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@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ fills up, *Dumpcap* will switch writing to the next file and so on.
The created filenames are based on the filename given with the *-w* option,
the number of the file and on the creation date and time,
e.g. outfile_00001_20220714120117.pcap, outfile_00002_20220714120523.pcap, ...
e.g. outfile_00001_20230714120117.pcap, outfile_00002_20230714120523.pcap, ...
With the __files__ option it's also possible to form a "ring buffer".
This will fill up new files until the number of files specified,

@ -207,7 +207,7 @@ fills up, *TShark* will switch writing to the next file and so on.
The created filenames are based on the filename given with the *-w* option,
the number of the file and on the creation date and time,
e.g. outfile_00001_20220714120117.pcap, outfile_00002_20220714120523.pcap, ...
e.g. outfile_00001_20230714120117.pcap, outfile_00002_20230714120523.pcap, ...
With the __files__ option it's also possible to form a "ring buffer".
This will fill up new files until the number of files specified,
@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ packets.
*nametimenum*:__value__ Choose between two save filename templates. If
__value__ is 1, make running file number part before start time part; this is
the original and default behaviour (e.g. log_00001_20220714164426.pcap). If
the original and default behaviour (e.g. log_00001_20230714164426.pcap). If
__value__ is greater than 1, make start time part before running number part
(e.g. log_20210828164426_00001.pcap). The latter makes alphabetical sorting
order equal to creation time order, and keeps related multiple file sets in

@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ fills up, *Wireshark* will switch writing to the next file and so on.
The created filenames are based on the filename given with the *-w* flag,
the number of the file and on the creation date and time,
e.g. outfile_00001_20220714120117.pcap, outfile_00002_20220714120523.pcap, ...
e.g. outfile_00001_20230714120117.pcap, outfile_00002_20230714120523.pcap, ...
With the __files__ option it's also possible to form a "ring buffer".
This will fill up new files until the number of files specified,
@ -1148,7 +1148,7 @@ menu:File[File Set,List Files]::
Show a dialog box that lists all files of the file set matching the currently
loaded file. A file set is a compound of files resulting from a capture using
the "multiple files" / "ringbuffer" mode, recognizable by the filename pattern,
e.g.: Filename_00001_20220714101530.pcap.
e.g.: Filename_00001_20230714101530.pcap.
menu:File[File Set,Next File]::

@ -488,8 +488,8 @@ Information about the folders used for capture files can be found in
|File Name|“Create a new file...”|“Use a ring buffer...”|Mode|Resulting filename(s) used
|-|-|-|Single temporary file|wiresharkXXXXXX (where XXXXXX is a unique number)
|foo.cap|-|-|Single named file|foo.cap
|foo.cap|x|-|Multiple files, continuous|foo_00001_20220714110102.cap, foo_00002_20220714110318.cap, ...
|foo.cap|x|x|Multiple files, ring buffer|foo_00001_20220714110102.cap, foo_00002_20220714110318.cap, ...
|foo.cap|x|-|Multiple files, continuous|foo_00001_20230714110102.cap, foo_00002_20230714110318.cap, ...
|foo.cap|x|x|Multiple files, ring buffer|foo_00001_20230714110102.cap, foo_00002_20230714110318.cap, ...
Single temporary file::

@ -704,7 +704,7 @@ some features to handle these file sets in a convenient way.
.How does Wireshark detect the files of a file set?
A filename in a file set uses the format Prefix_Number_DateTimeSuffix which
might look something like `test_00001_20220714183910.pcap`. All files of a file
might look something like `test_00001_20230714183910.pcap`. All files of a file
set share the same prefix (e.g., “test”) and suffix (e.g., “.pcap”) and a
varying middle part.

@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
# The format used here is: <NUMERICAL_ID><SPACE><NAME>
# Where SPACE can be any sequence of spaces and tabs.
# (last updated 2022-12-25)
# (last updated 2022-12-31)
0 Reserved
1 NxNetworks
@ -15382,7 +15382,7 @@
15394 P.T Sigma Cipta Caraka
15395 CrossML
15396 Alfa & Ariss b.v.
15397 Netintact AB
15397 Sandvine Corporation
15398 IC3S AG
15399 Universite de Poitiers
15400 Post Consult International
@ -59772,3 +59772,25 @@
59848 Michael Hörauf Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
59849 Profideo
59850 Golem Factory GmbH
59851 Healthy IT, Inc.
59852 TBK Bank, SSB DBA TriumphX
59853 Grey Bruce Health Services
59854 Karkinos Healthcare Private Limited
59855 CCSMEC
59856 SILAE
59857 TSImaging Healthcare
59858 Swenetters
59859 Ziosoft, Inc.
59860 David Andrew Brende
59861 Zweken
59862 The Downstairs Attic
59863 Hotell Edström AB
59864 HDS, Inc
59865 NSW Rural Fire Service
59866 Centralne Operacije
59867 JP BH Pošta d.o.o.
59868 Buska
59870 Smitty van Bodegom
59871 mikepiety.com
59872 Frontier Developments Plc

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@ -44,24 +44,24 @@
# https://gitlab.com/wireshark/wireshark/-/raw/master/manuf
# https://standards-oui.ieee.org/cid/cid.csv:
# Content-Length: 13722
# Last-Modified: Sun, 25 Dec 2022 15:00:42 GMT
# Content-Length: 13788
# Last-Modified: Sun, 01 Jan 2023 15:00:32 GMT
# https://standards-oui.ieee.org/iab/iab.csv:
# Content-Length: 381473
# Last-Modified: Sun, 25 Dec 2022 15:00:56 GMT
# Last-Modified: Sun, 01 Jan 2023 15:00:46 GMT
# https://standards-oui.ieee.org/oui/oui.csv:
# Content-Length: 3082424
# Last-Modified: Sun, 25 Dec 2022 15:01:33 GMT
# Content-Length: 3086374
# Last-Modified: Sun, 01 Jan 2023 15:01:37 GMT
# https://standards-oui.ieee.org/oui28/mam.csv:
# Content-Length: 501961
# Last-Modified: Sun, 25 Dec 2022 15:01:06 GMT
# Content-Length: 503137
# Last-Modified: Sun, 01 Jan 2023 15:01:00 GMT
# https://standards-oui.ieee.org/oui36/oui36.csv:
# Content-Length: 474841
# Last-Modified: Sun, 25 Dec 2022 15:01:24 GMT
# Content-Length: 475638
# Last-Modified: Sun, 01 Jan 2023 15:01:24 GMT
00:00:00 00:00:00 Officially Xerox, but 0:0:0:0:0:0 is more common
00:00:01 Xerox Xerox Corporation
@ -15192,6 +15192,7 @@
00:55:DA:E0:00:00/28 Victorsu Victorsure Limited
00:55:DA:F0:00:00/28 Private
00:56:2B Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
00:56:6D HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
00:56:CD Apple Apple, Inc.
00:57:C1 LGElectr LG Electronics (Mobile Communications)
00:57:D2 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
@ -17712,6 +17713,7 @@
04:D9:21 Occuspac Occuspace
04:D9:C8 HonHaiPr Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
04:DA:28 Chongqin Chongqing Zhouhai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
04:DA:D2 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
04:DB:56 Apple Apple, Inc.
04:DB:8A SuntechI Suntech International Ltd.
@ -18293,6 +18295,7 @@
0A:CD:8F CiscoNor Cisco Systems Norway
0A:D9:C4 CraftDes Craft Designs, Inc
0A:E4:71 Caterpil Caterpillar Inc.
0C:01:4B zte zte corporation
0C:01:DB Infinixm Infinix mobility limited
0C:02:27 Technico Technicolor CH USA Inc.
0C:02:BD SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
@ -18753,6 +18756,7 @@
10:12:48 ITG ITG, Inc.
10:12:50 Integrat Integrated Device Technology (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
10:12:B4 SichuanT Sichuan Tianyi Comheart Telecom Co.,LTD
10:12:D0 zte zte corporation
10:12:FB Hangzhou Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.
10:13:31 Technico Technicolor Delivery Technologies Belgium NV
10:13:EE JustecIn Justec International Technology INC.
@ -19277,6 +19281,7 @@
14:82:5B HefeiRad Hefei Radio Communication Technology Co., Ltd
14:84:30 MitacCom Mitac Computing Technology Corporation
14:84:73 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
14:84:77 NewH3CTe New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd
14:85:09 Apple Apple, Inc.
14:85:7F IntelCor Intel Corporate
14:86:92 Tp-LinkT Tp-Link Technologies Co.,Ltd.
@ -19298,6 +19303,7 @@
14:94:48 BluCastl Blu Castle S.A.
14:94:6C Apple Apple, Inc.
14:95:CE Apple Apple, Inc.
14:96:2D NewH3CTe New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd
14:96:E5 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
14:98:77 Apple Apple, Inc.
14:98:7D Technico Technicolor CH USA Inc.
@ -21765,6 +21771,7 @@
2C:6F:4E HubeiYua Hubei Yuan Times Technology Co.,Ltd.
2C:6F:51 Herospee Herospeed Digital Technology Limited
2C:6F:C9 HonHaiPr Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd.
2C:70:4F zte zte corporation
2C:71:55 HiveMoti HiveMotion
2C:71:FF AmazonTe Amazon Technologies Inc.
2C:72:C3 Soundmat Soundmatters
@ -22595,6 +22602,7 @@
34:AD:61 Celestic Celestica Inc.
34:AD:E4 Shanghai Shanghai Chint Power Systems Co., Ltd.
34:AF:2C Nintendo Nintendo Co., Ltd.
34:AF:A3 Recogni Recogni Inc
34:AF:B3 AmazonTe Amazon Technologies Inc.
34:B1:F7 TexasIns Texas Instruments
34:B2:0A HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
@ -24609,6 +24617,7 @@
44:61:32 ecobee ecobee inc
44:61:9C FONsyste FONsystem co. ltd.
44:62:46 Comat Comat AG
44:63:70 LCFCHefe LCFC(Hefei) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd
44:64:3C Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
44:65:0D AmazonTe Amazon Technologies Inc.
44:65:6A MegaVide Mega Video Electronic(HK) Industry Co., Ltd
@ -24900,6 +24909,7 @@
48:22:54 TP-Link TP-Link Corporation Limited
48:23:35 DialogSe Dialog Semiconductor Hellas SA
48:25:67 Poly
48:25:F3 HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
48:26:2C Apple Apple, Inc.
48:26:E8 Tek-Air Tek-Air Systems, Inc.
48:27:59 LevvenEl Levven Electronics Ltd.
@ -25013,6 +25023,7 @@
48:6E:70 Zhejiang Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd.
48:6E:73 Pica8 Pica8, Inc.
48:6E:FB DavitSys Davit System Technology Co., Ltd.
48:6F:33 Kyungwoo Kyungwoo.System, Inc.
48:6F:D2 StorSimp StorSimple Inc
48:70:1E TexasIns Texas Instruments
48:70:6F HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
@ -25336,6 +25347,7 @@
4C:5D:3C Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
4C:5D:CD FinnishE Oy Finnish Electric Vehicle Technologies Ltd
4C:5E:0C Routerbo Routerboard.com
4C:5E:D3 UnisyueT Unisyue Technologies Co; LTD.
4C:5F:D2 Alcatel- Alcatel-Lucent
4C:60:D5 airPoint airPointe of New Hampshire
4C:60:DE Netgear
@ -25706,6 +25718,7 @@
50:2E:CE AsahiEle Asahi Electronics Co.,Ltd
50:2F:9B IntelCor Intel Corporate
50:2F:A8 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
50:30:F4 Exascend Exascend, Inc.
50:31:AD ABBGloba ABB Global Industries and Services Private Limited
50:32:37 Apple Apple, Inc.
50:32:5F SiliconL Silicon Laboratories
@ -27613,6 +27626,7 @@
64:50:D6 Liquidto Liquidtool Systems
64:51:06 HewlettP Hewlett Packard
64:51:7E LongBenD Long Ben (Dongguan) Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
64:52:34 SichuanT Sichuan Tianyi Comheart Telecom Co.,LTD
64:52:99 Chamberl The Chamberlain Group, Inc
64:53:5D Frausche Frauscher Sensortechnik
64:54:22 EquinoxP Equinox Payments
@ -28206,6 +28220,7 @@
6C:02:73 Shenzhen Shenzhen Jin Yun Video Equipment Co., Ltd.
6C:02:E0 HP HP Inc.
6C:03:09 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
6C:03:70 ExtremeN Extreme Networks, Inc.
6C:04:60 RBHAcces RBH Access Technologies Inc.
6C:04:7A HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
6C:05:D5 Ethertro Ethertronics Inc
@ -28762,6 +28777,7 @@
70:66:1B Sonova Sonova AG
70:66:2A SonyInte Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
70:66:55 AzureWav AzureWave Technology Inc.
70:66:B9 HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
70:66:E1 dntInnov dnt Innovation GmbH
70:68:79 SaijoDen Saijo Denki International Co., Ltd.
70:69:5A Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
@ -33395,6 +33411,7 @@
74:D6:54 Gint
74:D6:75 WYMATecn WYMA Tecnologia
74:D6:CB NewH3CTe New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd
74:D6:E5 HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
74:D6:EA TexasIns Texas Instruments
74:D7:13 HuaqinTe Huaqin Technology Co.,Ltd
74:D7:CA Panasoni Panasonic Corporation Automotive
@ -34207,6 +34224,7 @@
7C:84:37 ChinaPos China Post Communications Equipment Co., Ltd.
7C:85:30 Nokia
7C:87:CE Espressi Espressif Inc.
7C:89:31 HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
7C:89:56 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
7C:89:C1 PaloAlto Palo Alto Networks
7C:8A:C0 EVBox EVBox BV
@ -34384,6 +34402,7 @@
7C:EC:9B FuzhouTe Fuzhou Teraway Information Technology Co.,Ltd
7C:EC:B1 Apple Apple, Inc.
7C:ED:8D Microsof Microsoft
7C:ED:C6 AmazonTe Amazon Technologies Inc.
7C:EF:18 Creative Creative Product Design Pty. Ltd.
7C:EF:40 Nextorag Nextorage Corporation
7C:EF:61 STRElekt STR Elektronik Josef Schlechtinger GmbH
@ -35572,6 +35591,7 @@
88:FD:15 Lineeye Lineeye Co., Ltd
88:FE:D6 ShangHai ShangHai WangYong Software Co., Ltd.
8A:00:B0 Eoptolin Eoptolink Technology Inc. Ltd,
8A:07:75 LyotechL Lyotech Labs Llc
8A:0A:F7 MontageT Montage Technology Co,.LTD
8A:34:BC Fiberwor Fiberworks AS
8A:4F:8B Irdeto
@ -35824,6 +35844,7 @@
8C:1F:64:2C:50:00/36 Sysn
8C:1F:64:2C:60:00/36 YUYAMAMF YUYAMA MFG Co.,Ltd
8C:1F:64:2C:80:00/36 BRSSiste BRS Sistemas Eletrônicos
8C:1F:64:2C:D0:00/36 TaiwanVt Taiwan Vtron
8C:1F:64:2E:20:00/36 MarkRobe Mark Roberts Motion Control
8C:1F:64:2E:80:00/36 SonoraNe Sonora Network Solutions
@ -35844,6 +35865,7 @@
8C:1F:64:31:A0:00/36 Asiga Asiga Pty Ltd
8C:1F:64:32:40:00/36 KineticT Kinetic Technologies
8C:1F:64:32:80:00/36 ComVideo Com Video Security Systems Co., Ltd.
8C:1F:64:32:90:00/36 YUYAMAMF YUYAMA MFG Co.,Ltd
8C:1F:64:32:F0:00/36 DEUTACon DEUTA Controls GmbH
8C:1F:64:33:00:00/36 VisionSa Vision Systems Safety Tech
8C:1F:64:34:90:00/36 WavesSys Waves System
@ -36086,6 +36108,7 @@
8C:1F:64:70:80:00/36 Zuum
8C:1F:64:70:E0:00/36 OvercomT OvercomTech
8C:1F:64:71:20:00/36 NexionDa Nexion Data Systems P/L
8C:1F:64:71:B0:00/36 Adasky Adasky Ltd.
8C:1F:64:72:10:00/36 MSMilind M/S Milind Ramachandra Rajwade
8C:1F:64:72:30:00/36 Celestic Celestica Inc.
8C:1F:64:72:60:00/36 Dave Dave Srl
@ -36281,6 +36304,7 @@
8C:1F:64:A2:90:00/36 Ringtail Ringtail Security
8C:1F:64:A2:B0:00/36 WENetVie WENet Vietnam Joint Stock company
8C:1F:64:A2:D0:00/36 ACSL ACSL Ltd.
8C:1F:64:A3:10:00/36 ZingComm Zing Communications Inc
8C:1F:64:A3:20:00/36 Nautel Nautel LTD
8C:1F:64:A3:80:00/36 NuGridPo NuGrid Power
8C:1F:64:A4:20:00/36 RodgersI Rodgers Instruments US LLC
@ -36288,6 +36312,7 @@
8C:1F:64:A4:C0:00/36 Flextron Flextronics International Kft
8C:1F:64:A4:E0:00/36 SyscomIn Syscom Instruments SA
8C:1F:64:A5:10:00/36 Babtel
8C:1F:64:A5:60:00/36 Flextron Flextronics International Kft.
8C:1F:64:A5:70:00/36 EkspertS EkspertStroyProekt
8C:1F:64:A5:C0:00/36 Prosys
8C:1F:64:A5:D0:00/36 Shenzhen Shenzhen zhushida Technology lnformation Co.,Ltd
@ -36454,6 +36479,7 @@
8C:1F:64:D3:C0:00/36 KIBEnerg "KIB Energo" LLC
8C:1F:64:D4:00:00/36 BreasMed Breas Medical AB
8C:1F:64:D4:40:00/36 MonarchI Monarch Instrument
8C:1F:64:D4:60:00/36 End2EndT End 2 End Technologies
8C:1F:64:D4:A0:00/36 Caproc Caproc Oy
8C:1F:64:D5:20:00/36 Critical Critical Software SA
8C:1F:64:D5:30:00/36 Gridnt
@ -36462,6 +36488,7 @@
8C:1F:64:D5:B0:00/36 LocalSec Local Security
8C:1F:64:D5:E0:00/36 Integerp Integer.pl S.A.
8C:1F:64:D6:90:00/36 ADiCo ADiCo Corporation
8C:1F:64:D7:30:00/36 BRSSiste BRS Sistemas Eletrônicos
8C:1F:64:D7:80:00/36 HunanOus Hunan Oushi Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
8C:1F:64:D7:C0:00/36 QuercusT Quercus Technologies, S.L.
8C:1F:64:D7:E0:00/36 ThalesBe Thales Belgium
@ -36501,6 +36528,7 @@
8C:1F:64:E4:90:00/36 SamwellI Samwell International Inc
8C:1F:64:E5:20:00/36 LcmVeloc LcmVeloci ApS
8C:1F:64:E5:30:00/36 TProjeMu T Proje Muhendislik Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti.
8C:1F:64:E5:C0:00/36 Scientif Scientific Lightning Solutions
8C:1F:64:E5:D0:00/36 JinYuanI JinYuan International Corporation
@ -36876,6 +36904,7 @@
8C:BF:9D Shanghai Shanghai Xinyou Information Technology Ltd. Co.
8C:BF:A6 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
8C:C1:21 Panasoni Panasonic Corporation AVC Networks Company
8C:C5:8C ShenZhen ShenZhen Elsky Technology Co.,LTD
8C:C5:B4 Sagemcom Sagemcom Broadband SAS
8C:C5:E1 ShenZhen ShenZhen Konka Telecommunication Technology Co.,Ltd
8C:C6:61 Currentp Current, powered by GE
@ -37266,6 +37295,7 @@
90:C9:9B Tesorion Tesorion Nederland B.V.
90:CA:FA Google Google, Inc.
90:CC:24 Synaptic Synaptics, Inc
90:CC:7A HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
90:CC:DF IntelCor Intel Corporate
90:CD:1F QuectelW Quectel Wireless Solutions Co.,Ltd.
90:CD:B6 HonHaiPr Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd.
@ -37984,6 +38014,7 @@
98:8B:5D Sagemcom Sagemcom Broadband SAS
98:8B:69 Shenzhen Shenzhen hylitech Co.,LTD
98:8B:AD Corintec Corintech Ltd.
98:8C:B3 SichuanT Sichuan Tianyi Comheart Telecom Co.,LTD
98:8D:46 IntelCor Intel Corporate
98:8E:34 Zhejiang Zhejiang Boxsam Electronic Co.,Ltd
98:8E:4A NoxusBei Noxus(Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd
@ -39194,6 +39225,7 @@ A4:6C:2A Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
A4:6C:C1 LTiREEne LTi REEnergy GmbH
A4:6C:F1 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
A4:6D:A4 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
A4:6D:D4 SiliconL Silicon Laboratories
A4:6E:79 DFTSyste DFT System Co.Ltd
A4:70:D6 Motorola Motorola Mobility LLC, a Lenovo Company
A4:71:74 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
@ -39671,6 +39703,7 @@ A8:C0:EA Pepwave Pepwave Limited
A8:C2:22 TM-Resea TM-Research Inc.
A8:C2:52 HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
A8:C2:66 HUMAX HUMAX Co., Ltd.
A8:C5:6F Guangdon Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd
A8:C8:3A HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
A8:C8:7F Roqos Roqos, Inc.
A8:C9:8A NewH3CTe New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd
@ -39942,6 +39975,7 @@ AC:78:D1 JuniperN Juniper Networks
AC:7A:42 iConnect iConnectivity
AC:7A:4D Alpsalpi Alpsalpine Co,.Ltd
AC:7A:56 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
AC:7A:94 Guangdon Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd
AC:7B:A1 IntelCor Intel Corporate
AC:7E:01 HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
AC:7E:8A Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
@ -42206,6 +42240,7 @@ C4:98:94:C0:00:00/28 Zhejiang Zhejiang Rexense loT Technology Co., Ltd
C4:98:94:D0:00:00/28 JiangsuA Jiangsu AIDriving Co.,Ltd.
C4:98:94:E0:00:00/28 HansSass Hans Sasserath GmbH & Co. KG
C4:9A:02 LGElectr LG Electronics (Mobile Communications)
C4:9D:08 HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
C4:9D:ED Microsof Microsoft Corporation
C4:9E:41 G24Power G24 Power Limited
C4:9F:4C HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
@ -42228,6 +42263,7 @@ C4:A1:0E:C0:00:00/28 Focus-on
C4:A1:0E:D0:00:00/28 Connectl Connectlab SRL
C4:A1:0E:E0:00:00/28 Alio Alio, Inc
C4:A1:51 SichuanT Sichuan Tianyi Comheart Telecom Co.,LTD
C4:A1:AE HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
C4:A3:66 zte zte corporation
C4:A4:02 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
C4:A5:59 IEEERegi IEEE Registration Authority
@ -43211,6 +43247,9 @@ D0:15:4A zte zte corporation
D0:15:A6 ArubaaHe Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
D0:16:7C eero eero inc.
D0:16:B4 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
D0:16:F0 IEEERegi IEEE Registration Authority
D0:16:F0:50:00:00/28 wuxihigh wuxi high information Security Technolog
D0:16:F0:A0:00:00/28 Optitera Optitera Global Networks Private Limited
D0:17:69 MurataMa Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
D0:17:6A SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
@ -43404,14 +43443,20 @@ D0:92:FA Fiberhom Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,LTD
D0:93:80 DucereTe Ducere Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
D0:93:95 IEEERegi IEEE Registration Authority
D0:93:95:00:00:00/28 Zhejiang Zhejiang Ruiyi lntelligent Technology Co. Ltd
D0:93:95:10:00:00/28 HefeiSiq Hefei Siqiang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
D0:93:95:20:00:00/28 At&T
D0:93:95:30:00:00/28 Nesecure Nesecure Telecom Pvt Ltd
D0:93:95:40:00:00/28 DaesungC Daesung Celtic Enersys
D0:93:95:50:00:00/28 FungHwai FungHwa i-Link Technology CO., LTD
D0:93:95:60:00:00/28 Annapurn Annapurna labs
D0:93:95:70:00:00/28 iSolutio iSolution Technologies Co.,Ltd.
D0:93:95:80:00:00/28 Annapurn Annapurna labs
D0:93:95:90:00:00/28 NingboSu Ningbo Sunny Opotech Co.,Ltd
D0:93:95:A0:00:00/28 Automati Automatic Devices
D0:93:95:B0:00:00/28 Invendis Invendis Technologies India Pvt Ltd
D0:93:95:C0:00:00/28 BRICK4U BRICK4U GmbH
D0:93:95:D0:00:00/28 T-Com T-Com Llc
D0:93:95:E0:00:00/28 Shenzhen Shenzhen Hotack Technology Co.,Ltd
D0:93:F8 Stonestr Stonestreet One LLC
D0:94:66 Dell Dell Inc.
D0:95:C7 Pantech Pantech Co., Ltd.
@ -44044,6 +44089,7 @@ D8:20:9F CubroAcr Cubro Acronet GesmbH
D8:22:F4 AvnetSil Avnet Silica
D8:24:77 Universa Universal Electric Corporation
D8:24:BD Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
D8:24:EC Plenom Plenom A/S
D8:25:22 ARRISGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
D8:25:B0 Rockeete Rockeetech Systems Co.,Ltd.
D8:26:B9 Guangdon Guangdong Coagent Electronics S&T Co.,Ltd.
@ -44154,6 +44200,7 @@ D8:77:8B Intelbra Intelbras
D8:78:7F UbeeInte Ubee Interactive Co., Limited
D8:78:E5 Kuhn Kuhn Sa
D8:79:88 HonHaiPr Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd.
D8:7A:3B SiliconL Silicon Laboratories
D8:7C:DD Sanix Sanix Incorporated
D8:7D:7F Sagemcom Sagemcom Broadband SAS
D8:7E:6F Cascinat Cascination Ag
@ -44246,6 +44293,7 @@ D8:B0:53 XiaomiCo Xiaomi Communications Co Ltd
D8:B1:22 JuniperN Juniper Networks
D8:B1:2A Panasoni Panasonic Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd.
D8:B1:90 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
D8:B2:49 HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
D8:B3:70 Ubiquiti Ubiquiti Inc
D8:B3:77 HTC HTC Corporation
D8:B6:73 TexasIns Texas Instruments
@ -44574,6 +44622,7 @@ DC:9B:9C Apple Apple, Inc.
DC:9B:D6 TCTmobil TCT mobile ltd
DC:9C:52 Sapphire Sapphire Technology Limited.
DC:9C:9F Shenzhen Shenzhen YOUHUA Technology Co., Ltd
DC:9E:AB Chongqin Chongqing Yipingfang Technology Co., Ltd.
DC:9F:A4 Nokia Nokia Corporation
DC:9F:DB Ubiquiti Ubiquiti Inc
DC:A1:20 Nokia
@ -44757,6 +44806,7 @@ E0:1D:3B Cambridg Cambridge Industries(Group) Co.,Ltd.
E0:1E:07 AniteTel Anite Telecoms US. Inc
E0:1F:0A XslentEn Xslent Energy Technologies. LLC
E0:1F:2B NokiaSol Nokia Solutions and Networks GmbH & Co. KG
E0:1F:6A HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
E0:1F:88 XiaomiCo Xiaomi Communications Co Ltd
E0:1F:ED NokiaSha Nokia Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.
E0:1F:FC Motorola Motorola (Wuhan) Mobility Technologies Communication Co., Ltd.
@ -47678,6 +47728,7 @@ FC:D4:F6 MessanaA Messana Air.Ray Conditioning s.r.l.
FC:D5:D9 Shenzhen Shenzhen SDMC Technology CO.,Ltd.
FC:D6:BD RobertBo Robert Bosch GmbH
FC:D7:33 Tp-LinkT Tp-Link Technologies Co.,Ltd.
FC:D7:49 AmazonTe Amazon Technologies Inc.
FC:D8:17 BeijingH Beijing Hesun Technologies Co.Ltd.
FC:D8:48 Apple Apple, Inc.
FC:D9:08 XiaomiCo Xiaomi Communications Co Ltd

@ -5878,8 +5878,8 @@ jcp 19541/tcp/udp # JCP Client
mle 19788/udp # Mesh Link Establishment
faircom-db 19790/tcp # FairCom Database
iec-104-sec 19998/tcp # IEC 60870-5-104 process control - secure
dnp-sec 19999/tcp/udp # Distributed Network Protocol - Secure
dnp 20000/tcp/udp # DNP
dnp-sec 19999/tcp/udp/sctp # Distributed Network Protocol - Secure
dnp 20000/tcp/udp/sctp # DNP
microsan 20001/tcp/udp # MicroSAN
commtact-http 20002/tcp/udp # Commtact HTTP
commtact-https 20003/tcp/udp # Commtact HTTPS