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Guy Harris b4ef671fba Clean up some man pages.
Consistently speak of "UNIX-compatible systems" when comparing UN*Xes
and Windows, and, the first time we mention "UNIX-compatible systems" in
a section or a list item, enumerate the not-dead-or-moribund ones.
(HP-UX is deemed moribund given that Itanium processors are no longer
being manufactured and HPE are apparently not porting HP-UX to x86-64,
choosing instead to run HP-UX Itanium applications in a compatibility
environment under Linux on x86-64.)

For the -D option, don't bother mentioning ifconfig -a or ip link show,
as there's no reason not to use -D if you want to know what you can
caputre on - for one thing, -D may list devices *other* than the network
interfaces listed by ifconfig -a or ip link show.  In addition, don't
speak of code testing whether the interface can be opened, as recent
versions of libpcap don't check that, and neither do any of the programs
in the Wireshark release.  (This was done so that, if there's an
itnerface that shows up in the enumeration but that can't be opened,
it'll be offered to the user, and they'll get a message if they try to
capture on it, indicating either that they need to somehow get the
necessary permissions or should report a bug.)

For the -i option, don't mention ifconfig -a or ip link show, as the
user should, again, use -D.

Give more detail when describing files and directories under the global
or personal preferences directory, calling out macOS specially for the
global preferences directory, as it's in the app bundle, and taking into
account that Wireshark might be installed under /usr rather than
/usr/local (for example, if it's installed from a package that's part of
a Linux distribution).

Replace the "Overrides XXX' description of some environment variables
with a more verbose description similar to what's used for other
environment variables.
2023-01-26 22:55:49 -08:00
Gerald Combs 87eca12c38 Docs: Document our diagnostic output options.
Add docs/diagnostic-options.adoc, which is a snippet that documents our
various --log-* options. Include it in the dumpcap, rawshark, and tshark
man pages.

Make the ws_log_print_usage output more consistent.
2021-12-27 08:04:25 +00:00
Gerald Combs 01b0d9e077 Docs: Move includes to the top of our man pages.
Move our attributes.adoc includes to the very top of each man page.
Older versions of Asciidoctor complain if it's not at the top. and
additionally generate <file>.man instead of <file>.<section> if we don't
explictly supply an output file.
2021-10-19 16:26:37 -07:00
Gerald Combs cfc3212ae2 Docs: Miscellaneous man page updates.
Add the program version to more commonly-used commands. We were labeling
output with "Output" and "Example output". Use "Example output"
everywhere. Other miscellaneous updates.
2021-10-01 23:57:21 +00:00
Gerald Combs 8705dfbe74 Docs: Update some man page markup and remove
Remove since it's no longer needed. Add versions to the
Wireshark, TShark, and Dumpcap man pages. Use definition lists in the
TShark glossary descriptions. Other minor fixes.
2021-10-01 19:24:59 +00:00
Gerald Combs 84ab55cf75 Docs+Packaging: Convert our man pages to Asciidoctor.
Convert doc/*.pod to Asciidoctor. This:

* Means we use the same markup for our man pages, the guides, and
  release notes.
* Lets us add versions to our man pages.
* Gives us more formatting options, e.g. AsciiDoc supports `commands`,
  nested lists and makes it easy to include version information. The
  manpage backend doesn't seem to support tables very well,

Convert our CMake configuration to produce *roff and html man pages
using Asciidoctor. Add a "manarg" block macro which makes our synopses
wrap correctly.

Similar to the release notes, guides, and FAQ, if Asciidoctor isn't
found the man pages won't be generated or installed.

Move Asciidoctor to the list of package build dependencies in various

This commit includes the conversion script (, which will be
removed later.

Line count sanity check:

Man page         .pod .adoc
androiddump       260  280
asn2deb            93  105
capinfos          401  471
captype            54   55
ciscodump         241  269
dftest             42   42
dpauxmon          153  169
dumpcap           464  534
editcap           528  583
etwdump           136  156
extcap            157  181
idl2deb            91  103
idl2wrs           120  100
mergecap          206  207
mmdbresolve        75   75
randpkt           107  111
randpktdump       158  184
rawshark          558  610
reordercap         76   78
sdjournal         145  157
sshdump           272  302
text2pcap         274  312
tshark           2135 2360
udpdump           133  151
wireshark-filter  486  479
wireshark        2967 3420
2021-10-01 16:42:34 +00:00
Gerald Combs 9f1607ab47 Docs: Prep for POD to Asciidoctor conversion.
[skip ci]

Rename each of our .pod files to .adoc. Add, which converts
POD markup to Asciidoctor, along with customizations specific to us.
2021-10-01 16:42:34 +00:00