docs: Explain the FT_FRAMENUM use of the strings field

Add a section about FRAMENUM_TYPE to the 'strings' field
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@ -1247,6 +1247,22 @@ in tfs.h, included via packet.h.
Custom fields (BASE_CUSTOM) should use CF_FUNC(&custom_format_func) for the
'strings' field.
-- Frame numbers
FT_FRAMENUMs can use the 'strings' field to indicate their purpose by
setting the field to 'FRAMENUM_TYPE(x)', where x is one of the values of
the ft_framenum_type enum:
The packet list uses the value to determine the related packet symbol to draw.
Note that 'strings' field NULL is equal to FRAMENUM_TYPE(FT_FRAMENUM_NONE).
-- Note to plugin authors
Data cannot get exported from DLLs. For this reason plugin authors cannot use
existing fieldconvert strings (e.g. from existing dissectors or those from