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Guy Harris ea996167a4 Update to note that the 10.3.3 Software Update will probably also
install a new libpcap shared library but not install new libpcap headers.

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2004-03-21 22:55:59 +00:00
Jörg Mayer aa7a809354 Update to include the libpcap problems. Using excerpts from a mailexchange
between Guy Harris and Peter ("downtime").

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2004-03-21 19:04:44 +00:00
Guy Harris 7e3ed089da It's Mac OS, not MacOS.
Note that Ethereal doesn't work on pre-X Mac OS, in case somebody sees
".macos" and thinks it'll work on OS 9 or earlier versions.

Explain that GLib and GTK+ now need to be shared libraries, and that
the GLib 1.x and GTK+ 1.x release tarballs were built with an older
version of libtool that didn't support building them as shared libraries
on OS X.

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2004-03-16 18:18:48 +00:00
Jörg Mayer ac1279ec72 Beginnings of README.macos
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2004-03-15 02:04:08 +00:00