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Uli Heilmeier c2242455e7 Gitlab issue template: Info how to upload a file
Add info on how to attach a file to an issue.
2022-11-01 10:39:50 +00:00
Uli Heilmeier b0a8f287ac Gitlab Issue Template: Add label via quick action
Add ~enhancement label via quick action if user is allowed to add it.
If there is no permission we still have "~enhancement" in the issue text.
2021-04-20 10:28:13 +00:00
Jaap Keuter 7a12a663c3 Refine issue templates even more
Update the templates to help users even more to create first-time-right
issue reports.
2020-11-25 09:43:18 +00:00
Uli Heilmeier 57e89b6e60 Gitlab: Tweak Bug issue template
Add request to use button "Copy To Clipboard".
2020-11-03 16:17:48 +00:00
Uli Heilmeier 47f10ea819 Gitlab: Fix label for FeatureRequest issue template
Remove quick action for label.
2020-11-03 10:50:05 +01:00
Uli Heilmeier a3b2afab9b Gitlab: Add issue template for Websites
Template to report Websites related issues similar to product "Web sites"
2020-11-03 08:28:43 +00:00
Pascal Quantin 4ff3c82534 use code blocks for logs and build information sections 2020-10-28 21:32:58 +00:00
Pascal Quantin 31b67d320e Fix a typo in 2020-09-08 22:48:27 +02:00
Uli Heilmeier 30e13d7717 Gitlab: Add templates for issues
Adding templates for reporting a Bug and Feature Request
Exclude .gitlab from
2020-09-06 17:15:40 +00:00