John Wells <wells[AT]ieee.org> {
MIP fix.
Loic Tortay <tortay[AT]cc.in2p3.fr> {
Display AFS KAUTH information
Steve Housley <Steve_Housley[AT]eur.3com.com> {
802.3ad LACP support
Peter Hawkins <peter[AT]hawkins.emu.id.au> {
Various bounds-check fixes
Bill Fumerola <billf[AT]FreeBSD.org> {
Recognize "Option negotiated failed" error in TFTP
Rewritten Cisco NetFlow protocol support
Chris Waters <chris[AT]waters.co.nz> {
Don't use "bool" as a variable name or structure member, as it's
a C++ keyword
Check 802.11 FCS if present
Put the "wlan.fc.fromds" and "wlan.fc.tods" fields into the
protocol tree
Export "find_dissector_table()" and add
Support Tazmen Sniffer Protocol and DLT_TZSP captures from
network-based libpcaps that use that protocol
MSN Messenger support
Solomon Peachy <pizza[AT]shaftnet.org> {
WEP support and other mangling of the 802.11 dissector
Support for new "wlancap" 802.11 extra-information header
Jaime Fournier <Jaime.Fournier[AT]hush.com> {
Handle DCE RPC connectionless CANCEL PDUs with no body
DCE/RPC stub dissectors for RSEC_LOGIN, RS_ACCT, RS_ATTR, RS_MISC,
DCE RPC EPM version 4 support
Markus Steinmann <ms[AT]seh.de> {
Add IPX SAP for SEH's InterCon Printserver
Support for writing LANalyzer files
Tsutomu Mieno <iitom[AT]utouto.com> {
DHCPv6 updates
Yasuhiro Shirasaki <yasuhiro[AT]gnome.gr.jp> {
DHCPv6 updates
Anand V. Narwani <anand[AT]narwani.org> {
gtk/Makefile.am fix
DOCSIS support, including support for "Ethernet" captures where
the raw frame is a DOCSIS frame rather than an Ethernet
frame (some Cisco cable-modem head-end gear can send out a
trace of all traffic on an Ethernet, but what it sends are
the raw bytes of DOCSIS frames, not Ethernet frames)
Christopher K. St. John <cks[AT]distributopia.com> {
Apache JServ Protocol v1.3 support
Nix <nix[AT]esperi.demon.co.uk> {
Don't add "-I/usr/include" to CFLAGS or CPPFLAGS
Expand the plugin directory path at install time
Liviu Daia <Liviu.Daia[AT]imar.ro> {
Fix to eliminate crash when setting "column.format" preference
from the command line
Richard Urwin <richard[AT]soronlin.org.uk> {
Developer documentation fixes and updates
Support for a system-wide color filter file and color filter
import and export
Prabhakar Krishnan <Prabhakar.Krishnan[AT]netapp.com> {
Add item to SMB protocol tree for time between request and
Dissect NetApp ONTAP file handles
Jim McDonough <jmcd[AT]us.ibm.com> {
Enhancements to SMB and the DCE RPC-based protocols used by SMB
NTLMSSP updates
Sergei Shokhor <sshokhor[AT]uroam.com> {
Bugfix for EPM
Hidetaka Ogawa <ogawa[AT]bs2.qnes.nec.co.jp> {
Fix PPP FCS computation to include address and control field if
Jan Kratochvil <short[AT]ucw.cz> {
Fix to MMSE handling of strings with specified character set
Alfred Koebler <ak[AT]icon-sult.de> {
Support for interpreting Ethernet captures as CheckPoint
FireWall-1 monitor files (those files look like snoop
files for Ethernet)
Vassilii Khachaturov <Vassilii.Khachaturov[AT]comverse.com> {
Put protocol blurbs into tables generated with the "-G fields"
Bill Studenmund <wrstuden[AT]wasabisystems.com> {
Fix handling of SCSI mode sense
Brian Bruns <camber[AT]ais.org> {
Flavio Poletti <flavio[AT]polettix.it> {
Fix bug in decoding of maximum uplink and downlink rate in GTP
Handle 3GPP QoS in RADIUS messages
Marcus Haebler <haeblerm[AT]yahoo.com> {
Handle a sub-protocol field of 0x00 as PPP
Ulf Lamping <ulf.lamping[AT]web.de> {
Put "bytes" after the byte counts for the frame sizes in the
top-level item for the "Frame" protocol
Put the source and destination MAC addresses into the top-level
item for Ethernet
Added more information to progress dialog box
Change some #define names to avoid name collisions on Windows
that cause compiler warnings
Decoding of IEEE float and doubles for DCE-RPC
Win32 fixes
Count ARP packets in capture progress dialog box
Show total running time of capture in capture progress dialog box
Redesign of the print dialog
Matthew Smart <smart[AT]monkey.org> {
Original Cisco NetFlow protocol support
Partial NetFlow V9 support
Luke Howard <lukeh[AT]au.padl.com> {
NETLOGON bugfix for LogonGetDomainInfo
Various NETLOGON fixes
PC Drew <drewpc[AT]ibsncentral.com> {
Dissector for the FIX protocol
Renzo Tomas <renzo.toma[AT]xs4all.nl> {
Skinny bugfix for configStat and serverRes
Clive A. Stubbings <eth[AT]vjet.demon.co.uk> {
802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
Steve Langasek <vorlon[AT]netexpress.net> {
Support for MS SQL 7 authentication in TDS
Brad Hards <bhards[AT]bigpond.net.au> {
Support for SRVLOC v2
Support for mDNS/LLMNR "cache flush" bit
Label mDNS and DNS differently in the Protocol column
Clean up summary line for PTR records
Initial rsync support
ACAP support
DISTCC support
Jabber client-to-server protocol support
Initial Laplink support
cjs 2895 <cjs2895[AT]hotmail.com> {
Compile fixes for IBM's C compiler for AIX
Fix configure check for pcap_version
Lutz Jaenicke <Lutz.Jaenicke[AT]aet.TU-Cottbus.DE> {
Fix an "htonl()" to use "g_htonl()"
Senthil Kumar Nagappan <sknagappan[AT]yahoo.com> {
Small SCSI dissector fix
Small OSPF dissector enhancement
Jason House <jhouse[AT]mitre.org> {
Win32 compilation fixes
TAP support for TCP protocol
Peter Fales <psfales[AT]lucent.com> {
ARCNET support
Fritz Budiyanto <fritzb88[AT]yahoo.com> {
Assorted GTP fixes
Jean-Baptiste Marchand <Jean-Baptiste.Marchand[AT]hsc.fr> {
Make it possible to filter on UUIDs
Fix typo in README.developer
Added an MSRPC (DCERPC) atsvc dissector
Added descriptions of permissions for SAM_SERVER and SAM_USER
objects in SAMR
Fix for NETLOGON/DsrGetSiteName and other NETLOGON functions
Initial DRSUAPI (Active Directory directory replication) support
Changed or added procedure names for a number of DCE RPC
EncryptedFileSystem (EFS) support.
MS Eventlog support
WKSSVC enhancements
File Replication Services (frsrpc and frsapi) support
Stub dissectors for rras and pnp MSRPC interfaces
Andreas Trauer <andreas.trauer[AT]siemens.com> {
GTP enhancements
Add subtrees for each link in a Router-LSA in an OSPF LS Update
Dissect the L2TP AVPs Initial Received LCP CONFREQ, Last
Ronald Henderson <Ronald.Henderson[AT]CognicaseUSA.com> {
In LDAP dissector, handle Sequence Of header being split across
TCP segments
Support for colored graphs in Gtk1 version of IO_STAT
Make labels for filters in IO_STAT dialog box be "Filter:"
buttons to pop up a filter dialog
Fix up "snprintf()" and "vsnprintf()" calls in "epan/proto.c" to
properly handle string truncation
Make "format_text()", on Windows, escape all characters that
aren't printable ASCII, as GTK+ for Windows thinks strings
are UTF-8 but the strings we give it wouldn't be UTF-8
Brian Ginsbach <ginsbach[AT]cray.com> {
"dissect_rpc_bytes()" routine to allow fixed-length opaque data
to be dissected
Support for SGI's variant of the ONC RPC mount protocol
Support for additional snoop file encapsulations in UNICOS/mp
Symbolic names for Fibre Channel Network Address Authority
Dave Richards <d_m_richards[AT]comcast.net> {
BACNET over 802.2
BACNET-over-ARCNET fix (it's really BACNET-over-802.2-over-ARCNET)
Martin Regner <martin.regner[AT]chello.se> {
RPC bug fix
PIM bug fixes
Jason Greene <jason[AT]inetgurus.net> {
Fix for LDAPv3 modrdn requests
Marco Molteni <mmolteni[AT]cisco.com> {
Fix a comment to reflect reality
James Harris <jharris[AT]fourhorsemen.org> {
RADIUS user password decryption
rmkml <rmkml[AT]wanadoo.fr> {
Support for capturing from a pipe in Tethereal
Anders Broman <anders.broman[AT]ericsson.com> {
Additional SCTP payload protocol identifiers
Assorted ISUP enhancements
MEGACO updates and fixes
T.35 country code support for H.245
BICC dissection
Multipart media dissector
E.164 number dissector
Assorted SIP enhancements
Assorted DIAMETER enhancements
SIP-T dissection
PoC1 Application dissection in RTCP
Initial SIGCOMP support
UMA dissection
Parlay dissection
RANAP by asn2eth
RNSAP dissection
NBAP dissection
MSRP dissection
Initial TIPC support
BSSAP+ dissection
ULP dissection
RRLP Dissection
LDAP by asn2wrs
SNMP by asn2wrs
S1AP by asn2wrs
X2AP by asn2wrs
RRC by asn2wrs
ANSI TCAP by asn2wrs
CAMEL by asn2wrs
INAP by asn2wrs
PCAP by asn2wrs
H264 dissection
AMR dissection
MP4V-ES dissection
NAS EPS dissection
GTPv2 dissection
SGsAP dissection
Work on the initial version of the new packet list
ROHC dissection
Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
Christian Falckenberg <christian.falckenberg[AT]nortelnetworks.com> {
Initial MEGACO support
GPRS SNDCP support
Huagang Xie <xie[AT]lids.org> {
MySQL support
SSH support
Pasi Kovanen <Pasi.Kovanen[AT]tahoenetworks.fi> {
Display flow label IE in GTP v0 in hex
Teemu Rinta-aho <teemu.rinta-aho[AT]nomadiclab.com> {
Draft 20 MIPv6 support
Martijn Schipper <mschipper[AT]globespanvirata.com> {
Fix for tag for 802.11g ERP Information field
Support for reading AiroPeek files in V9 capture file format
(AiroPeek 2.x)
Wayne Parrott <wayne_p[AT]pacific.net.au> {
Yahoo Messenger YMSG protocol support
Laurent Meyer <laurent.meyer6[AT]wanadoo.fr> {
X.25 reassembly
Filterable fields in COTP
COTP reassembly
Lars Roland <Lars.Roland[AT]gmx.net> {
MGCP request/response matching and MGCP statistics tap
Common routines for use by statistics taps
H.225 message and reason tag counter taps and Service Response
Tethereal version of SIP statistics tap
Support for building libethereal.dll with MSVC
Miha Jemec <m.jemec[AT]iskratel.si> {
Support to follow a RTP stream and save it as a file.
Support for G.711 codec
Original RTP analysis tap
Markus Friedl <markus[AT]openbsd.org> {
Support for OpenBSD Encapsulating Device
Support for Ethernet-within-IP encapsulation
Remove duplicate SSH code
Todd Montgomery <tmontgom[AT]tibco.com> {
Update PGM to RFC 3208
emre <emre[AT]flash.net> {
"Filter out this stream" feature for Follow TCP Stream
Stephen Shelley <steve.shelley[AT]attbi.com> {
Full payload dissection of compliance levels 0, 1 and 2 function
codes for Modbus/TCP
Erwin Rol <erwin[AT]erwinrol.com> {
ArtNET support
RTNET support
ACN support
ENTTEC and RDM support
Monotone support
Duncan Laurie <duncan[AT]sun.com> {
IPMI-over-LAN support (IPMI, RMCP, partial ASF)
Tony Schene <schene[AT]pcisys.net> {
Initial stub Kerberos kadmin support
Kerberos-over-TCP support
Matthijs Melchior <mmelchior[AT]xs4all.nl> {
TCP support in text2pcap
Support for automatically generating all declarations and
definitions for plugin ABI from a single file
Support for registering fields after all the protocol
registration routines are called
Generic ASN.1 dissection plugin
Garth Bushell <gbushell[AT]elipsan.com> {
iSNS support
Mark C. Brown <mbrown[AT]hp.com> {
Improvements to code that reads HP-UX nettl files
Cisco Port Aggregation Protocol support
Nettl dissector
Can Erkin Acar <canacar[AT]eee.metu.edu.tr> {
Support for new DLT_PFLOG format
Martin Warnes <martin.warnes[AT]ntlworld.com> {
Support for VMS UCX$TRACE output in wiretap
J Bruce Fields <bfields[AT]fieldses.org> {
Some work on packet_rpc.c to support RPCSEC_GSS
tz <tz1[AT]mac.com> {
Decode the base-64 string for HTTP Basic authorization
Jeff Liu <jqliu[AT]broadcom.com> {
WPA and WPA IE support
Niels Koot <Niels.Koot[AT]logicacmg.com> {
Support for subdissectors in SUA
Assorted SUA fixes
DBS Etherwatch file reader enhancements
Lionel Ains <lains[AT]gmx.net> {
"-d" flag for decode-as support in Tethereal
Joakim Wiberg <jow[AT]hms-networks.com> {
Support for Common Industrial Protocol over IP
Jeff Rizzo <riz[AT]boogers.sf.ca.us> {
sFlow support
Christoph Wiest <ch.wiest[AT]tesionmail.de> {
Redo MEGACO dissector to more fully parse text-format messages
Xuan Zhang <xz[AT]aemail4u.com> {
eDonkey support
Thierry Martin <thierry.martin[AT]accellent-group.com> {
Support for reading files from Accellent 5Views LAN agents
Oleg Terletsky <oleg.terletsky[AT]comverse.com> {
LWRES support
AgentX support
SCTP chunk statistic
Michael Lum <mlum[AT]telostech.com> {
Support for saving list of disabled protocols
ANSI TCAP support
ANSI MAP support
ALCAP (Q.2630.1) support
IS-637-A (SMS) support
IS-683-A (OTA) support
IS-801 (PLD) support
BSSAP (GSM 08.06)/BSAP (IOS 4.0.1) support
IOS 4.0.1 support
GSM BSSMAP (GSM 08.08) support
GSM DTAP (3GPP TS 24.008) support
GSM SMS (3GPP TS 24.011) support
GSM SS (3GPP TS 24.080) support
GSM SMS TPDU (3GPP TS 23.040) support
GSM Supplementary Services support
GSM MAP fixes and parameter separation
Taps for ANSI A-interface statistics
Support for SS7 point codes as address types
Taps for GSM A-interface statistics
Tap for ANSI MAP message statistics
Tap for ISUP message statistics
Tap for GSM MAP message statistics
Tap for MTP3 MSU statistics and summary
Shiang-Ming Huang <smhuang[AT]pcs.csie.nctu.edu.tw> {
STUN (RFC 3489) support
Tony Lindstrom <tony.lindstrom[AT]ericsson.com> {
Updates of DHCPV6 dissector to draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-28,
draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-opt-prefix-delegation-04, and
draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-opt-dnsconfig-03, and addition of NIS
and time configuration option drafts
draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-opt-nisconfig-02 and
Niklas Ogren <niklas.ogren[AT]71.se> {
H.263 support for RTP
Jesper Peterson <jesper[AT]endace.com> {
Cisco HDLC FCS support
Support for reading Endace ERF files
Giles Scott <gscott[AT]arubanetworks.com> {
Nortel/SynOptics Network Management Protocol support
Alteon/Nortel Transparent Proxy Control Protocol support
Ethernet MAC Control Frame support
Port weak key detection from Airsnort
Wlan tap
Retix spanning tree protocol support
Aruba ADP protocol support
Vincent Jardin <vincent.jardin[AT]6wind.com> {
Support for TEREDO
Additional DHCPv6 options
Jean-Michel Fayard <jean-michel.fayard[AT]moufrei.de> {
Show in Tools:Summary window statistics about packets that
passed the current display filter
BOOTP/DHCP, HTTP, and WSP statistics taps
Josef Korelus <jkor[AT]quick.cz> {
GPRS Network Service-over-Frame-Relay support
GPRS BSSGP support
GPRS LLC support
Brian K. Teravskis <Brian_Teravskis[AT]Cargill.com> {
Support for saving RTP analysis data in CSV form
Nathan Jennings <natej.git[AT]gmail.com> {
Support for user-supplied interface descriptions
Support for hiding interfaces in drop-down list in capture
Hans Viens <hviens[AT]mediatrix.com> {
T.38 Support
Kevin A. Noll <kevin.noll[AT]versatile.com> {
RFC 2833 RTP Events support
Support for WLCCP version 0xC1
Emanuele Caratti <wiz[AT]libero.it> {
Full TACACS+ dissection
Graeme Reid <graeme.reid[AT]norwoodsystems.com> {
H.450 support
Lars Ruoff <lars.ruoff[AT]sxb.bsf.alcatel.fr> {
Rewritten RTP analysis tap
Samuel Qu <samuel.qu[AT]utstar.com> {
ITU TCAP support
Baktha Muralitharan <muralidb[AT]cisco.com> {
Link Management Protocol (LMP) fixes
Loïc Minier <lool[AT]dooz.org> {
HTTP header and payload desegmentation
Marcel Holtmann <marcel[AT]holtmann.org> {
Support for reading Linux Bluez Bluetooth stack "hcidump -w"
Scott Emberley <scotte[AT]netinst.com> {
Support for reading Network Instruments version 9 capture files
Brian Fundakowski Feldman <bfeldman[AT]fla.fujitsu.com> {
Support for setting link-layer type when capturing
Yuriy Sidelnikov <ysidelnikov[AT]hotmail.com> {
ISO 8327-1 Session Protocol support
ISO 8823 Presentation Protocol support
ISO 10035-1 ACSE support
ISO 8571 FTAM support
Matthias Drochner <M.Drochner[AT]fz-juelich.de> {
Support for mode 6 and mode 7 control packets, and NTP4 autokey
extension data, in NTP
Dave Sclarsky <dave_sclarsky[AT]cnt.com> {
CPFI support
Scott Hovis <scott.hovis[AT]ums.msfc.nasa.gov> {
CCSDS (Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems) support
David Fort <david.fort[AT]irisa.fr> {
DNS DS RR support
MLDv2 report message decoding
Felix Fei <felix.fei[AT]utstar.com> {
GSM MAP support
Christoph Neusch <christoph.neusch[AT]nortelnetworks.com> {
V5UA support
Jan Kiszka <jan.kiszka[AT]web.de> {
IrDA support
Joshua Craig Douglas <jdouglas[AT]enterasys.com> {
Enterasys Interswitch Message Protocol (ISMP)
Enterasys Discovery Protocol (EDP) (ISMP subprotocol)
Dick Gooris <gooris[AT]alcatel-lucent.com> {
Added packet range selections in the save(as) dialog
PacketCable support in the COPS dissector
Xcsl dissector
Michael Shuldman <michaels[AT]inet.no> {
X11 replies, events and errors (matched to their request)
Tadaaki Nagao <nagao[AT]iij.ad.jp> {
Added a global version of disabled_protos
Aaron Woo <woo[AT]itd.nrl.navy.mil> {
Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR)
Chris Wilson <chris[AT]mxtelecom.com> {
SMPP dissection of concatenated PDUs
Separate GSM SMS User Data dissector from the SMPP dissector
Rolf Fiedler <Rolf.Fiedler[AT]Innoventif.com> {
ISDN TEI management frame support
Support for reading and writing EyeSDN USB S0 trace files
Alastair Maw <ethereal[AT]almaw.com> {
IAX2 support
Sam Leffler <sam[AT]errno.com> {
Support for Radiotap 802.11 radio header (header used by FreeBSD
5.2 and later and by NetBSD-current
802.11s mesh support
Martin Mathieson <martin.r.mathieson[AT]googlemail.com> {
SIP sipfrag support
SIP statistics tap
Show setupframe in RTP and RTCP
H.225.0 updates
MGCP updates
RDT (RealPlayer) support
MMS support (MS Media Server protocol)
PPP Chap updates
Catapult DCT2000 file support
UMTS FP support
LTE: MAC, RLC and PDCP support
LTE MAC and RLC Stats
Tshark expert info tap
Christian Wagner <Christian.Wagner[AT]stud.uni-karlsruhe.de> {
Soul Seek (slsk) protocol support
Edwin Calo <calo[AT]fusemail.com> {
Extract strings from a Postgresql datastream
Ian Schorr <ischorr[AT]comcast.net> {
"Host list" taps
FMP support
Rowan McFarland <rmcfarla[AT]cisco.com> {
Support for Cisco CallManager 4.x in Skinny, CAST support.
John Engelhart <johne[AT]zang.com> {
CDP Hello packet support
Ryuji Somegawa <ryuji-so[AT]is.aist-nara.ac.jp> {
CDMA2000 A11 support
metatech <metatechbe[AT]gmail.com> {
IBM WebSphere MQ protocol support
IBM MQ Programmable Command Formats protocol support
Initial BEA Tuxedo protocol support
Distributed Relational Database Architecture protocol support
Borland StarTeam protocol support
Adobe Real Time Messaging Protocol support
ActiveMQ OpenWire protocol support
Brian Wheeler <Brian.Wheeler[AT]arrisi.com> {
DOCSIS 2.0 support
Josh Bailey <joshbailey[AT]lucent.com> {
IPDC support
Lucent/Ascend trace parsing updates
Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer[AT]samba.org> {
AIM enhancements
DCOM IRemUnknown and IRemUnknown2 support
BitTorrent support
Duncan Sargeant <dunc-ethereal-dev[AT]rcpt.to> {
Cisco SS7 RUDP, RLM, and Session Management support
Love Hörnquist Åstrand <lha[AT]it.su.se> {
HAVE_HEIMDAL_KERBEROS support to allow Ethereal to use heimdal
libraries to decrypt kerberos encrypted blobs.
Lukas Pokorny <maskis[AT]seznam.cz> {
RTPS (Real-Time Publish-Subscribe) support
Carlos Pignataro <cpignata[AT]cisco.com> {
Graceful Restart Mechanism for LDP [RFC3478]
Fault Tolerance for LDP [RFC3479]
Other LDP enhancements
PPP OSI Network Layer Control Protocol [RFC1377]
Fix dissecting of CLNS Protocols over Cisco HDLC
PWE3 Interface parameter additions and miscellaneous updates
from various IETF PWE3 drafts
MPLS PW Control Channel Header
Multiprotocol Label Switching Echo [draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-05]
MPLS in Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)
OSPF Traffic Engineering enhancements
MP-BGP Updates
BGPv4 SAFI-Specific Attribute support
Tunnel SAFI support for BGP
Layer Two Tunneling Protocol version 3
[L2TPv3] updates and enhancements
MPLS Echo updates and Label Switching Router Self-Test
[draft-ietf-mpls-lsr-self-test-04] support
Thomas Anders <thomas.anders[AT]blue-cable.de> {
PacketCable DHCP options
PacketCable (PKTC) updates and enhancements
MGCP sub-parameter dissection
SNMP Engine ID dissection for SNMP and PKTC
Rich Coe <Richard.Coe[AT]med.ge.com> {
DICOM support
Dominic Béchaz <bdo[AT]zhwin.ch> {
IEEE 1588 / PTP support
EPL v1 support
Richard van der Hoff <richardv[AT]mxtelecom.com> {
IAX2 updates
CRC16 routines
H.223 Support
Exception logic fixes
Shaun Jackman <sjackman[AT]gmail.com> {
RDM enhancements
Serial Infrared support
IrDA support
MPEG support
Jon Oberheide <jon[AT]oberheide.org> {
giFT support
Henry Ptasinski <henryp[AT]broadcom.com> {
Support for 802.11e WME/QoS info
Roberto Morro <roberto.morro[AT]telecomitalia.it> {
Support for GMPLS UNI and E-NNI objects/TLVs
in RSVP and OSPF
RSVP: Support for PROTECTION obj c-type 2 (RFC4872),
new TLVs for IF_ID (RFC4920), Path Key subobj in ERO (RFC5520),
new ASSOCIATION obj c-type 4 (oif2008.389),
and various changes/improvements
Chris Maynard <Christopher.Maynard[AT]GTECH.COM> {
Add support for RFC 2520: NHRP with Mobile NHCs
and RFC 2735: NHRP Support for Virtual Private Networks
Add support for PPP-over-USB
WakeOnLAN support
Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
SEKINE Hideki <sekineh[AT]gf7.so-net.ne.jp> {
Routines for AX/4000 Test Block dissection
Jeff Connelly <shellreef+mp2p[AT]gmail.com> {
MANOLITO support
Irene Rüngeler <ruengeler[AT]wireshark.org> {
Graphical SCTP analysis
Support PPID and SCTP port based selection in Decode as
M. Ortega y Strupp <moys[AT]loplof.de> {
ISC DHCP Server 3.0 failover protocol dissection
Kelly Byrd <kbyrd-ethereal[AT]memcpy.com> {
DAAP support
Luis Ontanon <luis.ontanon[AT]gmail.com> {
MATE plugin
H.248 context tracing
ALCAP call tracing
RADIUS dictionary support
XML dissector (DTD support)
IuUP dissector
Lua interface
Tektronix K12 rf5 file support
SNMPv3 decryption support
Luca Deri <deri[AT]ntop.org> {
NetFlow v9 enhancements
Viorel Suman <vsuman[AT]avmob.ro> {
TALI (RFC 3094) support
Various GSM SMS fixes
Computer Interface to Message Distribution (CIMD) version 2 dissection
Alejandro Vaquero <alejandro.vaquero[AT]verso.com> {
RTP graphic analysis
VoIP call analysis
Francesco Fondelli <francesco.fondelli[AT]gmail.com> {
ICE protocol support
DCCP protocol support
ITU-T Y.1711 (OAM mechanism for MPLS networks) support
RSVP/OSPF Extensions for Support of Diffserv-aware MPLS-TE, RFC 4124
Linux Packet Generator support
rval_to_str() and alike
Export the capture file into C Arrays format
PW Associated Channel Header dissection, RFC 4385
PW MPLS Control Word dissection, RFC 4385
MPLS subdissector table indexed by label value
enhanced "what's past last MPLS label?" heuristic
Ethernet PW (with/without CW) support, RFC 4448
ATM PW (with/without CW) support, RFC 4717
LMP, update to RFC 4204
RSVP extensions for G.709 Optical Transport Networks Control, RFC 4328
Update GMPLS GPID, Switching and Encoding type values
Support for generalized label interpretation:
SUKLM format for SONET/SDH label (RFC 4606), t3t2t1 format for
G.709 ODUk label (RFC 4328), G.694 format for lambda label
(draft-ietf-ccamp-gmpls-g-694-lambda-labels-05). Add related
user preference option.
Support for Vendor Private objects, RFC 3936
Support for MPLS Packet Loss and Delay Measurement, RFC 6374
Support for DCCP Simultaneous-Open for NAT Traversal, RFC 5596
MPLS-TP Protection State Coordination (PSC) Protocol, RFC 6378
Support for Exclude Routes (XRO) in RSVP-TE, RFC 4874
Support for Shared Use of Experimental TCP Options
Support for TCP Fast Open
OpenFlow heuristic logic
Path setup type in PCEP messages, draft-ietf-pce-lsp-setup-type-00
PCEP Extensions for Segment Routing, draft-ietf-pce-segment-routing-01
PCEP Extensions for Association, draft-ietf-pce-association-group-00
BGP-LS extensions for Segment Routing, draft-gredler-idr-bgp-ls-segment-routing-ext-01
HL7 protocol support
Artem Tamazov <artem.tamazov[AT]tellabs.com> {
Frame Relay PW in MPLS PSN, FR DLCI mode, RFC 4619
SAToP PW in MPLS PSN, no RTP headers, RFC 4553
SAToP PW in IP PSN/UDP demux, no RTP headers, RFC 4553
CESoPSN PW in MPLS PSN, Basic NxDS0 mode, no RTP headers, RFC 5086
CESoPSN PW in IP PSN/UDP demux, Basic NxDS0 mode, no RTP headers, RFC 5086
LLC SNAP auto-detection in ATM decoder
"Raw" BFD support in MPLS PW Associated Channel, RFC 4385
Decoding of UDP-multiplexed CESoPSN and SAToP traffic
Dmitry Trebich <dmitry.trebich[AT]gmail.com> {
Preference for selecting default dissector for MPLS payloads.
HDLC PW in MPLS PSN, HDLC mode (no CW) with PPP payload, RFC 4618 5.1
HDLC PW in MPLS PSN, FR port mode (no CW), RFC 4618 5.2
Frame Relay PW in MPLS PSN, FR DLCI mode, RFC 4619
SAToP PW in MPLS PSN, no RTP headers, RFC 4553
CESoPSN PW in MPLS PSN, Basic NxDS0 mode, no RTP headers, RFC 5086
Bill Meier <wmeier[AT]newsguy.com> {
TDS4/TDS5 enhancements
NetXRay/Windows Sniffer file enhancements
TCP graph enhancements
Susanne Edlund <Susanne.Edlund[AT]ericsson.com> {
NSIP protocol support
Victor Stratan <hidralisk[AT]yahoo.com> {
GSM SMS enhancements
Peter Johansson <PeterJohansson73[AT]gmail.com> {
"Template" conversations
Stefan Metzmacher <metze[AT]samba.org> {
LDAP Controls support in the LDAP dissector
WINS Replication protocol
Various SMB/SMB2 dissector enhancements
Abhijit Menon-Sen <ams[AT]oryx.com> {
Postgresql v3 dissector
James Fields <jvfields[AT]tds.net> {
Correctly handle time stamps in some Windows Sniffer files
Kevin Johnson <kjohnson[AT]secureideas.net> {
Correctly handle time stamps in some Windows Sniffer files
Mike Duigou <bondolo[AT]dev.java.net> {
Dissector for JXTA protocol
Deepak Jain <jain1971[AT]yahoo.com> {
L2TP v3 support
Next Hop Resolution Protocol support
Stefano Pettini <spettini[AT]users.sourceforge.net> {
RMT support for ALC and NORM
Jon Ringle <ml-ethereal[AT]ringle.org> {
Conversations demarked by setup frame number
Tim Endean <endeant[AT]hotmail.com> {
Dissector for INAP protocol
Charlie Lenahan <clenahan[AT]fortresstech.com> {
Support for the Cisco DTP Protocol
Support for some HP switch protocol
Takeshi Nakashima <T.Nakashima[AT]jp.yokogawa.com> {
Support for the KINK protocol.
Shoichi Sakane <sakane[AT]tanu.org> {
IKEv2 support
COAP protocol support
Michael Richardson <Michael.Richardson[AT]protiviti.com> {
SAMR updates and new info levels
Olivier Jacques <olivier.jacques[AT]hp.com> {
Support for the Camel protocol.
Francisco Alcoba <francisco.alcoba[AT]ericsson.com> {
ASCII art version of VOIP call analysis
Nils O. Selåsdal <noselasd[AT]asgaard.homelinux.org> {
9P support
Guillaume Chazarain <guichaz[AT]yahoo.fr> {
Armagetronad support
Angelo Bannack <angelo.bannack[AT]siemens.com> {
CSM_ENCAPS support
Paolo Frigo <paolofrigo[AT]gmail.com> {
TANGO support
Jeremy J Ouellette <jouellet[AT]scires.com> {
DIS support
Aboo Valappil <valappil_aboo[AT]emc.com> {
iFCP support
Fred Hoekstra <fred.hoekstra[AT]philips.com> {
DEC DNA Routing support
Ankur Aggarwal <ankur[AT]in.athenasemi.com> {
IEEE 802.11e (QoS) decoding
Improved IEEE 802.11h decoding
Lucian Piros <lpiros[AT]avmob.ro> {
Computer Interface to Message Distribution (CIMD) version 2 dissection
Juan Gonzalez <juan.gonzalez[AT]pikatech.com> {
LLDP dissection
Brian Bogora <brian_bogora[AT]mitel.com> {
LLDP dissection
Jim Young <sysjhy[AT]langate.gsu.edu> {
Improvements LLDP dissection (803.3 "PMD Auto-Negotiation Advertised
Capability" and "Operational MAU Type")
Capinfos time order checking
Editcap time order forcing
Jeff Snyder <jeff[AT]mxtelecom.com> {
Desegmentation support in IAX2
H.223 Support
William Fiveash <William.Fiveash[AT]sun.com> {
Kerberos PA_ENCTYPE_INFO2 and aes crypto defines
Graeme Lunt <graeme.lunt[AT]smhs.co.uk> {
ROS support
RTS support
X.411 (P1) support
X.420 (P22) support
STANAG 4406 (P772) support
X.500 (DAP) support
X.500 (DSP) support
X.500 (DISP) support
Menno Andriesse <s5066[AT]nc3a.nato.int> {
STANAG 5066 support
Stig Bjørlykke <stig[AT]bjorlykke.org> {
P_Mul (ACP142) packet disassembly
CDT (CompressedDataType) support
DMP (STANAG 4406 Direct Message Profile) support
COTP and RTSE reassembly improvements
Configuration Profiles
WLAN Traffic Statistics
Filter autocompletion usability improvements
Remote capture improvements and RPCAP support
BJNP, DropBox, Memcache, nat-pmp, PacketLogger, rpcap
Improved dissectors using ASN.1 (BER).
Lua functions and improvements.
Statistics improvements (Protocol Hierarchy, Conversations, I/O Graph)
Column handling functions (right-click column headers)
Enhancements and fixes in the new packet list
Various User Guide updates
Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
Kyle J. Harms <kyle.j.harms[AT]boeing.com> {
CIGI dissection
Eric Wedel <ewedel[AT]bluearc.com> {
KPASSWD over TCP support
Secfire <secfire[AT]gmail.com> {
Juniper NSRP
Eric Hultin <Eric.Hultin[AT]arrisi.com> {
CableLab's DCC packet
DCD packet
Paolo Abeni <paolo.abeni[AT]email.it> {
Dissector for USB packets and pcap/wiretap support
W. Borgert <debacle[AT]debian.org> {
GIOP enhancements
Frederic Roudaut <frederic.roudaut[AT]irisa.fr> {
IPsec ESP payload decryption
Christoph Scholz <scholz_ch[AT]web.de> {
Bluetooth stack: http://affix.sourceforge.net/archive/ethereal_affix-3.patch
Wolfgang Hansmann <hansmann[AT]cs.uni-bonn.de> {
Part of bluetooth stack from http://affix.sourceforge.net/archive/ethereal_affix-3.patch
Kees Cook <kees[AT]outflux.net> {
TiVoConnect Discovery Protocol
Thomas Dreibholz <dreibh[AT]simula.no> {
Calculation Application Protocol support
Component Status Protocol support
Fractal Generator Protocol support
DCCP dissector improvements
Follow DCCP stream feature
NetPerfMeter Protocol support
Ping Pong Protocol support
RSerPol protocol stack
SCTP dissector improvements
Scripting Service Protocol support
Authesserre Samuel <sauthess[AT]gmail.com> {
SSL decryption updates
Balint Reczey <balint[AT]balintreczey.hu> {
Lua fixes and enhancements
Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
Stephen Fisher <stephenfisher[AT]centurylink.net> {
REXEC support
Veritas Low Latency Transport support
MAPI new mail protocol support
Initial work on custom columns
VNC protocol support
WoW protocol support
Daytime protocol support
Part of WLCCP support
commview and packetlogger wiretap support
Export Object support
Pixmap saving routines
Work on the initial version of the new packet list
Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
Krzysztof Burghardt <krzysztof[AT]burghardt.pl> {
KISMET support
Peter Racz <racz[AT]ifi.unizh.ch> {
PANA support
Jakob Bratkovic <j.bratkovic[AT]iskratel.si> {
Multicast stream analysis support
Mark Lewis <mlewis[AT]altera.com> {
2dParityFec dissector
David Buechi <bhd[AT]zhwin.ch> {
EPL v1 support
Bill Florac <bill.florac[AT]etcconnect.com> {
ACN support
Alex Burlyga <Alex.Burlyga[AT]netapp.com> {
NetApp NFS filehandle dissectors
Douglas Pratley <Douglas.pratley[AT]detica.com> {
Epoch timestamps
Giorgio Tino <giorgio.tino[AT]cacetech.com> {
AirPcap support
WPA UI support
Static text preferences
Davide Schiera <davide.schiera[AT]riverbed.com> {
WPA and WPA2 decryption
Sebastien Tandel <sebastien[AT]tandel.be> {
embedding python in *shark
subtrees management for ptvcursor
gcc warning hunter
Homeplug support
Clay Jones <clay.jones[AT]email.com> {
Shomiti wireless packet support
802.11n support
Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <lerdsuwa[AT]users.sourceforge.net> {
SSCOP improvements
K12-rf5 file format improvements
Abhik Sarkar <sarkar.abhik[AT]gmail.com> {
Support for decoding of SS7 MSUs embedded in syslog messages
(as generated by the Cisco ITP packet logging facility)
SMPP statistics
SMPP update to v5.0
Diameter conversations and statistics
UAT for unknown HTTP headers
Kyoto Tycoon (binary protocol) dissector
Robin Seggelmann <seggelmann[AT]fh-muenster.de> {
Support for SCTP reassembly.
Improve chunk statistics.
Chris Bontje <cbontje[AT]gmail.com> {
Support for DNP3 Application Layer dissection
Support for SEL Fast Message dissection
Support for RTAC Serial dissection
Ryan Wamsley <wamslers[AT]sbcglobal.net> {
Connection Configuration Object support in EtherNet/IP
Dave Butt <davidbutt[AT]mxtelecom.com> {
RTP payload reassembly support
H.223-over-RTP support
Julian Cable <julian_cable[AT]yahoo.com> {
DCP ETSI support
Joost Yervante Damad <joost[AT]teluna.org> {
Erlang Port Mapper Daemon dissection support
Martin Sustrik <sustrik[AT]imatix.com> {
AMQP support
Jon Smirl <jonsmirl[AT]gmail.com> {
USB conversations/endpoints list
David Kennedy <sgsguy[AT]gmail.com> {
Symantec SGS v3 support
Matthijs Mekking <matthijs[AT]mlnetlabs.nl> {
Shim6 support
Dustin Johnson <dustin[AT]dustinj.us> {
802.11n support
Victor Fajardo <vfajardo[AT]tari.toshiba.com> {
PANA draft 15a support
Tamas Regos <tamas.regos[AT]ericsson.com> {
Lua Enhancements
Môshe van der Sterre <moshevds[AT]gmail.com> {
Firebird/Interbase dissection
Rob Casey <rcasey[AT]gmail.com> {
Kingfisher support
Ted Percival <ted[AT]midg3t.net> {
Support for PA-S4U2Self Kerberos packet type
Marc Petit-Huguenin <marc[AT]petit-huguenin.org> {
Update STUN2 to draft-ietf-behave-rfc3489bis-07
Florent Drouin <florent.drouin[AT]alcatel-lucent.fr> {
TCAP statistics
Karen Feng <kfeng[AT]fas.harvard.edu> {
802.1ad and 802.1ah support
Stephen Croll <croll[AT]mobilemetrics.net> {
WiMAX ASN Control Plane dissection
Jens Bräuer <jensb[AT]cs.tu-berlin.de> {
Wifi Simple Config aka Wifi Protected Setup
Sake Blok <sake[AT]euronet.nl> {
Cisco proprietary MST format support
"Copy as Filter" functionality
Split time_delta in time delta captured and time delta displayed
NetScreen snoop output (ascii) support
TCP Conversation timestamps
enable/disable indiviual coloring rules
temporary coloring rules with hotkeys
Copy Fieldname / Copy Value
Ignore all packets functionality
Enable printing of all occurrences of fields
Follow TCP stream enhancements
Export SSL Session Keys
VSS-Monitoring dissector
Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
Fulko Hew <fulko.hew[AT]gmail.com> {
SITA protocol dissection (ALC, UTS, Frame Relay, X.25)
UTS WAN protocol dissection
IPARS/ALC (International Passenger Airline Reservation System/Airline
Link Control) WAN protocol dissection
Yukiyo Akisada <Yukiyo.Akisada[AT]jp.yokogawa.com> {
Andy Chu <chu.dev[AT]gmail.com> {
China Mobile Point to Point
Shane Kearns <shane.kearns[AT]symbian.com> {
Support Symbian OS btsnoop
Loris Degioanni <loris.degioanni[AT]riverbed.com> {
Sven Meier <msv[AT]zhwin.ch> {
PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol; IEC62439 Chapter 6) dissection
Holger Pfrommer <hpfrommer[AT]hilscher.com> {
Hilscher analyzer protocols dissection
Hariharan Ananthakrishnan <hariharan.a[AT]gmail.com> {
ISIS LSP-ID and hostname enhancements
Hannes Kälber <hannes.kaelber--wireshark[AT]x2e.de> {
Automotive DLTs
Stephen Donnelly <stephen[AT]endace.com> {
Infiniband support
Philip Frey <frey.philip[AT]gmail.com> {
iWARP dissectors (MPA, DDP and RDMAP)
Yves Geissbuehler <yves.geissbuehler[AT]gmail.com> {
iWARP dissectors (MPA, DDP and RDMAP)
Shigeo Nakamura <naka_shigeo[AT]yahoo.co.jp> {
Xpress Transport Protocol dissector
Sven Eckelmann <sven[AT]narfation.org> {
B.A.T.M.A.N. dissector
B.A.T.M.A.N. Advanced dissector
Edward J. Paradise <pdice[AT]cisco.com> {
RFC4938bis enhancements to PPPoE
Brian Stormont <nospam[AT]stormyprods.com> {
WPA group key decryption
Vincent Helfre <vincent.helfre[AT]ericsson.com> {
SNDCP XID dissection
Brooss <brooss.teambb[AT]gmail.com> {
Teamspeak2 dissector
Joan Ramió <joan[AT]ramio.cat> {
IEC 60870-5-104 dissector
David Castleford <david.castleford[AT]orange-ftgroup.com> {
ISMACryp dissector
Simulcrypt dissector
Peter Harris <pharris[AT]opentext.com> {
X11 extension decoding
X11 dissector fixes
Martin Lutz <MartinL[AT]copadata.at> {
IEC 61850 GOOSE Dissector
Johnny Mitrevski <mitrevj[AT]hotmail.com> {
BSSAP LE Dissector
Neil Horman <nhorman[AT]tuxdriver.com> {
Netdump dissector
Andreas Schuler <krater[AT]badterrorist.com> {
DECT dissector
Matthias Wenzel <dect[AT]mazzoo.de> {
DECT dissector
Christian Durrer <christian.durrer[AT]sensemail.ch> {
sbus dissector
Naoyoshi Ueda <piyomaru3141[AT]gmail.com> {
IKEv2 decryption support
TLS 1.2 decryption support
DTLS 1.0 decryption fixes
Javier Cardona <javier[AT]cozybit.com> {
Mesh header dissector
Jens Steinhauser <jens.steinhauser[AT]omicron.at> {
IEEE C37.118 synchrophasor dissector
Julien Kerihuel <j.kerihuel[AT]openchange.org> {
Exchange RFR dissector
Vincenzo Condoleo <vcondole[AT]hsr.ch> {
IP packet comparison
Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammadi Panah <mebrahim[AT]gmail.com> {
Initial Paltalk support
Greg Schwendimann <gregs[AT]iol.unh.edu> {
WPA decryption security association caching
Nick Lewis <nick.lewis[AT]atltelecom.com> {
Show timestamp problems in RTP player
Fred Fierling <fff[AT]exegin.com> {
Daintree's Sensor Network Analyzer file support
Samu Varjonen <samu.varjonen[AT]hiit.fi> {
Host Identity Protocol (HIP) support
Alexis La Goutte <alexis.lagoutte[AT]gmail.com> {
Add FT_EUI64 Field Type
Aruba ERM, IAP, PAPI dissector
ATMTCP dissector
CAPWAP dissector
HTTP2 dissector
QUIC dissector
MONGO dissector
WebSocket dissector
Miscellaneous ISAKMP enhancements
Miscellaneous ICMPv6 enhancements
Miscellaneous 802.11 enhancements
Packet TCP Mood Option (RFC5841) support
PPTP, GRE, PPP PAP, RIPng dissector enhancements (Rework)
Varun Notibala <nbvarun[AT]gmail.com> {
SCTP NR-SACK support
Nathan Hartwell <nhartwell[AT]gmail.com> {
HP NIC Teaming dissector
Don Chirieleison <donc[AT]mitre.org> {
DTN Bundle Protocol
Harald Welte <laforge[AT]gnumonks.org> {
GSM A-bis over IP dissector
GSM A-bis OML dissector
GSMTAP dissector
GSM SIM/USIM dissector
Ericsson extensions to L2TP
ip.access extensions to A-bis RSL
Ericsson extensions to A-bis RSL
Ericsson HDLC dissector
Ericsson A-bis TFP dissector
Ericsson P-GSL dissector
Ericsson TFP dissector
Ericsson OM2000 dissector
Chris Costa <chcosta75[AT]hotmail.com> {
Add defragmentation code to NDMP dissectot
Properly decode SMB2 error response
Bruno Prémont <bonbons[AT]linux-vserver.org> {
CollectD dissector
Florian Forster <octo[AT]verplant.org> {
CollectD dissector
Ivan Sy Jr. <ivan_jr[AT]yahoo.com> {
Allow some network control block addresses with ttl != 1.
Miscellaneous IPv6 enhancements.
Matthieu Patou <mat[AT]matws.net> {
NTLM v1 and v2 decryption.
LDAP fixes.
Netlogon/Schannel decryption.
Kovarththanan Rajaratnam <kovarththanan.rajaratnam[AT]gmail.com> {
Work on the new packet list.
Miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.
Matt Watchinski <mwatchinski[AT]sourcefire.com> {
OMRON-FINS dissector
Ravi Kondamuru <Ravi.Kondamuru[AT]citrix.com> {
Support to read citrix netscaler capture file format.
Jan Gerbecks <jan.gerbecks[AT]stud.uni-due.de> {
PNRP dissector
Vladimir Smrekar <vladimir.smrekar[AT]gmail.com> {
V.52 dissector
V5UA dissector
Tobias Erichsen <t.erichsen[AT]gmx.de> {
Apple network-midi session establishment dissector
Erwin van Eijk <erwin.vaneijk[AT]gmail.com> {
ETSI ts 101 671 dissector
Venkateshwaran Dorai <venkateshwaran.d[AT]gmail.com> {
Server/Application State Protocol [SASP] (RFC 4678 ) dissector
Ben Greear <greearb[AT]candelatech.com> {
LANforge dissector
Richard Kümmel <r.kuemmel[AT]beckhoff.de> {
EtherCAT dissector
Yi Yu <yiyu.inbox[AT]gmail.com> {
Updates to the sFlow dissector
Aniruddha A <aniruddha.a[AT]gmail.com> {
ANCP (Access Node Control Protocol) dissector
David Aggeler <david_aggeler[AT]hispeed.ch> {
Numerous DICOM dissector enhancements and fixes
VMLAB (VMware Lab Manager) dissector
Jens Kilian <jjk[AT]acm.org> {
VXI-11 (a.k.a. Network Instrument Protocol) dissector
David Bond <mokon[AT]mokon.net> {
TRILL (TRansparent Interconnection of Lots of Links) dissector
Paul J. Metzger <pjm[AT]ll.mit.edu> {
Add support for decoding DIS Electromagnetic Emission packets
Robert Hogan <robert[AT]roberthogan.net> {
TN3270 fixes
TN5250 dissector
Torrey Atcitty <torrey.atcitty[AT]harman.com> {
PTP dissector: Added support for 802.1AS D7.0
IEEE 802.1Qat (Multiple Stream Reservation Protocol) dissector
IEEE 1722(AVB Transport Protocol) dissector
Dave Olsen <dave.olsen[AT]harman.com> {
PTP dissector: Added support for 802.1AS D7.0
IEEE 1722(AVB Transport Protocol) dissector
Craig Gunther <craig.gunther[AT]harman.com> {
IEEE 802.1Qat (Multiple Stream Reservation Protocol) dissector
Levi Pearson <levi.pearson[AT]harman.com> {
IEEE 1722(AVB Transport Protocol) dissector
Allan M. Madsen <allan.m[AT]madsen.dk> {
Bluetooth HCI cmd/evt dissectors ver. 2.1-4.0 support
Bluetooth ATT dissector
Bluetooth OBEX dissector
Bluetooth SMP dissector
Slava <slavak[AT]gmail.com> {
Support for PortCounters and PortCounters Extended performance
management datagrams (Infiniband)
Support for Infiniband-SDP
H.sivank <hsivank[AT]gmail.com> {
GtkOSXApplication support
Edgar Gladkich <edgar.gladkich[AT]inacon.de> {
Protocol help
Michael Bernhard <michael.bernhard[AT]bfh.ch> {
IEC 61850 dissector
Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke[AT]selfish.org> {
NexusWare C7 MTP over UDP dissector
Jose Pico <jose[AT]taddong.com> {
Routines for exporting SMB objects
David Perez <david[AT]taddong.com> {
Routines for exporting SMB objects
Håkon Nessjøen <haakon.nessjoen[AT]gmail.com> {
Mikrotik RouterOS protocol dissector
Digium TDMoE protocol dissector
Herbert Lischka <herbert[AT]lischka-berlin.de> {
BACNET dissector fixes and enhancements
Felix Krämer <sauter-cumulus[AT]de.sauter-bc.com> {
Stats Tree for BACapp dissector
Tom Hughes <tom[AT]compton.nu> {
FCGI dissector
Owen Kirby <osk[AT]exegin.com> {
SCoP dissector
RPL support in ICMPv6 (with Colin O'Flynn)
Colin O'Flynn <coflynn[AT]newae.com> {
RPL support in ICMPv6 (with Owen Kirby)
Juha Siltanen <juha.siltanen[AT]nsn.com> {
FLIP dissector
Cal Turney <cturney[AT]charter.net> {
NFS access tracking
tshark version of the SCSI tap
Lukasz Kotasa <lukasz.kotasa[AT]tieto.com> {
WAI authentication protocol
Jason Masker <jason[AT]masker.net> {
Updates for Cisco ERSPAN Type III (version 2)
Giuliano Fabris <giuliano.fabris[AT]appeartv.com> {
Enhanced DVB Simulcrypt protocol dissector:
EIS <-> SCS, (P)SIG <-> MUX, MUX <-> CiM
and (P) <-> CiP support
Alexander Koeppe <format_c[AT]online.de> {
TCP Graph - Window Scaling
FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs (RFC2428)
Holger Grandy <Holger.Grandy[AT]bmw-carit.de> {
ETCH dissector
Hadriel Kaplan <hadrielk[AT]yahoo.com> {
IPFIX wiretap support
Srinivasa Pradeep <sippyemail-wireshark[AT]yahoo.com> {
LDP dissector: Add/Update PseudoWire TLV support
Lori Tribble <ljtconsulting[AT]gmail.com> {
Support for vendor-specific subdissectors for
BACnet Private Transfer Messages
Thomas Boehne <TBoehne[AT]ADwin.de> {
ADwin and ADwin-config protocol dissectors
Gerhard Gappmeier <gerhard.gappmeier[AT]ascolab.com> {
OPCUA dissector plugin
Hannes Mezger <hannes.mezger[AT]ascolab.com> {
OPCUA dissector plugin
David Katz <dkatz[AT]airspan.com> {
Support for versioning in the WiMAX ASN CP dissector
Toralf Förster <toralf.foerster[AT]gmx.de> {
SAMETIME dissector
Stéphane Bryant <stephane[AT]glycon.org> {
RELOAD dissector
RELOAD Framing dissector
Emil Wojak <emil[AT]wojak.eu> {
TDS dissector improvements
Steve Huston <shuston[AT]riverace.com> {
AMQP 0-10 support
Loránd Jakab <ljakab[AT]ac.upc.edu> {
Locator/ID Separation Protocol dissector
Grzegorz Szczytowski <Grzegorz.Szczytowski[AT]gmail.com> {
Diameter dictionary RFC 3588 AVP 299
GTPv1 Bearer Control Mode dissection
E212 dissector MCC 260 upgrade and modification
Martin Kaiser <wireshark[AT]kaiser.cx> {
DVB-CI (Common Interface) dissector
HDCP dissector
Jakub Zawadzki <darkjames-ws[AT]darkjames.pl> {
JSON dissector
Wiretap cleanup and support for fast random access to gzipped
Roland Knall <roland.knall[AT]br-automation.com> {
Support for heuristic subdissectors for SERCOS III
openSAFETY dissector
Xiao Xiangquan <xiaoxiangquan[AT]gmail.com> {
BT-UTP dissector
BT-DHT dissector
Vuze-DHT dissector
Hans-Christoph Schemmel <hans-christoph.schemmel[AT]cinterion.com> {
3GPP TS 27.010 multiplexing protocol
Tyson Key <tyson.key[AT]gmail.com> {
USB-encapsulated AT Commands dissector
Johannes Jochen <johannes.jochen[AT]belden.com> {
Multiple MAC Registration Protocol dissector
Florian Fainelli <florian[AT]openwrt.org> {
HomePlug AV protocol dissector
Daniel Willmann <daniel[AT]totalueberwachung.de> {
CN/IP (EIA-852) protocol dissector
Lontalk protocol (EIA-709.1) dissector
Brian Cavagnolo <brian[AT]cozybit.com> {
Update 802.11s packet dissecting
Allison <aobourn[AT]isilon.com> {
HDFS and HDFS data Dissector
Edwin Groothuis <wireshark[AT]mavetju.org> {
Time Shift functionality
Filter Toolbar Save functionality
Andrew Kampjes <andrew.kampjes[AT]endace.com> {
Endace ERF channelisation and "New BFS" extension header support
Kurnia Hendrawan <kurnia.hendrawan[AT]consistec.de> {
Saving User Specified Decodes into profile
Leonard Tracy <letracy[AT]cisco.com> {
Cisco FabricPath protocol dissector
Elliott Aldrich <elliott[AT]aldrichart.com> {
Various icons
Glenn Matthews <glenn.matthews[AT]cisco.com> {
XMCP dissector
Donnie Savage <dsavage[AT]cisco.com> {
EIGRP TLV 2.0 and 3.0 support
SAF support
Spenser Sheng <spenser.sheng[AT]ericsson.com> {
LCS-AP support
Benjamin Stocks <bmstocks[AT]ra.rockwell.com> {
CIP Motion dissector
Florian Reichert <refl[AT]zhaw.ch> {
HSR and PRP-1 dissector
Martin Renold <reld[AT]zhaw.ch> {
HSR and PRP-1 dissector
Iain Arnell <iarnell[AT]epo.org> {
ajp13 enhancements
Mariusz Okrój <okrojmariusz[AT]gmail.com> {
XMPP enhancements
Ivan Lawrow <ivan.lawrow[AT]jennic.com> {
Added IEEE 802.15.4-2003 AES-CCM security modes
Kari Vatjus-Anttila <kari.vatjus-anttila[AT]cie.fi> {
kNet (KristalliNet) dissector
Shobhank Sharma <ssharma5[AT]ncsu.edu> {
MPLS Enhancement - Generic Associated Channel, as per RFC 5586
Salil Kanitkar <sskanitk[AT]ncsu.edu> {
OSPF Router Informational Capabilities - Opaque RI TLV - RFC4970
OSPF Dynamic Hostname TLV in RI Opaque TLV - RFC5642
Michael Sakaluk <mdsakalu[AT]ncsu.edu> {
BGP Encapsulation SAFI support (RFC 5512)
Load balancing for mesh softwires (RFC 5640)
Mayuresh Raut <msraut[AT]ncsu.edu> {
LSP ping over MPLS tunnels (RFC 6424)
Sheetal Kshirsagar <sdkshirs[AT]ncsu.edu> {
RPL SRH dissector enhancements (RFC 6554)
Andrew Williams <anwilli5[AT]ncsu.edu> {
IPv6 preference for RPL SRH strict compliance to RFC 6554
Per Liedberg <per.liedberg[AT]ericsson.com> {
RoHC dissection improvements
Gaurav Tungatkar <gauravstt[AT]gmail.com> {
Extended ICMP - Multipart Message Support (RFC 4884)
and Extension for Interface and Next-Hop
Bill Schiller <bill.schiller[AT]emerson.com> {
HART/IP dissector
Aditya Ambadkar <arambadk[AT]ncsu.edu> {
Support for flow label sub-tlv according to RFC 6391
Diana Chris <dvchris[AT]ncsu.edu> {
Support for flow label sub-tlv according to RFC 6391
Guy Martin <gmsoft[AT]tuxicoman.be> {
DVB-DATA MultiProtocol Encapsulation dissector
DVB Event Information Table (EIT) dissector
DVB Network Information Table (NIT) dissector
DVB Service Description Table (SDT) dissector
DVB Time and Date Table (TDT) dissector
DVB Time Offset Table (TOT) dissector
DVB Bouquet Association Table (BAT) dissector
MPEG2 Conditional Access Table (CA) dissector
MPEG2 descriptors dissector
MPEG2 Program Associate Table (PAT) dissector
MPEG2 Program Map Table (PMT) dissector
MPEG2 Section dissector
Deepti Ragha <dlragha[AT]ncsu.edu> {
Additions to ARP dissector to support opcodes as specified by IANA in
Niels de Vos <ndevos[AT]redhat.com> {
Gluster dissectors
Clement Marrast <clement.marrast[AT]molex.com> {
WSE Remote Ethernet protocol
Jacob Nordgren <jnordgren[AT]gmail.com> {
UMTS FP/MAC/RLC dissection enhancement based on NBAP signaling
Rishie Sharma <rishie[AT]kth.se> {
UMTS FP/MAC/RLC dissection enhancement based on NBAP signaling
Richard Stearn <richard[AT]rns-stearn.demon.co.uk> {
AX.25 support
Tobias Rutz <tobias.rutz[AT]work-microwave.de> {
DVB-S2 Baseband Frame and GSE support
Michał Łabędzki <michal.labedzki[AT]wireshark.org> {
Bluetooth BNEP dissector
Bluetooth HID dissector
Bluetooth SAP dissector
Bluetooth AVCTP dissector
Bluetooth AVRCP dissector
Bluetooth HCI USB transport dissector
Bluetooth HCI Linux Monitor transport dissector
Bluetooth MCAP dissector
Bluetooth HCRP dissector
Bluetooth AVDTP/A2DP/VDP/SBC dissectors
Bluetooth SDP significant improvements
Ubertooth USB firmware dissector
ELF file dissector
Android ADB dissectors
Android Logcat binary logs support
Michał Orynicz <michal.orynicz[AT]tieto.com> {
Android Logcat text logs support
Wido Kelling <kellingwido[AT]aol.com> {
Profinet: Updated disecction regarding the IEC 61158
Kaushal Shah <kshah3[AT]ncsu.edu> {
Support for Type Classification of Experimental
and Reserved sub-TLVs as per Section 6 of RFC3630
Subramanian Ramachandran <sramach6[AT]ncsu.edu> {
Support for BFD for MPLS LSP's as per RFC 5884
Manuel Hofer <manuel[AT]mnlhfr.at> {
OpenVPN dissector
SSTP Dissection
Gaurav Patwardhan <gspatwar[AT]ncsu.edu> {
Support for GTSM Flag as per RFC 6720
Peter Hatina <phatina[AT]redhat.com> {
Gtk3 Wireshark fixes
Tomasz Moń <desowin[AT]gmail.com> {
USBPcap support
Uli Heilmeier <uh[AT]heilmeier.eu> {
CARP dissector
Improved SMTP Authentication dissection
Rupesh Patro <rbpatro[AT]ncsu.edu> {
Support for Upstream-Assigned Label TLVs and Sub-TLVs as per RFC 6389
Vaibhav Katkade <katkade_v[AT]yahoo.com> {
Support for Cisco MetaData (CMD) ethertype
Allan W. Nielsen <anielsen[AT]vitesse.com> {
Support for MACSEC ethertype/dissector
Ishraq Ibne Ashraf <ishraq[AT]tinkerforge.com> {
tfp (Tinkerforge) dissector
Robert Grange <robionekenobi[AT]bluewin.ch> {
IBM WebSphere MQ protocol dissector enhancements
Zoltan Lajos Kis <zoltan.lajos.kis[AT]ericsson.com> {
OpenFlow dissector
Juan Antonio Montesinos <juan.mondl[AT]gmail.com> {
Dissector for the CCSDS CFDP protocol
Anish Bhatt <anish[AT]chelsio.com> {
Dissector for CIN DCBx
Dissector for CEE DCBx
Dissector for IEEE DCBx (802.1az)
Dissector for Congestion Notification (802.1Qau)
Dmitry Bazhenov <dima_b[AT]pigeonpoint.com> {
Dissector for IPMI Trace
Masatake Yamato <yamato[AT]redhat.com> {
Dissector Distributed Lock Manager (dlm3)
Dissector for pulse
Dissectors for totemnet and totemsrp (Corosync)
John Miner <wiresharkdissectorcoder[AT]gmail.com> {
Dissector for OptoMMP
竹下 恵 (Megumi Takeshita) <megumi[AT]ikeriri.ne.jp> {
Japanese translation of the Qt User Interface
Remi Vichery <remi.vichery[AT]gmail.com> {
Dissector for Stateless Transport Tunneling (STT)
Kevin Cox <kevincox[AT]kevincox.ca> {
Dissector for Ceph
David Ameiss <dameiss[AT]29west.com> {
29West/LBM dissectors
Sean O. Stalley <sean.stalley[AT]intel.com> {
Dissector for Media Agnostic USB (MA USB)
Qiaoyin Yang <qiaoyin.yang[AT]gmail.com> {
Dissector for CP 'Cooper' 2179
Thomas Wiens <th.wiens[AT]gmx.de> {
Dissector for S7 Communication
Gilles Roudiere <gilles[AT]roudiere.net> {
Dissector for the Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol (RFC 4728)
Alexander Gaertner <gaertner.alex[AT]gmx.de> {
KNXnetIP dissector
Raphaël Doursenaud <rdoursenaud[AT]free.fr> {
Harman Pro HiQnet dissector
Ryan Doyle <ryan[AT]doylenet.net> {
Dissector for Elasticsearch
Dissector for Performance Co-Pilot
Jesse Gross <jesse[AT]nicira.com> {
Dissector for Geneve
Joe Fowler <fowlerja[AT]us.ibm.com> {
Dissector for Shared Memory Communication over RDMA (SMC-R)
Enrico Jorns <ejo[AT]pengutronix.de> {
CANopen dissector enhancements and fixes
Hitesh K Maisheri <maisheri.hitesh[AT]gmail.com> {
EAPOL-MKA support
Dario Lombardo <lomato[AT]gmail.com> {
chargen (Character Generator) dissector
Italian translation (QT)
HCrt (Hotline Command-Response Transaction) dissector
Pratik Yeole <pyeole[AT]ncsu.edu> {
Fixed incorrect decoding of Network Layer Reachability Information (NLRI) in BGP UPDATE message with add-path support
Guillaume Autran <gautran[AT]clearpath.ai> {
TCPROS support
Barbu Paul - Gheorghe <barbu.paul.gheorghe[AT]gmail.com> {
Developer documentation improvements
Martin Kacer <kacer.martin[AT]gmail.com> {
JSON and Elasticsearch tshark output
Ben Stewart <bst[AT]google.com> {
SCTE-35 dissector
Sumit Kumar Jha <sjha3[AT]ncsu.edu> {
Generic Protocol Extension Support for VXLAN
Kim Kempf <kim.kempf[AT]apcon.com> {
802.1BR E-Tag dissector
S. Shapira <sswsdev[AT]gmail.com> {
UMTS FP heuristic dissectors
Lazar Sumar <bugzilla[AT]lazar.co.nz> {
CAN-ETH dissectors
Kingson Chan <k.chan[AT]samsung.com> {
Wi-Fi Alliance Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) dissector
Ege Elgun <e.elgun[AT]samsung.com> {
Wi-Fi Alliance Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) dissector
Connor Newton <c.newton[AT]samsung.com> {
Wi-Fi Alliance Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) dissector
Huang Qiangxiong <qiangxiong.huang[AT]qq.com> {
Protobuf dissector
gRPC dissector
HTTP2 dissector: add streaming mode reassembly and dissecting DATA according to content-type features.
Jeffrey Nichols <jsnichols[AT]suprocktech.com> {
Asphodel dissector
Erik Rigtorp <erik[AT]rigtorp.se> {
Support for reading ZSTD and LZ4 compressed files
Martin Mayer <martin.mayer[AT]m2-it-solutions.de> {
Allied Telesis Loop Detection Frames (LDF) dissector
Open Control Protocol for AES70/OCA (OCP.1) dissector
Mattia Cazzola <mattiac[AT]alinet.it> {
Provided a patch to the hex dump display routine.
and by:
Georgi Guninski <guninski[AT]guninski.com>
Jason Copenhaver <jcopenha[AT]typedef.org>
Eric Perie <eric.perie[AT]colubris.com>
David Yon <yon[AT]tacticalsoftware.com>
Marcio Franco <franco.marcio[AT]rd.francetelecom.fr>
Kaloian Stoilov <kalkata[AT]yahoo.com>
Steven Lass <stevenlass[AT]mail.com>
Gregory Stark <gsstark[AT]mit.edu>
Darren Steele <steeley[AT]steeley.co.uk>
Michael Kopp <michael.kopp[AT]isarnet.de>
Bernd Leibing <bernd.leibing[AT]kiz.uni-ulm.de>
Chris Heath <chris[AT]heathens.co.nz>
Gisle Vanem <gvanem[AT]broadpark.no>
Ritchie <ritchie[AT]tipsybottle.com>
Aki Immonen <aki.immonen[AT]golftalma.fi>
David E. Weekly <david[AT]weekly.org>
Steve Ford <sford[AT]geeky-boy.com>
Masaki Chikama <masaki-c[AT]is.aist-nara.ac.jp>
Mohammad Hanif <mhanif[AT]nexthop.com>
Reinhard Speyerer <rspmn[AT]arcor.de>
Patrick Kursawe <phosphan[AT]gentoo.org>
Arsen Chaloyan <achaloyan[AT]yahoo.com>
Arnaud Jacques <webmaster[AT]securiteinfo.com>
D. Manzella <manzella[AT]lucent.com>
Jari Mustajarvi <jari.mustajarvi[AT]nokia.com>
Pierre Juhen <pierre.juhen[AT]wanadoo.fr>
David Richards <drichards[AT]alum.mit.edu>
Shusaku Ueda <ueda[AT]sra.co.jp>
Jonathan Perkins <jonathan.perkins[AT]ipaccess.com>
Holger Schurig <h.schurig[AT]mn-logistik.de>
Peter J. Creath <peter-ethereal[AT]creath.net>
Magnus Hansson <mah[AT]hms.se>
Pavel Kankovsky <kan[AT]dcit.cz>
Nick Black <dank[AT]reflexsecurity.com>
Bill Guyton <guyton[AT]bguyton.com>
Chernishov Yury <Chernishov[AT]iskrauraltel.ru>
Thomas Palmer <Thomas.Palmer[AT]Gunter.AF.mil>
Clinton Work <clinton[AT]scripty.com>
Joe Marcus Clarke <marcus[AT]marcuscom.com>
Kendy Kutzner <kutzner[AT]tm.uka.de>
James H. Cloos Jr. <cloos[AT]jhcloos.com>
Tim Farley <tfarley[AT]iss.net>
Daniel Thompson <daniel.thompson[AT]st.com>
Chris Jepeway <thai-dragon[AT]eleven29.com>
Matthew Bradley <matthew.bradley[AT]cnsonline.net>
Nathan Alger <nathan[AT]wasted.com>
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