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@ -833,7 +833,46 @@ Again if there are only public or private declarations the name foobar-int.h
is not used. The macro symbol WS_LOG_DOMAIN can be defined in source files or
private headers as long as it comes before wireshark.h.
7.3 libwireshark is not a single monolithic entity
7.3 Wireshark internal and external API policy
Wireshark has several APIs. We need to distinguish between internal
Wireshark library APIs and external Wireshark APIs. Wireshark the project is
composed of many different programs and these executable binaries use a number
of internal libraries to share code efficiently. These internal shared
libraries need to be installed on the system to run the programs (wireshark,
tshark, etc).
A library's public API includes the symbols exported by the DSO (wsutil,
libwireshark, etc). The internal API is made available in the shared libraries
and exists to support the goals of the project. It is public from the point
of view of Wireshark programs (client users of the internal API). The
external API exists to support plugins (client users of the external API)
and is a loosely defined subset of the internal API plus any infrastructure
required to support a plugin system. Note that these two uses of shared
libraries coexist with a lot of overlap, but are nevertheless distinct.
The internal (public) API is not considered to be stable and will regularly
change as a normal part of development to support new features, remove cruft,
and whatever else is necessary to make the project sustainable and ease the
burden on developers. There is less freedom to change something that could
break a lot of plugins but this is also acceptable (with cause).
The plugin ABI policy is to be compatible only between micro releases (also
called patch releases). That means we try to make it unnecessary to recompile
plugins with each micro release (on a best-effort basis). For major.minor
releases it is explicitly required to recompile plugins. There is no stable
ABI contract of any kind in that case.
Keep in mind that APIs can exist in different scopes and levels of abstraction.
Don't get stuck thinking the words public/private have a very specific
meaning, like being decorated or not with WS_DLL_PUBLIC, although that is a
big part of it usually.
Also the Wireshark developers have historically tried to keep the Lua API
very stable and provide strong backward-compatibility guarantees. Under this
policy moving from Lua 5.2 is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future.
7.4 libwireshark is not a single monolithic entity
One day we might conceivably wish to load dissectors on demand and do other
more sophisticated kinds of unit test. Plus other scenarios not immediately