Don't install HTML manuals twice.

Wireshark loads HTML files as resources from "/usr/share/wireshark"
on Unix-like systems and from the $build/run directory when run that
way. There are also other locations specific to other platforms and
packaging solutions and multi-config builds.

HTML manuals are installed both to "/usr/share/wireshark" and
"/usr/share/doc/wireshark" for Unix-like systems. For now install them
only to the former to avoid unnecessary clutter and duplication. The
manuals can be consulted using 'man' or launched in HTML format from
Wireshark's help menu (or found in $pkgdatadir instead of $docdir).

Eventually we may want to simplify that maze of locations for HTML
resources and have Wireshark load the manuals from $docdir instead
on Unix, and do the right thing for the other platforms, etc.
João Valverde 2021-03-29 20:03:59 +01:00
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@ -224,12 +224,10 @@ install(
# Installation of HTML manuals is done
# Editor modelines -